Interview 1000 - Rick Rozoff Warns Ukraine War is Inevitable

02/12/201531 Comments

Rick Rozoff of Stop Nato joins us to go over the context of the US/NATO/EU/IMF takeover of Ukraine, why it is taking place, and where it is ultimately leading. Rozoff warns that war is not a potential outcome but is in fact already taking place, and full-scale US/NATO intervention is virtually unstoppable at this point.

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  1. Blackdog says:

    Hi all,

    I believe that what we are witnessing in eastern Ukraine is the most important geopolitical and historical event for the survival of human civilisation since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Unfortunately our western ‘democratic’ system centered in Washington is suppressing adequate dialogue and debate on this crucial topic to help its citizens develop an informed picture of a complicated situation. You only need to read and watch statements by experienced and esteemed university professors like Stephen Cohen and John Mearsheimer and they are saying the same thing.

    I don’t agree with Rick Rozoff. We can do something to potentially stop this slide into madness which would destroy all of humanity. Alternative media like the Corbett Report and Stop NATO can help to inform the public that we are governed by incompetent and war-mongering politicians on all sides. We CAN passively take to the streets and demand an alternative. We CAN start shunning and rejecting every little facet of this global system and subsequently watch it tumble down like a house of cards.


    • Duck says:


      “..We can do something to potentially stop this slide into madness which would destroy all of humanity….”

      Not really.

      We have almost zero ability to reign in the current Elite at this time….they can flood nations with Alien foreigners, enforce perverted sex-ed and Drag Queen story hour and pressure masses of people to get an untested jab and print everyones savings and retirements into oblivion.

      IF they decide to drop the hammer on war there is pretty much nothing anyone can do to stop them. The BEST that the public can do right now is delay their plans.

      You are correct with this
      “…We CAN start shunning and rejecting every little facet of this global system and subsequently watch it tumble down like a house of cards….”

      We should most certainly reject them, but the best we can hope for is to not get caught in the debris as they burn down the structure. WE are not gonna bring it down, THEY are doing that themselves.

  2. NotDole says:

    Of course they will not let this degenerate into nukes being used, when just 2-3 modern nukes would destroy the ozone layer and thus all life, see the interview James had with a man whos name escapes me called X Describes Nuclear Hunger/Starving…Unless what my grandfather was telling me that the army was spraying the skies with silver nitrate because it creates another barrier similar to the ozone layer, which he has no reason to lie too, my dad told me this when I was very young, I recently asked him where did he hear that from and it from grampa after he went into an AFB in the Northwest Territories as a fighter jet mechanic, seeing tanks after tanks of said product being loaded into F-16’s (then, now we got the better F-18’s, mwahaha…jk) for spraying…but even then, it’s not good for the elites to have nukes go off, the fear of nukes going off is a lot more potent of a tool.

    • Duck says:


      “…Of course they will not let this degenerate into nukes being used, when just 2-3 modern nukes would destroy the ozone layer and thus all life,….”

      I do not think, considering how many open air Atomic tests were done during the cold war, that a couple of nukes would destroy the ozone layer.

      However…. consider the type of malevolent retards who have inherited the power structure – do you really think that they CARE about destroying most of the ecosystem? These are the people who are destroying the financial and political systems that bring them wealth and comfort and power. They are NOT NEARLY as capable as the older generation of Oligarchs while being twice as arrogant.

      They are getting rather desperate as this iteration of the system reaches breaking point and will do, AND RISK, anything to stay on top of the snake pit.

      If you DONT think they will burn their own system down…. consider that the rural white conservative working class makes up the bulk of their front line military and they make their hatred, and desire to be rid of, those people rather obvious. The Dollar they are destroying is what allows them to fund that massive military.

  3. candideschmyles says:

    The shelling continues. I cannot imagine this agreement translating into an actual ceasefire given the rhetoric coming from those on the front lines on both sides. Rick thinks Putin guilty of capitulation or collusion however other possibilities exist. History is full of instances of leaders playing the negotiation game with no intention of keeping the promises they make. The tone of the media on both sides says far more than the actual words and that says this war is far from over. What I really dislike is that I now find myself in the position that I am morally obliged to defend Putin. The world is crazy.

  4. mauricebourke88 says:

    Congratulations on 1000 interviews James.

  5. Cu Chulainn says:

    Thanks for this great interview. How unusual to hear a man of common decency who does his homework and does not mince his words.

  6. candideschmyles says:

    Seems as if the battles rage on. Putin unafraid of brinkmanship, having diplomaticly won a no uturn on Crimea that concessionary victory sates not. He will see Ukraine split in two…. As it needs to be. Then leave western Ukraine to stew over how it was they were duped into having ultrafascists take control of their nation.

    Came across this great bit of old school style satirical cabaret that has more realism in it than every word ever mentioned ever on the Ukraine crisis in all UK msm ever: “The information war for Ukraine” – Satirical Ger…:
    Watching it makes me rally miss this kind of cutting lampoonary which has been around for so long but has been missing in English language output for a long time now. I think its been cut for the same reason they cut spitting image, it was too cutting to the vanities of the egos it lampooned.

    • Duck says:


      “…Then leave western Ukraine to stew over how it was they were duped into having ultrafascists take control of their nation….”

      The UltraFascists are just as transitional stage is what I’m starting to think.

      Consider that if they manage to keep the meat grinder going long enough the Ukrainian population will be rather easy to replace with a jewish one. That is where most of them come from, after all.

      Having managed to drive out a bunch of Arabs and steal and then colonize the empty land – at a time jew’s were not half as powerful in US politics as they are now I see no real obstacle to them doing the same in a de-populated Ukraine. Israel is not really a good long term home for them as their depopulation efforts in the middle east do not appear to be working all that well and Israel could end up being swamped by Citizen arabs.

      though I see from wikipedia (demographics of israel) that they may have managed to reduce arab fertility and bump up their own…but who knows how true those figures are? shrugs. Looking at the decline of the USA, and thus aid, makes staying is Israel kinda a lame bet

  7. Chadders says:

    Fascinating to review this again now.

  8. Goldismoney says:

    David Swanson gives some very weak examples of what Putin “could” have done. I am surprised how James appears to not investigate the topic of Russia/Ukraine as deeply as he does other topics. Honestly, these strict anti-war people are guilty of the same type of dogma they dislike in others. Don’t you think Putin did everything in the 7-8 years before this invasion to avoid war? From the basic research I have done on Putin, it appears that he has a history of resolving conflicts without war….
    I am not “taking sides” on this. I am simply looking at what I perceive to be reality. Sometimes war is actually justified….Sometimes an aggressor will NOT back off and you must fight. Then you will need real people that are willing to take up arms and do the dirty work for everyone’s freedom.

    • Duck says:


      “…I am not “taking sides” on this. I am simply looking at what I perceive to be reality….”

      True…. you an make your enemy go where you want if you attack a place that he has NO CHOICE but to defend.

      Like in WW2 when Japan was given a choice of submitting its economy and foreign policy to the US, which had cut off its Oil supply, or trying to fight a war. Clearly that would have ended badly for them, so they chose to roll the dice.

  9. Detox says:

    Thank you for this James! I fwded it to all my Peace Bus riders. We are heading down to New Haven today for a vegan potluck. We rise early at our host Unitarian Church tomorrow morning, to catch a commuter train to NYC at 4:30 AM, boarding our Peace Bus in Harlem at 6:30 AM. We pick up more Peaceniks at Grand Central Station, heading out of NYC by 7:30 AM, arriving at the Lincoln Memorial in time for the 12:30 Rage Against the Ukraine War Rally.

    After the rally and march to the White House, where we will give Brandon a piece of our mind, we get back on d bus and head back to NYC the same day, arriving back in southern New England late Sunday night, early Monday morning. Yes, we are in for the long haul and many peace bus riders are veteran peaceniks, elders now.

    FYI, the Lincoln Memorial Park police have given us a two page long list of prohibited items, that we MUST NOT bring with us to the rally. The list includes surveillance drones, artillery, coolers, sticks and stones, and of course, balloons. Balloons are just as dangerous as those fricken bouncy castles brought to Ottawa, by those Canadian Truck Convoy ruffians. And a balloon could hide within it a tiny little Chinaman, and we all know how dangerous THEY are.

    This Corbetteer is the Peace Bus Captain. I am gathering up my clipboard, tennis shoes, visor and whistle now. I will report back to the Corbett Report here after the event. 😀

    • SuperBobo says:

      Wonderful! With you in spirit way over here in the UK. Looking forward to the report.

    • Duck says:

      “…. police have given us a two page long list of prohibited items, that we MUST NOT bring with us to the rally….. artillery,…”


      They expected you to come dragging some cannon???? Lol 🙂

  10. Detox says:

    🙂 You should be in Oxford today brother. But I guess that rally is over already, against their new 15 minute city plan. I look fwd to reports on how it went there as well.

    Om Shanti!

  11. catie says:

    Thanks for re-running this. I was just thinking about Rozoff the other day, reminding myself to find some of his latest takes on what’s happening.

    It is kind of a gloomy ending, but he references the lack of interest the general population has. I used to think, after 9/11, that people would wake up. I defended Americans for years saying they just didn’t know because of this or that. Can’t defend it anymore.

    Some of us just see the entire picture. We easily connect the dots and can see the patterns in the progression of decline. I don’t know why some people see this stuff and the rest do not. Or maybe they do see it but keep their heads in the sand hoping it will all work out.

    False Flag crimes, like the sabotage of Nord Stream pipeline, are openly admitted to public without consequence. So, the End Game is here – and we all get to be a part of it….Oh Joy (sarcasm)!

  12. loggin says:

    Excellent, I 100% agree. What matters is information, understanding what’s happening, not getting into a rage against the (American) empire.

  13. waterman says:

    Can I ask if anyone else here “Fell off their chair” recognising a certain actor who owns an OSCAR ? @ 9:48 – 9:50 !

    Even with the grainy footage, I would still lay a bet that it is HIM 🙁 Appreciate any verification’s from your own perspective, Thanks

  14. source says:

    In every sense it is clear that the current battle is being waged in the human psyche, and so the answer must be an alternative vision for humanity based on an inherent and unifying understanding of who and what we are. We, as a collective of “awakening wonders” can and must beat the prevailing agenda before it begins, by sharing such an alternative vision. Fighting the matrix on its own terms simply makes it stronger. They work in the psyche, so can we. When the matrix has been utterly (spiritually) transcended, then there is no “other”, and the matrix is no longer a threat to anyone. I submit the following as an absolute statement of truth: the only SANE context (a state of being where mind and heart are at rest) is Perfect Peace. A real and encompassing awakening is easy for those who accept this fundamental principle. That the desire for war is clearly insane is not obvious to those who insist that there is an “enemy” or one who is wrong that is NOT me. Yet it is clear that if I am right, another must be wrong. Hence, the self-enquiry useful in the any return to sanity can be stated thusly: “Do I tolerate conflict in any shape or form?” Such radical honesty opens a door in the psyche for a Unifying Presence and Principle (which is already prior to all conflict) to reveal a benevolent path forward. In reality, this is already occurring. The world is being driven (revealed as already) mad by the approach (or Revelation, due to the collective turning of mankind) of Real God.

    • Gavinm says:


      Thank you for another insightful and intriguing comment.

      Could you please elaborate on your definition of the being you refer to as “Real God”?

      • source says:

        Real God is Reality or Truth Itself, the Source Condition as It Always Already IS, prior to a concept of self or world, even prior to thought. Being-ness Itself, Perfect Transparency, experienced as Free Energy and Bliss. (the short answer:) Thank you for your interest.

  15. JCh129 says:

    Considering all of the following:
    – Putin is a WEF young global leader
    – He has strong ties to the elite cabal
    – Russia followed the same covid script as all the western nations
    – Russia pushed the same vaccine policies/narrative as the west

    Isn’t it possible, even likely, that this entire conflict is a staged planned event by the same powers who clearly control both sides? I honestly wouldn’t be at all shocked if Zelensky and Putin were friends and played golf together (or whatever rich people over there do). I’m not saying I think there isn’t real bloodshed but I seriously call into question the true motives behind any global conflict like this one. To be honest, I’m surprised this idea and its implications aren’t at least considered when having discussions like this one especially considering everything we know about Putin and Russia’s clear compliance with the global narrative being pushed in basically every country on earth. I really think the elite cabal have basically achieved a one world government while doing everything they can to mask this fact which leads me to believe that modern day war is either a result of 2 things.
    1. A country/regime/dictator refusing to go along with the global narrative cabal and where their CIA/MIA intelligence agencies have failed to successfully initiate a coup and set up their own puppet gov.
    2. Planned/Staged for the elites amusement and/or to transfer wealth and/or to kill off huge segments of the global population.

    Since Russia clearly doesn’t fit into the first category (since Putin already is their puppet) it makes me think this another staged conflict where both sides are controlled by the same psychopaths and all the ‘reasons’ we’re lead to believe are the cause are smoke and mirrors and all part of carefully constructed narrative designed to make the conflict seem completely legit. Maybe I’m off in left field on this one but just a thought.

  16. ksmen says:

    I said from day one that this is all theater. Putin is in on it with everyone else.

    They have three years to control the food supply and have us in smart cities. They needed to disrupt the food and fuel supply in Europe and where do those two things come from? Ukraine and Russia.

    The Netherlands is a part of the UN, so they could destroy their food and fuel supply in the name of climate change reform.

    I wouldn’t be surprises if they use this as an excuse to bomb the US. How convenient would it be to have people begging the government to protect them.

    I haven’t found anyone that is with me on this. It’s just a primal gut feeling from day one.

  17. brig says:

    The sound quality was very poor today!

  18. The Truth is out there YT says:

    War is inevitable.

    The first of the new Wonder Woman movies actually had am interesting comment on war hidden out in the open right from the start. Her people had been battling the god of war for quite some time.
    Just look up the 53.3 year cycle of war and keep going .

  19. Superbuggg says:

    This flashback is from one month before Putin disappeared for ten days in March 2015 and his body-double returned! Hmnnn…

  20. Torus says:

    Spot the aggressor.
    I appreciate these time-lapse maps. This provides a clear and impactful visual re NATO

    …not one meter to the East. Ya, about that…

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