I'm Moving

03/12/201618 Comments

James takes a moment to let you know that The Corbett Report is moving into a new place...along with his (growing) family.

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  1. Apollo Slater says:

    Congratulations James!

  2. mksca220 says:

    Congrats James! Good luck with the move.

  3. lurrichenta says:

    Yei! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the move and congratulations to all the family for the new member!

  4. JosephNobody says:

    Congratulations Corbett Family !

  5. Jopa says:

    Congrats! I think that is the first time I saw what looks like fear in your expression.

  6. doublek321 says:

    Congrats on your child! And good luck with the move.

    Also, maybe I’m missing it but is there a donate link on your page? I see “Purchase a DVD”, “Join the community” (I’m already a member) and “Donate Bitcoin” but don’t see a plain old donate button.

    Would like to send a few bucks your way in honor of the good news!

  7. Selinah says:

    Congratulations to you and your family James! It is such a
    privilege to support you! Happy moving….

  8. NES says:

    Congrats on the coming family member and on your new digs. I’m happy to know that our support is providing a real office for you. How great is that?

  9. jarea says:

    Good for you and congratulations on your new family member! Hope all turns out wonderfully.

    Looking forward to a more expansive Corbett Report from your expansive new studio!!! 😉

  10. Collin says:

    Hi James, congrats – hope all goes as you would wish.
    Just as an add on, have just got my copy of;


    Check it out for the families sake – some good info therein,

  11. whateverittakes2 says:

    James, Thanks for sharing your happy news (about your growing family and your bigger place). Will we get to see some pictures (of both)?


  12. dreadeutsch says:

    How do we find that video tour of your old home studio?

  13. Nick Sikorski says:


  14. sasser says:

    Good to hear. I happen to be in a similar situation. Checked out a new apartment tonight including a possible editorial room/office.

    I will certainly continue to follow your reports.

    Torbjorn Sassersson, Editor, NewsVoice.se (Sweden, Stockholm)

  15. cruzmauio says:

    Kudos for the new family member, James! And, of course, for the new studio!!! Wish you all the best!

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