Interview 1020 - Simon Krimms Authors an anti-NWO Children's Book

03/31/20157 Comments

Today we're joined on the program by Simon Krimms, an English teacher in Japan who has authored "Rollerdog," a book "designed for little people growing up in the brave new world (order) of the 21st century." Through his inventive tale and multi-layered illustrations, Krimms hopes to deprogram children from the NWO matrix without fear while providing a warning for parents about the world around us.


Ebook (pdf) - free download

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  1. Al Saleh says:

    Thank you both.

  2. Louwittner says:

    So is that a photo of John McCain, Joe Biden or the guy on the Mucinex box? };D

  3. bobthefett says:

    Hi All. Regarding other books as discussed in the interview, I found this book several years ago in the University
    of Canterbury library. I bought the post 9/11 update version and put it away for my
    children. Its essentially a story board format aimed at high school kids. The down
    side, it follows the official 9/11 narrative. Outside of that, there is plenty of great
    lead-in info for younger people.

  4. joolscollis says:

    Thank you for the wonderful book Simon. I’m very fortunate to work with you and have been able to see the images grow into an educational compilation over the years. In the case of Rollerdog, a picture is worth a million words.

  5. krimms says:

    The children’s book about 9/11 and the WTC collapses that I mentioned in this interview can be found here:

    • joolscollis says:

      Great bookshop indeed. The sample for ‘The people who refused to be sheeple’ is an artistic delight and amusing. I hope they’ll stock Rollerdog as well.

  6. dave_voce says:

    I just ordered a copy as I have 2 bookwormy kids, I’m interested to see what they make of it, usually their eyes glaze over a bit when i go off on one of my rants, I’ll post again once they’ve read it and tell you all what they make of it. They’re 6 and 10 by the way. I was reminded of the book as it was talked about on the mind renewed podcast as well.

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