Interview 1043 - Meet Alfred Adask, Sovereign Citizen

05/21/20156 Comments

adasksquareThis week on Financial Survival, James turns the tables by interviewing Alfred Adask about his background and political philosophy. Alfred details his crash course introduction to the American injustice system in 1983 and his three decades of auto-didactic discovery of how that system really works.

Alfred Adask's website

Sovereign Citizen Movement - CBS Hit Piece

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  1. 4TLeser says:

    I appreciated this piece with Alfred.
    It is one thing to listen to the many very interesting topics presented on Corbett Report but to hear the more personal side on how awareness is triggered is wonderful.
    The topic of Sovereignty is a timely and much needed information deserving more readers; thanks for talking about.

  2. chantspire says:

    As others, I never heard of a Sovereign Citizen Movement before this interview with Mr. Adask. Went to the 60-Minute link (thanks) and listened to their take. Of course it’s dark, resting on a handpicked criminal incident which played out against authority (as if the police were not paranoid enough these days). There was a similar crime in the early 2000’s that was not associated with a proclaimed Sovereign Citizen, to my knowledge. Remember the sharp-shooter in D.C.? Father-son combo randomly shooting regular citizens? So, the assertion that this is a dangerous movement worthy of public fear is a really weak argument, given their one example. But that’s what the media do–drum up fear to keep the general public off balance and agitated.

    And Mr. Adask, I have to nit-pic here. Please…it’s not “in-align-able” it is “in-alien-able” rights: rights according to natural law, a right that cannot be taken away, denied, or transferred, as you noted adeptly in the king’s sovereignty example. Your arguments, generally, are not inaccurate but much too deep and thoughtful for any authority not to fear them. As a student of history you know that authority, anywhere/anytime, fears those who can and do exercise free will and intelligence. The reason is simple. In every case of the masses becoming overly informed or just fed-up, authority has been unseated.

    I image authority’s fear of the people as a cartoon. A word bubble rises above our heads when we think. But, when our thoughts are too loud or too intense the bubble suddenly bursts, sending our ideas shooting ’round the globe. When authority hears them the response is “OMG! Someone, somewhere is thinking. Stop it now before it spreads.” (… and we are out of a job.) Ha!

  3. lincolnlea says:

    Wow, James, thankyou so much for a fascinating and so highly informative interview. Alfred’s’ take on what those words really mean is mind blowing – and carries such implications. Whether they will ever get picked up on by enough people to make a difference to their views and support of our attempts to bring down the current crop of self chosen rulers is a moot point, but it’s a great start.
    I felt for Alfred’s situation in re his early fights with custody courts. I got into some activism (and writing articles for a Libertarian online and print magazine) in New Zealand over this issue – trying to get some publicity for the railroading men were getting from so called “Family Courts”. I knew from my own experiences, Alfred would have gotten nowhere – as did we, although Fathers groups have made some small headway in NZ and Australia. In the main they get little to no justice. I did see and learn enough to realise that the Oligarchs trying to break down Western culture had established the attack on Fathers as part of their attack on the Family structure, recognised by many studies as forming the basis for a solid society they can’t destroy. And it’s done a hell of a job for it’s psychopath ruling clique.

  4. rockshot says:

    So this is our friend Alfred. Good idea James to interview him, it was interesting. I am used to James now after 2-3 Years, but I could understand Alfred from day one. This is not how I pictured him (3-4 hundred pounds) but a nice looking gent, like a movie star. Always great interviews with James, Alfred, you just have the natural talent for that. Thank you, I don’t dare miss one of them. I even like your “bump music”.
    Not to nag you James but it has been a while since we have heard from the Geneva Guy, David White. I wonder if you could interview him too?
    It is a strange phenomenon but I listen to these people so much, I feel like I know them! Crazy. I started listening to Lionel too.

  5. fiftyquint says:

    Before 1906 the Talmud already classifies non-jews as goyim, which is often considered to mean cattle. Racial Superiority begins with the materialist interpretation of the Talmud, and Laws that we now have originating from Roman times have their origins in Mosaic law. Look no further than the rabbis for defining man as an animal.

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