Interview 1049 - Financial Survival: China's Secret Gold Reserves

06/05/20155 Comments

chinagoldsquareIn this week's edition of Financial Survival, Alfred and James tackle criminals and security in the cashless economy, the IMF and China, and how China is actually going to use their tens of thousands of tons of undeclared gold holdings.

The Criminalization of Cash

China Nears Global Reserve Status

IMF urges US to approve quota reform

China to Buy $50 Billion of First I.M.F. Bonds

WWIII Cometh? – Beard World Order

2013 Nuclear Employment Strategy

Ethnic Specific Bioweapons: 21st Century Horror

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  1. lincolnlea says:

    Is this good news James?

    Russia is working towards issuing state bonds – in Renminbi!!!!

  2. Craig says:

    Hi James
    The show notes link to Ethnic Specific Bioweapons: 21st Century Horror is not working. You’ve placed “Ethnic Specific Bioweapons: 21st Century Horror” in your anchor tag (instead of the URL) as well as your link text.
    Best wishes

  3. dfx says:


    the power of the central banks lies in their ability to create money
    from nothing (they control the printing of the money)


    we’re moving away from a cash-based society where this printed money becomes illegal


    doesn’t that deprive the central banks of their monopoly on currency creation, and remove their power?

    What would then prevent my local credit union from creating a crypto-currency system based upon an ATM card that they control – not regulated by the Fed? Suddenly my currency of exchange is between me and my credit union. The local retailers, who accept my ATM card at present, could adapt their machines (or a local enterprise would be in the business of said adaptation) to accept the local crypto-currency cards as a method of exchange, sort of like a crypto-script, leaving the Fed out of the equation. The elimination of cash, with all of its centralized tracking of consumer data, could be a double-edged sword, providing the means of removal of power from the central institutions who now control the printing of money.

    I know the issue is a lot more complex, but is there merit in this observation?

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