Interview 1095 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

10/02/20159 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:


Story #1: US Complains As Russia Bombs Its Terrorists
Russians Strike Targets in Syria, But Not ISIS Areas
The Real “Blowback” in Syria
Deploy the Pedophiles! More Than 30k New UN Peacekeepers To Be Added by 50 Countries
Putin's UN Syria Show Pushes Moscow Back to Center Stage
BBC Suggests Nuclear Destruction of Russia Might Be Needed
New Patch for US Troops Fighting ISIS Looks Like ISIS Logo
Saudi Arabia Threatens Syria With Military Action
Saudi Arabia Will “Be-Heading” Key Human Rights Panel
Soros Group ‘White Helmets’ Busted Recycling Syrian Propaganda Images
Kremlin Threatens Response to U.S. Nuclear Bomb Deployment in Germany

Story #2: UN Launches “2030 Agenda” Blueprint For A United World
UN Wants To Censor Internet To Save Feminists’ Feelings
“Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A Global Wake-up Call”

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Indiana Passes Law To Legalize Shooting Police
Styrofoam-Eating Mealworms Might Help Reduce Plastic Waste
Jade Helm Ends Without Martial Law Or Texas Takeover
2014 The Least Violent Year in Decades
Oregon Becomes Third US State To Allow Recreational Marijuana Sales

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Drug Enforcement Agents Fail Drug Tests
Canadian Military Explored Plan to Fully Integrate Forces With US
Hey, That CIA Agent Everyone Loves Is On Twitter Now!

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Previous Episode: Nobel Exec Regrets Obama Peace Prize

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  1. defeatzionism says:

    Another great show! Not only do I look to The Corbet Report for truth it is always a tremendous source of encouragement for me. It’s reassuring to know others share my views in the fight for true freedom. Keep up the great work!

  2. nosoapradio says:

    Due to my usual lack of free time I’m afraid I’ll just have to vomit, as usual, my undigested impressions into the small blue rectangle here provided for that purpose?

    If a person’s legal right to defend himself against agressive police has been publically recognized in the media I suspect it’s more to create controversy and to enlarge the divide between the population and the police, exacerbating the feeling of vulnerability on each side and antagonism between the two. In short, an act of two-way alienation.

    Incidentally, a strange juxtaposition with the recent Oregon tragedy…

    And in light of the “global(ist) goals”, I’m happy to have been exploring the notions of “the internet of things”, “fablabs”, “ambient intelligence” and most notably “smart cities and nations” with my students this year. The terms “global goals” and “agenda 2030” shall eek their way into next week’s discussions as follow-up.

    As for the UN, it was really the massacres committed by the MINUSTAH that woke me up to the UN’s true imperialist, terrorist vocation. The events in Cité Soleil in 2005 and martyrs Stanley and Nelson Romulus and their Mother are emblematic of the darkness that seeks to engulf humanity in the name of sustainablility. Wake-up call courtesy of Kevin Pina who has also created two excellent videos: a short (6-minute) one called “Haiti: the UNtold Story” and a full length entitled “Haiti: We must Kill the Bandits”.

    ATTENTION – shocking images included in the article and anti-Aristide propaganda post tagged onto the end:

    As an echo: another great “New World Next Week”. Thank-you.

    PS: I’ve still got “23 undefined and 24 seconds”…?

  3. nosoapradio says:

    And at least (part-time dupe?) Hersh is back in business thanks to Cartalucci…

  4. anacardo01 says:


    Are you guys as baffled as I am trying to figure out what this “Vlad Putin appropriates the Global War on Terror meme” thing actually means, how it happened so suddenly, what it might have to do with all the globalist pow-wows in the States recently, and where it’s all headed? My head hurts, so stay frosty out there.

  5. NES says:

    Excellent report. The entire story, since it began, has been a bag of snakes.

    At some future point: Please address another area of the overall world situation–free speech. Specifically, in regard to Youtube’s not-so-new policy, if you have not already done so. (I could have missed it.)


    I am well aware that Youtube is a private corporation. However, they are waging a public war from a private for-profit platform against free speech–even down to weather events. If people who care are not aware they should be informed about exactly what Youtube is doing. thankyou.

  6. nosoapradio says:

    Just listened to Corbett Report Radio episode number 061 “World Government and You” for the first time.

    Smack in the middle, out of my usual state of distraction, I zapped onto the “informationclearinghouse” site and watched Abby Martin’s Empire Files episode “The Real House of Saud – Saudi Arabia’s Oil-For-Tyranny” that began with the outrageous fact of Saudi Arabia being appointed head of the United Nations panel on Human Rights. I then finished listening to your program. (I love Sunday morning)

    Not only did you speak about Haiti but callers more or less evoked smart cities within the concept of “urban development” and the supposed dire need for “urban densification” when everyone wants a house in the country. 3 arab springs later this radio program is as relevant as ever.

    The right hand of satan, indeed. These religious extremists, be they wahabi, christian, judaic or satanic, are really wierd.

  7. nosoapradio says:

    Just saw this little ad for the COP 21 in Paris. Guess they know what my students are worried about:
    JOBS JOBS JOBS! (as indicated in the short film) also MORE SHARING oh and of course MORE HOPE! (as if HOPE and CHANGE haven’t done enough damage recently)

    almost as if climate change and austerity were engineered for the purpose of sending in the agenda 21/30 cavalry to the immense relief of my anxious students…

    In honor of “Catch up on Corbett” Day I’ve now just listened to Corbett Report Radio 241 with Rosa Koire. Articulate person. Interesting points about the delphi technique and other remarks about this illusory bottom-up “grass-roots” approach to instituting UN “sustainable policies”. Good callers too.

    I’m thinking…maybe I could turn this Delphi thingamajig to my own advantage tomorrow in class… (rumble of evil chuckling…)

    unfortunately, fully understanding the workings of such manipulation as the Delphi technique and more fundamentally logical fallacies is still beyond my competence… need to find time for that stuff… er um take time I mean…

  8. First off, I read the following article with a gaping mouth. I unintentionally drooled all over my male privilege.

    Is this #NWNW material?

  9. WannabePhilosopher says:

    The issue of nuclear weapons is one where we may actually be able to gain some traction with the masses. They call us crazy. They call us heretics. They call us paranoid. The only real paranoia comes from the state and all of the Dr. Strangeloves its created.

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