Interview 1087 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

09/10/201525 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week's episode:

Story #1: Colleges Brainwash Students Into Believing 9/11 Was Our Fault
Video: Children of 9/11 Want to Focus on the Future
Fundraising for AE911Truth Billboard in Downtown NYC
Video: Jon Stewart Lobbying to Renew 9/11 Health Programs

Story #2: Has 'Conspiracy Theory' Lost Its Negative Connotations?
‘Some Dare Call It Conspiracy: Labeling Something a Conspiracy Theory Does Not Reduce Belief in It’ by Dr. Michael Wood
Dr Michael Wood’s CV
Corbett Report: Episode 050 – The “C” word

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Media Monarchy’s 10th Anniversary
Media Monarchy’s Bitcoin Address

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Scientists to Reanimate 30,000-year-old ‘Giant Virus' Found in Siberia
China, Russia Building Database of US Intel Info
Guardian Article Calls City of London a Mafia
Hate Crimes Against Muslims in London ‘Up By 70%
Hate Crimes Against London's Jewish Community Surge by 93%
Kerry Called Netanyahu to “Reaffirm Commitment to Israel"
Wealthiest Arab States Take No Syrian Refugees, Citing Terror Risk
Like Israel & Saudi Arabia, the US Doesn’t Take Refugees, They Make Them
Congress Should Authorize War Against Islamic State
Cameron Wants Bombs for Peace By October
Rethink September 11 global webcast

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Previous Episode: The EU Immigration Crisis Explained

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  1. Terraset says:


    “Microsoft case: DoJ says it can demand every email from any US-based provider”

    Not unmitigated because Microsoft of all companies is at least having some problem with this and resisting it.


    List of open source mesh network projects

    Open Robotics

    3D Printable Circuit Board Kickstarter

    Not new or unique but still relevant, open source programming language

    Even has CAD packages

    That you can do cool stuff like this with

    Open source simulation engine:

    Open source 3d modelling


    With all the talk about Bitcoin, Greece and the like, Let’s not forget about the Ripple Network.

  2. captjrab says:

    Glad to hear about the Media Monarchy reboot. Nice.

  3. (Just a side issue, but I can’t resist…) 🙂

    “…if you investigate the Illuminati”, James Evan Pilato (as you say at 13m22s into the video), you will end up realizing that the music industry (and, especially when it comes to the new genres, like “Rock’N’Roll”/”Rock” – that I have the impression that James Corbett once said you like) is 100% controlled by secret societies. And also that, depictions of pyramids in such albums’ decorative art (like the one behind you, in this video) are not mere coincidences, and that such new genres are also part of the known bigger agenda to dumb people down.

    Take a look at:

  4. phreedomphile says:

    In the wider middle east theater, TPTB already bomb and attack at will under the banner of the War on Terror. A congressional declaration of war against ISIS would be another blank check and the foot in the door to the creation of a global military and police force operating around the globe with carte blanche.

    Just as several nation states contributed to the arming, training, and funding of ISIS, expect the War on ISIS to be framed as an international collaboration, including formerly marginalized groups getting media coverage as heroic forces against terrorism as I saw in my local mainstream media newspaper using the entire page of its geopolitical section to praise the Kurds fighting ISIS and before that a prominent article praising Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard working in Iraq to train Iraqis how to fight ISIS. Iran’s leaders don’t know that ISIS is a creation of the CIA / global elite and training Iraqis merely serves to prop up the fictional narrative? They must know at least as much as we do and probably a lot more.

  5. Speaking of pejorative phrases like “conspiracy theorist” increasingly losing its appeal, I can see the establishment types moving to new phraseology. For example, already you can hear the murmurings of phrases like “violent extremism” gaining traction. What does this mean? Whatever they say it means as this is so vague and elastic it may as well envelope everything under the sun.

  6. I was surprised to see James Evan Pilato call Jon Stewart’s lobbying Congress to extend the 9/11 health program “good news”. This is terrible news. It’s another government welfare program, taking money from some people by force,and giving it to others. It’s such a shameless exploitation of 9/11. I’m baffled by why this should be considered good news.

    • Terraset says:

      Maybe so but as he said it’s arguably “the best” work he’s done. I’m not sure what that’s compared too but with all the flak they give Jon on NWNW I don’t think they’re saying its actually all that good. Perhaps just the “goodest” they’ve seen.

  7. First of all, congrats to Pilato. Long live the Media Monarchy.

    A question for the subscribers, or Corbett. You mention your previous work “the ‘C’ word”, I’ve always had my doubts about the authenticity of the CIA Document #1035-960. I’ve seen it from a number of sources, but it’s always in text form. Never a scanned document. I definitely don’t rule it out, it makes total sense that they would attack those that blow their cover. I only have a problem with the fact that I can’t verify it. Has anyone ever found an actual document? Or has this perhaps been verified in another way I’m not aware of?

      • HAHAHAH, Holy mattress, James. Not only have you found it for me, but this website has a butt-load of other goodies. Reality, you so crazy. I went ahead and took sereen-caps of the printer friendly pages, as the .pdf version is for paid subscribers only.

        On a slightly related note, James. I was blown away by your 9/11 Trillions documentary. That motivated me to want to donate to you. You may recall a number of us Corbetteers requesting you build us a forum. I would like my donation to be used for such. And I’m asking the other subscribers to do the same. That, and I want you to buy some new shirts. Just kidding.

        Thanks for all you do. It’s time to ramp up the open source counter intelligence operation. And I’m happy to help moderate on the forum if you so desire.

        • candideschmyles says:

          Not so sure this site needs a forum as such. Subscriber only comments insures that trolls and hijackers are kept away and that discussions of the released material stays more or less on topic. If you would rather get into arguments with shills and arseholes then nearly everything is on YouTube and there is no shortage of them there.

        • As someone who has also donated to James Corbett and appreciates his work, and as someone who has also participated in anti-NWO forums (here‘s me promoting Corbett in one, years ago, of which he was also a member of), I strongly disadvise the building of a forum here.

          90-something percent of what is said in anti-NWO forums is usually uninteresting stuff, posted by people who have little-to-nothing to add of important. And, this particular type of web forums is always *highly* populated by establishment trolls. Besides that, I have also seen acts of censorship in these forums, by people about whom I know nothing about and that don’t even bother to justify why they censor alternative explanations to what are considered the official conspiracy theories regarding some facts. And, I have also observed what were clearly dishonest people rising to the position of moderators.

          As such, a web forum for the Corbett Report, will not only be (1) a huge waste of time for James Corbett – who will have to spend a lot of time checking its content, if he doesn’t want to be associated with ridiculous posts – but also (2) an easy way for establishment trolls to divert people from James Corbett’s topics, and (3) a little-to-nothing addition to the great posts made by Corbett himself.

          (And, judging by the comments that I’ve been reading here, ever since I started paying attention to them, I can only maintain this position of mine…)

          The Internet is a wonderful place, now, where everyone who doesn’t even know much about computers can have a free blog. And, if you are all willing to pay money to have a forum, you can always find good services that offer people the possibility to do that. But, as I said, if people feel the need to post something, they always have the blogosphere for that – which I consider to be the best place, since that it’s free from censorship and manipulation from unknown moderators. If the posts are good enough, they will eventually be picked up by other people. And, there are several great authors who, for a long time, only had a free blog on the Internet, and that were read by a very large number of people.

        • And, just to add some arguments to what I’ve said…

          Concerning people who try to provoke others into diverting to secondary and unrelated issues (which I’ve seen, already, being discretely done in the comments in here), I can leave here a link to a post I’ve made, describing what a “troll” is – which you can all translate electronically, if you want, or in which you can click the links included, which are almost all to information in English:

        • Fine, you win. I digress. But I’m still donating.

  8. NES says:

    James Evan–CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it! All the luck you can hold with both your hands. Looking forward to your work as an independent.

  9. doublek321 says:

    Best of luck JEP! JC – is there a link to your presentation on the rethink 9/11 conference? If not, any chance you can post your presentation?

  10. #NWNW

    Perhaps this is a good news next week candidate. Even if it is only a short term solution. The only reason I have a bank is to cash my check. And somehow messages of liberty end up on the back of all my $1 bills, strange…

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