Interview 1037 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

STORY #1: Pope Francis and Climate Change: Why Catholic Skeptics Are So Alarmed
Flashback: Death By Treaty - Lord Monckton on the Crisis of Copenhagen (Oct 2009)
For Young Voters, Climate Change Takes a Back Seat
Research Highlight: Arctic Sea Ice Loss Likely To Be Reversible
Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013' (Dec 2007)
Scientists Claim Climate Change Has Impact on Music
Meteorological Phenomena In Western Classical Orchestral Music - PDF (Nov 2011)

STORY #2: That Subliminal PSA From AARP
AARP Reposts Controversial PSA and 'Responds' To Questions
Derren Brown: A Toy's Story - How To Control The Nation

STORY #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Child Is First Patient Cured of Fatal Illness Using 3D-Printed Implant
Joshua Pearce Explains the 3D Printing Revolution
Chipotle Bans GMO Ingredients
US Lowers “Recommended” Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water for First Time in Over 50 Years
Montana Nullifies Federal Police Militarization Program

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
Plane Hacking Goes More Mainstream: American Airlines Planes Grounded By iPad App Error
Ryanair Gets Hacked, $5M Sent to China
#ClintonFoundation Got “Dirty” Russian Money from Putin Cronies
Cash Flowed to #ClintonFoundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company
Goldman Sachs Paid Bill Clinton $200K For Speech Before Bank Lobbied #Hillary
Governor Abbott Orders Texas Guard to Monitor Jade Helm Drills
UK Election ‘Chaos’ Could Trigger ‘Lehman Moment’ For Pound
London Reacts to Increased Expenses for ‘Majority’
12 Questions About the #BaltimoreRiots
Brookings Institute: The Future of Arms Control, Internet Governance, and Re-engineering

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  1. stevekelly911 says:

    An interesting thing about this AARP PSA was that it was originally released on 9th November 2014 … or 9/11 or 11/9 depending on your favored date format. The release date with the original audio can be confirmed on this Washington Post URL.

    Regarding Pontifex Maximus Francis and his new found love for the religion of Carbon Indulgences (or Carbon Religion), a good book written about Vatican finances helps clear up where the Vatican’s financial allegiance is located (the only allegiance that matters now in the World Fiat Empire), is ‘Money And The Rise Of The Modern Papacy’ by John F. Pollard. During the great depression and the Fascist party rule in Italy, the Vatican was almost bankrupted, and over 75% of all of its income for nearly a decade, was provided by donations from United Kingdom and United States Catholics (during the depression!). Ironically, if it had not been for the Protestant part of the ‘Christian’ world in the west, the Papacy would have gone broke and had to liquidate all of its Swiss gold reserves to pay the bills.

    Luckily for them, the City of London was able to provide access to off-shore credit (and laundering) facilities, and since this time, the Vatican has been dependent on Crown patronage provided through the Crown Tax Haven network. The main hub of Vatican finance is on the Cayman Islands and Turk and Caicos Islands, which is part of the ‘soup’ of murky diocese’s that dovetail into US finance, most notably, in Newark, New Jersey (the center of Italian Mob networks, and the laundering capital of the US). Prelates have diplomatic immunity, and one can imagine what such prelates carry in their luggage when transiting between Newark and Grand Cayman. Bearer Bonds comes to mind.

    The fact is, that the ‘Club of the Isles’, those parasites that rely on and control the off-shore shadow banking industry, and which provide the financial networks for almost all global drug trades that aren’t controlled by the Triads, is in control of the Vatican. This offshore world is the source of the push for Carbon Trading and the associated Derivatives industry, as it is the last step in total technocratic rule by a hidden elite (finance = puppet strings); Peasant control.

    Interesting article on Vatican finances (well referenced):

  2. stevekelly911 says:

    In addition to the above, HERE’S SOMETHING REALLY INTERESTING!!!

    On 13th May 2014 French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and John Kerry stood in the White House, and Laurent pronounced “We have 500 days to avoid Climate Chaos”.

    So if you add 500 days to his statement date (inclusive of 13th May), it takes you exactly to 24th September 2015 … and what is happening on this date? Pontifex Maximus Francis is the 111th foreign leader scheduled to address a joint-session of the US Congress in Washington D.C. It is 500 days to the day exactly, and he has already stated that this is the year he will concentrate on pushing for ‘action on climate change’ … ie, leading up to the PARIS 2015 Climate Conference/Bondage Event.

    Even his adopted papal name, Francis, from Francis of Assisi, was chosen specifically because Saint Francis is the patron saint of Environmentalism in Catholic hagiography (and was also the grandchild of the Doge of Venice, from the leading Morisini family, and his life story is a pious fiction … banking + religion = fake environmentalism)… a new religion.

    As a Christian I find the actions of this salesman for City of London financial warfare, to be as pathetic as the Archbishop of Canterbury who is touting exactly the same NWO eugenics program for his Crown sovereign. And, of course, the Greek Orthodox church in Russia are also ‘pro-Climate Action’, because Russia has the largest ‘carbon sumps’ locked up in its massive territory due to grasslands and pine forests, and will be able to sell this into the fraudulent Carbon Credits market. Vladimir Putin controls the Russian/Greek Orthodox public policy direction. This is why I can’t stand vertically integrated religious organizations, and neither could Jesus Christ; “Thieves and Vipers” he called them.

    It’s all scripted, right down to he announcements of the French and US ministers. Wonder what Francis’s speech to Congress will be about? The sinful nature of tax havens and the 1%? LOL

  3. arcadia11 says:

    aarp is a un ngo.

  4. Daniel Baumgarten says:

    The Roman pontiff’s agenda regarding climate change are typical of his ilk, but not of a Catholic. Pope Francis, like his five predecessors, probably isn’t even a real pope. Catholic dogmatic theology has always stated that any prelate who publically defects from the faith thereby tacitly resigns. A man who is a public heretic or apostate at the time of his election to the papacy is not validly elected, either. And Jorge Bergoglio has been making public statements that contradict the infallible magisterium since long before he was elected. Catholic readers ought to know that they are therefore not only not bound by his pronouncements, but actually they are obligated by their own faith to oppose him.

    Beginning with John XXIII, the putative popes of the Roman Catholic Church have been appointees of secret societies, most probably the Italian Carbonari. Search for the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita and the movie “Papal Imposters” to learn more.

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