Interview 1074 - Financial Survival: Chinese Shockwaves

08/13/20152 Comments

China globeThis week Francis Steffan sits in for Alfred Adask on Financial Survival. Francis and James discuss the Chinese yuan devaluation and the shockwaves it is causing in global markets. They also talk about the 2016 sElection and how Trump is a ringer for Hillary.

Yuan Devaluation Heats Up Global Currency War

Chinese Devaluation Extends To 3rd Day - Yuan Hits 4 Year Low, Japan Escalates Currency Race-To-The-Bottom Rhetoric

Japan Can Offset China Yuan Move by Easing, Says Abe Adviser

ECB imposes negative interest rate

If Interest Rates Go Negative . . . Or, Be Careful What You Wish For

150 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

Putin’s initiative to create ‘united front’ to fight ISIS intrigues US, allies – Lavrov

Donald Trump talked politics with Bill Clinton weeks before launching 2016 bid

CIA Figure in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Dies at 63

Chinese rushing into physical gold in huge volume as stocks crash

Gold Bullion Demand Surges - Perth Mint and U.S. Mint Cannot Meet Demand

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  1. sambiohazard says:

    I think this article shows the other side of coin in 2D chess that main stream media isn’t talking much about. Its more of a reaction rather than pro-active action from China.

  2. sambiohazard says:

    This is an interesting (member-only)article about Donald Trump & Roger Stone. It goes into history of Roger Stone & later Trump influenced a lot of elections in America. Its a long read.

    PS: If you have subscribed to zerohedge RSS feed, try finding

    “Behind The Scenes Of The Donald Trump – Roger Stone Show”

    you might be able to read full article in the feed.

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