Interview 1001 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

02/13/20156 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Negotiators Burn Last Opportunity to Salvage the #TPP by Caving on Copyright Term Extension
EBay Trying to Sneak TPP Support in the Back Door
Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and the Role of Congress in Trade Policy

Story #2: The Case to "Reinstate" the Bank of Canada
Comer Vs The Bank of Canada
HSBC 'tax dodge' revelations are just tip of iceberg, says leaker

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Moms Crash Monsanto Shareholder Meeting, Pass Shareowner Proxy Access Resolution
@BeauBoeye: "ahha! My letter was published! This is just the beginning. Thanks guys!"
Breyers Drops Milk Tainted With Monsanto’s RBST
Colorado May Refund Millions In Weed Taxes

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: The Inevitable War with ISIS is Finally Declared
#Ukrainians Rage Against #Military Draft
Samsung's Smart TV Allows Spying On Its Users

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Previous Episode: Global Healthcare, Chinese Internet, Public Internet

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  1. rockshot says:

    James Pilato,
    Please accept my paltry donation of $20.00. I am very sorry that this is no where near to what you are “worth”!!! It is just that this is all that this is all I can do now and honesty, this is a lot of money to me.
    I went to and hit donate, but since I did not see any contact button there, I am leaving this message here on Corbett’s site. Sorry James, but I sent you BOTH 20!
    I look forward to “New World Next Week” and it would not be possible without you.
    Here is hoping that somebody else will match my donation!

  2. arcadia11 says:

    i was holding my breath after the monsanto segment started, hoping that it would be real, and my heart sunk as it has so many times before at the naming of the leaders. in this case, moms across america, oca, and sum of us.

    moms across america is a un ngo offshoot

    oca is a un ngo

    just label it is a un ngo

    sum of us is a un ngo

    codex alimentarius is un

    the whole labeling and fight-monsanto-drama is a red flag for problem-reaction-solution.

    this anti-monsanto event was staged with very highly-trained un speakers. it was nothing more than controlled opposition just as the gmo labeling debacles in california and elsewhere were. the leaders of the label-gmos movement were all un ngos. they did not plan to win the labeling fight. at least not in the sense that their followers understood. the game was rigged. they lost the lawsuit deliberately. it was a diversion. now millions of real people are caught up in labeling poison rather than the sane solution of eliminating the poison and the poisoners.

    gmos should not be labeled, they should not exist. neither should monsanto. neither should normalizing the unthinkable in any arena on the planet.

    millions of dollars and months of campaigning and suspense for something that would not even make a real difference was just for show. and here they are again. same actors, same un studio, and they have thrown in the moms this time. good move. and very timely.

    there is no such thing as a ‘good’ un ngo. there are tens of thousands of them and they cover every aspect of life on this planet with the express purpose of controlling every aspect of life on this planet. they have been in place for a long time. waiting…

    if a movement is not grass roots it is not real. watch for words like international, coalition, shareholders, justice, transitioning, jobs and internships, global, investors. google the group to see if it has any un connections. it is easy enough to do. if you find the un involved, and you will about 99% of the time, don’t support it; you will not win and you would in effect be supporting your own enslavement or demise. the un is the vehicle for agenda 21 and one world government. they are ever seeking more support and empowerment through scams like labeling and other issues that are dear to the hearts of their unsuspecting victims. the number of revolving-door connections the ngos have with each other, monsanto, and the federal government is truly mind-boggling.

    when lenin said “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” i think even he had no idea of how deep that particular rabbit hole could go.

    “there can be no meaningful mass movement when dissent is generously funded by those same corporate interests which are the target of the protest movement”


  3. bladtheimpailer says:

    I love this segment of the report as it always contains such an interesting grab bag of topics.

    As a member of COMER we certainly realize that returning the Bank of Canada to it’s intended purpose of lending to all three levels of governance (muni,prov, fed) with basically interest free and debt free money is not the end of monetary and economic reform in Canada. This idea of running the economy on debt free money is the end goal but the beginning starts with this law suit. And it’s not just twenty billion but more like sixty billion dollars and up from all govt. levels paid out in interest to bankers before a nickel is spent by any level of govt. on any Canadian priorities. Here’s a twelve year old girl, Victoria Grant, to explain what the situation is in Canada, and generally speaking in every nation on this planet.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the input, bladtheimpaler. I think there are some exciting aspects of this lawsuit and look forward to covering it in more depth in the near future.

    • NotDole says:

      It’s really heartening to see someone so young, get it. The Fox News Right if it existed in Canada would declare this to be using children for political aims, when really it’s just raising your child to only care about the truth. Anyway, they are naturally good at that, and were ostracized until not too long ago, because truth comes out the mouth of children. I remember the humiliating times spent sitting in the corner while my dad was playing poker with his cousins because I said something that was true and could not understand why I was being punished.

      Happened more than once too. Punished for saying the truth is something applied in primary schools a hell lot too. And yes, I’m glad of these developments, to anyone who has seen O Canada : Our Bought And Sold Out Land, this offers a small sight of relief.

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