Interview 1077 - Sunday Wire: Trouble in Asia Minor

08/17/20158 Comments

sundaywiresquareThis week’s edition of The Sunday Wire is broadcasting live from the Valley of the Sun, as host Patrick Henningsen returns this week to cover the planet’s increasingly audacious news and global affairs. On this episode we’re joined by special guest, geopolitical analyst James Corbett from The Corbett Report for a deeper discussion about the next phase of the Syrian Quagmire which is currently unfolding, as we examine ‘The Troubles in Asia Minor’ – complexities and realities of the ever chaotic and shifty sands between Anatolia, Kurdistan, Damascus and Tel Aviv (and the swamps of Washington DC).


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  1. Al Saleh says:

    Thank you very much for this.

    I believe that the people did not support Assad, I believe that Assad changed his stand and joined the people in the fight. All clues of the first few months of the events show that Assad was going on Mubarak and Ali of Yemen Way, not on Qaddafi way. He ordered police and army officials to surrender and get slaughtered, but they resisted. Many of them were court-marshaled later, including a police colonel who defended his post in Daraa in April 2011. Later Assad realized that resistance is not Futile, and ordered the police and the army to defend themselves, and protect the people.

    I believe you depend on non Syrian sources in conceiving your ideas about Syria. Why don’t you talk to real Syrians and hear what they say?

    • matt913 says:

      Hi Al Saleh

      Can you maybe explain what you mean please? I dont completely get what you are saying, but i’d like to know.


      • Al Saleh says:

        Hi Matt

        Bashar Al-Assad did not deny that he was in line with the IMF when he was Installed in a recent interview with a (bulgarian or czeck) media outlet. He was just like any other president/king in the region (Except Qaddafi), and when the crisis started, he behaved like any other president. Think of Ben Ali, Mubarak, and Ali of Yemen. His was 100% predictable, and they had plans for all his moves.

        What changed the situation in Syria is the response of the Syrian People to the Otpor planned color revolution. Otporians failed to gather 10000 people in a single place at a single time anywhere in Syria. They could not organize any mass protest, not because Assad or his security resisted, but because the Syrians knew who the opposition are, and what their plans are .

        When Assad became confident that the people does not want the opposition, and that his supporters are organized (they rallied in millions in all Syrian cities) he joined the fight against the color revolution, hesitant at first (he withdrew the army from Homs and allowed hundreds to be massacred), then with determination at the end of 2011.

    • NotDole says:

      I know a real Syrian but he arrived in Montreal at 3 years old and is a Christian Syrian. Yet he says Assad is the real leader of the country, another secular country in a muslim area which of course,the US or ISAF or NATO do not want to exist..well I guess scratch ISAF..we dont know anymore what they’re doing there other than protecting opium farmers. He says that his parents didn’t leave because of Assad persecution of Christians, which didn’t really exist, only because his dad is a surgeon who’s a bit greedy and came here for the better salary. Also he couldn’t stand living with a border to Israel with land between them permanently in a lull and is still swearing at how close Syria came to win the war against Israel the second time around. So yeah Arab Nationalism/Socialism even if they are Christians. It’s all what the Assads care about, they didn’t abandon Baathism (Arab Socialism was like a reverse caliphate, join all the countries from Morocco to Pakistan under an Arab Socialist Secular peaceful with its neighbours society. Syria and Lebanon are the only places left where such thoughts are barely uttered.

  2. matt913 says:


    it would be good to provide a link, especially when you say ‘Bashar Al-Assad did not deny that he was in line with the IMF when he was Installed in a recent interview with a (bulgarian or czeck) media outlet.’

    at the end you say and ‘allowed hundreds to be massacred’, i assume the opposition (rebels/terrorists) did the massacring.

    so, as far as i can see, you are not really refuting the general opinion of what is going on in syria (in the podcast), just adding some more detail, which is great, thanks.

    • Al Saleh says:

      I agree with James most of the times, however, I don’t like that he is repeating MSM stories in #NewWorldNextWeek and I recommended quoting original official sources, not MSM sources. I also don’t like some generalizations that he makes occasionally.

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