Interview 1138 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

02/12/20164 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: The End Is Nigh For Europe As Officials Mull 2 Year Schengen "Suspension"
Wikipedia: Schengen Area
The EU's new Coast Guard / Border proposal
NWNW Flashback: Schengen Ending - The Disintegration Of The European Project (Nov 2015)

Story #2: Feds Admit They’ll Use “Internet Of Things” For Spying
FBI Still Can’t Crack Encrypted Phone From San Bernardino Shootings
Shodan: The Search Engine for The Internet Of Things
In Australia, Even Learning About Encryption Will Be Illegal Soon

Story #3: Whitehat Hacker Replaces Malware with Antivirus

#GoodNewsNextWeek - Parmesan Cheese Is As Good As Gold

#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: Fed May Lack Legal Authority for Negative Rates
Microsoft Drops a Cloud Data Center Under the Ocean
Obama Quietly Unveils 4.1 Trillion Dollar Budget with More for Pharma, Military and Cyberwar
While Americans Prepared for the Stupor Bowl…The-Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be Signed The TPP And the TTIP is Next

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  1. candideschmyles says:

    So glad to see you laugh over any shill accusations. Perhaps when you go to the Anarchists Annual Convention down there at the Langley Riviera in Mexico you can compare notes and come up with an effective strategy to counter those pesky shill hunters. It becomes tedious when everybody is calling everybody a shill. Or a gatekeeper.
    The Internet of things concerns were all being discussed on the tech pages of www more than a dozen years ago but nobody like you was around to pick up on it. Your analyses, C, that personal data collection would be used to identify perfect patsy’s is a good one. But the blackmailed coercion aspect extends far beyond that. They want something on everyone, its almost a motto. Certainly if you are a notable individual in any sphere you can count on being reviewed regularly.
    I was a little surprised at your acceptance that malware still requires an email attachment to be opened. Such a thought is moot when the hardware that is in your device is manufactured with inbuilt compromise freely available to anyone with the key. Entropy will hopefully counter this and some kid somewhere will make it all useless. The decryption of hidden source codes is inevitable and once in public domain it has to be rendered useless.
    And loved the cheesy story at the end, its a tad like mainstream news format but using Parmesan as currency is almost original. I did chuckle.

  2. silverpalomino says:

    They always want to talk about Shengen dying but the EU’s own Frontex agency has a report showing that over 60 % of those coming into EU do not have a right to asylum. Since they know this but Merkel and Co. cannot admit it publicly or Soros will be after her, they are actually trying to compel Greece (which has just admitted to being in recession) to solve the whole problem for the rest of EU countries. Simple solution like not creating wars on other nations are never an option.

  3. VoltaicDude says:

    1) Internet of all things – targeting for recruitment?

    First blackmail or entrapment, then perhaps patsy.

    Nice and neat – the pharaohs entombed the pyramid workers at the end too.

    2) The FBI can’t break the San Bernardino phone encryptions?

    Hmmm, perhaps they’re not fully utilizing their fusion center links to the CIA for this job?

    Or maybe these “safe” phones are just decoys, if that’s the right word – maybe Trojan Horse is indeed more accurate term?

    “Wow, now you can use these ‘safe’ phone encryptions – really! It’s like a whole news story and stuff, didn’t you hear about it?…[snap!]…Ha, gotcha!”

    • tomas says:

      Agree totally , trojan horse for sure . And many people will love apple for standing up for privacy , more sales for them . And the ones that don’t , more support for government control and intrusion . Either way they win , unless you stop buying and using an apple .
      Like James said , 3-D chess , where they set up both sides and give them the illusion they have a chance of winning , while they play the 3D version and laugh .

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