Interview 1119 - New World Next Year with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This year:

Corbett Report’s 2015 Story: The Conflict Of The 21st Century
Senators Want China Kept Out Of Currency Club Over Hacking
Russia’s Putin Drafts Bill to Dump Dollar, Euro from CIS Trade
China & Russia Have Major Explosions In Just Under 24hrs
US Complains As Russia Bombs Its Terrorists
China & Russia Building Database of US Intelligence Information

Media Monarchy’s 2015 Story: The Year Of Divide-And-Conquer
Race War, Class War, Social Justice War
Rachel Dolezal, Gamergate, The Black-And-Blue Dress
Alt Media Eats Itself
Endless Parade Of Phony Saviors: Pope, Trump, Sanders
Never-Ending Presidential sElection Campaigns

Corbett Report’s 2016 Trend: Begging For Daddy Government

Media Monarchy’s 2016 Trend: Money Madness

Flashback: New World Next Year - 2015

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  1. earlthornton1202 says:

    Thanks team for another year of thorough, reliable investigative research outputs. Always a great place from which we can begin our personal delving.

    With regard to the ‘Divide and Conquer’ aspect…we were just talking about that facet last night, at a ‘get together’ in Seattle… I see it as this….just about every form of programmed responses in Amerikans has been activated over the past year, and way more in the past couple of months… we are seeing all the various ‘manchurian candidate’ conditioning via decades of poisonous inputs, heretofore somewhat dormant in most folks, is now coming out. NONE of the vitriol is directed at the correct enemy, it is ALWAYS ‘us fighting us….

    Sooo, it is hard to be positive about what is happening. A ‘fun’ exercise might be to take time to review the Twilight Zone episode ‘Monsters are Due on Maple Street’, then look for what I see as obvious parallels in what we are seeing, both in the manifold levels of division presented by almost all media outletszand swallowed whole by the masses as well as in their quite programmed and predictable reactions.

    One other fun observation, but maybe not that promising for the home team, is that the various attempts to cause ‘civil war’ here did not work out because I think we see a MUCH more effective outome to dumbing down….people voice their vitriol when safely behind a keyboard but, by in large, folks won’t get off their couch to save anything, more the point, to STAND FOR ANYTHING. Folks cannot really process any facts and then extrapolate. You can see it regularly through the ‘deer in the headlights’ responses to information. Confusion, then stasis, followed by sloth.

    To quote the late Gil Scott Heron, from ‘Winter in Amerika’, ..’ain’t nobody fighting, cause nobody knows what to save’

    For our part, we have taken the steps to sever the controlled inputs in our personal lives, to become food self-sufficient, and by developing small groups of support cells in our community…..I know the word ‘cell’ is also a programmable term… judge for yourself to see what that simple word conjures in your heads, and the PTSB efforts over these decades become apparent.

    again, thanks guys. love y’all.

  2. der says:

    Thank you both sooooo much for all the work you do. Here in a tiny village in the BC Interior, hunkered down in a delicate and wondrous snowfall, I, too, am concerned about all the crap I have been subjected to with the Divide and Conquer (DC??? D&C???) strategy. There are a couple of regular websites that I always checked in with everyday that I have recently slowed down on. They are fighting their own grave battles, and I honor that, but how much information do I need here? With so much strife, we need to choose our battles. It is good to know your enemy, but even better is to cultivate discernment in such crazy times.

    So I have been turning to the voices that do a “zoom-out” on the geo-political mess, those who remind me that this human experiment that I am has a part to play in a much bigger story. The touchstone you left us with is the very one I go to every day now: the true purpose in life is to appreciate the so-called simple pleasures of friendship, family, nature, true nutrition, comfortable sleeps, beauty in human creativity, and strength in common people in the face of adversity. The more you cultivate the attitude of gratitude, the bigger the list gets.

    I want to give a huge thanks to both of you again, and also to recommend Neil Kramer for anyone who needs more in the way of wisdom while the whole system of world tyranny crumbles around us. His “roamcasts” are free and downloadable, and truly rate a full attention. He is “a little bit know something”, which says a lot. That’s my little gifty to you all.

    Seasons greetings, and especially Solstice Blessings.

  3. felippe.barretto says:

    Thank you both for sharing awareness and love in such a passionate way.

  4. nosoapradio says:

    Yeah… Big Daddy…So, folks world wide have been made, through Daeshic, migrational, “racial” Financial eco-terror to crave a big daddy – aaaand, with Merkel as Time and Reuters’ person of the year, and with this trend of gender confusion or perhaps just gender fusion, I’d say big daddy’s gonna be a big Tilda Swinton-style Mama in a way that’ll make Thatcher look like mother theresa. this big daddy’s gonna slap us with more belt tightening, and “security” measures all in the name of the Führer Gaia, anti-patriarchal, pro-single world currency global goals. Just like O’bummer was the trojan horse to continue Bush-style imperialist wars, occupations, spying, torturing and generalized pillaging of people’s at home and abroad, Women will now be sent in to be the trojan horses perpetuating the atrocities of their male predecessors because what they symbolize is infinitely more important than what they actually do…

    But I was apparently wrong about Tsipras (to whom I’d accorded the benefit of the doubt at Varoufakis’ expense), and I’ll certainly continue to be wrong at least half the time in the short term. But the longer-term trends are pretty unmistakeable…

    Yet, whatever apocalypse may befall us I’ll never stop looking forward with exquisite anticipation,to discovering the latest video, article, subscriber newsletter and last but not least, subscriber comments right here on the Corbett Report.

    Isn’t it funny in a way…. wherever we may be on this planet each and every one of us can say “Here…Here on the Corbett Report”…?

    Thanks for that.

  5. anacardo01 says:

    I’d just like a link to a complete recording of that rendering of Good King Wenceslas, which I think was pretty dope.

  6. richardadler says:

    What was the song at the end?

    Thanks for all your great work!

  7. T.T. says:

    Thanks!, to you both (and everyone else!) for all your effort to get the truth out. Sadly most people are ‘moved’ by emotions instead of rational thinking.
    I wish everyone a merry christmas and a steadfast 2016.

  8. hill176 says:

    Much thanks to both James’s for this and every show, I always enjoy.

    I could nearly feel Mr. Corbett’s frustration, confusion (which I share) and perhaps fatigue reflecting on the fact that it seems like human nature, or at least some aspect of Human nature that humans seem to want a big daddy to look after them and tell them what to do. This is how/why we invented our God’s and it is a big part of what keeps our species from “rising to something like it’s full height” to paraphrase Christopher Hitchens.
    “Human Nature” is also the reasons for the Eugenics movement, to eliminate the barbarians among us through selective breeding. (what a SUPER idea)
    Of course what is actually needed is a change in they way we view the world and the beings who live in it.
    I feel very strongly that your program is a clear voice working to move the zeitgeist in a more sustainable direction for all of us and for that reason I hope you never give up sir.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

  9. anacardo01 says:

    Regarding James’s prediction: Absolutely bang on, IMO. You can sniff it from Japan; there’s a powerful stink of Weimar in American political life these days. The whole thing seems (manufactured? reality? what’s the damn difference) ready to fly apart into warring socialist, neoreactionary and libertarian factions at one good tap, with the fascist overlords pulling every marked card from their deck to hold the whole thing together. Would the world look on in horror? Or fall to their knees and say, Thank God, good riddance?

  10. Albatross0612 says:

    Your honesty and open reporting is the good news to end the year on. Keep fighting for truth, and best wishes for the New Year.

  11. VoltaicDude says:

    Nice Ties! – I wore one to watch – but just a tie, nothing else.

    A community may be more than just the sum of its members, but at the same time it is only as good as the members that comprise it, and you guys are the best – clink, clink. (The many lapses of people we were deluded into thinking might be reliable duly noted.)

    I’d like to quote two of the many highlights of this show for me:

    JP (5:20) “2015’s trend would be full disclosure and the further exposure of the so called elite…[but] every story no matter how stupid was ultimately ‘divide-and-conquer at core”…(6:30) “And I really saw it in the alternative media…”

    JC (9:50) “…so bizzare…the refugee crisis…terrorist Muslim boogeymen are proxies for the…big boys…so many years of exposing false flag terrorism are going out the window now.”

    JP (15:20) “…these fake terrorists were created by the same people who claimed to be fighting them…but, no one really cares…no one really talks about it.”

    In a way we’ve dealt with the hard stuff and are ready to move on, but having the benefit of our community also means losing a little daily exposure to how far off so many people still are – that’s the greatest challenge and also a very interesting point of view to further deepen our understanding of the world we live in.

    You had a great show some years ago JC on the Stanford Experiments that showed how many (perhaps most) people operate, socially, in regard to raw information.

    We have to keep that in mind and keep watching how that “reality” (of mass, reactionary response) is manipulated through PR and marketing campaigns by the powers that shouldn’t be.

    It’s precisely this understanding, this type of realization, that brought people like Bernays to the conclusion that the public at large are just a type of putty to be shaped according to how the elite (we could think of ourselves like that) find it most convenient, and what turned him to he dark side.

    This is a very strange dichotomy to process while remaining active and true. And this is a good time of the year (not that there is a bad time), to engage in a little reflective meditation on the basics we share.

    I think these picks are effective: they remind us of how many incredibly talented and true people are on board with us, they remind us of why we are true to our causes to begin with, and they are excellent tools to provide novices with an introduction to what we are involved with, and why we are passionate about our work.

    9/11: Decade of Deception (Full Film NEW 2015)

    The New American Century

    JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

    Odetta – This Little Light Of Mine (best version)

  12. vumxmx says:

    On the trend towards authoritarianism:

    … Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the steppingstones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society.”-Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era.”

    On Kingship, some interesting items:

    SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY AND TEMPORAL POWER IN THE INDIAN THEORY OF GOVERNMENT – Ananda K.Coomaraswamy, Edited by Keshavram N. Iyengar and Rama P.Coomaraswamy []

    Spiritual Authority & Temporal Power By Alain de Benoist

    Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power, by René Guénon


    The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, by René Guénon

    On powers that shouldn’t be:

    AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire, by Nancy Turner Banks MD
    “It is a mistake to think that wars only concern armies involved in active engagement. Nothing is farther from the truth. The real forces of evil wage a financial war. The dark princes of debt finance have gained leverage over every important social, economic, and political institution-including the health care delivery system.

    In AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire, author Nancy Turner Banks draws the connections between free market strategies, the destruction of national sovereignty by the process of globalization, and AIDS as one of the health consequences of a neo-Darwinian philosophy. Through meticulous research, Banks found a medicalpharmaceutical- industrial complex that was taken over one hundred years ago by the titans of financial capitalism. Their aim was to create profit, not to conquer disease. This book of social history points to a cauldron of historical events that contributed to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

    AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire tells the dramatic story of a financial ideology that is damaging to everything that it means to be human. It is the story of profits over people. In the end, it is the story of hope and how we can regain our sanity and our health in a world gone mad.”

    “Dr. Nancy Banks MD’s book explains and documents the medical, historical, and socioeconomic factors behind the accelerating deterioration of the world. Democracy is a facade behind which the hereditary elite are destroying the earth and its inhabitants for profit. Medical science is full of fraud, with AIDS as a major scam, for profit. The economic collapse, the illegal drug epidemic, unemployment, incarceration, pollution, destruction of the food supply by genetically engineered food, all for profit. On and on, for profit.
    The truth is depressing, but AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire confirms all I have suspected and more. It is a welcome addition to other books documenting the insane corruption of those wielding the real power on this Earth. Whether there is anything the ordinary Joe, even the informed ordinary Joe, can do to stop the downslide, I do not know. But the ostrich-head-in-the-sand policy is definitely NOT the solution. “

  13. 35df99op says:

    Thank you so much for the work that you do. I hope you have a Merry Christmas in Japan.

    I actually agree with what you said about people anxiously waiting for an authority to save them. On the ground working class proletariat level its very depressing to see. Instead of organizing and supporting one another to counter or mount a defense against the very real threats that most of us are facing collectively and individually, I see people competing with one another to be the best servant to the first servant of the powerful that they come accross. And the sad thing is many of these powerful servants they are breaking their necks to bow to arent powerful at all but the desperation is that intense for so many people.

    I find I have to keep distancing myself from most people who I feel have just given up because they are overly dependent upon others. I dont understand this mindset at all as it’s nothing but detrimental to your position especially if you’re at the bottom like I am. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this disturbing shift in thinking. It’s like people are asking for a facist dictatorship of some kind. And I know this happened before in hisory I just didnt understand how people went along with it…until now.

    And things aren’t even as bad as they were back then! I mean in terms of basic needs they aren’t that bad. At least in pre WWI Germany and Italy people were actually broke and starving. Here its more of a culture that was always present becoming more ingrained and pervasive and all the more powerful because of how unrecognised it is. I guess one of the lesser parts of human nature and our soceities. Our willingness to be “herded” into certain group movements. Its looks and feels as dehumanizing as it sounds. Even dulling your senses with entertianment, food, drugs or whatever doesn’t deafen your awareness of the way you and others are being pushed into certain areas by others.

    I’m currently fighting tooth and nail to be self sufficient and self reliant with very little help from anyone but the social isolation gets to me at times. I dont like to call myself “homeless” more like migratory but I dont pay rent. And a lot of times at when I feel most alone in my struggle I listen to podcasts of yours that I download onto my phone and I feel like my mind is finally able to breathe after being underwater most of the time.

    I don’t remember how I found your site but Im so glad that I did.

  14. NES says:

    The “begging for Big Daddy” is the typical conditioned (and possible genetic) hero worship response to vulnerability. I do not understand the mindset. However, it’s clear that the RPs (regular people) are waiting for a savior instead of putting their effort into saving themselves. Wake them up guys!

    (J.P. darlin’ rethink the face hair. You have flawless skin and amazing eyes. Face hair distracts from your best features. I’ve had loads of colors of head hair myself and lots of fun with it so it’s only a suggestion.)

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