Interview 1114 - PFT Live on the Syria Crisis

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via Press For Truth: Today on Press For Truth Live Dan Dicks is joined on the line by James Corbett of to talk about the downing of a Russian Jet by Turkish forces and what the implications are during the build up toward a Third World War and we'll also be speaking in studio with Paul Verge of to discus the war in the middle east and the Syrian refugee situation.

Turkish Shootdown of Russian Jet: What You Need to Know

Russia Hopes to Quickly Resume Talks on Turkish Stream (Nov. 23)

Turkey’s False Flag Plan: What you’re not being told

Accepting Al Qaeda (CFR)

Operation IMPACT

Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia

Rockwell: Open Borders Are an Assault on Private Property

I Want Lew Rockwell to Be Libertarian on Immigration

Rothschild, Murdoch, Cheney & the Genie of Stolen Syrian Oil

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  1. archives2001 says:

    Hi James,
    Pretty good interview but you both sailed right on over the Albert Pike
    WW 3 prediction query that they threw at you.

  2. nosoapradio says:

    I guess it’s pretty safe to say that every Hegelian dialectic here on in will be designed to create a short, middle or long-term demand for a global government, conditioning people, little by little, as the elites bide their time, alternately terrorizing the populations and seducing them through feel-good global goals, to ferociously demand just that. Through shock doctrine-Good cop bad cop methodology.

    Today there was an article in my local newspaper with a headline exclaiming that without open borders there’s no sense in having a European money. I automatically (and perhaps mistakenly) read that as a (timely) plea for a global currency and thus, in light of the global obsession with security, global (customs-style) policing. What most people liked about about a European Union (besides the empty economic promises) was precisely the openness and facility of open borders.

    I had a little trouble logging on today. Please don’t disappear. I don’t know what I’d do without this little haven of sanity that is the Corbett Report.

    “Even analysis can create paralysis”… sounds strangely pertinent…

  3. VoltaicDude says:

    Dan/James/Paul – Thanks! for presenting so many important points!
    You covered volumes to bounce off of!

    Hope everyone realizes the privilege and benefit to accessing your work.
    Some reactions:

    05:09 – Dan – “my video is blocked in Germany”!
    Apparently you said something important
    – but it is amazing that they can get away with this
    – this IS the current situation! – most people aren’t noticing.

    05:48 – Dan – “dethrone secular dictators”
    Beautiful observation – the Empire is dethroning seculars,
    to install problematic fundamentalists
    (who are formally contrary to our own pluralist values – ?)
    (note – they’re installing, not respecting differences already in place)
    – recipe for war, war, war
    (as in 57% of fed budget – money, money, money)
    (same strategy in US – fundamentalist activists are the US Taliban)

    09:28 – James – “not even remotely in Turkish interests”
    Like anywhere, is Turkey “one thing”
    – we all know D.C. is infiltrated with CIA and Mossad.
    – are their some officials in Turkey screaming “we did what?”

    25:58 – James – “counter-narrative for globalization”
    There’s the overt narrative, useful for getting certain steps accomplished
    and the covert narrative, that kicks in during newly formed “opportunities”
    Globalist-open-boarders are only for special people – “corporate-people”
    Those people are the prison-guards who are
    so blind they don’t realize they also live in the prison.

    27:10 – Dan – “should the boarders be opened up,
    or should we be closing them down?”
    (I love this part.)
    The boarders WILL BE “globalized” – that’s the agenda,
    so we should try to keep them open to ALL people
    (obviously our interests being with the real ones)

    35:40 – Paul – “the best thing you can do
    is not commit your emotions to any of these narratives,”
    A good way to be able to hold an honest line and stay reasonable
    is to remember that the people asking for the commitment are lying
    at different places in their narratives. Why do they lie?
    (If they thwart honest questions, they’re lying.)

    37:07 – Paul – “before 1900 that whole area in the Middle East
    had Muslims, Jews and Christians living in relative harmony”!
    M.O. – covertly instigate a fight or problem, then play the R2P-hero!

    45:45 – James – “we can pretend that there is some sort of political input through the public process, but there really isn’t.”
    This ball is the hardest for most people to keep their eye on,
    and remain sincere to their values, not becoming cynical.

    That last comment said, there are times when limited, non-violent engagement with the “system” can be fruitful so long as it does not become a trap.
    One benefit is the ability to respectfully engage with “system-players”
    Some are sincere and over time will not be willing to continue to lie
    to themselves about undeniably observable facts.

    THAT’S WHY Germany felt it had to “nix” this interview!

    • VoltaicDude says:

      1) Need to clarify – 6th paragraph up from the bottom –
      “open to All people.” – that remark in no way signifies any empathy from me for the “All Lives Matter” (“ALM”) meme being kicked back.

      From Donald Trump it’s BS because it’s purpose is to muddy the waters.
      From some others it’s just a confused reaction to those muddy waters.

      “ALM” is a restatement of the fallacious myth about “America” – in other words a vacuous platitude.

      “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) is right-on in pointing out that if “ALM” weren’t just talk, historically speaking, then all the well researched info about the structural racism of U.S. society in Michelle Alexander’s book would be hard to account for.

      Even if a slogan is all it is, BLM is an accurate and good slogan.

      Unfortunately the BLM movement, like any political movement, is troublingly infiltrated (THAT’S WHAT THE POWER’S THAT SHOULDN’T BE ALWAYS DO).

      For instance, the NAACP has been high-jacked from the inside, at least in part, for decades – made a point of calling them out for their support of two-tier-internet-service in exchange for big-time “donations” from the big carrier-players. Could that really mean that the NAACP never really had a good raison d’être?

      Likewise – accurate as her book is – it seems Alexander has been hood-winked into fronting a fundraising campaign for Human Rights Watch, – an organization run at top levels by banksters and oilsters who have been deceptively shaping HRW’s campaigns the last four years to help promote the current administration’s policy for regime change in Syria – a totally criminal stance vis-à-vis international law.

      What can one do. It’s all a mixed bag and it’s hard to keep clear on what dynamic is actually being played.

      2) This interview can be downloaded and condensed, emailed or reloaded to an open share file. It can be copied onto a dvd or memory stick and shared that way. It can be transcribed and printed-out or emailed as text.

      Presumably, while it is pretty effectively being block in Germany right now, that doesn’t actually mean it’s illegal – pretty scum-baggie on the censors’ part.

      Anyone with a copy can even organize a public viewing – perhaps an outdoor public viewing, with or without permission (non-violent civil-disobedience seems like a good way to publicize the whole thing).

      Maybe we turn this into the equivalent of “blue jeans” in the old Soviet block! It would circulate like wildfire.

      People who want more of this should directly support you guys with donations. It must be said that (unlike with blue jeans), in this case people who might want to redistribute this for profit for themselves are also (at least small time) scumbags.

      If it does end up becoming actual contraband, well that will just call their hand and make it very obvious who and what “they” are, so they can’t hide it like they are now.

      Anyone who supports this work and has access to German citizens should try to distribute it to as many as possible, even more than usually, as “censored” material, to oppose this underhanded de facto censorship.

  4. Bilejones says:

    Here’s a useful site in terms of bare numbers.

    I heard in an interview of Patrick Wood of this site, by Scott Horton that the Guardian Newspaper had a three day policy of not publishing any facts, claims or allegations that inferred that the Paris attacks were retribution for the French bombing and murdering of Syrians.

  5. NotDole says:

    Well, like I expected, NATO told Turkey, you’re on your own here attacking Russian bombers.

    Whats strange is that it kinda eclipses the Russian passenger plane that was shot by the mujahideen who have been causing trouble in the Sinai peninsula, which is riddled with land mines…i dunno how they manage not to get killed (all of rthe terrorists there), in the northern sinai, who downed a Russian passenger plane.

    We ghave to be happy that Putin isn’t trigger happy either. It was Turkey’s fault, and Russia is right about the ISIS oil being sent to Turkey, although a year or 2 ago we were hearing about how Assad was financing them by buying oil from his former oil fields to these agents of chaos and lack of dignity.

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