Interview 1081 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

08/27/20157 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week's episode:

9/11+14: #DustLady #MarcyBorders Dies from Cancer at 42
World Trade Center Rescue Workers Believed EPA, Ended Up Sick
Story #1: Cheating Website Subscribers Included WH, Congress Workers
Tony Blair on Ashley Madison
1 in 5 Ottawa Residents are on Ashley Madison
Don’t Gloat About Ashley Madison Leak, It’s About Way More Than Infidelity
What Happens to Cheating Soldiers?
Pentagon Gives Free Pass to Ashley Madison Cheaters

Story #2: Congress Avoids Obama’s Call for a Resolution of War Against ISIS
CENTCOM Skewed ISIS War Intel To Be More Upbeat
Who is Really Behind ISIS?
Video: Ex-DIA boss Michael Flynn: White House took “willful decision” to fund, train Syria Islamists ISIS
Syrian Rebels: Turkey Tipped al-Qaida Group to U.S.-Trained Fighters
Turkey Denies Allegations It Tipped Off al-Qaida Abductors
Airstrikes Kill 41 Kurdish Fighters, Turkish Military Says

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - “Independent” GMO Researcher’s FOIA’ed Emails Show $25K Monsanto Grant
Video: Joe Rogan Experience #655 - Kevin Folta
Monsanto Shill Kevin Folta on Twitter
Responsible Conduct Research : Conflicts of Interest
The Business of Biotech: Engineering the Genome for Fun and Profit
Judge Finds Toronto Police Officer Guilty in G20 Mass Arrests
Federal Judge Orders DEA to Release Information about Illegal Mass Surveillance
German Government Charges CIA Spy Busted Inside the BND With Treason

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Twitter Shuts Down 30 Sites Dedicated to Saving Politicians' Deleted Tweets
Fmr Gordon Brown Adviser Warns Stock Up On Canned Food for Stock Market Crash
#ChinaMeltdown Meets #BlackMonday Map
EPA’s Highest-Paid Employee and Leading Expert on Climate Change Jailed for Lying About Being CIA Spy in Pakistan
Murphy vs. Block: May Libertarians Accept Government Money?

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  1. hankblackgraphics says:

    I am surprised you did not even mention the first thing that popped into my head when you reported on the Ashley Madison hacks, and even the stats showing government centers as especially active areas. Namely, the leverage over government people by blackmail type activities is a staple of modern politics. Alex Jones goes so far as to say that to go very high in politics it is a REQUIREMENT to be blackmailable, to serve as a better puppet. Your own darling, Sibel Edmonds, revealed how ubiquitous this practice was, including entrapment, with Congressmen and lobbyists. Aside from being merely vulnerable, this site’s purpose may be fulfilled with these leaks. It also may be a major purpose of facebook, too.

  2. Steebs says:

    Fuckin Kevin Folta. I listened to that Joe Rogan and couldn’t even get through that shit. He was responding to some comments, but, of course, only the stupid ones. And yeah he was pretty adamant on being “independent”.
    At least there were some people in the comments fighting his misinformation.

  3. Cu Chulainn says:

    much as i appreciate James’ work, no one can be an expert on everything. he might look at martin armstrong’s blog to get a more informed perspective on economics than that of the gold bugs, who at the end of the day are just promoters.

    • Corbett says:

      Much as I appreciate your comments, it seems you can’t perceive people’s opinions very well. I’m not a gold bug, as I have been at pains to point out over and over again over the years. But please, continue to make stuff up about me to your heart’s content.

  4. Warning to everyone, concerning the recent “Ashley Madison” attack:

    This type of hacker attacks, and consequent leaks of information, by “Anonymous” and “LulzSec”-like groups, are part of an establishment campaign that – like it’s the case with the CIA front organization, WikiLeaks – has the aim of creating the idea that the Internet is a highly insecure place, where all sorts of sensitive information can be leaked to – and, therefore, a medium that needs to be “controlled”. With the endgame being that, these attacks will be used, in the near future, as an excuse to begin passing laws that will, in the end, eliminate freedom of information in this, so far, not controlled medium – i.e. that will end the Internet as we know it (source: Daniel Estulin).

    Enjoy the Internet while you can.

    • NotDole says:

      Dan Estulin says a lot of BS. The internet these days unless you’re a millenial and willing to pay money that is extra to your ISP connection for a VPS to which to connect to and do all your “illegal” torrenting from and have to bring things home using sFTP (FTP over SSH) so it leaves no possible traces (renting the VPS with a prepaid credit card is mandatory, you can enter any random name). It is deeply insecure more and more. Just today a massive bug that facilitated DDOS attacks were in the Bittorrent protocol was found, I’m not sure if all bittorrent clients are influenced, but i think it’s only the classic bittorrent client and….uTorrent.

      If you do torrents from home, I suggest using qBittorrent, it came from Linux first and then was ported to mac and windows, assuring its safety. And then a good blocklist of bad peers if American (or even if not) to evade all those 6 strike warnings and such. Estulin has lost a lot of credibility in my mind since about 8 years, I could elaborate more but it would be very long to do so.

      The internet in the year 2000 was less secure than it is now. It’s just that there were much less kids growing up into coding as a hobby. I didn’t catch into coding, except well molecules, I despised even just coding one has to do to take a bunch of raw data and make neat tabs and graphs in Excel/Libre equivalent, so I only had 1 year of “Management Informatics” which was the first college program I enrolled in. It was so boring I left. These 16 year old kids who actually enjoy programming because they learned it by themselves and not had to do stuff that is very boring are extremely good hackers, white, grey or black. I know some who took “software engineering” and quit 2 years, he said he learned enough to learn the rest on his own and now has a house paid for completely because he was mining bitcoins when nobody knew about them. I got into mining them with a card that works great for it (AMD video cards are what was needed then before the ASICS came out and China basically owning the bitcoin system now) and I managed to get 1.7btc and as the dificulty in mining raises, the more useless it was to have my video cards (had 2 of them for efficiency). I cashed in around 1000 canadian dollars when I sold my 1.7 btc, as well, what I wanted to use it for was taken down…I didn’t want hard drugs, nor even weed, it would be cheaper to buy in real life here, the Silk Road 1.0 had a lot of things good for you or neutral for sale. I was about to get Aniracetam (a nootropic) which works incredibly well, so well that a German company produces it and it is a prescription drug in Germany for ADD and lack of intellectual motivation not associated to ADD. And it’s so extremely safe compared to the stimulants that burn your dopamine release system. Anyways, the internet was at its worst around 2004 when people who didn’t know how to protect themselves on winxp or even older win98 or shudder ME machines. Browsing with IE and even the early incarnation of Firefox that was called just the Mozilla Browser was giving you worms that would go straight through any defense you had if you did not have a router. I could go on and on but the internet will not be shattered or restrained over in North America as it already is in Europe (see Google has to remove links saying the Right to be Forgotten had been applied to a certain person, so it’s double Right to be Forgotten and I can see it go exponentially. Shame on Google for bending down to the EU like this, and normally the EU has rules that are much more sensible than in NA….I should say usually and then slightly here…

      It’s just become too good of a spy tool and even having people incriminate themselves if they’re fools not behind any sort of protection, even a cheap free proxy can do the trick to protect someone using it only once to do or say something that would get them in trouble.

      It’s already not so free, you can look up what domains are blocked by countries, which mean telling ISP’s to block any connection to a certain list of sites..since more than decade just in Canada. Of course you can find the list and visit them with a proxy but…most are kinda valid as in they are pedo sites, but that would be 50-60% of them only. 52 sites as of today, banned in my country. Nobody cares.

  5. VoltaicDude says:

    Hearing about Marcy Borders death is sad and sobering, and something most people will simply never hear about at all, especially in context.

    Ugh – context – Christine Todd Whitman: I had actually successfully forgotten about her: can’t really account for such a lapse.

    Even though she had been governor of NJ, what she will be remembered for in history is her role in the 911 cover-up – and maybe the fact that she originally entered politics by working on Nelson Rockefeller’s presidential campaign.

    Whitman is indeed a very serious criminal who lied to the world about the safety of the ground zero site, and it was her status as Director of the E.P.A that lead many to believe her.

    And the result for many was the same as for Marcy Borders.

    It was quite a period in history.

    How will Colin Powell be remembered? – for on one little photo of him giving a speech at the U.N.; with George Tenet (head of C.I.A. at the time) within camera-frame at Colin’s request; because Colin didn’t want to take responsibility for the factoids he was promoting; but he gave the speech anyway; using his “credibility-factor” to successfully sell a war based on one of the biggest pack of lies in history; resulting in the genocide of over one million Iraqi civilians.

    It’s hard to understand how these people can stand living with themselves.

    Tom Kean was also a former NJ governor when he co-chaired the 911 Commission Report – I guess another run-on sentence is uncalled-for here.

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