How to Fake Your Own Death

06/24/201822 Comments

The Gaddafi Viagra rapes.

The Las Vegas shooting.

The Skripal "poisoning."

Ever notice how some stories explode onto the news wires and then—when the official story is exposed as a pack of lies—they just...disappear? Funny how that happens, huh? Well, add another example to the list: the curious case of Arkady Babchenko, better known as "Who's that?"

Arkady Babchenko is the so-called "journalist" who recently faked his own death in order to prove that the Russians are trying to kill him . . . or something like that. And if everything had gone according to plan, you can bet your bottom dollar that you would know his name by now.

"Babchenko" would be a rallying cry for Russiagate tinfoil hatters of all stripes, having been plastered all over the front page of the newspapers, endlessly discussed on the 24/7 cable news networks, and tweeted ad nauseam by the Twitterati. It would be deployed as a one-word rejoinder to anyone who dares question the neo-neocons and their neo-Cold War propaganda crusade against the neo-"Russian threat."

But everything did not go according to plan.

Learn more about the strange story of Arkady Babchenko's staged death and how you, too, can convince the world that Putin killed you (with a little help from your security service friends) in this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In Corbett’s “Recommended Viewing”, he has a video about Korea done by Caspian Report.

    In the past, I have watched some of the “Caspian Report” videos and was very impressed.



    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      My Dad went to Korea in the mid 1950’s, following the war. He was a chopper pilot and a fixed wing pilot for the Army.

      I remember when he left. I could barely talk. We were in southern Kansas. I was being held in his arms while he reached up on the closet shelf and grabbed his uniform’s cap, plopping it on my head where it slid all around. My Mother was next to us with quiet tears coming down her face. For me, at the time, I did not recognize the significance of his leaving for a few years.

      Years later, I watched photo slides from his time in Korea. For R&R (Rest and Relaxation), he occasionally would go to Japan. He picked up some unique items and silk garments.
      I still have a made in Japan “cigarette carousel music box” from that era, like the following video, but black and with a Japanese motif…
      (one minute)

      He almost adopted a pre-teen boy when he was in Korea. But, finances were tough.

      MASH was one of his favorite TV shows.

      • manbearpig says:

        What a beautiful post. I hadn’t seen it before posting my silly one. I’m sure I wouldn’t have posted it if I had… …

        Turns out my aunt was a nurse who spent most of her time in choppers treating folks fresh off the battlefield during the Korean war…

        who knows, maybe they actually met…?

        never know…

        Mash was my mom’s favorite tv series and movie… she was a little in love with alan alda… who was living not far from my dad in scarsdale New York after their divorce…

        Loretta Swit’s “jowls” were legendary in my house…

        ahhh… and that music… suicide is painless…

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Hola HRS and MBP! Mash was a favorite of mine as well. Radar was my favorite though. The little clerk running the entire war from a MASH unit. A lot of truth in that show.

        James, I really loved that link to the Cathy Newman meme site. That was hilarious!

        Personally, I gave up years ago trying to convince normies. It just frustrates me and annoys them. Which is the only pleasure I ever get out of the attempt. JimBob who feels the glory of the rapture in his karma.

  2. manbearpig says:

    Uhhhhhhhhh… … wait a minute, wait a minute!!… hold on!… … !!

    …So does this mean that… in some near future … or some sort of near future… Babchenko’s going to Really wind up dead as a door nail at the hands of saayyyy… a “lone nut” this time (falsely) but conveniently accused of being a double agent working for Putin striving to make the US/Ukranian coalition look bad…??? so everyone saves face and the reinforced Russiagate legend may continue…????… And then Putin will be accused of Killing him in an effort to cover up the failed double agent operation…???

    …even further reinforcing the Russiagate legend…?

    or no…

    Is this just to make our rapport with reality even more tenous… or…

    yup…I’m confused…


    • manbearpig says:

      (yea, sorry, just me again, trying to avoid working…)

      AAhhhhhh… okayyy…! it was real fake news! I mean faked real news…

      that is to say, an apparently successful, if much criticized, really faked or fake realistically faked Ukranian sting operation…. most of the press has fallen for it… or pretend they have…

      What does this suggest, if anything, about the whole Polish government meeting their death in Smolensk, all 96 of ’em, in 2010…? Fog?


      Everyone it seemed (except the president’s twin brother) agreed to sweep it under the rug as fast as possible…

      Maybe this really faked staged assassination of an expatriated Russian journalist was inspired by really real past events (sure ex-KGB Putin is not white as snow) to give a veneer of authenticity to more or less genuinely fake international antagonism…?

      On the cusp of united-world-governmental cooperation and in the present context of universal jubilation with so many lucrative international deals on the horizon for everybody (in the club) between OBOR, NEOM, developing the developing worlds, AI, trans-intercontinental railways, bridges and vast expanses of untapped petrol and gas reserves … not to mention space…

      gotta keep the illusion of nationalistic antagonisms alive…

      and cultivate confusion concerning …absolutely everything… until the netflix consuming rabble are all irrevocably chipped and blockchained, and just as happy living a virtual existence that they know is a faked reality but that they prefer to today’s real fakery…


      ya think all the geo-engineering is to make grass grow green in NEOM?

      d’ya think “they” all know perfectly well we’re heading towards a little ice age and that Saudi Arabia is exactly where we’ll all wanna be in a few decades??

      does the sun seem hotter and the air colder these days…?

  3. Fawlty Towers says:

    James we don’t have all the pieces to this puzzle and so I would be very hesitant to jump to any conclusions as you have done.

    You state:
    “Now, you might be wondering how that actually makes sense. I mean, how does staging Babchenko’s murder somehow help you catch his would-be murderers? What’s the connection there, even?”

    Let me give you one possible answer.

    Ukrainian authorities get wind of an assassination plot.

    They learn who the plotters are.
    They are somehow able to get into the mix by
    contacting them and offering the services of some hit men.

    A price is negotiated for the killing.
    The date of the killing is set.
    The time and place for the pay off is set.

    The ‘killing’ goes as planned.
    They meet at the designated time and place for the payoff.

    The sting operation is complete.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Fawlty, if the Russians were going to do it, they wouldn’t need all of that. I’m sure their intelligence agencies have people who can handle it. This leaving the whole payment thing a non-option. The scenario you describe requires the Russians don’t have such people. Even for a private contract, the odds are the money would be up front. I wouldn’t do it otherwise, if I were a contract killer. Which I’m not. JimBob who finds it amusing that he feels he needs to clarify that he isn’t Charles Bronson from The Mechanic (not that crappy remake one).

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Well now that we have all the necessary information to draw a conclusion I guess James was right after all. 🙂

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Or at least the most likely scenario. If you think the American government is full of idiots, you should check out a few of the others. Remember: When it comes to government; always go down the stupidest path first as that is likely where you will find the answer. I learned this early on in the military. I may have used this to my advantage on occassion. JimBob who would never do anything improper in regards to his government relations; nor would he ever have fun with it’s systems. Nope. Never.

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            OK so the American gov and a few others are full of idiots but the Russian gov isn’t. I’ll try to remember that.

            These types of operations don’t just occur spontaneously out of thin air.

            There had to be a motive behind it.

            Can you posit one other than the Ukrainian authorities were bored to tears that day and had nothing better to do, or they wanted to thoroughly embarrass journalists around the world with their faked death?

            • I Shot Santa says:

              No. They are as well. Which means they probably don’t have the skills to reach outside their checklists to hire some outside contractor. Besides, the only thing governments are good at is killing people. Why would they need to contract for their one true skill? JimBob who don’t see why this is so hard to see. But then he remembered he is on the verge of ascending into the karma rapture and can now see what no mere mortal ever saw before.

  4. scpat says:

    I have to admit, when I first saw the Babchenko story, I was shocked. I had to pick my jaw up from the floor. It’s unbelievable that the Ukrainians (and who knows who else) behind this hoax could not foresee the damage to their credibility, and the damage to the credibility of their MSM cheerleaders. I had a good laugh at their expense though.

    On another note to James and Brock, I really liked the video style of “Origins of the Korean conflict” by the Caspian Report. That could be a unique and interesting way to present certain Corbett Report content.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Scpat, all the governments are filled with idiots like these. Look at all the revelations of the Clinton emails. The idiocy of the news. And so on. Bureaucrats are not really capable of thinking outside the parameters of their check-lists. This is why some 10 year old can hack into the NSA. Government invulnerability is mostly hype. Remember the news story that showed how the nuclear missile sites still used the old 9″ floppy discs? I hadn’t seen one of those since the early 80s! The biggest psyop is that the state can actually cross the street by itself. JimBob who ain’t never seen anyone too stupid to make it in the government. Only the smart ones get out.

  5. Corbett says:

    My apologies to anyone who had any problem logging in or leaving a comment earlier today. I was having a server issue and it took several hours to resolve. Everything should be working now.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I think it only affected people without any karma. I never had a problem, except that my fingers are becoming translucent as I evolve to transcend. JimBob who figures this karma thing really isn’t that accurate, but it is fun.

    • mkey says:

      I resisted the urge to e-mail you.

      • Corbett says:

        Please don’t! It was only an email from ManBearPig that brought the issue to my attention in the first place, so you never know if you’re the one who is going to let me know about the problem in the first place. Better for me to receive 100 emails about something than 0.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Good to know.
          Like mkey, I also resisted the urge.
          When I couldn’t sign in, I figured you already had lots of emails about the issue.

          I don’t have the Karma like JimBob.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            HRS, when you can clap with no hands, you will be able to bypass servers that are down no problem. By the way, watched that trailer on GMO children. Sick. Can’t give that a thumbs up, but I do appreciate it. JimBob who finds it hard to give such a thumb when it’s something sick. It’s like praising politicians. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    • pearl says:

      Oh, good, so it wasn’t just me. I worried that my complaining about the comment system finally got on your nerves, but when I switched to Pale Moon, all was right with the world.

  6. I Shot Santa says:

    James, I also think that this whole Q Anon thing works the same way. Though I saw some head-line (I don’t pay much attention to them as they’re all based on “if” and other assumptions) that said it had taken on a life of it’s own. It’s like a re-incarnation of that shrink Steve Pzceznic (a truly horrific mis-spelling, but I have no remorse whatsoever) who claimed to be a spokesperson for the intelligence agency revolution. Personally, I’d be prone to give old Trumpy credit for the idea. Or at least, being smart enough to okay it. He is rather brilliant with his strategies.

    But anyway, if the Q Anon was a legitimate leaker who was doing what he said, then he would have been found after the third post tops. It’s simply too easy to trace it back to a source with that kind of info. So, it’s an obvious psyop. The question is: what does THAT mean? So many variables. JimBob who ran out of weed so his variable figurer don’t work too good right now.

    I know this isn’t the same scenario; it’s just another thing to add to the merger of state and media. As if it was ever really separate.

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