Interview 1068 - Andrew Demeter Gives the Teen Take

08/03/20154 Comments

Today James talks to Andrew Demeter of the Teen Take YouTube channel about his work as a teenager in the alt media. They discuss how and why Andrew came to start his channel, whether his youth is an advantage or a disadvantage in his work, and how persistence and perspiration are the key elements to success in media production.

Teen Take YouTube channel

Teen Confronts Nancy Pelosi on NSA

Anti-NSA Activists Spy on NYC Residents

Secret Service Stops Teen Questioning Obama

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  1. turley2u says:

    Andrew Demeter seems like a nice kid. I visited his video channel and he does have nice production skills.
    What I don’t see in Andrew’s videos is any “alternative media.”

    I watched two videos, one was about a jeep being hacked remotely and another was about same-sex marriage. The news about the jeep has been reported everywhere in newspapers and on TV. Demeter doesn’t add anything new to the same sex marriage news.

    Demeter presents the same main stream news, only from a teen with video skills. He has no alternative information.

    Real alternative media journalism would pick up the story found in an email to Mary Katherine Wildeman in this article

    Let’s see Demeter do something with a story that is being ignored by the media. I have been trying to get James Corbett interested in this news without any success. Instead I got the “news” about the Queens “Nazi” salute from James Evan Pilato.

  2. doublek321 says:

    Interesting how he’s able to use the fact that he’s a teenager to be able to ask Pelosi deeper questions than the MSM ever would. The only thing I didn’t care for was that, when James asked him if he had any other videos of his that he recommended, Andrew mentioned one where the title was somewhat sensationalized.

    Andrew – if you’re reading this, I would strongly suggest against sensationalism because it’s the quickest way for some people to never take your work seriously. Besides, most of reality is sensational enough without having to embellish.

    • doublek321 says:

      Replying to my own message. I just re-read what I wrote and it sounds critical of Andrew. I didn’t mean to give that impression. I just re-watched the Pelosi video (I initially saw it a while back) and I’m very impressed w/ your question and follow-up (“isn’t the NSA a clear violation of the 4th amendment”). Also, looking at the other students with you, the one girl to your right (who nodded her head at what Pelosi was saying) gave off the impression of “I don’t want to rock the boat” (though, to be fair, we don’t know what she was really thinking). The male to your left seemed to smirk at you when he heard your questions. I give you credit for being the iconoclast of the bunch. It’s not easy to be but society needs more of it.

      • turley2u says:

        Andrew did the best one could hope for from a young kid. But everyone who flys on an airplane or goes to a professional baseball stadium already knows the 4th amendment is gone.

        A better iconoclastic question would have given the audience new information and really made Pelosi uncomfortable. A question like, “As a member of congress you ought to know about the attempted assassination of President Truman by Zionists, the murder of our first Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, and the killing of 34 sailors and wounding of 171 when Israel attacked the USS Liberty. Why do you place the interests of Israel above the interests of the American people?”
        Anyone wanting to know more could search the Internet. A good question should provide information because Pelosi won’t.
        A building 7 question would have also been good.

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