Interview 1133 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

02/04/20165 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Zika Freakout on the ‘Morning Monarchy’
Update: WHO Director-General summarizes the outcome of the Emergency Committee regarding clusters of microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome

Story #2: Negative Interest Rates Show Desperation of Central Banks
Japan Unleashes Negative Interest Rates
Federal Reserve Testing How Banks Would Handle Negative Rates
Canada Looks at Negative Interest Rates
Iris Scanners Coming Soon to Your Automated Teller Machine

Story #3: UK Scientists Get ‘Gene Editing’ Go-Ahead

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Candidate Changes Name To Znoneofthe, Above

#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: CIA Intentionally Deceives Its Own Workforce About Operations With ‘Eyewash’
Google to Deliver Wrong Search Results to Would-Be Jihadis
Georgia Mayor Arrested for Impersonating a Police Office While Smoking Weed
Ex-NYPD Cop Ran Tri-State Prostitution Ring

Previous Episode: Davos Degenerates Reveal Robot Replacements

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  1. tomas says:

    Agree James , rockefeller et co don’t need to “create” any disease , too much chance of error and sloppiness . All thats needed is to “create ” the fear of it, and the “fear” of “disease” in general . Works like a charm , over and over again . Another croc .

  2. proverbs11vs30 says:

    Thanks again James, another great video!

  3. VoltaicDude says:

    Another great and motivating pod – thanks!
    Found a few interesting bits here too, especially the third one down.
    (We should brace ourselves.)

    1) You could say this one is literally about mind-control thru the education system and corporate media, but most people would think that reaction hyperbolic.

    Compare opening v. closing proficiencies – these people obviously aren’t stupid, they can follow, retain and relate info, but their environment has been engineered to keep them extremely ignorant about what is really important in their lives:

    “Politically-Challenged: Texas Tech Edition”

    2) Speaking of what is really important – cheers!:

    “Americans Drink “Radioactive” Bottled Water – Imported From Fukushima Japan!!”

    3) Speaking of staying informed – new benign and totally legit (wink) algorithms (beware):

    “Creepy New Google Program Will Adjust Top Search Results to ‘Combat Extremism'”
    “ISIS panic further entrenches the partnership between governments and Silicon Valley.”
    “A new pilot program by Google and the UK Home Office will work to “combat” “radicalisation” by adjusting the “top” results if one searches for “extremist” material, according to the Telegraph.”

  4. jl_mccumiskey says:

    Dear James

    I admire your work but in relation to this issue I believe you and Jon Rappaport have accepted the erroneous premise that pathogenic viruses such as mumps measles rubella zika etc actually do exist.
    There is an appeal on the 15 February 2016 at the Stuttgart regional appeal court in Germany, where Dr Stefan Lanka PhD is challenging the claim by a Dr Bardens MD that Dr Bardens has provided proof for the existence of the measles virus. The initial court decision last March was that Dr Bardens had provided sufficient proof and Dr Lanka MUST pay out the €100,000 that he had promised if someone provided proof for the existence of the measles virus.

    Pathogenic viruses do not exist and the Germ Theory of Disease is wrong
    Best Wishes

    James McCumiskey

    • tomas says:

      Disease (s) is one big cash cow . one could almost say the oil industry’s greatest client is the medical industry .

      but for it to become said cow , fear must precede it . hence yet again control what is taught , instil in people’s mind that these microscopic elements are out there at any time and ready to wreck havoc on your system .

      funny how one of their own , FDR , so wisely said only thing to fear is fear .

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