Interview 1007 - James Corbett on The Crypto Show

02/20/20153 Comments

James Corbett at TEDxJames joins Chris and Danny on The Crypto Show to discuss the Snowden psyop, Anarchapulco, voluntarism, and the possibility of an extraterrestrial false flag.


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  1. candideschmyles says:

    Many years ago someone said to me “you have no right to call for a revolution without first knowing what you are going to replace it with”. I am pretty sure my reply back then was as vague and ill defined as it is now but delivered with the naive certainty that anarchy peace and freedom were the inevitable consequence of such a revolution. Now it is ill defined and vague with the certainty that any revolution is nothing more than an opportunity for new people to enjoy the fruits of corruption.
    It is easy to say ” I am a voluntarist” when the majority are paying their taxes to fund our collective social need for schools, hospitals, waste disposal etc and when corporations invest in power generation and vital infrastructure and the likes. But what happens if we woke up one day and there was no government to collect taxes, no profit hungry business charging us for the electric we cook breakfast with? How long before granny would have no home help and light switches became redundant?
    The fact is we need certain institutions to maintain and manage a coherent and progressive society. I have spent my whole life saying how wrong and how corrupt the status quo is but I am no closer to a workable alternative that maintains and advances the remarkable standard of living we generally take for granted. Of course its far from perfect but it is certainly better than going back to the stone age.
    It is not only within myself I find no alternatives. I don’t see anybody else offering root and branch options for continuing to advance civilisation in the absence of government. The Zeitgeist movement probably has the best vision of a future to aim for but says little about how we get there.
    As was said dissent on the official narrative is almost mainstream now. How can we move forward with that consensus to achieve a peaceful and progressive society without government and business? It stumps me.

    • rrandor says:

      The best alternative is worker-run businesses, in the manner of Móndragon, located in the Basque region of Spain. They are a multi-billion euro business entirely democratically run by the worker owners. Its a coop consisting of over a hundred coops, including banks, insurance companies, auto-parts companies, a university, schools, trade schools, appliance manufacturers, etc. Its been around and growing since at least the 1940’s. They weathered the 2008 crisis with some retrenchment but all the workers kept jobs or were given retirement and a few are on generous unemployment. None were terminated. Its the best kept “secret” of capitalism: workers can successfully and efficiently run their own businesses without the “benefit” of the owners. Capitalism doesnt have to be a dictatorship. And the workers are not going to pollute their own back yards, or send their own jobs to China. It would easy and relatively painless for the workers to buy out the owners if a fair agreement could be reached. That is how slavery was ended in most countries, except the USA.

  2. rrandor says:

    I think all or almost all the aspects of government could be performed by worker-owned businesses, except perhaps the common defense and maybe that would be less necessary in a world without rapacious owners. The pension, unemployment and health insurance compensations provided by Móndragon are significantly more generous than that provided by the Spanish government.

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