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11/25/201932 Comments

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I predict that "foreign interference" will replace "the devil made me do it" as the new excuse for everything. But how did I divine this vision? From a crystal ball? Not quite. Find out the secret of how to predict the future in this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch.


FBI Protected Voices Initiative

Larken Rose on the Immorality of Voting

The Last Word on Voting

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  1. manbearpig says:

    OMG! I KNEW that’s what you were going to talk about!

    Actually, when speaking about Trump of course, people regularly tell me with a straight face that Russia hacked the USA elections.

    I just have to say, “well, you know, Pinochet for example” and start a harangue about American intervention in other countries, elections and wars and people quickly acquiesce.

    But it seems, from their reactions, that American interference in other countries’ affairs is somehow normal…

    Yup! Those FBI “training” or “information” videos are really weird and stilted…

  2. Siren says:

    Hey James,

    Off topic from the video:

    I love that you have the Corbett Report screensaver in the background. I’ve been following how its changed over the years and it looks nice there in the background. My only input, is can you place a longer timer on the loop? So it hovers with the Corbett report logo for a while longer before looping again?

    MY thoughts as to why maybe it needs a longer loop:

    The reason I say this, if you rewatch the video, and note how heavy the “flash” of it draws from your face. Which is fine, it is meant to be eye catching, but if repeated too often a person is unable to not become more drawn to it than your face because it reoccurs enough times to be a “constant”. Ie, you must repeat it after a window where the person has “forgotten” it will reoccur. I’m not quite sure how many seconds it takes the average person to disconnect from a mental thought that’s temporary. Maybe an extra minute on the hover phase? Maybe 45 seconds? Maybe 2 minutes? Not sure. But its approximately fine as it is right now, just an extension from the “large text popup” to the next large text popup would make it appear more of an appeal to glance at. With the timer its on right now, it somewhat feels like a chore. As its so often, your looking at it (after you have caught it once) like 20 times in this 10 minute video :).

    Thank you for the video. Gave me a good laugh :).

  3. zyxzevn says:

    I collected a lot of information on this on SaidIt:
    The Hoax of Russian Hacking

  4. Anarchon says:

    Just replace all those countries with US, they are basically saying what methods they use on other countries.

  5. hugo.c says:

    Ahem, Israel. There is your dominant foreign influence (but they’re allow to).

    And, gerrymandering and voter role purging would be far more effective than running troll farm social media truckery, but hey thats being done by USA political parties, so its not “foreign”.

    Next, replace Russia, China and Iran, with USA in the FBI fluff piece and see how accurate that is!

    “We can meddle with you, but you cant meddle with us!”


    Oh, and “When what all american people think is false, our (FBI’s) (dis)information campaign will be complete”.

    More lol.

  6. Stronghorse says:

    Ya gotta love it when they tell you who to fear. Especially when the ones doing the telling are the ones you really should be afraid of.
    It’s; “Hey, look over there at what that scary group might do.”, but don’t you dare pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

  7. manbearpig says:

    Look Pearl!
    (Look at the 5th photo scrolling down (that starts with the headline photo)…)

    Now look at this:
    Scroll halfway down to temperatures, rainy days etc since 2009

    And tell me when you think the Atacama desert will bloom again…?

    • pearl says:

      Oh my, isn’t that gorgeous! I kid you not, I’ve got a seed packet of pink mallow flowers waiting to be sown, and for a spring bloom, that time is now. So, I can’t thank you enough for this lovely reminder.

      Next bloom time? [gulp] I’ll give it a shot: the Guardian article (dated 2015) says it typically blooms every five to seven years, and looking at their rain amounts so far, I’d say next September-November looks very promising!

  8. Dephyant says:

    OMG! She’s a Russian Bot… or was taught to speak english by one.

    • manbearpig says:

      Like, OMG! Totally! 😯 Wait! No! Maybe it’s the hair!? Maybe her hairdresser is a Russian bot!?

      • calibrator says:

        I think it’s likely that she is:

        Alla Lipetsker, born 1981

        “Supervisory Special Agent” in the “Office of Congressional Affais” since Jan 2016

        LinkedIn says she has Bachelor and a “Master in International Relations and Affairs” from American University.
        Wikiads ahem Wikipedia says AU “is one of the top five feeder schools to the U.S. Foreign Service and other governmental agencies”.

        Lipetsker is a Russian name. It stems from the Russian city Lipetsk. So it’s unlikely that she is Ukrainian.

        It also doesn’t come as a surprise that LinkedIn says that she’s fluent in Russian language (first language or bilingual).

        Because of her strange speech characteristics (Russians put a different emphasis on words than native English speakers) I assume that she was actually born in Russia and came to the USA around her puberty or a bit later.
        Then somebody sent her to American University (or maybe she got a stipend?).
        It’s pretty much an FBI career from then on.

        So, obviously, she knows a lot about Russian election meddling. 😉

        • Jed says:

          You nailed the speech, she has those words — sounds like Russians I’ve worked with from time to time in EMS. I commented on her being dull but really I meant the vid., it’s not easy to get in to the fbi. I worked with a paramedic who’s an overseas vet (makes a big difference, these kids are tripping over each other’s dicks to get deployed) then earned his law degree just to get in to the fbi. He didn’t get in — my theory is it his personality type: Hardheaded, will go against leadership when he knows they’re wrong. Great medic though.
          nice post

  9. Mintaka says:

    The (s)election of Trojan Trump is what kicked off this “foreign influence” BS.
    It was the ???? ?????? for his (s)election, which became abundantly clear during the pre-election campaign.
    If he really was this Knight-In-Shining-Armour that was going to “drain the swamp” and end military interventions abroad, then he woud never have become president, never even have been a serious candidate in the first place. Remember how the same tactic was used to get Obama into office. With Trojan Trump, this tactic was put on steroids.
    And with the next (s)election circus, it will be even worse, as James indicated.

    Plato said something like “If you don’t know your history, you’ll be like children”.
    There is a common thread that ties past and present events together, at least in the last 500 years or so (documented at least). Where the same (tiny) ethnic race has infiltrated, subverted and manipulated entire countries. As always of course by taking control of those countries’ financial system. Everything else follows. The media. The politicians, and the process that elects them.

    ?? ????????? ??? ????? ???? ???.

  10. weilunion says:

    “Levin, a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Politics and Strategy at Carnegie-Mellon University, found that the U.S. attempted to influence the elections of foreign countries as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000. (Add 19 plus years and we can call it around 100 times?)

    Comment: That’s just till 2000! The US has gone nuts since then.

    Often covert in their execution, these efforts included everything from CIA operatives running successful presidential campaigns in the Philippines during the 1950s to leaking damaging information on Marxist Sandanistas in order to sway Nicaraguan voters in 1990. All told, the U.S. allegedly targeted the elections of 45 nations across the globe during this period, Levin’s research shows. In the case of some countries, such as Italy and Japan, the U.S. attempted to intervene in four or more separate elections.”

    And the election tampering included violent overthrows of governments such as the recent coup in Bolivia.

    But there is more, much more.

    With 800 military bases around the country, the US stands as the premier election meddling country in the world.

  11. NES says:

    FBI agent? Who IS she talking to anyway–Sesame Street 3-yr-olds? She’s being sure to state her propaganda points slowly and distinctly. Good girl! You can follow directions.

    Well thanks, Ms. FBI agent. We were all so confused and uninformed before your YT marketing campaign got underway in support of your alphabet agency and their version of truth.

    Her unspoken propaganda? The US gives the world freedom and democracy not weapons, drugs, 3rd party mercenaries hired to murder, rape and pillage all possible resources from other countries. Don’t look behind that curtain where the DNC, RNC, US politicians, global corporations, lobbyists, alphabet agencies, MSM and their overlords are waiting, planning and colluding to influence the National elections, AND some have openly stated such. The USA is an innocent, I tell you! It’s them! ‘They’ are BAD. ‘We’ are GOOD. OK? Now let’s all go to our quite place for Kool-Aid and cookies. Hooray!

    God, what a joke.

  12. Jed says:

    Hooray for the special agent’s presentation: I’m relieved to hear Israel hasn’t been up to any election hacking! She doesn’t mention what the US ‘d been up to in Russia, China and Iran. I wonder if she knows who Mosaddegh is, and if she is as dull as the audience this gem is directed towards.

  13. sherry.a says:

    Scratching my head (sarcasm intended)…how is it that a self anointed ‘Exceptional’ Superpower that wreaks of self righteousness on all days is able to justify a country like Russia with an economy smaller than California or Italy can ‘interfere’ and upset Empire’s most important election…for President? Shouldn’t Americans be ashamed their country is so ‘penetrable’ and incompetent? As for Iran..Iran has no economy these days since the economy is fueled by the sale of oil (not taxes)..currently impossible with the sanctions….how can Iran be a threat?..during the recent Iranian unrest heard some young Iranian students analyze the reasons for the unrest…wish everyone could have heard them..they were courageous, brave, factual, unemotional, logical, cognizant of relevant historical realities and lucid…can we say the same about Americans as it engineers it’s own collapse?

    • Mintaka says:

      Sarcasm noted. Anyway.

      Problem is, (cyber)security is only as good as the next False Flag.
      If elections require the appearance of influence by some foreign state, then this can be accomplished quite easily, making it appear that it originated in the target state. Talking about the term “hacking” in particular.
      If you control the technology, then you can manipulate it to suit your agenda.
      This includes the media and any think-tank, foundation, NGO you can name.
      The narrative can be controlled from top to bottom.

      We saw this concept openly on display before, during and after that day in September 2001. And that day in November 1963. Etc.

      IMO, I don’t think the US “engineers its own collapse”. That’s done by the powers that control it. Same in Europe. Goes back a long way.

      • sherry.a says:

        Apologies for not explaining what I meant by ‘engineering it’s own collapse’…it is a phrase used to describe last phase of all Empires..they (either overlords or their operatives) over reach, are unable to sustain and by making poor choices they cause their own demise…we see U.S. influence waning as we saw removing of Assad unsuccessful, to date unsuccessful in VZ, unable so far to regime change in Iran and the people of Bolivia have yet to accept the ouster of Evo Morales…poor choices triggered by delusional arrogance is what ‘engineers the collapse’…my opinion..maybe others disagree..cheers..

        • Mintaka says:

          Point taken and appreciated.

          Perhaps where we differ is that – in my opinion – the US collapse is deliberately engineered by the powers that control the US. I find it difficult to see it any other way. “They” (or “It”) have done this before, not the first time. The parasites are ready to move on (if they haven’t already), and intend to take as much of the spoils as they can, at bargain prices.
          A bankrupt (who owns that debt?) nation is a convenient way of achieving just that.
          Nations or national borders are meaningless to this cabal, they operate on a global level. Explains the globalism push and the destruction of sovereign nations to a tee.

          What is always left out of the narrative is that the US itself has had its own regime change as a result of WWI & WWII (with the groundwork done years prior).
          Time to change it back.
          This is the international cabal Eisenhower was warning against (without calling it by name) way back in the fifties. Eisenhower himself who was controlled by it (hence he only warned about it during his farewell address).

          Just my opinion, we don’t need to agree. 🙂

  14. mik says:

    James, maybe I’ve found interesting stuff for PropagandaWatch lab.

    Peter Thiel had a speech at Manhattan Institute for Policy Research that was full of contradictions and many “interesting” propositions, but with fast paced delivery they could go unnoticed. Propaganda for topper echelons.

    He is talking a lot of scaling, good (US tech) and bad scaling(China AI gulag). Scaling is good to him, actually making excuses for monopolies. Nevertheless, he is presenting himself as libertarian. At 23:20 he is entertaining idea that maybe a Google could say “What is good for Google is good for America” as ones GM has said.

    Q&A(31:40) is something completely different. What a disgrace. He couldn’t hide it.

    Q: why is AI communist?
    PT is lost in space. But not completely, he is unconsciously spiting propaganda.

    Q: something about AI troubles, jobs,

    He disagrees. Service economy, yeee.
    37:50 A trick starts. “People in Silicon valley are not doing enough”.
    Self driving cars that would be Inovation and was promised but not delivered. But few sentences later…no, it’s not so big. “Change from horses to cars is bigger than from cars to autonomous vehicles” . WTF!!!!

    With this comment I just scratched the surface.

  15. Direct link to the video, for those who don’t want to visit the FBI website.
    If you do want to visit the FBI website for some reason, please at least paste the URL into the Startpage search box so you can view the site anonymously.

    PS: I love that the video has so few views and so many dislikes. Made my day.

  16. a822 says:

    With a view to winning the 2020 derelection contest
    the Federal Bureau of Obfuscation is proud to present its official channel.
    Our host Shillary Shill is a graduate of the Mueller Academy,
    she will brief you democrat voters on the official threats
    posed by the dragons that lurk beyond that hill.
    Be sure to vote for the democrat candidate who will prove best able to repel them.
    Shillary Shill ‘s favourite song is Iran Iran ‘s «Nuke Earth on Monday»,
    so you’ll hear plenty of that. If you hear a democrat candidate sing it better than the others, be sure to give him your vote(I’m excluding Warren already) and be sure to bring him/her to the finish line. We ‘re not here to influence you, but we’ve got to do it before Russia does.Our influence is benevolent, you’re not even supposed to feel it. So stay tuned and vote well.

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