Interview 1118 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

12/11/20157 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: EU Auditors Find Billions of Dollars Of Fraud In EU Emissions Trading Scheme
Enron Environmentalism: The Carbon Credits Scam Pumps Millions of Tonnes More Greenhouse Gases Into The Atmosphere
Paris Climate Deal to Ignite a $90 Trillion Energy Revolution
PDF: The New Climate Economy - The Global Commission On The Economy And Climate

Story #2: Declassified CIA Manual Shows How US Uses Bureaucracy to Destabilize Governments
Timeless Tips for 'Simple Sabotage'

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Young People in The UK Aren't Interested In Joining The Military
Flashback: US Is Recruiting Misfits For Army (Oct 2006)
Flashback: Military Accepting More Ex-Cons (Feb 2007)
Flashback: Gangs Spreading In The Military (July 2007)
Flashback: Army Expands By Lowering The Bar On Recruits (Nov 2007)

#GoodNewsNextWeek Updates: Finland Considering Giving Every Citizen $876 a Month In ‘Basic Income’
Russia Claims Aim to Become World’s Largest Organic Food Hub

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Australian Police Storm Home Of Outed Bitcoin "Founder"
Global Oil Prices Plunge Below $40
IMF Enters Cold War By Forgiving Ukraine's Debt To Russia
German Chancellor Angela Merkel Named CIA/Skull & Bones/Time Magazine's Person Of The Year
IRS Power To Revoke Passports Signed Into Law

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Previous Episode: The NSA Metadata Shutdown Ruse

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  1. phreedomphile says:

    Thanks for covering the basic income concept. It flashed on my radar a couple of years ago when the US mainstream media and the Obama administration floated the idea. The shorthand term “mincome” for minimum income was from a 1970s Canadian experiment in Dauphin, Manitoba. The concept has also been explored in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and revived in Canada of late.

    In the US, TPTB have been working to boost the minimum wage and find ways to offer subsidies for those with lower incomes. Looks like a hand into social engineering, staving off unrest, while stoking inflation (or at least countering deflationary forces), as does the prospect of negative interest rates compelling increased spending, and hints of a softening on bankruptcy rules for discharging student loans, debt jubilees, etc.

    A Motley Fool article cites a growing loss of jobs from automation and the expanding wealth gap as reasons to adopt a basic income. The inherent austerity in the 2030 Agenda reduction in fossil fuel use requires a drastic reduction in global consumption and thus more job loss, so there’s that MASSIVE variable too – a reticent pachyderm in the public conversation.

  2. Lex says:

    We’ve experienced the CIA’s “bureaucratic sabotage” techniques first hand, at least as far back as the Warren Commission. I just finished “The Last Investigation,” and that was basically the story of the HSCA: the CIA dug in their heels and waited the investigation out, as their allies and minions in Congress chipped away at their funding, credibility, and morale.

  3. rockshot says:

    James and James Evan Pilato, never fail to impress me with this series.
    GREAT stuff, and I look forward to this EVERY week. They are both hard, diligent workers…obviously, so don’t forget to donate!
    MY donations are not enough to keep these guys going. If you compare them to the Faux News anchors annual salary, neither make nearly enough.
    Of course I do not believe that either would take those jobs for any number of millions to sit there and lie to us.
    I cannot imagine the time it takes to footnote everything like they ALWAYS do, and that is just a very small part of the whole production.
    I keep waiting for Pilato to have a bad week and just once be unprepared.
    Amazingly that has never happened yet in 3-4 years that I know of.

  4. Apollo Slater says:

    Why is a “basic income” considered good news? It is a forced redistribution scheme by government. Steal from some and give to others. It is the opposite of a voluntary society.

    I also scratch my head about why GMOs being banned by government is considered good news (covered in previous episodes). GMOs may be bad or harmful, or they may not be, depending on the particular crop. In any case, even if harmful, one must still have the right to determine the risks of what he ingests. Same with drugs.

    It is disconcerting to see support for government force, as long as that force enacts things you personally like. It’s not the inefficiencies or excesses of government that are the biggest threats to our freedom. It’s the buying of our conscience by small favors here and there, that keeps us trapped in the endless tug-of-war of theft and violence.

    I don’t consider any government force good news, unless it’s limited to countering physical violence. Even then, the institution of government itself requires violence and is inherently unethical as a means to an end. Let’s call these reforms like banning GMOs and basic income what they are – the initiation of theft and violence by a gang of thugs.

  5. VoltaicDude says:

    Yo Jimmy-Jameses, you guys never cease to amaze – thanks! The importance of the OSS sabo-doc you presented is of enormous proportions.

    However, you are (unfortunately? – not really), projecting your own good intentions when you joke around about it, and suggest that what’s good for the goose might be good for the gander.

    It’s true, the type of mayhem and dysfunction these operations look like reminds one of the everyday problems people have in just getting things done in the average institutional setting, but that camouflage is precisely what makes them such successful m.o.’s.

    And, I’m sure you don’t actually have any intentions to hurt people with bad advice here, but your under-assessment of the vile and malicious nature of this document and the practice it represents is significant (think Stasi).

    Let’s remember the historical context of these sorts of operations, both foreign and domestic, and, in contrast any examples illustrating independent revolutionary action based on these “principles.”

    Dependence on our shadow-gov’t-controlled-gov’t to do good on any R2P-action is a sadly naïve stance, but that’s due, at least in part, to sabotage as described in this OSS sabo-doc.

    For instance, sometimes campaigns to relieve famines are initiated with genuine concern for the victims – when shipped goods are stolen and dispersed wastefully or for profiteering – resulting in death, relative to the actual relief that might have been delivered, that’s often as a result of the fact that operations of this sort are in place.

    There’s nothing as productive as killing lots of people randomly through bureaucratic snafu’s to retain a logistical upper-hand.

    In contrast the Empire has trillions of dollars in military assets, including profitable (“well-run”) companies like Halliburton running the logistics of keeping target populations enslaved by the brutal political and social “realities” so diabolically constructed for them – and for which they will have very little chance of organizing successfully against, again, especially due to operations like those described in this OSS sabo-doc (think inside Occupy).

    This manual is fascinating precisely because it shows us the banal-seeming nitty-gritty of how some of this evil is actually implemented.

    It goes hand-in-hand with other more obviously diabolical operations like MK-Ultra, false flags, rogue social programs, and the targeting of individuals by COINTELPRO (utilizing malicious infiltration into target’s lives; entrapment programs; character assassinations; other psy-ops; the manipulation of “legitimate” institutions to bully, antagonize and intimidate; and cover-ups of these sorts of criminal activities – e.g., the JFK assassination cover-up).

    The thing to remember about this manual is that it describes a “game” that only the “house” can play and win. To flesh-out this analogy, think of how a casino is run.

    If you go into a casino and run a “scam” (meaning applying a process that will equalize the playing field – even if it’s not technically illegal) you will be almost immediately detected and at least asked to leave, because the house rules, and you are only ever just a guest, welcome only to the extent that you can drop your money as you like – you are not free to change the odds of any gambling activities – and sometimes that can even actually be construed to be criminal activity in and of itself.

    That’s the point of the whole “legitimate business” of gambling itself (besides the psychological lure) – the house (in general) always wins. Period. (Like in banking – bankster-ism.)

    If you think you can pull-off this sort of operation as an individual without consequence, you are dangerously fooling yourself. At best you can engage mindfully in civil-disobedience, for which you will almost certainly be seriously hammered.

    Regarding historical implementation of this and like operations, think: Mossadeq; Venezuela today; the Tuskegee Experiment; Solyndra; the E.P.A. Gold King Mine Spill.

    Or in contrast, individuals that behaved in a related but “independent” fashion: Aaron Swartz, Timothy Christopher, John Lennon.

    1) Are those historical facts/operations what we’re aligned with? – Or even what we could align ourselves with, without becoming the enemy?

    2) Compare your earnest reactions to this OSS sabo-doc news to that of people who say, “911 could not have been an inside job. Too many people would have had to be involved and ‘they’ could never have kept it a secret so successfully.” I’m not saying what you experienced in Calvary definitely was the result of an OSS-type operation, but if it was, how would it look different?

    3) You may have had some experience working inside corporatist domains, but believe me, “incompetence” is only tolerated so long as it provides a useful context for internal operations against whistle-blowers.

    Try infiltrating Exxon-Mobil, American Express, J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, etc. with incompetence, and see how much you get accomplished. You will be quickly dismissed as incompetent, or you will be used to hurt other people, or you will be “discovered” and become very familiar with the workings of hell. These fucking pigs don’t play.

    It’s not that the Exxon-Valdez spill was on purpose, it’s that it was successfully “externalized” by Exxon, while just as certainly, individuals opposing Exxon’s will, either from within the corporation or from outside it, were neutralized, at best, through OSS-type operations.

    It’s a fallacious myth that large institutions need be, by their natures, incompetent. Mussolini made the trains run on time. That wasn’t by allowing free-rein by either saboteurs or just incompetents in RR operations.

    But, surprising as ever, after this OSS piece, you then deliver the “good news” that Norway is considering a minimum $876.00/mo. income for everyone!

    I didn’t expect you would have such an insightful and counter-intuitive reaction to this news – all considered (regarding your often-absolutist-sounding expression of anti-gov’t sentiment).

    It may not be an ideal response except as dire corrective to our central-command economy and the panopticon society, such as we have and aren’t going to get rid of any time soon – meanwhile people have to live their lives, and don’t deserve to be martyrs to any specific ideology.

    A universal minimum-income-distribution represents a true possibility of saving many individuals from ruin by COINTEL programs – a real safety net against the bare bones realities of life in the Empire.

    • VoltaicDude says:

      Some corrections on the above:
      It should read, Tim DeChristopher, not Timothy Christopher
      It should read, Calgary, not Calvary.
      It should read, Finland, not Norway.

      I’m sure there’s more too, especially if one were to get into “person” and agreement,” etc.

      Sorry, editing not my forte, but this will have to do here.

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