Interview 1155 - Brandon Turbeville Explains the Plan to Break Up Syria

04/03/201610 Comments

Brandon Turbeville of joins us to discuss his recent article, "Kurdish Federalization Reminiscent Of Kerry's Plan B, Brzezinski, NATO's Plan A." We break down the Kurdish groups that are involved in the plan and the globalist institutions that have shaped it.


Kurdish Federalization Reminiscent Of Kerry's Plan B, Brzezinski, NATO's Plan A

Syrian Kurds declare new federation in bid for recognition

Kerry’s Plan B For Syria Equals Brookings, Brzezinski Plan A

Syria’s one hope may be as dim as Bosnia’s once was

Deconstructing Syria: A new strategy for America’s most hopeless war

Imagining a Remapped Middle East

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

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  1. rockshot says:

    Heck yes, it is complicated!
    All I really learned is that I should have spent an hour cleaning out my car.
    It was probably a very good interview for those who could understand it…

  2. nosoapradio says:

    Well I listened to it with half an ear as I was cleaning out kitchen cupboards and otherwise celebrating my birthday and well, though my eyes are falling shut, this is what I picked up:

    Iraki, Syrian and Turkish Kurds (groups of varying sizes and seniority) fighting for federalization. Should Globalist Robin Wright? have what she wants all of the minority populations would also have their own states resulting in the utter balkanization and political castration of the Syrian region.

    Balkanization of Syria desirable for Israel for various geo-political-economic reasons: (as it profits Oded Yinon project, hurts Hezbollah (petrol transport blockages), hurts Iran… Hurts Turkey)
    Desirable for various types of Globalists (think Zbignew et al) who’d more or less asked, predicted and strived for it for years.

    Interesting question about whether or not Russia was an active proponent of said balkanization(would appear to me to be the case because of its efforts of facilitating Kurdish recognition and communication) though Russia claims to be serving the interests of the Syrian population.

    Kurds crucial for fight against “Isil-isis-IS,-al quaeda” entity but otherwise of limited geopolitical value for Russians? Kurds seem to identify with Chechens in some obscure way?

    A second good listen would be indispensable but the interview seemed like a pretty good recap of the mess.

    Also intrigued by that “bizarre form of feminism” of the marxist-leaning Kurds that was alluded to.

    Well, I’m fairly well brain dead, now, so good night.

    • rockshot says:

      Thanks Nasoa,that is kinda what I heard too, but it still doesn’t make any sense to me. I was wide awake and had no distractions. Now, knowing that you heard the same thing, I will listen to it again.
      He was giving way too much tangential detail for me. Who is this “Robin”? Well, at least I now know that she is some “globalist”. And…Yeah, wasn’t the remark about the “bizarre feminists” Kurds, ODD? That threw me!
      James did try to add explanations and showed a map, but ended with, “Let’s wait and see what happens”. So you might as well just sleep through it.
      BTW, Happy Birthday.

  3. Nate V says:

    Great interview. Turbeville paints a very precise picture of the role the Kurds are being positioned in for the next geopolitical moves. The micro state agenda seems too often to be overlooked in the midst of all the ISIS, Terror, Putin, Assad, rhetoric. Props to the both of you for the depth of research. Looking forward to checking out more of Turbeville’s work. And thanks again James for your eclectic information gathering. It’s so important for all of us out here to be broad with our intake of information, and the more researchers we are introduced to, the better.

  4. WAYNED says:

    I would like to see more fact, particularly when describing motivations of nations/countries/leaders.

    If we are trying to stop Russian control, what proof do we have, and is that proof not possibly a head-fake so we never see that Russia is the other half moving things towards globalization?

    I think people get lost in their assumptions.

    It is worrying that so much information is presented based on what have to be assumed to be assumptions, which is why we tune in, we don’t know. We want to hear from people who do know.

    All I get from this is that the Nato plan is going forward, unabated.

  5. VoltaicDude says:

    When it is convenient to can consolidate a region under a single compliant dictator, the Empire engages in coups and/or “nation” building.

    The tensions between the various cultural (nationality-based) factions within these new false nation-states create an atomizing effect on each of the factions, draining each of their resources and abilities to respond to the deceptively cloaked foreign aggression.

    When the Empire finds it more convenient for a non-compliant foreign national-leader to be removed, balkanization can be a tool for such ends, implemented as “pro-civil-rights,” “pro-democracy” policy, and the relevant factions, wherever and to whatever extent they may actually exist at all, can be exploited and “radicalized” further in the service of a balkanizing policy.

    In both cases these connected-binary policies are implemented using mostly surreptitious and criminal channels that violate international law, and that include many clandestine operations by intelligence and military operatives throughout the full range of social contacts, including propagandizing through corporate media outlets.

  6. ako says:

    Hi James!

    you have great works until now, but this argument in this interview is simply like somebody says: the 911 was failure of imagination of the federal government. I would have well much more detailed knowledge of region than your guest!

    All the best

  7. ako says:

    Dear James,

    Here are two short, but informative videos regarding the Rojava Anarchist movement (which completely rejects the concept of the nation-state) not produce by movement supporter:

    or these one which was produced by supporters (I guess, not sure):

  8. sandersen says:

    Any proof The Kurds have war crimes against Christians?

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