Interview 1052 - Financial Survival: The State of the Internet

06/11/20152 Comments

Social media network connection conceptThis week in their weekly conversation on geopolitics, the economy and social matters, James and Alfred discuss the social and cultural ramifications of the internet revolution, from the rise of citizen journalism and citizen journalists to the formation of new modes of economic organization. They also talk about the rise of Chinese nationalism, and the use of the oil weapon against the Soviets.


Walter Cronkite: voice of the owl at Bohemian Grove

Hillary, Walter Cronkite and World Government

The Evolution Of The Oil Weapon

Myth, Lies and Oil Wars

Senators want China kept out of currency club over hacking

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  1. turley2u says:

    Alfred mentioned James Norman’s book The Oil Card during this discussion of economic warfare. Jim Norman was at one time a senior editor at Forbes Magazine. There are some interesting connections if you read David Martin’s article online about the mysterious death of Gus Weiss. There are links to it from here.

    I first discovered Jim Norman when he wrote an article for Forbes about Vincent Foster the White House counsel found mysteriously dead at Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993. Norman’s article was not published but an exchange between Norman and White House press secretary Mike McCurry about Foster can be found online. Very interesting stuff.

    Many people did not notice how many financial journalist took an interest in writing about Vincent Foster’s death, James Norman (Forbes), Thomas McArdle (Investors business Daily), Micah Morrison (WSJ), John Crudele (NY Post), James B. Stewart (NY Times), James Dale Davidson (Strategic Investment), and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard ( London Sunday Telegraph) just to name a few.

  2. garyegeberg says:

    A tedious, tedious podcast, due to Alfred.

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