Interview 1093 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

09/25/20159 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Ex-Nobel Committee Exec Regrets Obama Peace Prize
Stalin and Hitler nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Gore Shares Peace Prize for Climate Change Work
Corbett Report Episode 108 – Peace Prizes for Warmongers
Corbett Report Radio 242 – The Ignoble War Prize

Story #2: Volkswagen CEO Resigns As Company Crashes Into Carbon Emissions Fraud
Here's Why Deutsche Bank Just Downgraded Volkswagen
VW Sex and Bribery Scandal: Sentences Handed Down in Corruption Affair
Volkswagen has plunged 50%. Will it ever recover?
Volkswagen shares are PLUNGING again

Story #3: ‘Happy Birthday to You’ Finally Public Domain as Warner/Chappell Stripped of Copyright
Happy Birthday is in the Public Domain
Wikipedia - Copyright Clause

#GoodNewsNextWeek Updates:
Norway Rewards Brazil With $1 Billion for Keeping the Amazon Full of Trees
Iceland’s Capital Bans All Israeli Products Over Occupation of Palestine
Up 72 Percent From Just Six Years Ago, Organic Farm Sales Soar
No “Facebook Bureau of Investigations” as Terror-Reporting Provision Dies in Senate

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
#PigGate Busts UK PM Cameron Putting Privates In Dead Pig’s Mouth As Cult Initiation Ritual
Revenge! Drugs, Debauchery and the Book that Lays Dave Bare
Shades of Skull & Bones: Cameron Accused of Debauched University ritual
U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies
Vice Magazine FOIA’s Further Prove CIA Produced ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Propaganda Film
Apple's App Store Got Infected With the Same Type of Malware the CIA Developed
‘Wild West’ Culture As 60 U.S. Police Departments Asked For Drone Certification
Passports To Fly Domestically in NY, NH, Louisiana, Minnesota & American Samoa

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Previous episode: Breaking Encryption, America’s Pope, Library of Things

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  1. nowhereman909 says:

    HI James,
    You and James need to get up to speed about Hitler. He really deserved a peace prize. He did not want war. Twas all the doing of Churchill, Roosevelt, and Central Bankers. Rudolf Hess sacrificed his life flying into Scotland on a peace mission. Here are some links for your research about WWII Germany side of the story. The way you and James go on about fascism and Hitler, you are misinforming and unwittingly becoming disinfo agents. In short, Hitler defied the central bankers in issuing Germany’s own debt free currency. That is, outlawing usury. That’s how Germany’s miracle economy resulted in the 30’s. Banksters didn’t like that and waged war…

    • WannabePhilosopher says:

      Why post here? There are plenty of places on the internet for people like you. In other words, if you really are a fascist piece of shit then get the fuck out or accept that you’ll be forever ignored by other members who can’t be bothered with your childish drivel. It’s interesting that you bring up disinfo agents. Something tells me maybe I should ask you to say hi to Sunstein for me LOL.

      TL;DR…Hitler was funded by the Anglo-American establishment.

  2. NES says:

    Thanks for bringing the news today, guys. No worries on the rest of it JC, just get well soon.

  3. candideschmyles says:

    Ask a Russian what new car would they buy a Ford or a VW and its unlikely you will hear many replying Ford. Not only is the VW marque more esteemed, its not American. Something that has become fairly important in the Russian psyche in recent years.
    G.M. has already pulled out of the sanction hit economy and it was widely expected VW was going to do the same leaving Ford to get the lions share of the foreign market and make its recent near $300m investment a good one. But then on 5th sept VW announced a similarly sized investment of its own in a new engine plant rendering the Ford investment a poor one.

    Low and behold a few days later this non-scandal broke. This headline dominating nonsense has run for well over a week now….why? Every vehicle testing agency in the world knows these tests are set up to deliver a lie and always have been. And they have all been complicit in that lie for years. This story is not about vehicle emmisions. This is about a war between America Corp and Deutsche Corp and is yet further evidence of a rift between the two states.

  4. serose8 says:

    This video had exactly what your videos need more of: dancing rainbow graphics. Seriously, though, I’ve been wanting to ask for a while now, what happened between James and the Infowarrior, himself? You seemed poised to regularly collaborate, or even host, when Alex went away from the studio. I know you’re a libertarian at heart, and being bossed by anyone likely raises your hackles, but Jones seems like a rare gem; a good boss. I would ask that your please use this for the next “Questions for Corbett,” and feel free to get into as many dark, gory independent media details, as possible. Thanks.

    Feel Better,
    Skylar Rose

    • candideschmyles says:

      I nearly choked on my coffee reading that.

    • phreedomphile says:

      Perhaps your answer will come from exploring some videos on youtube, soon before the Ministry of Truth decides to push them down the Memory Hole. Search William Cooper with the following two descriptions: William Cooper exposes Alex Jones and William Cooper predicts 9/11.

      The movie The Matrix is a great allegory for our times for good reason.

    • candideschmyles says:

      CFTWhat a great contextual analysis. I would say that though as it fits my ‘most likely scenario’ of beliefs. This past few years has seen a near nauseating plug of gold as a safe haven when it is factual record, when measured against all other indexes over the same period on all metals other than rare earths and against inflation all metals have steadily declined in value.
      Being a bit of a science geek I spend as much time reading the scientific literature as I do the political dimensions. Often they overlap in the most curious of ways. Much of the gold punting and many of the gold pundits are both funded and platformed by Russian state media, or the Putin Press as it should be called. Russia has invested heavily in gold production and state of the art refining.

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