Interview 1111 - Patrick Wood Exposes the Technocrats' Climate Eugenics Agenda

11/13/201514 Comments

Previously on The Corbett Report we discussed the technocratic agenda of the Trilaterals and their globalist ilk with "Technocracy Rising" author Patrick Wood. Today Wood joins us once again to discuss the upcoming COP21 Climate Conference in Paris and how it plays into the technocrats' plan to control the world's resources and implement genocidal eugenics-based austerity.


Interview 1046 - Patrick Wood Exposes the Technocracy Agenda

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  1. dfx says:

    The Rockefellers and their ilk want to monopolize all energy production (read as resource exploitation and conversion) in the world, as they have for the past 100+ years. They see that they will lose that edge down the road as oil becomes more difficult (and expensive) to get. If they allow competition in the alternative energy market, they will lose that monopoly to whoever comes up with the best technology. The entire climate change agenda is shaped toward that end goal, where the people who have the monopoly now will continue on into the near and distant future. Of course, along the way the policy is being molded so as to give them maximal control over the greatest resource: the human mind.

    Don’t become a coppertop! (Or should I say “stop being a coppertop”?)

  2. nosoapradio says:

    I think that COP21 conference hoopla may create the perfect pretext for literally “outlawing climate skepticism”.

    Indeed, this would seem crucial to silence the François Gervais, Henrik Svensmarks and Vincent Courtillots of the world and “stampede” the populations into the smart paradigm otherwise known as technocracy (or the NWO). Stigmatization, media censorship, selective funding and self-censorship may not be working out as planned.

    Already, COP21 protesters (obviously comprised of climate skeptics, n’est-ce pas?) are being assimilated and associated with so-called islamic terrorists;

    “…The attack comes as France has heightened security measures ahead of a major global climate conference that starts in two weeks, out of fear of violent protests and potential terrorist attacks…”

    Polls may show that climate change is number 5 or 6 on French people’s preoccupation list but the fact is that it’s impossible to question man-made climate change in France and be taken seriously. Neither by young nor old.

    Incidentally, Agenda 21 has sprouted up like crabgrass (as it was programmed to do) in every department, large or small, in France as well and may well be usurping unwitting and well-intentioned people’s time, budgets and energies.

    Finally, I feel a little like Stanley Motts of Wag the Dog fame as I’ve read over and over again Patrick Wood’s hand written dedication on the Technocracy Rising book I ordered and received.

    Some time I’ll get around to reading the cover…

    • nosoapradio says:

      And of course all demonstrating at the COP21, pro, anti or otherwise, was indeed banned shortly thereafter.

      How convenient.

      I mean, we wouldn’t want the world to actually see a (very?) large and highly respectable congregation of scientists and other so-called “climate skeptics” articulating sound argumentation and dispelling the black magic of truncated Y-axes to crowds of receptive passers-by, on or off camera …

      Gotta solemnly shove those carbon taxes down everyone’s throat while folks are still staggering from guilt and panic and are more or less willing to swallow it all whole with no protest.

      Then again, false flag timing is all about convenience…

      and there’s the sweet and fresh 17-global-goal chaser that should get us all a little tipsy and aid digestion…

  3. setatliberty says:

    This podcast could not have been more timely. I see God’s hand upon your work James; In that you recorded this the day before the Paris attacks which have brought the nation of France into a state of martial law. How great an “opportunity” to prevent large protests, eh?

  4. Fosca says:

    Hi James,
    Sorry to say but this episode made me angry to a big extend. 🙁 Let me explain why.

    At around 12:00 Patrick explains that a first grader can understand how the earth works with regards to CO2 and that we are facing plans to reduce all CO2 down to zero, which is sterilizing the world. This is simply nonsense! If at all man made emmission of CO2 shall be reduced to zero which would lead to a situation similar to maybe only a couple of thousand years ago before mankind started burning coal.

    Instead Patrick makes up a story that burning coal, oil and gas is the best to continue for the coming centuries.
    IMHO this is maximum dillusion that I only have heard from neocons before! Not only Patrck explains the 1st grader story, but also openly admits he does not understand anything on the global taxation problems. Only concludes taxes are bad.

    What makes me angry finally is not the fact it is rubbish what is conveyed. But this stuff jeopardizes the real story. Like the use of the CO2 story to gain world wide control. Certainly not an episode I can ever recommend without fearing people think I am completely nuts.

    I know you made better shows than this and I am sure there will be more great stuff coming!:-)


    • VoltaicDude says:


      Fosca – you’re absolutely correct – the bit in this interview about the dangers of a “zero-carbon earth” as the ultimate goal of climate change activists is downright silly and nonsensical.

      Yes – kind of frustrating because this here is a great and important venue.

      However, perhaps you noticed too that, in this very interview, James also asks the most important question of the century (at least so far) – 06:35 “But who’s buying?”

      And just before that, at 06:15, Patrick says, “They’re going after the financial world” and compares these actions to the mob.

      There is a shell game going on of momentous proportions. It’s bigger than the vast majority of people talking about this seem to understand, regardless of their general perspective on the subject.

      When it plays out this could make 2008 look like child’s play. In fact, it could make 1929 and its aftermath look like child’s play (the culmination there being WWII).

      Who bought-up all those “AAA” bundled assets in the early 2000’s?

      Who actually ended-up paying for those “bundled assets” (i.e., camouflaged financial I.E.D.’s) when they failed, when it was discovered that “AAA” actually meant “junk”? And again, not just any regular old junk, but junk designed to be “highly explosive junk,” based on predatory loans and consumer misunderstandings of balloon mortgages. Really once you see it, it’s simple enough.

      And who was bailed-out – not the people who actually paid for the contrived catastrophe.

      After each and every contrived historical economic crisis, consolidation of wealth and the centralized power of shadow government have only ever increased – and we can expect more of that.

      Blankfein and Dimon weren’t in Greece after the economic collapse there for nothing.

      Likewise, the transition from oil and coal to sustainable solar, wind, water-action and geothermal energy sources will be the largest, conscious (at least for those in the drivers’ seats) social/political project ever taken on by humanity (previously the Standard Oil project held that benchmark) – and it is (again) being played out behind closed doors, with all sorts of smoke-screens being thrown-up to boot – why?

      CONTROL – the Bankster/Exxon-Mobil/U.S.-NATO imperialists are not about to just give up their authority and power. They must shape the transition to retain a one-percent-rule society, and to subvert the (dare I use the word) democratizing potential of these new (dare I use this other word) technologies.

      There are many contingencies regarding how the play-through on this sham will actually play-out. James and Patrick are right in pointing out that some “game plans” could easily include the planned murder of even billions of people, and a WWIII scenario, including the devastating effects of severe energy shortages – the kind of thing that historically was the direct cause of death for millions in most warfare scenarios, contrary to the popular belief that direct military action was usually the direct cause (Madeleine Albright – “We think it’s worth it.”).

      The upshot in short: the climate change movement, as it stands, is a contrived hoax (even if some people within it are sincere in their intentions), REGARDLESS of CO2 science and whatever general efficacies might exist within the human induced climate change argument.

      The 2015 Climate Change Summit in Paris is a sham, based on hiding underlying political/economic realities – period.

      Interestingly, Patrick also misses the point that while arm-twisting of the financial world regarding divestment is a mob-like move, suppression of the (eventually inevitable) sustainable-energy market for the last 50 years (due to technological developments that could not be suppressed indefinitely) was accomplished in pretty much the same way – mob-like arm-twisting.

      De facto – the energy market is a monopoly-shadow-government-run industry to which the world is dangerously addicted. A cold-turkey correction could outright kill millions if not billions.

      This post is already too long so I’ll end with these short summations, which warrant much more detailed consideration (I guess elsewhere).

      Personally I wouldn’t entirely discount the potential benefit of mandated changes regarding “DISPERSED” (not “centralized”) sustainable energy development as we already live in a centralized society controlled by the shadow government. Shaping centralized policy does make a difference, which is why the central powers work so diligently at shaping such policy.

      But as James so often points out, more importantly, individual actions taken by each of us to remove ourselves as much as possible from “the grid” hold he greatest transformative value.

      In that light, making sure laws such as those that limit the capture of run-off water or the use of well-water from the land your own home sits on (while mega-Agra-business is allowed to siphon-off as much water as it wants from rivers running through otherwise dessert land), are laws representing the interests of criminal agendas that we ought to fight against tooth-and-nail.

      Getting off-the-grid refers, ultimately to: water, sewage, energy and food. Housing – independent or communal (including urban) – designed to localize these four “functions” is key to fighting the worst problems that globalization confronts us with. And this is not an impossible agenda by any means – think of “victory gardens” to put it in a more realistic proportion.

  5. nosoapradio says:

    After all the stress, horror, carnage and confusion of the November 13th Paris Attacks people will be all too eager to relax, hold hands and sing kumbaya during the consensual 17-global-goal star-studded love fest beginning on November 30th.

    I mean who cares who funds ISIS when you can help Kate Blanchett and Stevie Wonder end poverty?

    Just lie down, close your eyes, open your pockets and chant softly “OMama, I believe in Hope and Change… over and over again… I believe in Hope and change… I believe..

  6. crybabyann says:

    MUST see.. Strange connexion between Paris attacks and COP21!

  7. doublek321 says:

    Very good interview. I will follow

    Random question – what happened to the weekly Alfred Adask interview? I loved those

  8. craig.j says:

    Patrick’s argument that life will be wiped out if we stop mining oil and coal is plainly ridiculous, we’ve only been doing it four a few hundred years if that! Life seemed quite bloody content for the last 4 billion preeceeding our plundering of fossil fuels!

    The ONLY entities that should fear the end to fossil fuels is THE CORPORATE DEEP STATE.

  9. VieuxOrdinaire says:

    boy, reading these 6/7 year old comments was really depressing. Even Corbeteers were asleep then…

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