Interview 1059 - Ground Zero: Global Civil War

06/23/20151 Comment

groundzerosquareTonight James joins Clyde Lewis on Ground Zero radio to discuss Clyde's latest article, "Russia: Striking the Unattainable Bride." From the Ukraine carve-up to the Greek meltdown to Russian sanctions and the latest American mass shooting psyop, we look at the ways that countries are being divided and conquered across the 3D chessboard.

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U.S. Commercial Technology Transfers to the People’s Republic of China

Divide and Conquer: Politics and the Left/Right Fraud

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  1. NotDole says:

    That guy, I can’t stand, sorry James.

    He might as well go outside with a metal spoon and a pan banging it’s in the end of humanity.

    The world leaders, most of them psychopaths, still look for self-preservation. Does he even realize that just a couple, yes a couple nukes of say 150kt exploding at ground levels (way up in the air works as an EMP, but there’s EMP bombs for that that cause no fallout), is enough to TAKE DOWN THE OZONE LAYER. Ref: James Speaking with this guy, it’s an audio interview named, I think : Nuclear Winter and Starvation or such and the man he’s interviewing said it. Nukes are preventatives, even so-called mini-nukes.

    What exists though is micro-nukes, I’ll let Corbettreport readers research on it, they can be set between 0.1kt to 1kt. The kind of thing that can be put in the pipes of the Bali club and reduce it to complete dust, like the WTC…

    Warfare with Russia means end of humanity, even with the Restart Treaty where they continue both to destroy nukes, they still have both over a thousand. What about those made to shot at in salvos like the Russians got, NATO calls em Shipwreck, because from a submarine, they can send a salvo of 12 of 50 megaton nukes at once, in theory for a US battleship and carrier group to destroy them all one shot. They can be made to strike land too, with computers in them that selects the priority places to hit.

    Obviously the US has the same with Minutemen III hiding in cornfields in north dakota, always liked the cover of the 1990 Bad Religion Against The Grain album showing us just that, but these are ICBM’s, they go farther than say Shipwrecks, but not that much farther, I mean a Russian sub can hang out in international water 200km from Washington and have no need to use automatically detected ICBM’s launches. Shipwreck salvos go undetected if they use a Granit missile, they fly in zig-zag seemingly totally random ways at very low level. My best guess was always that’s what hit the pentagon, one that wasn’t activated, of course, probably stolen from the sunken Kursk which had 24 of these Granits.

    Not thinking rationally about how nukes work….And before Wikipedia changed it, a little after hating Russia was cool again, the page with the table where you could (and still can) class countries by standing armies, just units, no navy or air force, Russia was #1, with it’s 20 million soldiers on reserve. No way no how a regular entry into Russia a la Hitler or Napoleon could work, it’d be overcrowd 3.0. And now that the Iran dossier seems to be pushed away, which I always thought it would because these bases in Poland and the Czech Republic which were supposed to be anti-missile bases against Iran, it was always against Russia, Lavrov spoke of it briefly at the end of the summit.

    This reeked of Alex Jones iodine pill selling radiation detector BS.

    You should buy a radiation detector yes, for Radon, it’s killing 10% of people who get lung cancer and it hangs out in basements. Just that is more productive than listening to this guy. James’ part are okay but he has to work with heavy stuff handled to him in a heavy manner.

    But yes, now that SIX world powers signed the deal with Iran, no matter what the US congress thinks, these bunch of crumbsuckers don’t know how the UN work, you can’t ratify something in the US and then have it Ok’d by the UN. The deal is done Republicans and yes there is stuff happening at home, but it’s no different from other years, they just don’t want you to know what happens in ISIL, Daesh, whatever and apparently the war in Afghanistan is over, oh no wait,the guy who made reports on the “progresses” in Afghanistan now has his reports made Secret or Top Secret, not even sure if it’s shared with the rest of the ISAF, which is still there, in part, my country got the fuck out after helping Afghans grow the only thing they can grow, Opium, protecting them from Talibans, so the heroin (and also apparently pharmaceutical companies, the poppies legally made in Australia for pain medication are just too expensive I suppose to only buy from one place is restricting your buying power! We had the worst place, Kandahar, not sure what goes over there now, but I’m sure it hasn’t turned into the “model” Muslim Nation that is Turkey who are now attacking the Iraqi Kurds…of course their resistance against Daesh is probably seen as a nuisance.

    I said a lot. But no way no how are Russia or China going into direct conflict with the US, and when the G5 anti-anti-missiles and missile system is in place, good luck, even an attack from all the hidden submarines would be deflected into the high atmosphere.

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