Interview 1145 - Filip Kovacevic Counters the West's NATO Propaganda

02/28/20163 Comments

Late last year NATO granted a formal membership invitation to Montenegro. How did the New York Times respond to this development? "Russia’s Fury Over Montenegro and NATO." But what do the people of Montenegro think? Joining us today to give us the missing part of the story is Dr. Filip Kovacevic, chairman of the Movement for the Neutrality of Montenegro and a senior analyst for


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What the New York Times Did Not Tell You About NATO & Montenegro

NATO Unveils Plans to Grow, Drawing Fury and Threats From Russia

Russia’s Fury Over Montenegro and NATO

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  1. candideschmyles says:

    I cannot say I know Montenegro, despite having travelled through it several times when it was still a part of Yougoslavia. All I really remember was its black soils and rural poverty and a hangover I got at a bar in Bar. But from what I understand demonstrations of dissent from the now inevitable NATO integration are being met with increasingly emphatic suppression. Though news is hard to come by, it seems its Serbian element which is sympathetic to the Russian sphere does have a lot of support amongst the general public, or at least is being spun that way in pro Moscow publications.
    The issue of geopolitical machinations within the Balkans is grossly underreported and has been for a decade or more. Yet many of the reasons for the Baltic war remain unresolved, and even some would say unrecognised. Good investigative reportage within this region is sorely required to get a fuller picture of this crucial nexus of East and West. And I wish Newsbud and Filip every success in highlighting the region with some rigour.

  2. Oscar says:

    On the topic of referendums on Western expansion into the East, I would like to point out to Dutch citizens that it is possible to apply for a subsidy for 50,000 euro to campaign for or against an association treaty between the EU and Ukraine. You can apply for subsidy UNTIL march 2. That means you have about 2 days at the time of my posting this. I don’t have the time to do it myself, but if a motivated Dutch Corbett Report listener wants to take a shot, check out:

  3. andrija_dija says:

    Hi! 🙂

    I am glad to see professor Kovačević presenting the situation in Montenegro.
    However, some things are missed. There is also one more organization which I think has the biggest influence on facebook. They are called Movement Freedom to the People. They pursue 6+ recipe (6 steps of Montenegro’s democratization and Montenegro’s military neutrality) for fall of dictatorial and mafia regime. Also, they made some actions and protests, for example this one:

    From my perspective they are truly fighting for changes. Their initiatives were ignored by majority of opposition parties and, surprisingly, by the Movement For Neutrality of Montenegro. All movements have to collaborate more with each other if you want Montenegro to be neutral in the end.

    At the moment, talks about free elections between government and opposition parties is one more fraud of people. The result of them could be new elections with a undesired consequences: NATO-majority in the parliament or fake referendum. Real changes can be brought on the streets only by free citizens. People have to understand that criminals cannot be part of elections. It is very well explained here (it is in Serbian/Montenegrin language):

    Montenegrin studying in Germany! 🙂

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