How to Talk to Someone Who’s Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation

06/22/202020 Comments

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In April, the CBC released a guide on "How to respond when someone tells you coronavirus was lab made." This is The Corbett Report's response. Find out more about "Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers" in the latest edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

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  1. Mungjam says:

    You guys just blew the lid off !!!
    This is the little butter tart that fits perfectly into all of my neighbour’s ++ inboxes. And before they know it they can’t rewind their brains to eradicate the so politically incorrect treason.

    This must have been a screaming laugh to put together.
    I have been trying to put my finger on the prevailing crowd psychology for some time now, and although there are some elements of fear and just plain helplessness when it comes to proper information research, it mostly is one big movement of … something else, (at least in my corner of the globe) and this article seems to hit the nail on the head:
    Pointing the finger to here and here
    “It’s difficult to know exactly why vindictive protectiveness has burst forth so powerfully in the past few years.”
    I don’t so much agree on a political edge and is obviously not contained to one continent, but this is a hip trend that for certain reasons appeals to the scores of social media frenzied reactionaries.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This 2 1/2 minute video
    “How to Talk to Someone Who’s Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation”
    is clipped from the 38:31 minute mark of…

    “Episode 381 – Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?”

    We’ve all come across online fact checkers that purport to warn us away from independent media sites under the guise of protecting us from fake news. But who is behind these fact check sites? How do they operate? And if these ham-fisted attempts at soft censorship aren’t the solution to online misinformation, what is? Join James for this week’s important edition of The Corbett Report podcast, where we explore the murky world of information gatekeeping and ask “Who will fact check the fact checkers?”

    • suzt says:

      Hola HomeRemedySupply and everyone,

      OFF TOPIC: I want to share this video with transcript as I really respect Zach Bush and this video has had a significant impact on my attitude about our current crisis and where it might lead us.

      Just like James excellent articles and videos educate me and stimulate my mind, Zach is one of the scientists (like Einstein) who combines science with a love and respect of nature in our universe and offers very different perspective. And he tickles my heart and my imagination, just like Einstein does.

      Also, I think I finally have a grip on what the heck a virus is, why wearing masks is harmful etc.
      PS: I listened with captions on and increase speed.

      • lorijh says:

        I love Dr. Zach…been following him for a couple of years through the Farmer’s Footprint and his work with regenerative farming. When this current virus first appeared, I started getting back into researching vaccines, as I knew this was where it was heading (from the pharmaceutical standpoint). Which led me into virology (which I have limited knowledge of) and a review of my terrain germ theory belief vs. Pasteur’s. Alfa Vedic has some really informative youtube videos on Pasteur vs Bechamp. Anyway, what a rabbit hole—I’m now looking at Ryke Geerd Hamer’s German New Medicine. But yes! His perception and explanation of viruses, biome/virome, are what I know intuitively to be true, for me. Highly recommend listening to all of his interviews/podcasts.

        • suzt says:

          Another aspect of Zach’s perspective is that we’re having these big lockdowns all over the world because humanity wanted a break from their current daily routine.

          And we’re wearing masks all over the world because humans don’t feel good about themselves and want to cover their faces.

          For me, this is a whole new way of looking at our collective behavior and I think there’s truth to it. However, I only think this is true for the upper and upper middle classes who can afford to self-isolate.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Ooh! SuzieQ!
        I’m so glad to hear from you!
        I like the way you talk…

        I’ve been wondering how things were going for ya down in Mexico way.
        In fact, just prior to seeing your comment, I thought about you as I was noticing the weather pattern bringing Saharan sand across the Atlantic. Mexico and up here in Texas will get some of that.

        You are right. Zach Bush brings such a fresh perspective to life.
        I watched the entire video you linked at normal speed.
        I love how he emphasizes the spiritual nature of man.
        Reconnecting, freedom of communication and interaction, biodiversity, evolving as a species.

        These 9 minutes of Zach Bush speaking about birth and death and living is one of the most beautifully expressed renditions I have heard…
        ( 9 minutes – QUEUED)

        It’s such a pleasure to see you here.

        • suzt says:

          Hola HomeRemedySupply!

          I LOVE listening to Zach describe birth and death. I too queued it there and sent to my friends. Everything I’ve been afraid to experience has turned out to be pretty exciting, so I think this transformation into the universe has to be one great experience!

          RE: the analysis of C19
          I wish we could ask Zach questions. My doctor here in Oaxaca says he’s convinced this is a man made virus with a very vicious intent. He brought up “culling of the population” today as well
          *I’m not sick. I go in once a week for a vit b shot and to visit with him. He’s my social life! lol

          I love him… he plays guitar and in the front office they sell hand sanitizer next to the Mexcal (in unlabeled, recycled plastic bottles).

          So one question I would ask Zach is
          does it make a difference in his model if the virus is man made?

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Gosh Suzie! You got a great Doctor.
            That’s cool about the B shot.
            I remember you telling me other little anecdotes about him.
            Tell him that there are a lot of folks who just love hearing about Doctors like him.

            If the world’s medical arena were full of Doctors like yours, there would not be this “crisis”.

            I guess that on your side of Mexico, they had a bit of ground shaking occur recently.

            Anyway, I always enjoy reading your comments.
            Thanks Suzt.

        • suzt says:

          Hola HomeRemedy! :

          updates from Oaxaca

          Giant Sand Storm: thanks for the headsup…I had never heard of this so I researched and fortunate for me…it hit Puerto Rico and the current is pushing it straight up the gulf to Texas and Luisiana so it might brush the eastern coast of Mexico and I’m on the western part.

          Our Big Terremoto: another amazing experience with very little damage and up to 5 deaths.
          When the Pachamama needs to dance, we dance with her!

          It was a great dance with lots of Rock n Roll
          Serious aftershocks at 4.3 etc. went on all day and early evening.

          There are 4 major tectonic (sp?) plates that intersect here plus we’re on the Ring of Fire.

          So all is well.
          Abrazos y besos todos,

      • mkey says:

        Thanks for bringing Zach into focus.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Mr. Corbett,
    Temporary glitch…

    From the Home Page, the “CLICK HERE FOR SHOW NOTES AND MP3 AUDIO FOR THIS VIDEO” of this
    How to Talk to Someone Who’s Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation
    leads to
    “Episode 381 – Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?”.

  4. misfit says:

    I just recently learned of Zach Bush by listening to Del Bigtree’s interview with him.
    When he spoke of the travesty of the elderly dying alone due to lockdown it is infuriating and shameful. I honestly had not thought of this among many other ‘side-effects’of this madness.
    Through this interview I found Zach to be a man of great compassion and understanding. He is also brilliant with his speech which I also believe James is right there too in clarity and intelligence.

  5. Fawlty Towers says:

    “How to Talk to Someone Who’s Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation”

    So here are the notes I made…

    1. Stand in your kitchen
    2. Sound serious when you talk
    3. Keep referring to your smartphone
    4. Reassure them by saying “We are all in this together!”
    5. Send them information from reliable legitimate sources

  6. Earthen Vessels says:

    Obviously a little humor doesn’t hurt either, so thank you James, for subtly making that point. Most people can appreciate irony, and the with the ridiculous level of social control that has been imposed upon the entire world, a little humor can go a long way to break the spell.

    Even the multitude of petty tyrants who clearly enjoy this new opportunity to boss the rest of us around, can be taken down a notch or two with a smidgen of truth made sweeter with irony.

    And NOTHING breaks fear better than laughter.

    Frankly, all these overgrown rich brats with their ideas for what the rest of us should do take themselves far too seriously… so why not call in the jesters to them blush while the crowd laughs out loud, at these self-appointed, but ridiculously naked, emperors?

  7. suzt says:

    On topic!
    First an ongoing thank you to James “and your entire team” …
    anyone who is able, this might be a good time to renew our donations. I seriously don’t know how you can focus on this, educate us and remain sane.

    Here’s my first serious attempt to “talk” to others.

    1. I use FaceBook to connect with people all over the world as pre-covid I was wandering the planet the last 2 decades. I also post photos with details about my wanderings. During the plandemic I continued to travel and post photos and get lots of warnings, many included shaming, name calling and my personal favorite…how I was a threat to the world’s health and security. this has gone on for almost 4 months.

    Update: they are beginning to wonder why I am still alive! and the posts have a new tone. this is from one of my dear friends in Canada who is a staunch believer in lock downs, masks etc.

    “Your amazing spirit of adventure is an inspiration to many, especially at this unique time in our history.Continue to share your story of exploration and discovery! ”
    While I’m touched this post is much more significant as she has posted BE SAFE or Take good care of yourself or I hope your unique approach works for you for months.

    Also I haven’t been called a Trumpite or whatever for a couple weeks.

    2. Secondly I just posted this on my FaceBook page and want to pass on to all of you.
    My message with the link is:

    Let’s help Flatten the Fear
    Our arms are open for all people hiding in their homes, to embrace (virtually for those who want to distance)

    • Don't believe the MSM says:

      First an ongoing thank you to James “and your entire team” …
      anyone who is able, this might be a good time to renew our donations. I seriously don’t know how you can focus on this, educate us and remain sane.

      Totally agree, well said.
      I’m doing my best to stay positive and take every opportunity to share links to Corbett Report and other alternative media. While challenging peoples opinions and (at best) calmly providing them with real evidence regarding this plandemic but I don’t see how we can wake up enough people to prevent the elites plans going forth.

  8. eli.d says:

    Please post the link to the documentation that the only corona virus vaccine made people more susceptible to the virus.

  9. andyalchemy says:

    Doctor in texas reporting effective treatment of CoVid with inhaled steroids. No masks no vaccines. The link is to the blog page of the woman who interviewed him and from there you can link to the pdf of his primary paper.

    Youtube link to the interview

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