Interview 1108 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

11/06/20154 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: New UN Tribunal to Judge US for “Climate Debt”
The International Criminal Court Exposed
Bill Gates Climate Rant: “Representative Democracy is a Problem”
NASA Admits Antarctica Gaining Land Ice
Volkswagen Finds New CO2 Problems on 800,000 Vehicles
French Weatherman Sacked for Writing Book Critical of Climate Change

Story #2: Indonesian Forest Fires Producing More Pollution Daily than Entire US Economy
Satire: Study Finds Controlled Washington, D.C. Wildfires Crucial For Restoring Healthy Political Environment

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Inventor Releases Open Source Plans That Will Usher In Maker Culture
Lessons In Resistance: Open Source
Community on Orcas Island Created Their Own Internet Service
Paralyzed Man Walks in First Ever Proof Direct Brain Control Possible

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Soros Admits Involvement In Migrant Crisis - ‘National Borders Are The Obstacle’
US Spends $40M to Build $500K Gas Station In Afghanistan
A Bunch of US Senators and Mayors Accused of Being KKK Members
Police Clamp Down on Feared Unrest on ‘Million Mask March’

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Previous Episode: Iceland Jails More Banksters

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  1. nosoapradio says:


    Let us not forget (or forgive?)

    Mr George Monbiot’s

    previous remarks concerning

    “9/11 fantasists” “idiots” and “morons”:

    These conspiracy idiots are a boon for Bush and Blair as they destroy the movements some of us have spent years building

    – “Why do I bother with these morons?”

    Well-intentioned, non-manipulative people do not repeatedly insult such a population.

    I would be wary of the true intentions of this (gatekeeper’s?) virtuous reporting…

  2. Craig says:

    Great interview. Thank you for addressing the issue of palm oil. It is nearly everywhere. You really have to read the label for a multitude of ingredients that mean palm oil: palm kernel, palmate, palmate something or other. Unfortunately (here in the UK at least) it can even be hidden under the catch all term of Vegetable – so I assume the worst and don’t buy those products either. ‘Sustainable Palm Oil’ is total green-wash. We have a quest on all about Palm Oil It’s our individual actions and our daily choices that will save or condemn these forests and the biodiversity contained within.

  3. VoltaicDude says:

    Thanks for the open source piece this week and including a link to Waking Times! – new to me.

    Here’s another link to a great (very important) Marcin Jakubowski lecture:
    Marcin Jakubowski: Open Source Ecology Lecture

    Couple (few) “job” points:

    1) (@ 46:00 min.s) Note that an audience member at this lecture doubts the capacity of on-site solar power to run on-site aluminum extraction – supposedly, I would guess, from the questioner’s confidence, that he has technical training related to this field , which I would also guess is probably why he has such a distorted view on the matter. The documentary “Inside ‘Job'” provides a related angle on higher learning institutions.

    2) (@ 26:40 Min.s) Marcin points out how Steves Jobs views about competition are actually pathological (my word). Any wonder how (and why too) Jobs has underhandedly been made into a hero over the past 20 years “in spite of” his (inherently “necessary”) darker side. (Compare Henry Ford:

    A whole other (indirectly also “job”) topic: Tarantino is being targeted by police unions!

    Check out the article by Matt Agorist:
    “Unions Representing 330,000 Cops Threaten ‘Surprise’ for Quentin Tarantino, Promise to ‘Hurt Him’”

    So what’s that threat include?

    My mind gravitates to the Sony Hack – a pretty much non-North Korean instigated false flag event targeting the very funny, politically interesting actor/writer/director Seth Rogen.

    People who miss the humor miss the degree of anti-police-state irreverence is at the core of this geniuses work.

    Note again: Rogen portrays Jobs’ co-banana Steve Wozniak in the new Hollywood biopic (which I haven’t seen, or come to think of it heard much about). Coincidentally the movie is being pulled for poor perform in attracting audiences everywhere? Compare how long the book bio was on the best sellers list and talked about everywhere.

    How far reaching is the CIA-Nazi-corporatist, social-engineering network that imprisons mainstream culture? That’s my question.

    • VoltaicDude says:

      A little follow-up to my comment above:

      More good info on alternative development models – Dong-Ping Wong lecture:
      Forget sustainable, productive architecture is the next big thing: Dong-Ping Wong at TEDxDumbo

      (01:30 min.’s) – “…when the market fell apart the point of [that] architecture fell apart.”

      (02:00 min.’s) – “…what can architecture do?” – clean air, water, food

      (02:30 min.’s) – Housing tower in L.A.; “…an urban battery for a power-hungry city.”

      (03:00 min.’s) – Master plan in Copenhagen – urban food production

      ***(04:00 min.’s) – 600-unit housing block in south of downtown Dallas – can produce more energy than it consumes! – this example is a variation on the theme Jakubowski responds to regarding on-site solar potential to run on-site aluminum extraction, the difference being an altered form of solar energy – wind.

      Windmills have been around for at least hundreds of years. Photovoltaic energy has been feasible for macro energy production for about 50 years. “Experts” (via Wall Street Journal, NYT’s, etc. – in other words “market experts”) have been lying about these macro-market feasibilities for decades, especially about the potential to develop them in a decentralized, on-site manner – as Jakubowski talks about, redistributing the means of energy production to virtually the individual user – a revolutionary development that could counter totalitarian post-industrial tendencies.

      The mainstream lies that build-up around all this info are immeasurably profound in their impact:
      – 57% on the U.S. federal budget goes to the military industrial complex
      – the illegal war based on lies in Iraq that killed over one million Iraqi civilians
      – survivors in Fallujah have the highest still-born/birth-defects rates on earth (from depleted uranium used to harden shell casings)(together these two points suggest genocide)
      – the U.S. is trying to repeat this scenario in Syria
      – organizations like HRW are high-jacked by the banksters and oilsters that administrate the org – the main macro-level impact of the subtly crafted marketing campaigns at HRW over past few years (working off of sincerely produced grunt-level investigations) is to support regime-change in Syria

      By lying about basic info, all sorts of malicious social-engineering programs are set into motion, their machinations being sufficiently diffuse to most often thwart detection.

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