Interview 1096 - Jonathan Latham on GMO Concerns

10/07/201512 Comments

lathamsquareToday we're joined by Dr. Jonathan Latham of to discuss his recent article, "Growing Doubt: A Scientist's Experience of GMOs." We talk about the fundamentally flawed "risk assessment" process for GMO crops, the dangers of increasing herbicide use in the GMO era, the corporate corruption of GMO research and more.

Independent Science News

Growing Doubt: A Scientist's Experience of GMOs

The Principle of Substantial equivalence is Unscientific and Arbitrary

GMOs, Herbicides, and Public Health

Center for Food Safety

GM Free Cymru

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  1. nosoapradio says:


    OK ok so I’m not particularly inspired…. but I sure do have a lot of “undefined” capital! Wonder if it has any market value…?

  2. doublek321 says:

    Not working for me either. I’m using my iPhone 5 btw. Usually I have to click the triangle icon to get it to play but it’s not working this time. Pretty sure it would work from my desktop btw.

    • Corbett says:

      If you’re ever having trouble accessing any files on a mobile device, you can always use one of the apps or programs under “mobile” in the sidebar (Stitcher, Android App, TruthSeeker App).

  3. nosoapradio says:

    thanks for manifest concern!

    Everything AOK from my laptap at the University. IP address issue?
    Just a question of momentary dysfunction? Can’t say. But I still have zillions of “undefined” when I post…I can even still edit as long as the undefineds show up meaning for days after posting…

    As proof I’ve just modified my message found above on this board. EVERYTHING’s JUST PEACHY KEEN INDEED!

  4. Lou says:

    So if I understand this correctly, GMO’s are being released into the general food supply and no one is keeping track if there are any negative effects?
    This reminds me of when the US govt sent guns across the border to Mexico with no means of tracking them whatsoever.

    No more Mafia/Government.

  5. robertstrind says:

    Anyone that could point me in the direction of the Norwegian research institute devoted to the risk issues of GMO crops (mentioned at 19:58 in the interview)?

  6. candideschmyles says:

    Got to agree with just about everything in this interview. You can tell the quality of it by the few questions begging the asking of so many more.
    First off genetically altered organisms and the novel pesticides used in farming are indeed fundamentally untested in the wider environment. Anyone with any familiarity in the principles of scientific rigour who takes a look at development and testing knows it is deeply flawed. But its far worse than that.
    The fact is we don’t really understand genetics at all yet. We have at best a very limited understanding of the complexity really at work in even an innocuous gene. Protien production, and their producers ribosomes, DNA folding expression transfers and the often bizarre and unexpected effects they have on gene expression should caution any scientist from being party to any aim to release them into the environment. But of course they have families and careers to think of.
    That brings me to voice my support that we are ignoring the scientists at our peril. As Jonathan Latham is quick to point out very many scientists are as scared of gmagedon as we are but simply cannot speak out. Being vilified and dismissed as almost nonhuman by us does not help. It is university funding that is the real problem. An issue virtually untouched by the altmed. We need a ScienceLeaks. We need to allow them to engage in the revolutionary act of telling the truth.

  7. s.jamieson says:

    It takes years of contemplation to understand with wisdom, but only a few minutes of excitement to estimate profits.

  8. I just got done editing this video together. Since it’s related, I’ll share it with you good folks here at the Corbett Report.

    Party on, James.

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