Interview 1109 - James Corbett on Hastert, Political Pedophilia and Kakistocracy

11/11/20155 Comments

James joins Tim Kelly once again on the Our Interesting Times podcast to discuss the Hastert scandal, political pedophilia in general, and what this tells us about the structure of the ruling kakistocracy.

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  1. nosoapradio says:

    Very interesting recap of how the world turns.

    Short of “masturbatory practices in a coffin” I’d wager that perhaps a slightly more diluted form of this institutionalized sex and death worship: or “clans based on shared secrets” mentality can be found on campuses across the country with the if not “venerable” then “venerated” tradition of fraternities and sororities who behind the façade of greek alphabet endorsed charitable work often promote violence, racism and every other “ism” including rape and death from overdose behind their generally ostentatiously exclusive closed doors.

    The mentality of this widely lauded tradition must indeed permeate the corporate world rendering large swathes of the American population not only conditioned to and tolerant of but even sympathetic to this “exclusive-network-based-on secrets” way of functioning and governing.

    This might explain “the people’s” indifference to such topics.

    This secretive and exclusive fraternity/sorority tradition is a monolithic institution that must be and therefore is accepted by “the American people” at large.

    preparing them psychologically to accept being ruled in the same perverse manner.

    A mere manifestation of the masonic (or other secret society) foundations of so-called “American government”?

    Is this horrific evil behind angelic respectability at the very heart and foundation of American society permeating the very psyches of the population?

    (as perhaps exemplified by the eminently cruel, perverse and prolific slave trade that undergirded early American (and French) fortunes?

  2. karlharvie says:

    Let’s keep it simple. We as a society must start at the start. That means we must put a stop to the continuous rape of our baby boys shortly after birth, So called ” cosmetic or ritual circumcision”. If we don’t condemn those violent, permanent damaging rapes, how can we seriously discuss any other child abuse? Apparently, Norway is the only country in the world that keeps records on the percentage of rapes perpetrated by “circumcised” men,as opposed to intact men. %80 of the rapes are done by the rape victims (“circumcised”) men. All doctors and parents that directly involve themselves in these baby rapes must be seriously classified as violent sexual predators.

  3. nansemomish says:

    In the early 1980’s, in my work as a counselor, I discovered my first experience of a ring of adolescent prostitution procurers that crossed state lines. Those I knew to be involved were a judge in Bend Oregon, an attorney who also lived there, a dentist in Los Angeles, and an employee at the Uni of Washington. The judge made a decision that allowed the accused attorney to escape to Europe. No charges were brought against anyone else. A few years later, working in a locked private psychiatric hospital, I discovered two women diagnosed as psychotic, admitted at different times and having no identifiable social connection, who identified the same attorney in what seemed to involve sexual abuse in a cult. This led me to conversation with a detective in San Francisco and two psychologists, one in LA who was involved in the infamous child daycare case, and one in Chicago. My eyes were opened. Afterwards, my focus was on work with the victims. As I continued this work over the next several decades (in Washington State) I became aware of just how frequent sexual and cult-like abuse is, how frequently these groups include law enforcement and others in the legal system, not to mention more than a few churches. This knowledge changes one’s reality. So, my thanks, James and Sibel, for discussing these events out loud and in public.

  4. Ayyub says:

    Youtube: “This Video is unavailable”. Is there an alternative?

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