Interview 1113 - New World Next Week - with James Evan Pilato

11/19/201514 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story 1: Putin Calls Out G20 Nations For Funding ISIS
33 ISIS Members Killed In Airstrikes
The Paris Terror Attacks: An Open Source Investigation

Story 2: After Paris Attacks, Encrypted Communication Is Back In Spotlight
NY Times Pulls Report Of French Officials' Claims Paris Attackers Used Encrypted Apps
After Paris Attack: "The Enemies Of Encryption Have Their Knives Drawn."
France Deploys 10,000 Troops To Patrol Streets In Wake Of Paris Attacks
Mission Accomplished: After Paris, Americans Want US To Attack ISIS
You Know You're In Trouble When TV Makes New Graphics For "___ Under Attack"

Story 3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - The Disintegration Of The European Project
What Is The Schengen Area - And What Could Happen To It Now?
Why Whistleblowers Can't Be Blamed For Paris Attacks
US Mass Surveillance Never Prevented Large Terror Attacks

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: So... Nigerian Flags All Around Then?
Boko Haram Ranked Ahead Of ISIS For Deadliest Terror Group
German 'Triple Agent' Admits Spying For CIA
Red Cross Accuses U.S.-Backed Saudis Of Deliberately Attacking Health Care Facilities In Yemen
'Alarm' As Patients Shun Flu Jab

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  1. VoltaicDude says:

    Thanks as always James and James!

    “Americans want the U.S. to attack ISIS” – typical frustratingly obtuse reaction – why not just defund and stop providing organizational support for ISIS, and make funding of this terrorist group a crime? That would pretty much end the ISIS show (and turn lots of congressional leaders into officially recognized terrorist supporters).

    Same strategy could be used for ending Israel’s (i.e., U.S.’s) policy of genocide of Palestinians (running on over $3 billion of annual foreign military aid to Israel).

    Next point is something of a general suggestion for a future podcast (even if the particular “Brain” series cited here as an example is not highlighted): The nexus between the Koch Foundation (and like-orgs), and science-promoting institutions like PBS’s NOVA and the Smithsonian Institution.

    The Brain with David Eagleman

    This is a 6-part TV series that is chock full of fascinating info, that is actually applicable to a better understanding of lots of other subjects, including a basic understandings of scientific methodology, and its misapplications in history, especially in political contexts.

    While my suggested exercise here represents a huge time commitment (viewing the entire 6-part series), it’s worth it for two reasons.

    1) The series in itself imparts a great deal of “good” general info on the general subject matter.

    2) But, if you pay attention, it provides valuable insight into how controlling venues of this sort is underhandedly very worthwhile for nefarious organizations like the Koch Foundation (not that they specifically funded this series).

    If instead you want to indulge in the figurative “CliffNotes” version of this exercise just view the 16 minutes starting at 30:00 minutes into the 5th episode (30:00-46:00).

    This 16-minute segment ends with some commentary about the internet.

    Then compare these:

    Propaganda is ironically – almost undetectably – imparted in the 16-minute segment, which represents a 6-hour to 16-minute ratio of investment for this propaganda, which is exactly how credibility is built, and how the heinous officialdom behind this underhandedness retain their airs of legitimacy and beneficence.

    So what do we think? – Does this 16-minute Brain series segment help support the legitimation of internet censorship? If you question that legitimacy, even consider questioning it, aren’t you a genocidal maniac?

  2. matagordagreg says:

    Why would someone mention “boko harem” killing 50 or 60 people and not mention the tragic incident when the Hutu`s killed 800,000 Tutsis back in 1993 ?????
    They were killed face to face with machetes rather than bombs or bullets.
    Think of the amount of hate you would have to have to kill your neighbor by hacking them to death with a machete . Makes me sick to think of it ———800,000+.
    Dear God please save the soles of these scum or bury them in Datamation!!!

    • Corbett says:

      Because we’re talking about things that happened this week, not things that happened 20 years ago. Or, more accurately, things that didn’t happen 20 years ago:

      • matagordagreg says:

        Hey James,
        Yes I was in north Africa in the very early 60`s when stationed at Wheelus AFB in Tripoli , Libya. I was sent to the Congo during what the fascist government of the US called “the Congo Crisis”. As I said in my previous comment it was a tribal war that I observed . It could have been caused by other actions by US or other forces but I saw what I saw. I went to the Snow website and read his theories but am not convinced of his stories. Also Qaddafi was a man that was making his country greater , we had no business messing with him.
        respectably submitted,

  3. matagordagreg says:

    And James does anyone know what happened 20 years ago?

  4. jimbeau says:

    Hi James,

    Nice work again, as always. thank you. I have a question to anyone about the calling out G20 nations segment. Can anyone find the 29+ minute press conference that was referenced in the links? I have read the English transcript of Putin’s press conference – interestingly it went for about 29 minutes, but the English version footage that is more widely seen only crosses to after it has been going for around 7 minutes & is around 22 minutes long. I have seen the French language one which goes for 29+ minutes & he definitely said it by the 3:30 mark (assuming the French/Russian translator wasn’t misquoting him, of course).

    English language transcript from the Kremlin:

    Here is the French language version that I eluded to. It is incredible, incidentally, how much stuff doesn’t make it’s way into the English speaking world – not even from RT:

    I feel it is important to find an English language one as people are calling “bullshit” on popular versions like this one:

    Which contain this 22 minute video which does NOT actually show him saying it:

    Because a lot of people are obviously sharing stuff on line where you can’t actually see him saying it.

  5. nosoapradio says:

    I particularly appreciated the part early on where you, Mr Corbett, express your reserve concerning Putin. I can’t remember where it was recently that you listed a series of False Flag attacks among which were the Chechnya bombings that swept ex-KGB and then Secretary of the Security Council Putin from Prime Ministership into the Presidency. Ahhhh wait! Yes! It was When False Flags don’t Fly!

    People are all too anxious to rally behind the paternalistic Putin persona and latch onto this illusion of “Putin as Humanistic antidote to NATO and Neo-con cynical foreign policy and neo-colonialist corprotocracy”…
    Too much binary Hollywood conditioning I guess…

    In fact, going back over that confusing series of September 1999 bombings, for obvious reasons, they seemed eerily similar to the Paris attacks…

    I thought this book review (though it seems to espouse the official 9/11 fairy tale) had an interesting closing paragraph concerning the psychology of the “masses” on security:

    ““…I have met people who were convinced that the [False flag] accusations were true, and yet they voted for Putin with equal conviction. Their logic is simple: genuine rulers wield the kind of power that can do anything, including commit crimes.”4 As more than twelve years of investigation, and now Dunlop’s book, have shown, Putin’s guilt seems clear, but it makes no difference…”

    • nosoapradio says:

      Just found this link this morning for what it’s worth on a False flag that allegedly (after several whistleblower murders) actually flew just fine:

      • nosoapradio says:

        More Putin related stuff I found surfing the web today trying to discern his connections with zionists. I found some strange bedfellows in the form of billionaire chabad Jew Lev Leviev who deals in diamonds, prisons, chemicals and israeli settlements:

        “…“A big part of our analytical value depends on the perception that we can get anything approved in Russia,” says Jacques Zimmerman, the vice president for communications of Africa Israel, Leviev’s international holding and investment company…
        This perception has been strengthened by public displays of affection between Putin and Leviev…On a shelf in Leviev’s Ramat Gan office sits a framed photo of Vladimir Putin. Leviev describes him as a “true friend.”…”

        and his good friend, fan and apparent accomplice of Leviev in strange diamonds controversy, Rabbi Berel Lazar who clapped at Crimean annexation and “slammed Ukranian jews for criticizing Putin”:

        Here’s a nice photo of Netanyahu, Leviev and Rabbi Lazar:

        “…Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who addressed a Tel Aviv hall filled to capacity at the event, told the Chabad emissaries, “You stand atop of the mountain, and the Jewish people gathered at its base salute you. I am the first [to do so].”

        Among the hundreds of Chabad emissaries from the former Soviet Union to attend the event were Russia’s Chief Rabbi, Berel Lazar and philanthropist Lev Leviev, head of Africa-Israel….”

        “Chabad is Zionist, Rabbi Says

        A spokesman for the Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic movement says the sect is Zionist in its support for Israel.”

        kinda curious… I mean I’m sure they’re all really nice in person, over an ice cream and everything… I’m fully aware that I could be totally misguided in what appears to be insinuations on my part…just connections

        • phreedomphile says:

          Thanks for sharing the links, nosoapradio. With the Paris attacks, the liveleak recounting of the Russian apartment bombing false flags is timely and the incident where the FSB perps were caught red-handed attempting to plant a bomb brings to mind the two British agents caught in Iraq, although, they didn’t use the “it was a drill” excuse.

          BTW, you might want to take a look at the book Putin’s Kleptocracy, Who Owns Russia? written by Russian scholar Karen Dawisha. There’s a description on Amazon and some pages are available for preview. While a lot of people know there is more systemic corruption in Russia than western nations, Dawisha’s research specifically elucidates how intensely powerful the central players are and the warping effects on Russian society from Putin’s tight “vertical of power” system.

          Always follow the money, watch internal policies, take notes on bedfellows, and largely ignore rhetoric seems to be good advice.

  6. Eric says:

    Good News Next Week! You guys probably saw this, but just in case, here’s a very encouraging story on jury nullification.

  7. mik says:

    Is ISIS oil business yet another myth? I’m arguing it is. Here are two articles describing how they do their oil business.

    Financial times: Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists
    Look at picture at the end of article

    The Most Important Question About ISIS That Nobody Is Asking

    In first article they are stating that ISIS gets $25-40 per barrel and driver/middleman gets up to $100. The second article says ISIS gets $40 and free market price is $93.

    Actually the price for oil on free market is $40-60 for almost a year.

    Things are simply not adding up. I think the law of free market is that you can’t get full price (or even more) for goods with defect (stolen goods, quality, etc.). Customer expects lower price because of possible inconvenience.
    When oil is extracted it must first pass through basic processing to remove impurities (sand, water..), so there can also be a problem with quality of ISIS oil since they operate in war conditions. Also, oil from different oil fields is not the same (sweet, sour oil). But refinery needs a batch of oil of the same quality to process without problems. The size of batch is considerably bigger then one truck. And the last, transportation costs.
    When taking into account everything I’ve just said, numbers proposed in the articles simply make no sense.
    I’m not saying that they are not doing this business. But they can’t get $1,5 million/day out of it. This is just a fairy tale to distract attention of people from real financiers of ISIS.

  8. Apollo Slater says:

    Do the Paris attacks make the climate summit less likely to reach an agreement, due to a shifted media focus?

    I would think so, judging by Obama’s and Bill Nye’s stupefying attempts to tie climate change to terrorism.

    If so, and if this was indeed a false flag, is it more likely that this outcome was a motivating factor, or simply an unintended consequence?

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