Interview 1142 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

02/25/20166 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Flint Residents Paid America's Highest Water Rates
PDF: The State Of Public Water In The United States
Leaked Emails: Gov Officials Mocked Flint Residents Who Complained About Water

Story #2: Kerry: If Ceasefire Fails, Partition Of Syria Is ‘Plan B’
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
#MorningMonarchy: John Kerry Meets With Hollywood Execs to Pitch ISIS Propaganda Ideas

Story #3: "Concerned Citizens" At Town Hall Meetings Exposed As Paid Actors
Comcast Hires People Off The Street To Fill Seats At FCC Hearing
Donald Trump Campaign Offered Actors $50 to Cheer for Him at Presidential Announcement
Hillary Clinton Staffers Drove ‘Ordinary Americans’ to Photo Op
#NavigatingNetflix: ‘The Hunger Games’ w/Eric Mueller from the Tragedy & Hope Community
#GoodNewsNextWeek: When Bread Makes Beer, Food Waste Is Toast

#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: Netherlands May Hold Referendum On Whether To Quit EU
Science Used to Regulate Monsanto's Roundup Is Outdated, Says New Study
Your Cell Phone Is Blowing up…Sperm Cells, New Study Says
The New Mind Control: How The Internet Flips Elections And Alters Our Thoughts

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Previous Episode: Shengen(ding), Dishwasher Spies, Whitehat Hacker

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  1. rockshot says:

    To those who insist that “James Corbett NEVER criticizes Israel”, WHAT would you call this?

  2. erichard says:

    Plan B? It should be called Plan Z.

  3. About Syria, I do not agree with you. The plan is not going forward, we have resisted it and defeated the original plan in 1982. We are resisting now, and we will defeat the plan now. When we fail and fall, you can say what you said about us.

    Obviously you know so much about the Zionist plans, what do you know about the resistance to these plan?

  4. VoltaicDude says:

    I remember (eight years ago! – seems a long time) feeling depressed and kind of disoriented after learning some of my very first undeniably compelling facts about 911 Truth (which I had originally approached very skeptically), but I never shrank from the need to deal with it directly, nor gave myself excuses that allowed me to do that. It took a while to re-adjust my perspective and honestly re-include some focus on more positive developments in the world.

    A year ago I was talking to someone new to “Truth” (so to speak) who responded with, “Why would anyone want to believe that.”…For a few moments I was dumbfounded. There was not even any incredulousness or skepticism to bounce off of.

    NWNW is in itself “good news.” While taking the time to focus on and share “constructive” and “positive” “type” developments in the world is a healthy and important re-adjustment to our agenda, we should never forget that having the fortitude to face up to the many and complicated unpleasant realities is, to begin with, a very positive commitment and action in itself.

    For lots of us this new community helps mitigate our disappointment in all the unfortunate and passively destructive people that continue to lie, at least to themselves, and shy away from the facts, whatever their motivations might be. You’ve accomplished, every day you’re accomplishing something great!

    It’s hard to choose objectively which of this week’s stories are the most important or most transforming of all the corporate-based disinformation we’re constantly bombarded with, but the two I felt compelled to followed up on first were the “Zionist Plan” from 1982 and “The New Mind Control,” and indeed it is good to know my mind can still be blown – I’m not too jaded yet!

    The 1982 document should be broadcast as widely as possible and become a standard reference point, just as the paper by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), which discussed a “new Pearl Harbor,” has become an iconic reference point. With this newly rediscovered document in mind, no one could hear without great disdain and disbelief any Kerry-like personage spew their venomous lies about the “Syrian problem.”

    There was no time to cover the “Mind Control” article in detail, only as a Headline mention, so I hope you don’t mind me including a quote here to further entice any readers to go check it out. It’s really important:

    “We have also learned something very disturbing – that search engines are influencing far more than what people buy and whom they vote for. We now have evidence suggesting that on virtually all issues where people are initially undecided, search rankings are impacting almost every decision that people make. They are having an impact on the opinions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of internet users worldwide – entirely without people’s knowledge that this is occurring. This is happening with or without deliberate intervention by company officials; even so-called ‘organic’ search processes regularly generate search results that favour one point of view, and that in turn has the potential to tip the opinions of millions of people who are undecided on an issue. In one of our recent experiments, biased search results shifted people’s opinions about the value of fracking by 33.9 per cent.

    “Perhaps even more disturbing is that the handful of people who do show awareness that they are viewing biased search rankings shift even further in the predicted direction; simply knowing that a list is biased doesn’t necessarily protect you from SEME’s power.”

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