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09/03/201610 Comments

Have you ever wanted to know where the show notes are? Or how to access old podcasts? Or the subscriber newsletter? Well then today is your lucky day!

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  1. Corbett says:

    Hello Corbett Reporteers. As I note here at the end there is no subscriber newsletter this weekend and there’s not a lot to comment on in this video, so if you want to use this post as a weekend open thread, go ahead!

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    With the anniversary of 9/11 coming up, I want to encourage people to have the courage to make 9/11 Truth visible in the real world.
    Real world VISIBILITY about the 9/11 Cover-up.

    VISIBILITY not only encourages new people to investigate the subject, but it also emboldens those who are aware to become more active in getting the word out.
    Help inspire others.

    There are many methods to make 9/11 Truth visible in the real world.
    Some simple ideas of what you can do…

    Spread around this 5 minute CorbettReport video

    Grab some friends and do a sign wave.
    2015 Sign Wave
    2014 Sign Wave

    You can make signs using a copy machine and post them around town. Paint an old sheet.
    FUN!!!, short video –

    Putting brochures/DVDs on cars…. or on mailboxes/doorknobs with masking tape…or tape FREE DVDs on Redbox…. giving out literature at a restaurant, convenience store, etc… printing stickers… ….or whatever creative ways members came up with.

    Mailouts of brochures and/or DVDs to the politicians, reporters, judges, churches, college Professors, organizations, etc.
    (This does work by the way. A newspaper ran a 9/11 story after every reporter received brochures.)

    Email college/university student newspapers asking them to do a story about 9/11. Colleges just started back up, but there is a short window of time. Students have more latitude and freedom of the press than mainstream media. You might want to send this 15 minute Ed Asner link –
    (Previous UTA article about 9/11 Truth )

    Email architects and engineers and college professors with the Ed Asner video.

    Write a “Letter to the Editor”
    (sample) –

    Place a classified ad in a newspaper or Greensheet or Dallas Observer or Thrifty Nickel. It is inexpensive.
    Sample (scroll down) –

    Be creative.
    Be true.
    Be a friend to man.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      — Constipation on #2 –

      Be a friend to man.

      Two main things we can do.
      #1 Become informed.
      #2 Inform others.

      #2 is extremely important.

      Would you remain silent if you saw a pedophile raping young children in your neighborhood?

      America’s quest for domination has been compared to Nazi Germany. Were the German people evil? While singing in the Lutheran and Catholic choirs, they remained silent while Hitler’s tyranny rose.

      Doing #1 without #2 is constipating. It is like building a car, but never driving it.

      Complicit to the crime…

      Singing to the choir on blogs and message boards about “how bad things are with all the deceptions and brainwashed sheeple people” without trying to inform others makes a “woken up” person complicit to the crime.

      A brainwashed person is not aware that a crime is being committed.
      We are culpable because we are aware of the crimes.
      We were brainwashed at one time.
      Let’s help wake up others.

      Not doing #2 is constipating.

      Let’s be a friend to man.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi HomeRemedySupply,

      I always enjoy your posts, and love the level of energy you bring…

      James, I am also glad that you are working harder than ever, we want more (BIG Thanks for all that hard work).

      OK.. I just had an experience i want to share with everyone here regarding 9/11…

      Typically, the minute you mention 9/11, you get divided people… Majority will immediately go into denial and attack the conspiracy theorist, and minority will go off the rail, and blame some crazy Dr. Evil somewhere hidden in government.

      So, this time i tried a new concept on few friends, and got them to watch a video by Mr. James Perloff, and for the first 28 minutes, he lists 6 of the last American Wars (pearl harbor, Korean, Vietnam, etc), and the false flag that started them, while providing documents, and proofs acquired over the years, and ending in the summery as this video point in time shows .

      Although it does not mention 9/11 at that stage, when you then mention the possibility of 9/11 happening in similar circumstances, people are generally more open to listen to 9/11, and it is no longer some crazy idea..

      off course, 28 minutes is very long for the average person, so if we can distill this into a short 6 minute before opening up people to 9/11, i think this will help in preparing people to accept such Evil as 9/11.

      The link for James Perloff video is below, although i have noticed it was moved and made private few times, so someone appears to have been chasing this video away from youtube.

  3. doublek321 says:

    I did notice it was quieter than usual recently and was thinking you were taking a (very well deserved!) small end-of-summer break. But, of course, you mentioned you’re working harder than ever. While I’m excited to hear that (and I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on), I think you should force yourself to take some time for yourself as well (for both your mental and physical health).

    And thanks again for all the incredible work you do!

  4. VoiceOfArabi says:

    “a weekend open thread” Topic.

    Once drones for crowd control and Riot Control Robots come into service, and all you need to do is google these two terms to realize they are already here (example below), What are you going to do???

    for the last 5000 years, we fought and won against being enslaved by convincing everyone to withdraw their participation from the SlaveMaster power game, and we typically won..

    The Freeing of Slaves in South Africa (AKA apartheid system, which is still in effect in Israel) will be the last time we can do this.. from the moment the Robots and Drones get into service, we will not be able to stop this without destroying the world.

    It is expected that automated, buses, cars, trains, etc will be deployed in the next 5-10 years, which translates to, we will not be able to withdraw participation from the SlaveMaster as we are already side tracked… What then??

    The only answer I can see is… They will keep us as Cattle to “generate wealth”, and provide labor for tasks that are not fit for automated robots.

    Am I going crazy, or does anyone else share my view.??

  5. Corbett says:

    As this is an open thread, allow me to address the “YouTube party is over” story that’s been making the rounds in recent days. Basically a “new” YouTube policy forbids creators to monetize (i.e. slap advertising all over) content that is deemed “controversial,” including (of course) reporting on wars, politics and other important information.

    People are acting as if this is brand new (because it’s now hitting some of the big name channels), but it actually began a year and a half ago and I reported on it then:

    I’ll post this as the featured video for the day in case anyone missed it at the time.

    Good thing I never have and never will take a penny from GooTube, eh?

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — MUST SEE one minute video —

    Unfortunately, just like Corbett mentioned in his recent YouTube about YouTube, there is no method to resize a video when a start and end time are placed into the url. (I looked for hours to try to find a less hijacked method.)

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