Interview 1121 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

01/08/20169 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Swiss Army Chief Warns Of Social Unrest, Calls Upon Citizens To Arm Themselves
Sweden and Denmark Add Border Checks to Stem Flow of Migrants
Germany Shocked By Cologne New Year Gang Assaults on Women
Cologne Mayor Says Women Should Be More Careful After Migrant Mass Rapes

Story #2: Internal War Is Now On The Horizon For America
Special Ops Called to Oregon as “Fake Militiamen” Exposed as Fed Provocateurs by Real Militia
Feds, Militias, and Native Americans: A Deeper Look at the Oregon Standoff
Playing the Government’s Game: When It Comes to Violence, We All Lose
John Lennon about violence

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - How ‘Making a Murderer’ Turned Us All into Conspiracy Theorists
“So it takes #MakingAMurderer for u to concur that US criminal justice system & police are corrupt?”
#MakingAMurderer prosecutor says he has been inundated with death threats
#GoodNewsNextWeek - Making Corporate Politicians Wear Corporate Logos

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: U.S. Hypocrisy Exposed as World’s Biggest Arms Dealer Moves to Limit America’s Access to Guns
UN Human Rights Investigator for Palestine Quits Over Israeli Interference
Facial Recognition Company Creates Tattoo Detecting Technology For Police
Indonesia Shocked By Acquittal of Firm Related to Forest Fires
NWNW Flashback: Indonesian Forest Fires Producing More Pollution Daily than Entire US Economy (Oct 2015)

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  1. Al Saleh says:

    “Let’s try to steer away from big corporate media versions of that though and keep it in the alternative independent media.”

    That’s an excellent idea. Can you start implementing your idea by declaring a boycott to corporate media sources in this series.

  2. Recalcitrant says:

    Good points and another good show. I would like to add however the fact that whether or not we agree with the tactic of the Oregon standoff had it not been for the actions taken by the citizen militia NO ONE would have ever heard of what happened to the Hammond’s at the hands of the BLM, FWS and the federal courts.

    Needless to say, there are many many more stories of overreach and lawlessness perpetrated by the un-elected stupid drones working under the umbrella of our federal government.

    This can still turn out well and without violence, having served as yet another wake up call for my fellow citizens. I sure hope so.
    I had never heard the quote from John Lennon, thanks for sharing that 🙂

  3. 3will says:

    Definitely a lot of divide and conquer going on, and like you said in the last show it has even penetrated deep into the alternative media. Post 2012 there seemed to be a good deal of cohesion in the alt. media, which I expect rubbed certain powers that be the wrong way. It’s been humbling to watch the effects.

    Dave McGowan died not two months ago. I don’t know what others thought of him and his work, but he had a significant impact on me, especially his Boston bomber series. I am reminded of him now, him being the one lauded and resented for his laurel canyon series. Regardless of your opinion of that series, the idea of a movement being coopted or misdirected is poignant.

    I tend to think of us as amateur and independent cointelpro with the aim of disrupting and discrediting the various narratives and actions by the internationalists. I wouldn’t be surprised if the spin doctors and propagandists and operatives serving the powers that be see the alt. media, it’s audience, and participators in the same context. Professionals reserve a special kind of resentiment for amateurs I think, and maybe we saw it in twenty fifteen.

    I feel like I keep my ear pretty close to the ground on all the various murmurings, but I was amazed at all the new topics that emerged to sift through. And they all seemed to have sharp dialectical frameworks: new right, flat earth, white genocide, cultural marxism, among many more. The veracity of any of these claims is beside the point. When I went to the free your mind conference last spring, these topics were on nobody’s lips. What happens when a loosely affiliated, ideological group is over-saturated with conflicting view points and massive amounts of information? I guess we’ll find out.

    (By the way, I’ve long believed in white genocide, but I call it by its older term: global depopulation agenda)

    I hadn’t heard of that murder case documentary until new years day, maybe because I don’t have a tv or net-flix, everybody else was talking about it though. Just as you said, the guilt of the defendant was the question at hand. I guess the viewers are like armchair jury members. A loose impression popped in my head, “conviction by social media.” I wonder if there is an op to turn the viewing public into a “public jury” of sorts. Would something like this be useful in the panopticon technocratic future, or perhaps they want us all to relate to the retarded defendant whose fate hangs in the balance of more powerful, arbitrary, and corrupt forces? Thoughts.

    Thanks both of you for stimulating my mind more than the coffee next to me.

    Good Tidings this new year

  4. mik says:

    Tony Cartalucci has written an excellent article about Oregon standoff you shouldn’t miss. In short, you must know the enemy you are fighting, how he is thinking, how he plans to defeat you. Then you will be able to defeat him in great Sun Tzu style: Without fight.

  5. VoltaicDude says:

    * A call to arms by some general – what else would he likely think or say?

    I’m not a gun-control dupe (which-ever side that addresses) if only because I think it is a diversionary campaign (nobody leading that campaign seems to have any interest or even awareness of the more basic lies we’re being told, so why would they be able to help with any good foresight?), but…

    Likewise, regarding this general: ”the basis for Swiss prosperity is being called into question”?
    Does he mean…like…banking…as in BIS (HQ’d in Basel)?
    Wonder what his analysis of al Qaeda and ISIS is?
    Charlie Hebdo? Fri-13th Paris Attacks? 911?

    Yes, “be [as] prepared [as possible]” because the shit will hit the fan sooner or later, but arming oneself (unless you’re a subsistence hunter or it’s your diversionary sport) is probably a waste of time at best.

    * Great Lennon clip!
    Here’s a good doc covering “provocation”:
    The Miami Model 2003 FTAA Summit Indymedia documentary

    The thing about “smaller gov’t” is that in realpolitik, it could be better, or it could just be like a “states’ rights” agenda. Could be: “Yes” to slavery (a “bad thing” and a “state’s rights” agenda originally), or “No” to Fed-Run and mandated nuclear power plants (a “good thing” and often couched as a “states’ rights” agenda).

    What about “smaller shadow gov’t” (pa-rump-bump) – perhaps an ironic and absurdist statement in its way, but it none-the-less more accurately addresses what “we” are actually and rightly talking about. I don’t see this shift in perspective as a panacea-like solution, just someplace to start or pick-up.

    When we get rid of “gov’t” will only “shadow” be left? (I say that as a fan of Anarchism.)

    * More irony and paradox:
    Not being capable of “emotional investment” in other people is generally psychopathic;
    Not being able to disconnect from “emotional investment” in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary because of the equivalent of peer-pressure is generally sociopathic.
    Confusingly (apparently for many) navigating emotional strategies of investment and divestment in the “right” measure and context is a sign of “good” health and ethics.
    So where’s the formula for God’s sake!?
    Sartre’s, “Existentialism and Human Emotions,” covers this quite well.

    * “The power of media”! – is that the message? – be the media!
    (For many of us it may simply mean in our one-on-one, face-to-face, individual and personal conversations – still a real-life occurrence, contrary to popular belief.)

    Sounds like a good graffiti-stamping concept!
    Where are those posters!

  6. mik says:

    Swiss general:”the basis for Swiss prosperity is being called into question”
    This is plain truth and ,yes, it is unusual that politicians and generals are telling us truth.
    The truth in this statement is hidden in econimics. I will use marxists terminology and say that you can see the world like: Capitalist Center (developed countries) and Capitalist Periphery (undeveloped counties). Center derives its prosperity from exploitation of Periphery.
    For example, interests rates in Periphery are at least double the rates in Center. They say its risk adjustment. But increased interest rates also increase the risk of default. I live in Croatia (Periphery) and our production base is rapidly deteriorating and is replaced with imports (from eu mostly). Companies are bought by foreigners (eu states) and profits are expatriated. Almost all banks here are owned by foreign banks(eu states). I also know very well the situation in Slovenia, the showcase for successful transition (socialism->capitalism). But in the last time situation there is also deteriorating fast.
    They will suck us dry. And what is next? They will loose markets and profits, they will loose their base of prosperity, exactly what the general said.
    There is a link at the bottom to essay by Samir Amin I strongly recommend. I don’t agree with him completely especially with actions he proposes. For those not familiar with “red” terminology it can be quite hard staff. Try not to get hooked on terminology and try to find very good economic analysis.

  7. NES says:

    Although I’ve not seen the series you speak of J. Pilato in this NWNW report I’m SO happy you are addressing it and the Oregon situation (yikes!), with a positive POV and an affirmation to “detach” not “engage” the ruling corporate government. John Lennon was absolutely correct. If rulers can put us in a known box of their making they can continue to rule. I support you monthly because I see your primary job as waking-up the RPs (regular people) with well-researched reporting and sensible alternatives to a possible violent reaction. The public must, at some point, look around and SEE what is really happening on our planet and not act out in the expected response that is only controllable by meeting violence with violence.

    You are doing a fine job, guys. Thanks for your diligence and your POV. Excellent.

  8. 59tinker says:

    thank you James

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