Interview 098 - Clare Swinney

09/09/20093 Comments

Joining us from New Zealand is Clare Swinney, a 9/11 truth researcher and activist who was institutionalized, labelled delusional and force medicated for believing that 9/11 is an inside job.

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  1. HyperSimian says:

    Bone chilling

  2. 4wuzf says:

    I’m a new subscriber to James and I was not aware of this shocking story until I followed the show notes from James’ recent appearance (May 2023) on The subtlecain Podcast titled “Dissent Into Madness”. This is the stuff of fantasy or so I thought….This happened more than 10 years ago in my backyard. Shocking…

  3. hamirand says:

    This is wild. I’m American but lived in NZ while all this was going on and had no idea of it. My father-in-law even lived in Whangarei. Wow!

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