Interview 1008 - Financial Survival: The Apocalypse Script

02/21/20151 Comment

Every week James joins Alfred Adask on Financial Survival to discuss politics, economy and society. This week they discuss the latest Japanese GDP numbers and trickle down/up economics, the ISIS threat and the battle of civilizations, and the racial/cultural/ethnic tensions that are keeping the peoples of the world divided and conquered.


Japan’s Economy Expands, but Less Than Expected

Game Over Japan: Real Wages Crash Most In 21st Century, Savings Rate Turns Negative

Impact of Japan's shrinking population 'already palpable'

How will Japan’s farms survive?

More adult diapers than baby ones to be sold in Japan

QE 4 Will Send Gold toward New Highs

Egyptian beheadings show ISIS taking ‘global jihad’ to rest of Arab world

Confirmed: U.S. Armed Al Qaeda to Topple Libya’s Gaddaffi

America's Allies Are Funding ISIS

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  1. boy_wonder says:

    Wow…. I cannot believe you’ve slipped so low James. I usually love your work and I managed to listen to this piece a few days ago.

    I have never had the need to log into your site using the username/password but i felt compelled to come on and comment.

    Who is this Alfred Adask and which forest did he crawl from? Im a muslim and I have never heard of such off-the-cuff-idiocy. A lot of talk of end times and they believe they’re right…..

    good-God James! “their ends times will sweep over the globe with their armies”.

    “The worst kind of war is a holy war.”… a secular war is ok…. we can cut you a deal. <- this is what we're down to.

    Ive been a subscriber and listener for aq long time but come on! however low my bar is, even I have a bar.

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