I Am A Sustainable Free Trade Globalist!

11/28/2017137 Comments

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"Sustainability." "Free trade." "Globalism." Does the very mention of these words set your blood boiling? Why? Are you reacting to the actual meaning of the words, or the way those words have been twisted to serve various political agendas? Do you control your language? If you don't, then do you control your own thoughts?

Join James in today's philosophical thought for the day and leave your examples of words and phrases that have been perverted, co-opted and ruined by the powers-that-shouldn't-be.

Karl Rove's infamous quotation about "reality"

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  1. ekawAediW says:

    Other misnomers:

    Anarchy !=* Chaos
    Egalitarianism != Destroy _____ social norm in _____ region
    Social Justice != ” ” ” ”
    Civilization != Arbitrary rule of the many by the few worst (kakistocracy)
    Justice != Blind subservience to State enforcers

    * != means: Does not equal to

    • stephen.p says:

      Liberation = We’d like to steal your natural resources and put military bases on your land.
      Freedom = Obeying authority

      • The Last American Vagabond says:

        That is one that drives me crazy, the US “humanitarian efforts!” Liberating with bombs and sanctions!

        • danmanultra says:

          “Humanitarian LOVE Bombs” as Corbett likes to say. Remember when Syria was supposedly gassing their own people and then the US killed some civilians and failed to blow up a military runway as retaliation? The just care so much about the suffering over there! (Probably why they keep causing it, no doubt…)

    • Jeff says:

      Anarchy is definitely the first word that comes to mind. But would argue both ‘anarchy’ and ‘chaos’ have both been rewired and strongly associated to well orchestrated, armed, financed, direct and/or proxied attacks by one state on another. What the media calls anarchy and chaos is simply plain old fashion state warfare.

    • weilunion says:

      Uncritical thinkers very rarely define the concepts that they use, be it free trade, militarism, terrorism and a whole range of daily terms.

      For many, the feeble minded, definitions of the words they use are not even apparent to them. This is because behind every term or concept we use lay our assumptions. And it is the assumptions that we unconsciously and consciously hold that need to be identified and ruthlessly committed to critical scrutiny. This all means we need to start thinking within questions and not just answers, or, best critically think of how to question answers than to rush to answer questions.

      But in today’s world where opinion makers and Madison Ave. types define language for the masses, people use words not even knowing that others use the same words or concepts to mean different ideas, different things, different notions.

      Learning to think critically is learning to identify the assumptions that people, and ourselves, harbor. For these assumptions are rarely examined and if not, they thus calcify.

      Learning to define concepts by use of examples, metaphors or analogies and learning to ask oneself and others what they and we mean by what we say is a critical thinking skill.

      Developing an inter-Socratic spirit is what real critical thinking is all about.

      Sadly, few even acknowledge the words they use are based on assumptions they often have never even defined let alone examined.

      An example: critical thinking.

      • Mielia says:

        I think critical thinking is an overused pleonasm. Thinking would be simply enough.
        Very well you could usually interchange critical to something like true or mindful or …

        I understand why people want to set themselves apart from mindless repetition of phrases, pure babbling, robotic word expression and cognition, pure emotional response etc. and thus choose the word critical before thinking.
        I still think thinking would be enough to subsume all necessary features wished for when people talk about critical thinking.

        Maybe it’s also a bit like alternative and independent media, comes to mind at the last second.

  2. martin.h says:

    Could be off base but what about depression. Medicalised as though unhappiness were unnatural. I don’t see any doctors prescribing pills for euphoria. Why is that? Doctor, I’ve been having these annoying feelings of happiness lately… Maybe depression is medicalised because it it is a natural response to the kleptocracy

    • manbearpig says:

      Wow! I was going to say “Skepticism”!

      I was also thinking of:



      Family Planning



      Equal Opporunity


      Social Security






      Public Relations






      Health care




      The deformation by association of the words ‘Virtual’ and ‘Reality’…

      or the word ‘Correct’ in ‘Politically Correct’…


    • manbearpig says:

      good “scientist” link zyxzevn X-)

  3. revpetmuse says:

    How about, “America”?

  4. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Fun Fact…. Did you know…

    SPECTRE stands for Terror, Extortion and Revenge….

    What other organization in the real world have the same ethics??

    Is this art depicting life or the other way round?? (Terror = “false flag events”, Extortion = “Tax”, Revenge = “eliminate anyone with an opposing view”)

    And, i mean SPECTRE from the James bond movies.. here is a wiki explanation.

    SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion)

    Am I going mad??? maybe 🙂

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I remember “SPECTRE”. (Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion)
      “World domination. Same old dream. It’s name is SPECTRE.”
      Video clip – https://youtu.be/eE7nJ9KONN8?t=1m17s

      Also, I remember the “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) whose nemesis was T.H.R.U.S.H. (Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity). THRUSH desired to control the world, or at least give you a fungal infection.
      Paradoxically, when you listen to the “Intro to U.N.C.L.E.”, it is actually a covert global police force. Kind of like where we are headed.
      (About 1964) INTRO video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjmOkqU6Roo

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi HomeRemedySupply,

        Hahaha… I know exactly what you mean….

        The strange thing is WHY??

        it could be that artists and writers can see things the average person cannot see, and this is their way of expressing their anguish.

        or it could be that “REAL” SPECTRE is softening/preparing us for things to come, like shoehorning the concept and idea’s into our heads.

        or it could be “master criminal thinking” of bragging about their “achievements”

        p.s. I enjoyed the links you have in your post.

        • danmanultra says:

          Personally I believe the villains of our day and age are getting more and more ideas from the old school comic book villains. Every time I see the news and our so called rulers I see more and more of the Joker and Lex Luthor. But unlike the comics there’s no Superman poised to stop them….

  5. m.clare says:

    Supernatural language saturates our daily communication:


    These magic words can be played at any time like a trump card to stop communication. We shall not question a persons “right” to believe in fairy tales… why not..?

    “Science” has become a magic word. “Science” tells us the truth; it has become the new anthropomorphized Supreme Being. Be the first person to utter the magic word and the debate is over before it begins.

    More magic words:

    Conspiracy theorist
    Energy that can be either “dirty” or “clean”
    Left vs. Right
    The dreaded “Carbon Footprint” which is the new and improved original sin for the religion of the New Millennium

  6. whaugen says:

    Reform Act of Anything,
    Modernization Act of Anything,
    Patriot Act.

  7. sahid.miller says:

    One of my favorite ideas to chew on! Maybe we should build a dictionary of hijacked words, the “Alternative Dictionary” It’s sort of like those people who sell shirts with a bad word in a foreign language, there’s clearly a malicious intent! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtIfumKPJPU

    Arabic example: Muslim
    Common definition – A follower of the religion Islam.
    “Real” definition – Worships God alone, does not make partners with Him, and does not take one another (humans) as lords instead of God.

    So this example isn’t an english one and the change is pretty subtle, but I’ll skip the details. Applying the proper definition as above, many who consider themselves Muslims, are not. While many who don’t consider themselves Muslims, actually are. Those who fall in the former category prefer to alter the definition to include themselves and exclude others from it, thus having them stay or move to the latter category, without ever realizing they do fit the proper definition.

    I think it’s a pretty useful example in this War on Terror environment. This is a good knowledge bomb for those who claim radicals are attempting to hijack islam and/or refuse to use the phrase, “radical islamic terrorism”. And it’s a good starting point for those who want some context on the word and concept and it’s historical evolution/uses, Voegelin style.

    A few others on the top of my mind are libertarian (Big L, lil L), anarchy, secret societies, etc… all of which you’ve pointed out before. But now that I have the ball rolling in my head, it’s starting to look less like hijacked words and more like a general lack of inquiry, which much could be said about.

  8. The Last American Vagabond says:

    Such an interesting and important topic. One aspect that I notice, is the way certain words that were once “conspiracy theory” words, that are now being intentionally used in order to redefine their meaning in the minds of the masses, such “The Deep State” or “regime change” or even “independent media.” We all know quite well what these terms mean, in large part due to your work James, but the average person watching MSM, is now being programmed to see them in a different light, most likely because we were having some measure of success in awakening people to their truth.

    • The Last American Vagabond says:

      Here is a perfect example of Trump using the term Deep State, but clearly not in the proper usage. This will make those who do not know of the term, begin to think it simply means only the “intelligence community,” which we know it means much more than that. Rebranding terms! https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/935701139198181376

      • danmanultra says:

        If you follow Media Monarchy you will here James Evan Pilato say “Mainstream Culture ate Conspiracy Culture”; and now they are regurgitating it. The thing about mainstream media (news, Hollywood, corporate music) they have very little creativity so their favorite thing to do is borrow from something better and eventually subvert its original intention. Over and over again.

  9. irazi says:

    Easy one: terrorist. As in the Western mainstream media, only Muslims can be terrorists. All non-Muslims are just “mass killers” or “mental health issues.”

  10. bas says:

    I can relate. I’m following a class called “Sociology of globalisation” in uni this semester. Every class gets more frustrating. As is typical of Western European scholars, the lecturer acknowledges that “globalisation” as we know it today has not come into existence naturally, but at the same time explains the ideological force behind it to be the “free market”. I pointed out to him in an e-mail conversation that the not-so-free “free market” isn’t quite that, and that the rise of “capitalism” (whatever that means) over the last 500 years has been intrinsically intertwined with the emergence of the “nation-state,” whose rulers are not antithetical to the not-so-free “free market” but rather fostered its existence. It was obvious from his responses that he was triggered by a couple of words that are indeed hi-jacked by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be, such as “free market,” “spontaneous order,” “capitalism,” etc. As a result, he was incapable of having a healthy discussion. It is so worrying that it is almost impossible to penetrate this linguistic wall that is erected around these people whose self-proclaimed job is to deconstruct concepts and language that are taken for granted.

  11. amjamiediggins says:

    I won’t try and add to the rapidly growing list… I truly enjoyed manbearpig’s list. I will add my general opinion of “social media”, it’s a giant cesspit of mind numbing bullshit! Texting, f#ckbook, twitter, ad neasium, all mind crack that is highly successful in turning potentially productive peoples into zombified pieces of feces! Truly sad to see my fellow humans turned to mental mush.
    I’m personally so offended by it that I no longer have a phone at all! Wifey has one. No home or cell, hack that NSA bitchez! I know that every keystroke and mouse move is recorded, much like all texts and conversations, so what.
    I’m laughing at you useless waste of skin spooks!
    Thank you James, as always, for your beautiful intellect, and for sharing it with us. My best wishes to you and yours.

  12. dwayner says:

    Language is just a way to communicate. It is changing all the time, according to the needs of the communicator. With MSM and journalism serving the wannabe world controllers (wwc), it only stands to reason that the meanings of words would be manipulated and spun to serve their need and agenda. The only way out of this to is to THINK before you speak! Who are you speaking to? What are you endeavouring to communicate to them? How important is it to get your point across, and why? ETC>>>> There are many things to discern, the more conscious we become of the situations all around us.

    I am learning to speak only when I discern that the person I am speaking to is capable of understanding me. This is much harder than it sounds. If that person is shown to be open-minded, he is likely to get a conversation from me. If he uses all the words which I know to be manipulated by the wwc, then I deem it highly unlikely he will understand me, and I speak only of superfluous things I know he will understand (it used to be The Weather, but even that is politically charged, if one isn’t careful. My default is gardening).

    Being a master at arguing one’s own meanings to bully others into confusion and victimhood is a common trait of the psychopath. I recently had a conversation with one of these, and it was posted online for all to see (freedomainradio, November 26 call-in show, 3rd call). I felt it was truly revealing of the way words can be weaponized and used against free thinking empowered individuals, in this case, for the glorification of ego). We must be vigilant against this kind of gas-lighting (I trust everyone on this thread will understand that term).–especially with those who claim to be standing for freedom and responsible decision-making for all. This podcaster gets his jollies by belittling people he knows nothing about, nor cares for, in order to self-aggrandize. I didn’t realize the true agenda until I had already taken the bait. I had really just wanted a good creative solution-based conversation about alternatives to the wwc, not an argument. A Corbetteer at heart…My mistake, but my lesson.

    Beware of the wwc! He lurks within everyone who starts with the line “How do we get people to _____?” (my answer: I don’t, and you shouldn’t either).

    Kind Regards, Teresa

    • cush350 says:

      “in this case, for the glorification of ego”= Verbal masturbation.

      • john.o says:

        Teresa, to point out that Stefan Molineux’s “rational arguments” actually sound like he is arguing with his Mom, that was…well, don’t ever do that again.

        Or, if you do, please let me know when.

    • pearl says:

      Teresa, you have my admiration. Calling in to challenge an assumption takes a healthy dose of courage and conviction; you held your own remarkably well. The arena of ideas is a brutal place, and though his bully/shaming tactics moved his fan club to bow down in admiration of their wise leader, I saw at least 2 commenters (in the link mkey provided) who weren’t impressed by his behavior (they, too, were slapped down and shamed). That’s all it takes. Keep up the good fight.

      • john.o says:

        Teresa was even better than that! She showed him as captive to a silly argumentative inner teenager, with “arguments” eventually of the lowest variety.

        You weren’t arguing, Teresa, but if you were, his arguments in return, “I don’t think you do.” and “But my mother was not a boomer…” were so funny, I will type LOL for, like, the 3rd time in my life!

        It was over at that point. Even though you weren’t trying to win– especially because you weren’t trying to win –he lost.

        Call me a softy. I actually feels sorry for him. I have an inner teenager with a bitchy mom too. Fortunately, my fame and livelihood do not depend on defending him.

        • pearl says:

          True, john.o, which is why, after nearly 45 tense, bewildering, gas-lighting minutes, he could only toss her aside like a spent tissue and end it. Mommy issues for sure; scary that he has such a following.

          • john.o says:

            Probably not telling you much you don’t know, Pearl, but at one level almost all of politics and religion can be boiled down to Mommy Issues. It’s a lot of the human predicament and the male versions are at the big huge scary underbelly of almost every movement everywhere, including a few championed on this site.

            Somewhere someone (I am guessing a woman, I’ll look for it) brought up the way the “red pill” metaphor has morphed from being about seeing all of us as trapped in a system, to a symbol of masculine protest against a perceived gynocratic “Matrix.”

            This is a fact. The red pill metaphor is now used openly by sites teaching young men how to stop being “beta” dupes, and start manipulating women by using their insecurities, so that one can pick them up like “alphas” with no qualms about them as people…for many young men (and I’ve been there) there is enough truth to the expose of the modern de-masculinized “nice guy” male, that this new model for men is rather widespread and many see becoming a Class-A1 Super Prick as essential to overcoming the oppression of The Matrix on their male selves.

            There is just enough truth in that to make it powerful, but the rise of the Class-A1 Super Prick as the model fav egood reason to be alarmed.

            • pearl says:

              “…but at one level almost all of politics and religion can be boiled down to Mommy Issues.”

              Yep, from a religious perspective, I understand all too well. Ever read Luther’s quotes on women? And who doesn’t have mommy and/or daddy issues? Good grief, my biological father was absent most of my life; I haven’t heard from him in over a decade, but I don’t go through life blaming and hating men. Contrarily, and if my understanding is correct, Molyneux’s worldview says that my father’s alcoholic, abusive, deadbeat ways (a hellish life I’m lucky to have been spared given his absence) go back to *his* mother. Simply put, the entirety of the world’s woes may be confidently attributed to all the world’s mommies. How can one begin to reason with such a hostile conviction? I don’t believe one can.

              But as to this red pill movement, my knowledge is strictly peripheral. I had no idea the extent of it, and find your description frightening. Wow. And with you, I also see how it’s come to this. Thanks feminazis! Divide and conquer.

            • john.o says:

              The post I was referring to, and trying to respond to here, to some extent, is from kabouit:


              Someone else said it was not responded to adequately, given its importance. I agree.

              Terminology conversions seem to be the main real topic here and kabouit has given a very interesting example, the morph of “red pill” starting as a universal symbol of gnostic liberation from a reality built on lies, and changing to a symbol of a much narrower masculine protest, with very different expressions.

              I don’t feel like linking the “red-pill” sites to which I refer. If one really wants the proof, they are easy to find with search engines. As I note, not everything said or every person’s concerns are worthless either, but dig a bit and one finds a lot of cynical proud immaturity, to put it charitably.

              Part of that is that this whole thing is an online marketer’s dream, playing as it does on real masculine frustrations. But, in any case, the sites bear out kabouit’s point about the change in the use of the “red pill” metaphor.

              • pearl says:

                Kabouit’s insight was astute indeed. No question it’s one that demands greater attention. As I rhetorically asked earlier, who doesn’t have legitimate complaints about the opposite sex? Metaphorically speaking, this movement is like chaff condensed in a grain silo, the potential for a terribly destructive explosion. It promises further violence (emotional and/or physical) in the home. Being foundational to every man, woman, boy and girl, it suggests to me that it ought to be one which Corbetteers take an uncompromising stand against: don’t subscribe to their websites, don’t give airtime to their hosts, don’t attend their conferences, etc. Given James’ educated, diverse readership, I think these fringe groups need him to gain a following more than he needs them to address otherwise common issues.

                A no-brainer solution, me thinks.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Teresa is a great genuine gal…a person who anyone would be glad to have as a friend. Someone you would like hang out with. Maybe even talk her out of some home raised chicken eggs.

        Stefan Molyneux has never appealed to me. He is a jerk, a conversational ass. I would never want to spend my spare time visiting with him. I had to force myself to listen to this.

        • pearl says:

          What nice words; I hope she sees them.

          Add to that, she home schooled her kids! I’m curious to know if she did it when homeschooling wasn’t the trend, and therefore less likely to have the support and resources available now. If so, she’s a true pioneer(I’m currently home schooling mine, so couldn’t help but wonder).

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            My impression is that she was HomeSchooling prior to it becoming a more popular trend during this current decade. But I don’t really know.
            I know about HomeSchool, because in the very early 90’s I helped to establish a private “HomeSchool Academy” when the concept was on the fringe. http://northtexasacademy.com/grades-4-8/

            Raising kids in itself is always a stellar endeavor, much less trying to make a living.
            ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

            I have met a Corbetteer Teresa at a local VAXXED event on Sept 18, 2016.

            I’m just not sure if this is the same Teresa. Wonderful gal! We also had an email exchange about chickens and a rooster some months back.

            • pearl says:

              Amazing!That would make you a sort of pioneer too! Btw, I’m just down the road from you…north of San Antonio, actually.

              Going by what I’ve read from you, you’ve helped bring awareness to so many important issues, ie. 9/11, vaccines, JFK, as well as helping pave the way for us home schoolers to thrive in the state of Texas.

              I salute you, sir.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Dang! Pearl! “We’re neighbors”.
                There sure are a lot of Texans who are Corbetteers.

                My granddaughter is going to college in San Marcus.

              • pearl says:

                Small world, my son is considering Texas State. 🙂

            • dwayner says:

              I never wanted to put my kids in school. They were all born in the 70’s, by the way. We ended up living on a small island where there was a gr 1-gr9 school. My husband and I were teaching the kids the 3 R’s and then we got to know some of the local teachers. They were cool, expats from California, back-to-the-land types, teaching kids really good things. So we put them in for two or three years. When they started bringing home TV culture, and fighting with each other (which they had never done before school) we decided to take them out. We lived on a floathouse, so we had a good excuse for the Ministry of Education, and they sent us curriculum material which I taught them with. It was really simple, and well thought out. We sent in the completed lessons every week. They were able to get through what would have taken the whole day at school in about two hours. They had the rest of the time to play on shore, climb trees, row boats, pick edibles, visit the neighbours who lived on the waterfront, mostly fishing families. It was a really good life. When they needed the higher grades we moved to a small city where they brushed up on the social skills. They all have good work ethic, and are very resourceful and successful at whatever they do. I am proud of them, my greatest creative work.

              I hope this helps, or at least interests you.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:


              • manbearpig says:

                Wow! Pretty impressive your kids education!
                Wish I could stake claim to all that!
                (and I’d always wanted to grow up myself on Prince Edward Island after reading Anne of Green Gables.)
                Sadly, living in a hippie commune during my formative years pretty much made me Hate anything resembling gardening, manual work or collective living…
                And I guess that’s what I transmitted to my children as well. Though my daughter’s a dancer and my son plays double bass. And then, as is often the case with the middle child, my handsome older son’s so smart and savvy with words and history he doesn’t know where to put it all and is pretty much an albeit very funny but lost and lonely dude with a boring day job in a supermarket…

                well this rambling tell all post has made me late for the hamster Wheel!

                May you and yours stay well and happy!

              • pearl says:

                Such a lovely picture, Teresa.

            • HopefulOne says:

              HRS, thank you for the kind words!
              Yes, I am another “Teresa” living in the Lone Star State, and yes, I do have chickens. I enjoy reading all of the comments from the “Corbeteers”, and invariably, I learn something and have a great laugh at the same time.

              Thank you, HRS, for encouraging so many posters on this site with your positive Texan perspective! It was great to meet you in Dallas.

              It’s also great fun for many of us to hear about your youthful escapades and the great work done in Dallas to make life better for everyone.


        • dwayner says:

          Yey! I am so glad to get all these lovely words from my fellow Corbetteers! I enjoy hanging out with you all so much. After looking all the horrible comments on the FDR YouTube channel, I appreciate Corbetteers even more! So intelligent and kind hearted! So open minded!

          I have commented on James’ website a few times. I think I just really needed to get some support this time, and you really came through!

          I live in Canada, actually grew up where James Corbett did, but I keep up with the American scene pretty good. I used to go to Texas for winters (five times back in the 70’s). I gave birth to my youngest daughter in Austin. At the time, midwifery was just getting started. It was all “illegal” and not controlled at all by the medical establishment. We did everything “under the radar” in those days. Austin was quite radical, back then. I sold moosehide moccasins (I made them with hides I brought from Canada) at the last event at the Armadillo World Headquarters before it got demolished. Ahhhh, the stories…. These kind of things were what I wanted to share with King Argument, but he missed out big time.

          Thanks again for your kind words.


          • john.o says:

            Indeed, Teresa, he missed out big time. And that was obvious and very painful and sad to listen to, really.

            Lucky kids!

            Amazing who survives those Canadian winters.

          • pearl says:

            Youtube comments rarely venture out of the baby pool. Wait, there was a great one I saw on a Paul McCartney/Wings song sometime back…something like, “If you play this backwards, you get a damn good recipe for chicken stew.”

            We love our winter-Texans. So far, it feels like it’ll be a mild one, and that’s how I prefer them, the cold-weather wimp I am.

            So glad you let us know about your call with Molyneux. For me, it was not only timely, but necessarily enlightening. I had only first heard of him just a few weeks ago, and so I was in the process of checking him out. The most helpful info I learned about him came from Wikipedia, but I knew that had to be taken with a shovel of salt. Then, you left your comment, and hearing his smooth manipulation and contempt for you confirmed what I had learned. For him, you were an easy target: first, you put him on the defensive by challenging his authority; second, you’re a woman with a strong sense of being. How dare you!

            Crazy thing is, given the disgusting majority of huckster “men of gawd” preaching in Christendom, waxing eloquent and getting rich off donations and cheap books, you’d think I’d have recognized Molyneux to be of the same ilk right off the bat after seeing just one of his videos (you know, where there’s nothing but a boring white background behind him): he is so confident that his audience will be so utterly enraptured by his lectures, he’s all they need to see! Narcissist clue number 1, *bigtime*.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        This Stefan Molyneux podcast has been sticking my attention, because it is so deviously sick. I woke up this morning thinking about it. It bugged me.

        Teresa states things very well with…
        Being a master at arguing one’s own meanings to bully others into confusion and victimhood is a common trait of the psychopath.

        Stefan Molyneux very well could be a psychopath. He certainly has many of the psychopathic traits and he utilizes manipulative devices in his “pretense for truth” veneer.

        While I don’t want to “witch hunt” the term psychopath, I can definitely say that he is not a friend to mankind.
        A “friend to man” doesn’t act like this, no matter the justification.

        So, technically, I can not call Stefan Molyneux a psychopath.
        But I will call him a major asshole. Deluxe size. The Galaxy looks small by comparison.
        And I will bad mouth him any chance I get.

      • dwayner says:

        Wow, Thank you, Pearl, and all these other great folks!

        I really sustained some trauma from that little conversation with King Argument that day. I find myself plagued with “shoulduvs, coulduvs” and wished I had actually hung up before I even got on the show. I don’t know if anyone here has ever called him, but they make you wait for hours online and you have listen to the callers before you. After about 15 minutes of nothing while Mike was waiting for the King to enter, there was no apology or any kind of consideration for us. After listening to the first call where he proceeded to tell this young entrepreneur how greedy the boomers were (for just having seniority in the office)I figured he was already arming up for me. Then when he insisted on having an argument instead of a creative discussion, I knew he was going to do the most popular of “bad arguments”: the ad hominem attack.

        I have a book called “The Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments” (by Ali Almossawi), and I honestly think he tried them all, including strawman, equivocation, guilt by association, slippery slope, false dilemma, hasty generalization…. I was hoping that, at the very least, others would see his hypocrisy. Anyway, the media is fickle, and I’m sure everyone will forget about “me”. I was amazed at the comments he got on the YouTube (he usually doesn’t post the audio calls, but he obviously thought this was a winner). People made such hateful comments and crazy claims about me when they don’t even know me! I never got the chance to express anything about who I am or how I value my life. I really think Stephan Molyneux is inciting violent and divisive behaviour in these ignorant people. Not good.


        • pearl says:

          One thing which irked me in that call was how he kept insisting you hadn’t done a damn thing, made no contribution; you acted independent of the collective, so it mattered not what you had done (and your stated accomplishments are quite impressive!). That most basic characteristic showed him to be the authoritarian he is, and a dangerous one at that with his fevered resentment of women driving his convictions.

          All in all, this was a great object lesson for me, and no doubt for many of us. The cost, however, was too great. I’m so sorry you went through what most definitely was a traumatic event.

          Thank you for mentioning the book; it’s one I will definitely get. My hope is that I can master the skills, recognize the pitfalls, and do half as well as you did.

          • dwayner says:

            Yes, important to “know the enemy”–in this case, arrogant ego. The day the call was scheduled I did a bit more research on SM. I had been just taking him at his words for so long, and I was curious to learn a bit more about the man before I talked to him. Strangely, the very day of the call, I came across a legal case he and his wife were involved in. His wife is a psychiatrist and she was accused of malpractice for her involvement in the show, specifically around their “defoo” strategy. I am not sure if they invented the word, but essentially it means that all children are in prison and are mistreated by their parents just because of their innocence and dependence. The only way out of this oppression is for the growing individual to cut themselves off from their parents and family as soon as they are able. Only Mr. and Mrs. Argument know how to parent properly, and that is what they are on earth to do; to teach the rest of us how raising a child is to be accomplished. The suit was defeated, and they went free (due to a technicality). They have since cooled a little on this inflammatory issue, but he drums it home to every traumatized caller who has mommy issues. So harmful!!! I really fear for all these lost kids in the younger age group who trust this man to advise them.


            • john.o says:

              This has been one of the more fascinating sets of exchanges on this site.

              The spectre of the narcissistic leader, (and that is not name calling or even, diagnosis, but just an old tragic human story) looms in every movement no matter the right or truth it contains in itself. I was unaware of this particular “family ideology” espoused (the right term here) by Molyneux. Like others I mostly just immediately and distinctly took a dislike to him. I personally find him embarrassing, no doubt a comment on me.

              If one happens to be interested in the way nuggets of truth with psychological power can be used to gather human steam, which can then be directed in any direction, a Clinton or Trump direction, for instance, Molyneux is hard to ignore. He generates numbers as a phony disruptor and funnels people into very main-stream divides over and over.

              I am truly sorry for your distress Teresa the 1st (or are you Teresa II? I am confused!) but it was not in vain. I have a feeling more people than we might suspect will be turned off by an obvious human disconnect: “something is missing in this man’s heart” – many people will feel that and move on without commenting, treating it like a bit of “accidental” pornography on YouTube.

              Here are some tips on how NOT to let an exchange like that get to you:

              1) Become a narcissist yourself and completely disallow your feelings any access to awareness
              2) Do not second guess yourself with a human conscience, instead gloat on how you actually won and are the superior human being
              3) Don’t focus on the harm he is doing, focus on how he tried to make you look bad
              4) Forget all you have actually done, which in fact are accomplishments stunningly rare on this earth, and start building your Brand and your Channel to get even
              5) Learn how to argue under-the-belt yourself and push buttons to provoke easily opposed responses. Nobody wants to listen to you sit there and remain dignified, even if the other guy withers and dies, because you were not opposing him! How can you tell the story of your victory if you don’t vanquish enemies?

              Or I suppose you could just hang in there as a great person and let the rest of us go to Hell.

              It was fantastic, Teresa. But maybe only once in a while, for your health.

            • pearl says:

              “I came across a legal case he and his wife were involved in. His wife is a psychiatrist and she was accused of malpractice for her involvement in the show, specifically around their ‘defoo’ strategy.”

              This article is the very first reference in the wikipedia page on Molyneux, but I fail to see why since footnote “[1]” is nowhere to be found therein, nor is the main thrust of the article even cited (maybe I’m completely blind, it’s there and I missed it?!). Anyway, it’s kind of a seriously glaring detail about him allegedly listening in on his wife’s counseling sessions (which she allegedly did nothing to prevent):


  13. bladtheimpailer says:

    Interesting thought exercise. If words get co-opted… such as sustainable, meaning a society that just replaces itself and does not draw down on its life support systems over a continuous time span, and becomes a parody of itself when sustainable development becomes almost anything but or becomes a trade off for other issues of value to society then we need new words or phrases to qualify our thoughts. Perhaps ‘sustainable’ as used by “One World Order” adherents should be referred to as ‘sequential’ development to separate its meaning from true sustainable options?

    • danmanultra says:

      I might choose “reduction-ism” as the name for their life philosophy. Reducing the number of lives, the quality and value of life, and the meaning of life. Reduction of man to an organic machine to be maintained and monitored seems to be the end goal.

  14. althea says:

    Colors. Why stop at language?
    Pink = breast cancer
    Green = sustainable development

  15. scpat says:

    The much used example of how language can be twisted is, “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.” Other examples are: The Patriot Act (someone who loves their country, a patriot, must also favor being surveiled and having their freedom restricted), The Liberty Act (nothing to do with liberty), Defense budget/spending (nothing to do with defending the U.S. Everything to do with expanding its empire and hegemony over other regions of the world not remotely threatening to the U.S.), Terrorsim (whoever is an enemy of the “civilized” nations. Palestinians are terrorists, not Israel. North Korea is a terrorist state, so is Iran, Syria, so were Iraq and Libya, because it served a political purpose. The United States is not a terrorist state because they drone bomb civilians, support the terrosit state of Saudi Arabia, fund al-Qaeda and ISIS, etc. in the name of freedom. They are right in doing it because they have the moral high ground. They are the civilized ones. This makes it acceptable and justified. War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

  16. emily.k says:


    A group of us in the education world have been putting together a list of ed-related terms that have been co-opted by the powers that shouldn’t be. (Im sure you are aware that they have sunk their claws deep, deep into public education.)

    Please check it out here:


    (You may also be interested in our recent work related to “innovative finance” models that the powers that shouldn’tbeare using to takeover social services via data mining:


  17. geof.h says:

    Public Education vs. Private Education in America.

    According to Stanford (a private university)
    “public schools offer free education, which the parents are actually funding through taxes, while private schools provide students with a strict college-preparatory education.”

    hmm…so everyone antes up for public education, but those who want to opt out of that system can pay again for something called “private ed” which is not hamstrung by the strictures of capricious (and often malicious) government.

    In my community, there are religious private schools (whose education is pretty crappy because the teachers are paid squat) and even more exclusive (more expensive) private schools where teachers are not allowed to give grades less than…well, “A”. Parents have a hissy-fit if any less-than-glowing assessment is awarded. These more exclusive schools have much smaller class-sizes, which makes the acceptance of a pittance salary for teachers more palatable. They are not unionized, while the public teachers are.

    But…these private schools are public institutions in the sense that, typically, anyone who ponies up the cash can enroll (except maybe disruptive and/or disabled students) — though some schools have a show of entrance exams, those can be waived if you wave enough cash.

    The jargon is further confused by this “college-preparatory” language. In public high schools you are either “college-prep” (CP) or “advanced placement.” The CP category is meant to put a good face on the fact that you probably won’t get into an exclusive university upon graduation. The AP means you will be fed an awful pablum of regurgitant test-prep for ETS or College Board scam tests.

    Curiously, these “public” and “private” labels are reversed in England.

    Now I suspect anarchism would likely weigh in against taxing the public to provide the public “free” education, but my preference tends to the other side: if there is ever a good use for taxation for the public good, it would be to provide free high-quality education for all. Unfortunately, there’s a third modifier for education: government. “Guvment schools” are what some libertarians call public schools, with a sneer of denunciation. More unfortunately that is more and less true all the time. NCLB (no child left behind) and RTTT (Race To THe Top) and Common Core are all government strictures that have had disasterous effects–but they are government strictures imposed by the uber-uber-powers-that-shouldn’t be, like Bill Gates, and Eli Broad and the Rockefellers and the Carnegies.

    There is a deliberate dumbing-down and an over-emphasis on socialization over education in the public schools that have ground American public schools into a morass of nightmarish hazing for our young people. Sad.

  18. Pulpo says:

    Social media has hijacked the following words and concepts;


  19. smorgasbordblues says:

    Someone else mentioned “progress,” as in “Progressivism,” which was the first thing that came to mind, James.

    I’m sure you’ve read (or at least know about) the work of historian Gabriel Kolko, particularly his book The Triumph of Conservatism, in which he argues that the Progressive movement of the early 1900’s was, in reality, an attempt to hamper the (relatively) free market and prevent economic progress. Progressivism was the Orwellian name given to the political movement led by Wall Street bankers and industrialists, aided by their junior partners in government and academia, who wanted to use government power to intervene in the economy in order to cartelize it, restrict trade, and put up barriers to market entry — all in an effort to put down competition and freeze the status quo.

    And this was how the Establishment came to establish itself through constant government intervention in the economy.

    I don’t think language “determines” reality. I think this kind of linguistic determinism is a post-modernist dead-end. If we don’t have a sense of what’s real or what is true (or how we can go about discovering such things), then how could we ever tell if someone is lying?

    Language allows us to express ideas, and it is our ideas that shape our perceptions of reality (or aspects of it), which is very different from determining that reality.

    Ideas are tools. We use them to transform raw sensory data into meaningful experiences. (I take it for granted that my experiences are real, and that reality precedes our experience of it.) We do so by telling stories. We explain what happened in terms of cause-and-effect relationships. And in that way we make objective (or intersubjective) our subjective inner life.

    We think and act in terms of ideas. So this “hijacking” or co-opting of language is really an attempt to misguide or limit our thoughts and actions (to disarm us intellectually).

    Karl Rove’s quote is relevant here because it is by means of our ideas that we can come to know or conceptualize those aspects of reality he intends to change.

    We also have an idea that the power elite are hijacking language in order to give us the wrong idea about what they are doing. (The idea of a “power elite,” courtesy of C. Wright Mills, is also a useful concept in the ideological struggle, drawing our attention to an aspect of reality we otherwise may not have been aware of, or may have only dimly sensed without fully articulating.)

    So it is important to keep our linguistic tools well defined and sharpened, so we can track those changes accurately and trace the consequences of the actions taken by Rove and his ilk in the name of “progress” or “freedom” or “human rights.” And when they try to deceive us about what they are doing, we’ll spot the lies and expose them.

    (I wrote more than I intended, but you say such thought-provoking things, James! Keep up the great work!)

  20. Leigh says:

    The internet
    Think-Tanks / research institutes
    Foundation (e.g. Bill & Melinda’s, Clintons)
    And so we could say, Philanthropy?
    Brexit, maybe? I’m pretty sure there’s an agenda behind that whole pointless excercise…though some would argue that the decentralisation of power is a good thing for the UK, I’m not convinced it will make any difference, in or out.
    Call me seriously paranoid, but in presenting these lists, are we making it easier for the PR and ‘marketing’ machines to dress-up and sell their agendas?
    T.V licence (Uk) No thanks!
    Gosh, I could spend all day doing this…!!

  21. tomith911 says:

    Here’s one that I’m not entirely committed to, but how about the word “Science”. I’m all for the Scientific method and its unquestionable usefulness in the pursuit of truth, but I can’t help but notice that word Science, to many people, means “unalterable fact and/or truth that cannot be disagreed with”. In some cases, I’ve seen the word used, as though it’s personifying some kind of deity on-high – “Science says… blah blah blah”.
    Just a thought, not an impervious one…

    Also, this discussion about the subjugation of our language(s) can’t help but spark my memory about the potential conspiracy surrounding Shakespeare. I know this Sparked James’ interest in the past, and I pray to Science that he will do a Podcast on this at some point (wink wink).

    PS If Karl Rove is an actor then the White House must be a pretty budget Soap Opera…

    • geof.h says:

      Then there’s “settled science.” If you disagree with settled science you are clearly loony tunes.

      • justine.k says:

        Anyone notice “Science says” rings nicely with “Simon says”?!!

        And who is “Science” anyway?!!

        • geof.h says:

          :Science: pronounced “psy-ops” where the second p is soft too, but in a more enigmatic way;-)
          This from a dyed in the wool math/sci guy. It’s often just “appeal to authority” rhetoric.

        • herrqlys says:

          “And who is “Science” anyway?!!”

          Why, Bill Nye the Science guy.

          What’s the maxim for the penetration of mass consciousness?
          Get ’em while they’re young.

  22. Leigh says:

    Oh please….”sustainability” has now been hijacked by the Fashion Industry.
    Stella McCartney and Ellen MacArthur call for fashion sustainability

    Say it like you mean it Stella and close all your ridiculously over-priced shops and open a chain of second-hand shops.

  23. john.o says:

    My top candidates:

    Science – now a body of facts and theories approved by experts
    Reason – now a word for anything outlandish to experts
    Mind – now a byproduct of facts, not what apprehends them
    Human Being – now a machine best run by experts and smarter machines

    On the way “Science” has become the property of a priesthood, these observations from an insightful and very patient, if perhaps tragically naive, young philosopher:
    Note how educated “reasonable” people decide they needn’t reason with those who are not members of the expert priesthood.

    • john.o says:


      Reason – now a word for anything NOT outlandish to experts

    • justine.k says:

      New member here, joined today!

      Wanted to add HEALTHCARE – little to do with health, better understood as Disease management/ Sickness care – no profit or glory in wellness or health!

      John. O – thanks for sharing that link to that young philosopher’s article, perhaps naive but nonetheless precociously wise compared to many a ‘learned men & women’, and naive in this case is good – our students desperately need these types of folks.

      Just hope her trifeca of “vaccines, GMOs and painkillers” were stated more in jest than as true examples of the fruits of science as indeed they have contributed to “Healthcare” in true double-speak style!

      • herrqlys says:

        “…no profit or glory in wellness or health!”

        So sad. So true. When you read about the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry in the US, and the re-orienting of the curriculum in medical shools, you keep running into the name Rockefeller Foundation. They aren’t the only ones, however.

        Rockefeller and JD Jr., though, had seen a market potential in pharmaceuticals made as abstracts from their petroleum products. So, then you need a distribution system for the ‘medicines’.

        Using 2014 data from the website for the American Diabetes Association I once did a back-of-the-envelope calculation of the annual value of the sale of diabetes medicine and supplies, excluding hospitals, doctors and nurses. Using the disclosed numbers, I determined that as of 2014 there was some $82 billion per year in revenue for insulin products and related supplies. You’d have to be foolish to give up that kind of recurring money if you could develop a one-time (or at least time-capped) cure, unless you wanted a sainthood.

      • john.o says:

        “hope her trifeca of “vaccines, GMOs and painkillers” were stated more in jest than as true examples of the fruits of science, as indeed they have contributed to “Healthcare” in true double-speak style”

        Alas, I am afraid, this obviously intelligent and thoughtful young woman has learned some valuable analytical skills, but so far has not used them to examine the claims of the “knowledge industry” within which she was educated and now works.

        Give her a few years inside that system. She might start to notice the riggings. In a way she has begun;, she just imagines it is a matter of minor adjustments…

  24. Autonomous says:

    Great stuff James.

    First thing that came to mind was that WTO/Codex Alimentarius related concept of -FOOD SAFETY- Sounds good right, but it actually means that the food is required to have been processed and toxified to such an extend that the food is: best case less nutricious, worst case outright toxic and harmful.

    Another concept: -CHILD PROTECTION- The government is able to inflict harm to a child with impunity and offers little recourse to the parents as they are usually the ones the child is being protected from.

    Come to think of it, -safety- and -protection- are words that are usually turned up-side-down when they come to us from the powers that be.

    • bob.dee says:

      If James is taking votes, “child protection” for a hijacked or turned-upside-down phrase would get my vote. Uncounted untold stories there.

  25. Autonomous says:

    In the Netherlands, for a few years now, there is a process ongoing within the government of developing and adding meaning to the concept of “fulfilled life” (voltooid leven). The idea is that when someone considers his or her own life “fulfilled” it should be possible to perform euthanasia with even less strings attached then already is the case. The danger of course, as clearly is already the case, that meaning will be given externally to this concept. Education and peer pressure may make you see at the right moment that you truly believe your life has indeed been fulfilled. The government literally helping you from cradle to grave.

    • Mielia says:

      It’s not only birth/life control but also death control (or management instead of control).
      I didn’t come to this thought by Brave New World but it immediately comes to mind again, because in this designer baby future people also die early. I believe on a specific age mark, it may be 60 years. Then cremated and the gas used as fertilizer or something along those lines (wasn’t it?)

  26. Mark44 says:

    There are many words that spring to mind (many have been mentioned already).

    But ‘terrorist’ really shoots straight to the top of the list for me.

    I don’t care what the American legal definition is for the word.

    For me, anyone who terrorizes the public is a terrorist. Period, end of story.

    That could be a ‘lone nut’. It could be a group of thugs.
    It could be someone’s granny.

    If you feel terrorized then there is a good chance that someone is terrorizing you and they are a terrorist.

    And no, they don’t have to be a Muslim to get the job done!

  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    There are a lot of great comments on this thread!
    I enjoyed reading everyone’s.

    A term which I like that has not been hijacked is The Powers That Should Not Be (PTSNB).
    I believe its derivation (or at least its wide use) originated at the Corbett Report. I have heard James use it and I often see it used in comments.

  28. taxpayer says:

    Another hijacked word: Capital.
    In classical political economy (Adam Smith, J S Mill, Henry George), capital is things produced by labor that are used in production of more things. If people lack capital, they can produce it, provided that they have access to land (natural resources). Understanding this distinction leads to a clearer view of the causes of poverty.
    Dan Sullivan identifies a number of other hijacked terms in his great essay “Orwellian Economics: How Euphemisms Have Turned Economics from a Science to a Propaganda Device” at http://savingcommunities.org/econ/orwellian.html .

  29. manbearpig says:

    Woke up to some great ideas and links here (as usual). Thanks for those.

    A couple others came to mind when I fell out of bed this morning (yea I have weird dreams)



    -ruled a suicide…

    Have a nice day.

  30. herrqlys says:

    Not all words in current usage are explicly defined anymore, at least in their present context, but the historical propagandistic meaning is still implied – so this is a form of hijacking. Many icons are still used to draw upon earlier interpretations and create many non-verbal responses as to the meaning of these words. Many good examples have already posted here, so I offer only a few crumbs.

    Let me see… this is 2017 and the USSR finally collapsed in 1991, so that’s 26 years ago. In the modern world, what does calling a current government or person a communist mean anymore? The legacy of Cold War propaganda from 1945 to 1991 has become indelible in the minds of several generations, and still has triggers to this day, so the intentionally prejudicial term is invoked even now, despite not being grounded in the present reality.

    Deployed as a prejudicial linguistic tool for a capitalist-fascist system that wants government monies directed as much as possible to corporate coffers, and not towards public programs. The term ‘austerity program’ is also part of the lexicon, defining the measures for this direction of budget monies towards banksters (debt servicing) and other crony capitalists.

    civil rights
    Not to be confused with legal rights, apparently, as legal rights seem reserved for the coporatocracy. Civil rights, as defined in the constitutions or related legislation of many nations, has now become a namby-pamby term for things a society is deemed to be undeserving of.

    I recount an anecdote about this word:
    I remember a tv news clip from back in the days of the Gulf war (I don’t remember which one) when the network camera crew were videotaping a catapult launch guy and the aircraft he was communicating with, somewhere in the Mediterranean, while his fighter-bomber took off. As the warplane got airborne, amid the banshee noise of the jet’s enginges, the hand signals guy turned to the camera, smiling, and proudly yelled over the din: “The sound of Freedom!”. I almost choked. As Iraq was being bombed back to the Stone Age I doubt the Iraqi citizens on the ground shared his definition, yet the catapult launch guy seemed to think it meant something good about (his) America.

  31. CRM114 says:

    I’m reposting this here again because it’s relevant and everyone should see this:

    How about “Cold Hard Cash”? “The Right To Work”? “Contributing Member to Society”?

    How about the question most “adults” ask eachother when they first meet? “What do you ‘do'”? (As in, how much money do you make?)

    I love the websites use of terms like Al-CIAda and banksters. May I suggest ‘GMOcery store’? or the phrase ‘Any time governments talk about a blunder they really mean plunder’?

    ~”If They can get you asking the wrong questions, They don’t have to worry about the answers”

    Also relevant is Michael Hudson’s 2017 book J is for Junk Economics (describes how the economic vocabulary has been turned around in an Orwellian way to mean the opposite of what words used to mean. A free market now means a market free for the landlords to charge whatever they want. Free for the monopolists to charge whatever they want. Free from regulation.)

    Advertising language is usually hilarious when written out: “When you can do anything, you can do anything. The Samsung Galaxy S3.”

    This post is getting long winded. Bill hicks also had a bit about “The” news.

    TLDNR watch the youtube video sorry

  32. Octium says:

    Whats with “Active Shooter”?

    Do we really need to distinguish shooters who just sit on the couch and shoot people as they walk past their window?

    • Octium says:

      Apology = Our research division has determined that people think our new policy sucks, so we will rename it and wait for one of those active shooter days to re-release it.

    • Mark44 says:

      I don’t know what the ‘official’ definition for ‘Active Shooter’ is, but intuitively, I believe it means a shooter who is still at large, versus one who has been taken into custody.
      But I agree, it is a rather strange phrase that is often used these days.

  33. @rvanstel says:


    Whereas in the old days every farmacy was called a ‘drug store’, now it’s a derogatory term for substances that the government doesn’t approve of.

    The mainstream narrative makes it seem as if ‘drugs’ are bad, and medicine is ‘good’. However, the truth is that there is not much difference between the two. Methamphetamine is sold both as an FDA-approved medicine in farmacies and as an illicit drug on the black market.

    The reality is that the War on Drugs is actually a war on drug businesses that haven’t lobbied the government.

  34. john.o says:

    I want to add my thanks for this brilliant invitation and challenge, James. Few comments threads are as valuable for practical liberation of ones own mind as this one. I read every suggestion with either re-affirmed or increased insight into my cultural situation.

    It seems almost every single act of participation in casual discourse, using un-examined standard vocabulary, locks me in even deeper to the system of control I am trying to escape. Yikes.

    My nomination for the most revealing and disturbing wordf__k of all:

    “Child-Protection” which appropriately comes from Anonymous. Thank you, A.

    A vast world-wide network of beneficent “charities,” “orphanages,” “hospitals,” “foster parents” and “schools,” whose actual function BY DESIGN is to harvest the human detritus of history, destroy families and souls (sorry, but there is no better word) so as to provide more easily manipulated slaves and various and sundry victims for personal satisfaction and social control: could there ever be better examples of the dangers of “protection” by the self-appointed guardians of our welfare, or how even our words (and feelings) of compassion can be perverted into instruments of slavery and torture?

    I hope people will keep adding. Truly a great resource! Thank you, everyone.

    • Autonomous says:

      Hi John,

      Nice of you to comment on that. I’m willing to add to this that I have experienced Child-Protection by the government first-hand in the Netherlands, or only the initial proceedings of it fortunately.

      Try to imagine this. As a very concerned parent you go the doctor with your 3 month old baby for a strange swelling/tumour on his shoulder. Doctor refers you to the hospital. Doctor in the hospital cannot find a medical explanation which automatically and by necessity triggers the child-protection protocol in the hospital which notifies the authorities. In the absence of a medical explanation, the suspicion of child abuse is the only item that remains in the medical differential diagnosis. Next day we are interrogated by officials of the government child-protection agency. In Good-cop Bad-cop style we are first talked to very firmly so that we come to appreciate the gravity of our situation as parents. Then another official plays good-cop and tries to demonstrate understanding that even the best of parents do wrong things with their children that they would rather forget and not talk about (as we continued firmly denying the abuse allegations).

      The gravity of the situation is this. Children in the Netherlands are “protected” from their caretakers/parents if there is the slightest suspicion of child abuse. There needs to be no proof whatsoever (honestly!). It has been defined in official protocol that the only thing that is required for this process to start is “a feeling of unease with the situation experienced by a professional care worker”. Pending the ongoing investigation the child is placed preventively with a another family who will remain secret to the parents (a judge basically rubber stamps the request that was written by the child protection agency). As long as the investigation continues and continues to find nothing, the child remains with the secret foster care. In many, if not most cases, the completely dormant investigation continuous on for many months on end without any findings. This does not absolve the parents, the suspision simply remains. If you thought this was already bad enough, get ready for the shocker:

      When finally and reluctantly the child protection authorities admit they could not find any wrong doing by the parents and the parents request to have their child finally returned to them, they are informed that this is now a completely different matter that has nothing to do with the case at hand.

      In the Netherlands when a judge, in the so-called interest of the child, has been placed a child in the care of another family and remains there for more then 6 months for whatever reason, it is not considered to be in the interest of the child anymore to place the child back again with the original parents, and the judge won’t allow the return of the child. Judges have even openly admitted this in court to the completely flabergasted parents, saying that “truth” (whether you abused your child or not) has no relevance at this point in the court for minors, but the “what is in the interest of the child” is the only thing that counts in this decision.

      There are many such tragic stories in the Netherlands of families which lives were distroyed by the government in this awful way.

      But what is really sickening is that a recent study in the Netherlands has shown that sexual abuse runs rampant in the families that the child-protection agency places children in foster care.

      Fortunately we did not have our child taken from us and placed in secret foster care, yet! After about 3 weeks, through the help of another doctor, we discovered that our baby had a rare condition. The doctor apologised for not having been able to diagnose our child properly, and the unfair ordeal we had been put through with the authoroties

      In the Netherlands Child-Protection means the government protecting children from their parents so that they can have their way with your child in any way deemed fit, and with total impunity.

      • john.o says:

        I am so happy to hear your child is still with you! So sorry you found out who really owns your child in the eyes of “the law.”

        Yes, we actually now have a similar system in the USA modeled after yours, I am fairly certain. Official figures document that it is a significant source of children for the flesh trade. It also serves as a police force with no pretense to constitutional limitations. Of course the NGOs and overseas “charities” funnel many more children into the system at other levels. It is all quite provable and most of all by the efforts to protect it from scrutiny in court proceedings.

        Frankly, many people, even hardened War, assassination, torture and 911 researchers, really seem not to take in this information, how pervasive this system is and how much more powerful it is becoming everyday worldwide. I believe that “Pizzagate” somehow poisoned it as a topic. I will confess that I easily go on overload myself when trying to take it in emotionally. The word evil becomes trite fast.

        Finally, I apologize for getting your name wrong. There is a big difference between Autonymous and Anonymous! Glad to hear it!

        • Autonomous says:

          No worries John. Thanks for you comments.

          Going through this process as we did, you never really get to hear the term “Child Protection”. The term that really works its evil on behalf of “Child Protection”, and that we got to hear countless times from _every_ individual professional involved, was “in the interest of the child”. You really experience in this situation as a parent that the meaning of that term has been hijacked. In such a situation, if you do not agree with everything that is suggested “in the interest of the child”, it is automatically assumed you are not willing to act as a responsible parent and can only worsen the outlook of your situation.

          As admitted by the chief physician at that time, the medical condition of the child fully allowed him to return home with us (there were no medical worries as he put it), but unfortunately “in the interest of the child” he had to remain under constant supervision in the hospital. I immedeately had to learn speaking this lingo. What worked best in this situation, as I discovered this way, is repeating exactly what they said (especially the words “in the interest of the child”) as if you agree with them with some minor differences in every sentence that carries you closer to what you want to achieve. And it paid of as he was allowed to return home with us on that very first day, although it was first clearly put to us from the onset in a closed door session with us and all medical staff involved (all of them even nicely lined up, with crossed arms, in front of the door!) that there was no chance that our child would be allowed to leave the premises any day soon. And it was explained it was simply “protocol” that was followed “in the interest of the child”.

  35. Darshi says:

    This is something I have been wondering about quite a bit recently influenced by information and awareness from of course your channel but also observing it in my own day to day life.

    I think, while we are talking about the macro/ centralized picture of this linguistic manipulation, there is also a micro/ decentralized version that runs through the veins of the corporate or working culture which is also riding on an elitist philosophy. An interesting article on this came from the guardian – https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/nov/23/from-inboxing-to-thought-showers-how-business-bullshit-took-over.

    There are these powers that shouldn’t be that are setting the stage for global linguistic manipulation but I think there is also an equally manipulative army of soldiers, adherent to the same philosophy, that have infiltrated every aspect of society and life, thus limiting the scope of true communication using the already corrupted language.

    • herrqlys says:

      Thanks for the link. I enjoyed that article.

      Excerpt: Even schools are flooded with the latest business buzzwords…Naturally, the kids are learning fast. One teacher recalled how a seven-year-old described her day at school: “Well, when we get to class, we get out our books and start on our non-negotiables.”

  36. LenZoo says:

    “Fake News” hijacked by MSM to discredit Open Source News.

    “Climate Change” used to be a natural process.

  37. stu.r says:

    I really love this post, and have thought of this many times in the past.

    So far my least favorite highjacked word in modern times is:


    As in: liberals are left (awkward) and fascists and right (correct)

    This clever yet malicious wordplay has been going on since the late Christian era (if not earlier), when the word satan – which in those days meant something akin to a ‘lawyer of the opposition party’ became utterly twisted to mean the ‘prince of darkness’. The list of words contorted by the Roman establishment during the Dark Ages is almost as long as Santa’s naughty list (with the same types of personalities involved…).

    Here are a few more examples from as early as the Dark Ages:

    Hell (Elphame – the ‘heaven’ of the Elves – or the Tribe of Anu; a group that the Catholic bishops despised more than any other)

    Faker (Fakir – a name for Sufi mystics and ascetic Hindu spiritualists)

    Harlot (Heiroduli – ancient priestesses of the Tribe of Anu)

    Agnostic (anti-gnostic – not knowledgeable)

    Weird (Vere – direct descendants of the Tribe of Anu)

    Vampire (Uber – super – superintendent or overlord)

    Fay (feo/fea – Spanish word for ‘ugly’)

    Heresy (hairesis – Greek word for ‘choice’)

    This incomplete list fully supports the historical fact that anyone who was opposed to the ancient Church – in any way whatsoever – was deemed by them evil, untruthful, unworthy, filthy, etc. This is especially true of those who were keen enough to see through the Bishops’ massive scam, and made any choice other than the popular one. They were immediately labeled as heretics so they could then be marginalized socially, politically, economically, etc.

    The exact same thing is happening today to anyone who is clever enough to see through the smoke-and-mirrors of modern policy-making, and the new labels are exactly as socially and politically useful as those of bygone days.

  38. bob.d says:


    I see no reason to try “word-vs-word” with those who got there first. Would you not do better with unworn phrases like these…
    … misplaced trust
    … …(a root cause, natural as a child, we must outgrow it)
    … the conspiracy deniers
    … the climate theorists
    … we, gardeners (our original role on this planet (Gen2:15))

    A longer one to spin a nice story …
    … with coins of silver and copper, fake money will quickly die, 10,000,000 ills of society, will then disappear like a sigh.
    … …(much other “action” is futile until we succeed in this)

    Keep up the great work James.
    Bob Dee

    • bob.dee says:

      on the latter point about coins, a short note further developing ancient history is placed here…


      … while the original page on SGT report is no longer active.

      • john.o says:

        Bob, I am probably not a Christian by your standards, or even by mine, but I am a great admirer of many. I am also a long, careful and loving student of the Bible and I find your summary interesting.

        To me, Silver and Gold and monetary systems would ultimately be the Enochian arts of the sons of Cain, the banished murderous agriculturalist multi-culturalist and founder of cities (and human sacrifice cults), driven by Lamechian vengeance, now inevitably mixed till the end of time with the nobler ways of the more mysterious lineage of the flock-keeper Abel, which did not die out with him somehow, but is related to the Enoshian era in the lineage of Abel’s newborn brother Seth, when “men first began to call upon the name of the Lord.”

        Amazingly, yes it’s all kind of there at the beginning of this account, and indeed, WILL all the world’s troubles disappear with a sounder currency system? NO, and I don’t belittle that point at all! It is important to think about.

        Neither will they all disappear with the dental work I need done, but some rather immediate stresses will. If I am smart I will get it done soon. (I am not always smart.)

        It seems to me in this Enochian/Enoshian mix of wheat and tares, we do the best we can and, following Jesus’s warning, don’t try too hard to separate wheat and tares finally before threshing, for we can destroy the wheat if we are not careful, and the process is best left to a better Harvester.

        In the meantime,this mostly urbanite Enochian does see how owning even just a couple of fertile sheep, and peace of mind, beats currency of any type under discussion. Thanks!

        • bob.dee says:


          Thanks for your thoughtful notes.

          A major point about fake money (Rotschild-style) is their kind do not work and save to attain what they can only then carefully spend. No, to the contrary all of this time. And once the silver was stolen world-wide in the mid-1960’s, we had hyper-inflation like Rome did 2000 years ago when they did the same thing (Oh sure, it was the oil embargo).

          Anyway, from the mid-1960’s the ability to “fund” the full-time mini-megalomania-militia of every favoured agenda (eugenics, medical, educational, nutritional, moral, control grid, etc) and funding the bribery machine and part-time thugs became simplicity itself. No possible vector of corruption, deceit and murder seems to have been left without a place at the trough.

          Then it was only a matter of how to build a larger capacity to debase more and more of society until they could reach a tipping point. They have been running full-tilt for five decades and have now hit a wall. Splat! All so horribly exposed now … quite predictable, you know. Next?

          . with coins of silver and copper,
          . fake money will quickly die,
          . 10,000,000 ills of society,
          . will then disappear like a sigh

          That was my meaning. No trough? The scope for mischief goes way down. Will we ever get there? Bloated governments will not choose that path. But by personal choices we all make each day on trades of real value, we shall continue to nudge that bad whirl’d dis-order into the ditch, perhaps even over a cliff.

          It is not that I value metals more than I do cinnamon or oats or viable seeds, for surely I do not. But the medium of exchange for what I do value must be restored. Goods for goods. Silver and copper coins will do when we do not have an otherwise mutually agreeable exchange at hand.

          As for remaining urban, I suggest you consider the reason God dispersed men from making a city at Bavel … un-naturally over-concentrated cities were perhaps a festering and terminal mess before the Flood … and do consider also Genesis 2:15 … before any problems ever occurred. We were meant to be gardeners. There are great books today on urban gardening and urban community gardens. We learn much by going back, by returning to what life was meant to be for us. You see the value in the sheep more than in metals? But of course! Where one foot has gone, let the other follow…

          Happy gardening!

          • bob.dee says:


            All that said, I do like metallurgy. You might or might not be aware of the findings concerning Noah’s Ark and the rivets (analyzed at Los Alamos no less) and the ballast further up-slope from the current position across the valley south of Mt. Ararat. Long story short, the rivets had Titanium, Magnesium, and even 8% smelted aluminum. That was our common ancestor Noah’s “naval brass”. It was said that a king and queen of France once ate from plates of newly discovered aluminum while lesser royals had only gold and silver to sup from. Then the bauxite of Vietnam flowed more freely and the king went back to the gold service. The point is, we moderns did not even know aluminum until a few hundred years ago but Noah was an expert at many things including metals, was not of Cain’s line at all, even a great-grandson of Enoch. Nothing at all wrong with metals. The place where Noah’s Ark is located is ancient-metallurgy-central for our post-Flood era.

            Sorry to so digress like that, but the “standard” of what is money was always silver in the books of Moses until a mere 50 years ago. As for the standard of what is a Christian, I let God and Jesus judge that one, not men, even those with fancy titles. Best wishes to you.

            • john.o says:

              Bob, I have actually lived as a gardener too, and indeed, have been recently re-inspired by some on this very site and others around me to start growing food again. I shall take your kind words as a sign to continue with renewed vigor.

              As for Noah, I am not so sure, Bob. Before I continue let me appreciate for a minute the irony that I am about to defend “original sin,” to a Bible-believing Christian.

              It has troubled me greatly as a doctrine, particularly in its Augustinian/Lutheran/Calvinist editions (we see the latter now re-incarnated in England as Darwinism), but it has its points as a story, one being that it accounts for the mess we are in. The sin of Cain is the consequence of an earlier one by Adam himself, and whatever the method of transmission, Sin enjoyed no gap at the flood. God in his mercy saved Noah as a just man of a sort, but:

              Cain killed Abel, Abel’s Blood
              Cried to Heaven! Soon the Flood
              Drowned all but a Righteous Few:
              a Drunk, Three Sons, a Beastly Crew…

              Anyway, I enjoy your posts Bob. Thanks!

              • bob.dee says:

                John.O, I may find some links to help dispel the clouds of myth-myth on the Great Flood, and the associated myth dubbed pre-history.

                But back to James’ starting point of hijacked words, and some truthful phrases, I think you have dragged a Very central oldie in from the shadows.

                “original innocence” is what we are all born with, just ask any infant. But the establishment wants us to believe we need “them” to do something to “save” each infant … “in the child’s best interest” so to speak. I am not sure if Augustine was involved in the “original sin” propagation, but it would not surprise me in the least. There is some discussion of his support for mortals requiring the establishment in other ways here…


                … The “first sin” was that of the devil, and was an “original” by that creature, let the establishment become honest about that if it would lead anyone. The two innocents (our ancestors) had no idea that lies and murder existed when they strayed from the simple path. Each person leaves the simple path of their own accord, as did Cain, not by inheritance but by his own free will. We all can and should build mental defenses these days to avoid such wrong turns, even James’ recent calling an “it” a “she” shows that we must be vigilant in these treacherous times.

                Original innocence may be a good fresh topic. How do we prosper little ones to retain this as long as possible? How about specific training to identify and outgrow misplaced trust? Incrementally this helps nudge the bad-whirl-disorder (the “bwd”) over a cliff, along with those clinging to the fake money trough as a bonus. Perhaps “the fake money trough” would be a useful handle to discuss those many agglomerations invited by its overseers to sup there.

                James’ was seeking the broader list of hijackings here, and your “original sin” was a good addition. Be sure “they” have done so in many other languages too.

                Though James was not seeking “new phrases” like some I have raised, we’ll need honest words not already so polluted to move forward more easily on the remedies. Sorry for my long digressions. Good day.

  39. bob.dee says:

    can anyone define the “nation” that is being protected in the name of…
    … national security … ?

  40. madmovond says:

    So the Italian Forbes thinks we should stop using bitcoin……..in the name of sustainability!


    And the show has reached a new low.

  41. mik says:

    “When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom” (Confucius)

    Sounds Great. But is this what had actually being said?
    Particularly if you know that Chinese didn’t have a word for freedom. https://chinese.stackexchange.com/questions/3865/what-is-a-one-character-translation-of-the-english-word-freedom
    And there is also a version “…., people lose their lives”.

    I think the first is better representation.
    Excerpt from Analects of Confucius, p.66

    “If names are not right then speech does not accord with things;
    if speech is not in accord with things, then affairs cannot be successful;
    when affairs are not successful, li and music do not flourish;
    when li and music do not flourish, then sanctions and punishments miss their mark;
    when sanctions and punishments miss their mark, the people have no place to set their hands and feet.”

    This is just an excerpt from passage 13.3. It’s better to read the whole passage (Chinese words in translation are explained at the beginning of document).

    Essay ‘Freedom and Responsibility in Confucianism and Dewey’ that helped me a lot is comparison of western and eastern views on freedom and also a window to completely different approach in Chinese language, maybe because of the language itself.

    Somehow I got the feeling that vaguely defined Chinese language is better equipped to tackle complex ideas, because it forces you to think. Western languages are too precise and you can get easily mislead into believing that you have understanding.

  42. mik says:

    Functional literacy

    I would say ability to use language to its full extent.
    Well, experts have tons of definitions.


    This one is hardcore.
    To summarize, they know something, but pretty much nothing.

    “In contrast functional illiterates are unable to use their acquired literacy skills in daily life (UNESCO, 1978), e.g., to read and understand a medicine label or a bank statement, fill out a job application, compare the cost of two items and choose the item that offers the best value (Cree et al., 2012).”

    In summary, four different social and cognitive aspects that can lead to the loss of functional literacy are proposed, one of them:
    “…loss of competencies in adulthood caused by a decrease of cognitive demands” (bingo)
    Let me propose another one: influence of society. Dumb-down consumer automatons are needed.

    While digging the topic I stumbled upon article: https://sdg.uis.unesco.org/2017/09/21/new-data-reveal-a-learning-crisis-that-threatens-development-around-the-world/
    Commentary from experienced educator nails the thing down:

    “….the problem lies in the fact that children do not believe anything anymore. Teachers and seniors have lost all credibility and trust because of the changing patterns of human behavior and trust deficiency.”

    My conclusion:
    Is it possible that whole concept is a big (un)sustainable crap?

  43. Sky says:

    James, you’ve brought up many different topics on the subject of language before. I was wondering if you’ve ever pondered on the complexity of language and its relationships to the complexity of human thoughts and the ability to critically think, and further the complexity in general of human society at large, and thus how complex it is to control a culture through language.

    I’ve noticed a historical pattern of dictators unifying and simplifying languages. Examples being the emperor at the start of the Qin (chin) Dynasty in China unified the written language system to the simpler version of the written characters; and then more recent in history the Japanese language adopting the simpler written alphabets Hiragana and katakana writings in place of the entirely written in Kanji scripts. Another example is the simplification of the Chinese spoken language in the start of the 1900’s popularized by the famous writer Lu Xun down to what is now adapted into the official spoken mandarin we know today, used to be called “Bai Hua” in his days, meaning “white talk” (a term for peasant spoken language), which means plain spoken language, and even more recent in their history, the Chinese communist party made its country’s official written language to be the “Simplified Chinese”, a relatively new writing system devised by them, instead of the more complex traditional Chinese. The Chinese culture is arguably one of the most complex among the world, now increasingly westernized and “simplified” in their recent dictatorships.

    Do you think this is simply because the powers that shouldn’t be want better standardization of the flow of information, or is there a more insidious systematic dumb down of the generations through simplification of language?

    I bring this up, because we all know you can communicate in English in North America with very little vocabulary now. Peers my age no longer are taught or are able to speak in a more complex manner, depleted of more vocabularies, to which I believe is a part of the systematic dumb-down through the uneducation system, as well as the current pop culture teaching bad grammar to the younger generation, popularizing it, and further simplifies the language down to easier spellings of words like “cuz”. And this is not only in North America, this is a universal phenomenon across many languages.

    As we know in the more recent IOS and Android updates, they have even been attempting to replace typed words with “Emojis” – not even a word anymore. And this is also popularized further by “The Emojis Movie” now to the youngest of our generations. Have you ever come across good studies and literature on the subject of language relating to the complexity of human thoughts? Logically speaking, I would imagine the more complex a person’s language library, the more neurological connections in the brain, thus equivalent to more critical thinking and tougher to control societies. But I have no data to back such a claim. I think this topic is worthy of some attention.

  44. giulia says:

    Hi James,
    I have translated and subtitled this video in Italian here: https://giuliarodi.com/sono-un-globalista-sostenibile-e-per-il-libero-scambio/

    Thank you for all your work!

    Puoi trovare questo video tradotto e sottotitolato in italiano qui: https://giuliarodi.com/sono-un-globalista-sostenibile-e-per-il-libero-scambio/

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