Interview 1002 - Morag Embleton Introduces

02/15/20153 Comments

Morag Embleton of joins us on the program today to continue our exploration of solutions and ways to make positive changes in our lives and communities. We discuss the website and the way it structures people's aspirations and interests as "quests" to be completed step-by-step. We also talk about the psychology of personal change and how individual changes can influence the wider community around us.

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The "Growing Steady" Quest

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  1. Craig says:

    Morag here (using Craig’s account). Many thanks for the chance to be interviewed James. Just wanted to clarify one thing as I don’t think I explained it that well. I think the The Manchester pledge study was saying a similar thing to Anthony Gucciardi – I missed off a critical bit of information – that in the study the pledges only worked when in the pledge request there was a promise of local publicity when the pledge was completed. Simply asking for a pledge didn’t increase the amount of completed pledges over the baseline.

    Good luck with the Growing Steady quest, looking forward to seeing how you get on.

  2. candideschmyles says:

    Great idea and an interesting concept. I am not a gamer, and detest the constant feed of fb updates “friend” gamers generate and thus started my own game of deleting such “friends”. So with unmitigated hypocrisy I have signed up to my first quest! Yes its a pretty easy one, using my own cup for takeaway coffee, and one I mostly already do, but its a start. And it might help lead me onto others that shrink my long list of hypocracies.
    After looking at the site I am sure there is a quest for everyone.. So join up now!

    • Craig says:

      Hi Candide. Thanks for your positive comments about and thanks for joining up and starting the cups away vending quest. I like the facebook game you’ve invented. You might even find yourself sharing one of your own badges on facebook when you’ve checked in. Show your “friends” there’s more to life than Farmville.
      Hope to see you back on soon.
      Best wishes

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