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The WHO has made a handy-dandy guide on how to debate vaccine deniers. Today on #PropagandaWatch, James delves into the document and examines its ideas.

Episode 382 – Your Body, Their Choice

Counselling the Public -

About Immunize Canada

Best practice guidance: How to respond to vocal vaccine deniers in public (2017)

Moral reflections on vaccines prepared from cells derived from aborted human foetuses

Addressing Fluoride Hesitancy Using Immunization Approaches

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  1. robert.t says:

    Seriously, I was never anti-vax and still am not anti-vax. Got my doubts, based on experience, Nonetheless, my mind is still wide open on immunotherapy in its many forms.

    But would I now allow the likes of Gates, Birx, Fauci or Tedros to shoot me up with some gunk? Oh please.

    By the way, I have a new definition of conspiracy theorist. It’s a person who waits longer than six hours for a likely explanation of some major event and longer than 24 hours for a definite explanation. The conspiracy theorist may also tend to wonder about an event days or even weeks after it has left the news cycle. In other words, a real humbug who just can’t move on even when given a riveting new distraction.

    Great posting, James. Need you now.

    • Roe_Jogan_On_DMT says:

      its just sad that more people are not aware of the james and his brand. he is so underrated and deserve more attention than some of the “journalists”

    • 9tH says:

      Excellent definition.
      You think ‘can’t move on’ equals ‘no way back’?

      And i agree, there’s enough reasons not to trust these figures, no need even to dig very deep..
      I wonder, what does it need to realize, what the full influence is of a white coat, the pre-fix ‘Dr.’ or the specialists’ jargon etc., on our psyche, our self-awareness and consequently, on our autonomy.. i mean, being suspicious enough to become aware of the fact that Big Pharma is not good for one’s health, is one thing. Resisting their authority, especially when for the first time in modern history, the world is being pandemicced however, is another.
      Where i am at, we have very ‘reasonable sounding’ docters. Progressive and popular among the intellectual middleclass, catchy in their phrasing when addressing the populace..
      Why would i even think these guys have bad intentions?!?

  2. truthseeker9 says:

    “Denier” is a very inaccurate descriptor for those who have done their homework or had sufficient experience, with vaccination.

    Denial is one side of a bad coin, with belief on the other side.

    Denial, like belief, requires no evidence.

    I am not in denial nor do I believe anything. I KNOW that most vaccinations are pseudo science and outright fraud; poisons. I KNOW we do not need vaccinations.

    I would never refer to vaccination as immunization.

    • pearl says:

      Well said, truthseeker.

      I would never refer to vaccination as immunization.

      Nor as a vaccination, but “injection fraud” as coined by Catherine Austin Fitts.

    • lisa.a.s says:

      Viruses change constantly. Why would I work to get rid of an illness that I never came down with when it is always a new strain 3 months later? Isn’t it more logical to build up your immune system to fight off any virus that happens along?

      • Fawlty Towers says:


        It’s too bad that the general public (who are anxiously awaiting the ‘pandemic vaccine’) can’t think as follows.

        Each year there is a novel seasonal flu.
        Each year, on cue, Big Pharma miraculously develops a new vaccine for the novel seasonal flu in record time, just a couple of months after it first appears!
        Each year there is an extremely poor success rate for the vaccine.

        But this time everything is going to be different.
        Because Big Pharma is working so hard.

        Oh you say most countries have not only flattened the curved already but practically eliminated it altogether?

        Sorry, but we moved the goal posts. You didn’t get the memo?
        The new goal is to eliminate every single virus on the planet!
        Because all it takes is one persistent RNA strand to kick-start another worldwide pandemic.

    • Arby says:

      I’ve done almost 60 blog posts on the covid 19 pandemic hoax alone. I’ve learned a lot doing those. (I read every primary article I look at and I watch every video I present.) Nothing is as revealing as adjuvants. They are, simply, poisons. And the barbaric idea is: Shock bodies with very toxic substances (aluminum, mercury) and force it to fight for survival. Those who survive? Well, They are proof that the vaccines work! Those who don’t survive or who are damaged? Nothing is perfect and look at all those who vaccines helped (according to the pro vaccine crowd, which is fact-resistant).

      Vaccines are like a live ammo drill in which soldiers are divided into two camps. When the sentry sees the enemy moving on his camp, he sounds the alarm and all of those soldiers come out and follow the routine for defence that they’ve learned. Only many of them ‘will’ be killed. That will ‘teach’ them.

    • holmesmd2 says:

      Why Me Worry? Why Guess?

      It’s not up to US to even WONDER whether there are “known issues” and “known concerns” with vaccines…particularly the Vaccines now being developed by the many companies with BLANKET IMMUNITY from any civil or criminal liability. This is according to their own documents and legal frameworks known as EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATIONS.

      The FDA has suspended it’s own rules for the approval of Vaccines, which allow the use of “Medical Countermeasures Initiative(s) (MCMi)”. The definitions of “covered persons” is all outlined, which means who and what, where, and how all these entities will have no liability, nor be required to pass regular protocol testing with the FDA, etc.

      An untested vaccine can be used now, just so long as it “may….qualify for approval or licensing WITHIN 10 YEARS.”

      “A security countermeasure also may be a Covered Countermeasure if it may reasonably be determined to qualify for approval or licensing within 10 years after the Department’s determination that procurement of the countermeasure is appropriate.” (Countermeasure can = Vaccine)

      So, what could go wrong with THAT idea? I haven’t a clue, but it seems the folks in charge have thought a great deal about it already (read this 2x, slowly, please):

      ““A qualified pandemic or epidemic product also may be a Covered Countermeasure when it is subject to an exemption (that is, it is permitted to be used under an Investigational Drug Application or an Investigational Device Exemption) under the FD&C Act and is the object of research for possible use for diagnosis, mitigation, prevention, treatment, or cure, or to limit harm of a pandemic or epidemic or serious or life-threatening condition caused by such a drug or device.”

      This paragraph mentions at two DIFFERENT anticipated categories of “products”:

      1. A “drug or device” that is EXPECTED to cause “serious or LIFE-THREATENING condition(s).”

      2. A “drug or device” that is designed to “limit” those pesky “serious or LIFE-THREATENING” conditions caused by such drug or device” (described in #1). This is everything AFTER the last comma in the paragraph above.

      Problem 1: Pandemic. Solution: Vaccines Drugs or Devices (untested, btw)
      Problem 2: Serious or life-threatening “side-effects”. Solution: More devices, drugs or Vaccines to CURE THOSE “conditions”.
      Problem 3: What if someone notices and gets mad or tries to Sue? Solution: Blanket Immunity for everyone who is a “covered person” anytime during the emergency which will last until 2024, as long as it helps with a “pandemic or epidemic”.
      Problem 4: Ditto #3. Solution: Rinse and Repeat? Ad infinitum?

      Cont…part 2

  3. Nick says:

    At first i thought this document is kind of a waste of time when there is absolutely no debate even engaged in from where i am sitting (much like climate change of course!). I just searched for vaccine debate on youtube and found this link. Interesting if you watch till the end, almost every technique explained in the document is present!
    I wonder if there is any pro vaccine doctors local to any community members who have the balls to debate RFK Jr? Theres one egg over here in NZ now trying to carve himself a political career (Dr Lance O’Sullivan) whos a pretty vocal pro vaccine guy. I wonder if seeing as no one credible will debate Mr Kennedy, if he may consider some lowly local doctor who thinks he knows what hes talking about.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Nick, Good example!

      From 2008 (when you could even talk about vaccines)
      Child Vaccinations – The Doctors TV Show Debate with Barbara Loe Fisher, a Mother & a Big Pharma Representative

      It was worth noting that some of the major contentions presented by the Mother and Barbara were ignored, and brushed under the rug.
      For example: “Let’s study the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated – no one is doing that study.”

      It was nice to see the audience clap when the Mother said to the Big Pharma lady, “Forgive me if I don’t trust the pharmaceutical industry….”

      • Arby says:

        I believe that they’ve finally relented and agreed that there should be a study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children. I forget who reported that, but it would have been either Del Bigtree or Robert Kennedy’s org. Let’s see, though, whether they follow through.

    • Arby says:

      Well, an organization (that I can’t vouch for) called Valuetainment hosted a ‘debate’ between Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Alan Dershowitz lately. You can find the video on “Children’s Health Defense.” I excerpted what I thought was the best part of the debate. Really, It was not a heated debate. I don’t think Alan was serious. I think he was just using the debate to burnish his tarnished reputation (Jeffrey Epstein). The debate was very worth watching simply because Robert Kennedy is so very informed on all things vaccines. (I personally don’t buy the concept of ‘viruses’ however.)

      My excerpt: “Sars CoV 2 – Too Big To Fail” /

  4. Octium says:

    Even allowing them to call it a “debate” is propaganda in itself. People who want to take a vaccine can if they want, I just want them to have access to the truth beforehand.

    As for people who want to force me to take a vaccine, I don’t want to debate them or change their mind either – I just want to stop them!!

    Or put it this way, if I had magic button box that had two buttons on it, Button #1 would change their mind, Button #2 will kill them on the spot, I would press the “kill” button.

    • Roe_Jogan_On_DMT says:

      highly agree

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Where can I order one of those boxes? I’ll take a few dozen.

    • Arby says:

      If I can’t change the minds of Rockefeller devotees with science, facts and reason, and those devotees want to force me to take their medicine, I’d be happy if they dropped dead. What else is there to say? Mind you, they ‘are’ dead, mentally and spiritually. I believe in God and I therefore believe that God will deal with them. He will judge them, which doesn’t mean that I don’t have the right to judge – in a limited fashion – their behavior toward me. That’s life. We make judgments all the time. It’s called being alive, having a mind and thinking with it.

  5. Roe_Jogan_On_DMT says:

    James you NEED to get on the Joe Rogan Podcast and collab with more people to get your message out. Get on the Alex Jones show, btw Alex played your bill gates doc in segments of his show. so he must be in favor of our cause. Anyway James you need to be in more screens.

  6. SuperMom Belle says:

    Don’t forget about the CURRENT Yale Human Psych manipulation study #1:

    Do you suffer from “Vaccine Hesitancy”?
    Get the feeling you don’t WANT to be the first to take the novel jab that’s never been successful before in any other type of this family of germs and is UNTESTED on animals & shown to have adverse affects in humans during the lax trials by Big Corps(e) who are the only ones with full immunity?

    Don’t worry, YALE’s targeting to manipulate YOU into givin’ up any legit concern you crazy-reasonable-thinking human being have, right here in their clinical psych trials:

    “Persuasive Messages for COVID-19 VIRUS Vaccination Uptake”

    “1 Vaccine confidence scale [ Time Frame: Immediately after intervention, in the same survey in which the intervention message is provided ]
    This is a validated scale. This scale will be used to assess the impact of the messages on Vaccine confidence. (Outcome assessed only for the half of the sample that answers these items post-treatment)

    2 Persuade others item [ Time Frame: Immediately after intervention, in the same survey in which the intervention message is provided ]
    This is a measure of a willingness to persuade others to take the CROWN-VIRUS* Vaccine.

    3 Fear OF those who have NOT been vaccinated [ Time Frame: Immediately after intervention, in the same survey in which the intervention message is provided ]
    This is a measure of a comfort with an unvaccinated individual visiting an elderly friend after a Vaccine becomes available

    4 SOCIAL JUDGMENT of those who do not Vaccine [ Time Frame: Immediately after intervention, in the same survey in which the intervention message is provided ]
    This is a scale composed of 4 items measuring the trustworthiness, selfishness, likeableness, and competence of those who choose not to get Vaccined after a Vaccine becomes available”

    WOW turn against your family, friends & neighbors by openly judging them, call your own “untrustworthy,” they’re so “selfish” and you must not like them anymore they’re so “incompetent” as to not be worth your time… because YOU trust the authorities that come outta Yale and THEY just won’t fall in line!!!!

    Are WE gonna fall for this ‘ol divide & conquer tactic (again)?

  7. james.w says:
    Documents government and mainstream media testing propaganda to get people to take the Convos vaccine

  8. Ian Davis says:

    Thank again James for an excellent expose of the propaganda used to persuade the vaccine hesitant who may be “brainwashed” by the scientifically illiterate claims of the fake scientists and “vaccine deniers”. Denier obviously conjuring up the hate filled lunacy of the Holocaust denier.

    However, here in the UK (and elsewhere), there is also a notable ultra-authoritarian wing of the vaccine certainty movement. Recently seen in the document called The Anti-Vaxx Industry published by the Center For Countering Digital Hate (CCDH).

    They have moved beyond merely using propaganda to obfuscate and avoid scientific and evidence based counter arguments about vaccine safety and efficay, and have instead adopted a labelling approach way beyond simple accusations of being an “anti-vaxxer.”

    Now the alleged “anti-vaxxer” is a hateful extremists who presents a threat to UK national security. Spreading their “vile, hatred” the “anti-vaxxer” is now a new kind of public health terrorist, whose expressed opinions should be silenced before these vile extremists are incarcerated for the threat they present to all the little children.

    I have looked into who the CCDH represent and it appears to be a transatlantic progressive alliance who seek to control all information in what can be described as a technofascist state. Fascism, for the reasons highlighted in these articles, is the best description of the form of totalitarianism the CCDH both advocate and represent.

    I leave them here for anyone who fancies a read.

    Take it easy.

  9. padraig says:

    hold on folks. the covidiots already gave the farm away months ago. as soon as i heard some government mouthpiece declare that “just one life saved makes it all worthwhile. (remember the 500000 Iraqi babies.) then they’ve agreed that the danger from vaccines is simply too high as even one death from vaccines is too many.

  10. OZ says:

    my observation is that when I click on the links from the shownotes, I often get a “page not found” note, but when I take the steps to the documents on my own – so to say -, then I can find them.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Who really reads and seriously studies this kind of crap like the 53 page pdf “Best practice guidance: How to respond to vocal vaccine deniers in public (2017)”?

    Can you imagine going to an educational training seminar, a powerpoint presentation with “drills/exercises” based on this pdf?
    The audience would just want to “get through it” for the grade, not with any value of learning.
    And how could one perform a mock exercise without fabricating lies or utilizing verbal bullshit to cover their lack of in-reality-concrete facts?

    Kind of sounds like some of the college courses or further education offered by companies. Nobody really buys it…they just want the course credit.

    Over the many decades, I’ve run into a few of these consulting administrator types who write pages and pages of worthless garble planning and ludicrous implementation guides with no basis in reality, just airy-fairy glib garbage.
    What amazes me even more, is that organizations hire these people and pay them hefty sums.
    I guess when you write what the boss wants to hear, it doesn’t matter that it is mostly dribble.

    • Denis says:

      People do read these. Try arguing with people on reddit, twitter, forums etc and see how they respond when they are confronted with real research and facts. That ‘crap’ describes their behavior with almost 100% accuracy from my experience (See my comment below for example.).

      I presume some are paid trolls, but I think some of these might be people who are somehow involved in vaccine or related business, have invested in shares of pharmaceutical companies, own/co-own something related (Eg MD practice, pharmaceutical store, some related services).

    • Denis says:

      OTOH it might also be ‘innate’ behavior of some if not many people in situations where they are heavily biased.

    • Arby says:

      I had a similar thought. Idle hands (in relation to solving real problems) are the Devil’s workshop. The sad reality is that there is reality behind the bullcrap. And great malevolence. The Transnational Capitalist Class has invested way too much money (even though they’ve got some $41 trillion to play with) in this emerging biosecurity police State aka covid 1984 aka New World Order (also called Happytalism) to let it go. As Monica Perez told James Corbett, they’ve been so successful at bamboozling people (Thanks cattle!) so far that they are now emboldened and won’t quit until they have achieved their perverted anti-nature, anti-God and anti-humanity goals.

  12. suzt says:

    Related: this may have been mentioned before but I want to be sure we all see it… so here’s the US Gov’t and Yale University clinical trial, testing the most effective messaging to manipulate us into getting vaccinated for C19.

    I already experience some of these in the great War of Masks.

    • Arby says:

      I haven’t had the chance yet to watch the debate, but Denis Rancourt is an anti-masker who debates a pro masker, David Kyle Johnson. Denis Rancourt, a physicist, knows his stuff (but buys the ‘virus’ concept, which I don’t buy). I heard him on The Highwire. He’s also one of the plaintiffs in Vaccine Choice Canada’s lawsuit against the Canadian federal government and Ontario and Toronto, which is being argued by Rocco Galatti.

      • suzt says:

        Arby…thank you for the link to this debate. Denis’s list of links is very useful.

        I don’t wear a mask unless I have to to enter a store. Then I wear it under my nose and so far no one has objected. *I’m in Oaxaca, Mexico.

        IMPORTANT: the outside of our mask is full of exhaled bacteria and clumped viruses. Be careful where you put this filthy item down and be sure to wash your hands with soap and water really well after you’ve touched the outside of your mask.

        Also when they squeeze that horrid sanitizer on my hand, I slowly wander off and then wipe it off on my pants. That stuff nukes all our healthy bacteria plus it’s so bad for our environment. alas…

        • Arby says:

          I actually came across a couple good papers, including at least one referred to by Denis, stating that extra handwashing did not make a difference. Or something like that. And I kind of thought so. Extremes are negative. Don’t get me wrong, I’m clean. It’s always bothered me how dirty people are. But I’m less worried about ‘nature’ now than I ever was. Common sense rules. And lo and behold, What were the biggest factors in decline in mortality in the US (which is what I have info for, although I’m Canadian) since 1900 (1900 to 1971 I think)? Refrigeration, bathrooms, better food and better social conditions.

          Yes, I do the same thing when forced to squirt sanitizer. I think I’ve distressed the receptionist (in her plastic box) at the hospital when she pointed me to the hand sanitizer and I squirted it and then shook it off in front of her. I still rub it around, but good gosh! The world has gone crazy. I thought I heard a lady tell Del Bigtree the other day that the FDA now has over a 100 different sanitizers that it lists on its website that it says are to be avoided.

  13. MagicBullet says:

    The fact that they are so focused on anti-vaxxers is a good hint on just how to fight them.

    As a side note, remember this article in 2015 that got battered down as unrelated to Covid-19 where a team of US and Wuhan researchers just happened to make a Corona bat virus attach to human airway cells:
    Then in 2020 the US blames China for Covid-19 and China blames the US-perfect diversion propaganda, blame the other. Great storm for coincidence theorists.

    In Wuhan, bat-corona made to infect humans. I opine the cross continent blaming seems to be a show as a cover for a cooperative project of making Covid-19 for the common purpose of thinning-out and controlling their own populations, which just happen to be these governments’ biggest threat.

  14. pearl says:

    Not too long ago I received Rosa Koire’s “Behind the Green Mask”. On page 25, she introduces a technique used by those who go about changing minds toward a desired outcome called the “Delphi” method developed back in the 50s by the Rand Corporation for Cold War tactics. Here’s a brief description from Ms. Koire’s book:

    Delphi is used to channel a group of people to accept a point of view that is imposed on them while convincing them that it was their idea. In the 1970s and ’80s, it was used to convince land owners of the merits of accepting the General Plan maps. Delphi can be used on any group, from just one person to the entire world. Trained facilitators present a range of choices to a group but have tailored them to direct the outcome. This is most often done in public meetings, called “visioning meetings”, put on by your city or county to get your opinion on Your Town 2020 or 2035.[…] Delphi is used in school board meetings, in trainings, at neighborhood association meetings, and other places where organizers want to give the appearance that they have listened to community opinion and incorporated it into their plan. By the way, you’ll never hear the word Delphi – they will never acknowledge that they’re doing it.

    Case in point:

    “Effecting Change, Improving Health” (note the “related topics” just beneath the title)

    “Once a COVID-19 Vaccine Is Ready, Getting People to Take It May Be a Bigger Challenge”

  15. manbearpig says:

    Just started the video but it made me think of this:

    -“But you didn’t prove that vanilla’s the best.”

    -“I didn’t have to. I proved that you’re wrong, and if you’re wrong then I’m right!”

    -“But you still didn’t convince me…”

    -“I’m not after you, I’m after THEM!”

    of course.

  16. KillDozer888 says:

    [SNIP – Please no links without descriptions, titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them. -JC]

  17. Jan Rosbäck says:

    Great presentation as usual! Thanks James. Jon Rappoport nailed some facts in his blog today. Greetings from the sunny northern shores of Cyprus.

  18. Hi James, not sure if you have seen this vaccine “debate” between Robert Kennedy and Alan Dershowitz, but it was beautiful. Polite but devastating, IMO for all but the most blinded Pro “Vaxxers”. Kennedy is not anti-Vaccine just pro-Science.

  19. mkey says:

    “We Have A Lot of Evidence That It’s A Fake Story All Over The World” – German Doctors on COVID-19

    A summary of the situation going on in Germany.

  20. mond says:

    Thank you, James. As my moms always told me, “Forewarned is forearmed”. More munitions for my arsenal.

  21. Save 10% of Earnings! says:

    “Hesitant Individual” translation “Possible Sucker”. You can pretty much nip 90% of pro vaccine advocates by stating, “If they are not going to pay for the damages from side effects I’m not going to consider it. Would you give your child to a nursery that had NO liability at all?”
    If you’re looking for things that you personally can do to scale back the influence/wealth of the powerful (In the US, Russia, China or anywhere else.), AND at the same time increase your own, start with these 3 things:
    1) Save at LEAST 10% of all you earn. If you are not saving at least that amount you are no better than a slave living for what your master gives you to eat! (Get yourself a free PDF copy of “The Richest Man in Babylon”: Easiest book you’ll ever read on personal finance and is taught in parable so enjoyable to read as well.)
    2) Keep your uninvested money in physical form. Either in Gold, Silver or, more pragmatically, physical currency (Remember in the most recent financial panics in the US (2008), Cyprus (2012), Greece (2015), etc. people were trying to get physical cash, not Gold or Silver.). If you must use the banking system only use Credit Unions or Savings and Loans. Keep only as much currency in it as you need for expenses over the course of a couple of weeks or a month tops (Business owners will need more because of tax and logistical reasons.).
    3) Read “The Politics of Obedience”. It will open your eyes to more possibilities of action than I couldn’t possibly list here. It is very easy to read (Half hour if you read REAL slow. 1 Hour, also if you read slow, if you include the forward by Rothbard).:

  22. zyxzevn says:

    Plandemic 2 | INDOCTORNATION


    Visit our website:

    Guided by the meticulous work of Dr. David E. Martin, Plandemic II: Indoctornation, tracks a three decade-long money trail that leads directly to the key players behind the COVID 19 pandemic. David Martin is the creator of the world’s first quantitative public equity index – the CNBC IQ100. He served as Chair of Economic Innovation for the UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization and has served as an advisor to numerous Central Banks, global economic forums, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, and national governments. Dr. Martin has pioneered global programs to bring corporate and stock market transparency to multi-national extractive industries and has been instrumental in bringing the world’s largest white-collar criminals to justice.

    • zyxzevn says:

      Plandemic – Part1

      Judy Mikovits – follow up interview

      SARS Cov2 is from a lab.

      Good science information about this is explained at
      Peak Prosperity

      Reasons why it is artificial bio-weapon:
      1 – There is no previous version of the virus in animals
      2 – It infects Humans better than
      3 – The virus is a combination of at least 2 viruses. Combination virus was not seen before in nature (that I know of), but is common in lab.
      4 – The virus has an inserted cleavage-site (RxxR), which increases the rate of infection immensely.
      5 – The natural mutations of the virus still occur, but the first virus RNA versions did not have any mutations compared to the lab variants.
      6 – Viruses like this have been created and patented before.
      7 – Viruses like this were present at the Wuhan institute, just before the start of the epidemic at Wuhan. There have been incidents at labs before, including Wuhan’s.
      8 – There is no story that holds, in which the virus was created in Nature.

      What if it was a accidental leak?
      Murphy’s law. If it can happen, it will happen.

      What if it was a leak on purpose?
      It could have been done by some agent at the Wuhan institute.
      One of the lab animals might have been disposed on the market.
      Or be brought to a carrier and spreader to some event nearby.

      Who would be the target of this Bio-weapon?
      Most of the people. Especially those in environments with bad air.
      The virus is acting slow and is hard to combat with vaccines.
      The Covid-19 measures are even more important!

      Who would kill random poor people?
      People supporting Eugenics (like the WHO / Gates / etc)

      What are the Covid-1984 measures about?
      1. Tracking/control of people (+social credit)
      2. Taking over of small businesses and private housing.
      3. Conversion of cities to smart cities.
      4. Monopoly on food / water
      5. Monopoly on transport
      6. Centralized money via the large banks

    • zyxzevn says:

      Good News. Up to 50% of us may be pre-immune to Covid-19 (Peak Prosperity)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Plandemic 2 | INDOCTORNATION
      is top grade!

      I watched it premier on Ben Swann’s channel at release time.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        In the evening after its release…

        “London Real TV” says:
        WE DID IT! Over 1,000,000 Viewers. in regards to “Plandemic 2 | INDOCTORNATION”

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          For giggles…

          Google Search “plandemic 2 indoctornation”.
          Right at the top of the search results, you will see The Fact Checkers.
          Politifact even has a “truthometer” email address.

          I was tempted to email a query:
          “In the film “Plandemic 2 | INDOCTORNATION”, they had a short clip showing Daniel Funke licking boots. What does this mean?”

  23. Denis says:

    Have just tested a vocal vaccine advertiser, a MS employee Reynolds_Beta on Twitter, and the guy literally followed instructions from a pamphlet like ‘How to respond to vocal…’

    To his standard ‘scientific consensus, benefits outweigh…’ blah blah I responded with links to studies and a ted talk (I’ll add these below) held by an expert about non specific effects of vaccines (There aren’t many studies btw because long term non spec effects are normally not researched). Practically all serious (: )) existing research on the topic I have seen suggests non live vaccines have negative impact on health and negative non specific effects usually in a form of increased susceptibility to other diseases and increased chance of severe course of a disease..

    The guy probably didn’t even bother checking it because he didn’t notice the speaker is not an ‘anti vaxxer’ and the argumenst are not against vaccines in general. Instead he just replied 1 Nice try. It’s wrong. 2 Mentioned consensus and how smart he is so I can’t actually understand source of his knowledge 3 blocked me.

  24. Fact Checker says:

    100% ON-TOPIC:
    Perhaps the most vocal resister of all at the moment, RFK, Jr., has a thoroughly dynamite interview with the Great Dr. Paul on Liberty Report, also posted at Children’s Health Defense:

    Kennedy is absolutely on fire the whole way through, starting with why Sirhan “could not have killed my father,” then moving on to how he went from crusading against mercury in fish to thanklessly battling mercury in vaccines, breaking down how an independent commission has faulted the CDC for purposely avoiding any study of the vac-autism connection, and then getting super-real with the socio-political implications of this viral fear, which he describes as a “far more powerful tool than any tyrant has ever possessed.” He caps it all off by invoking the “Biosecurity Paradigm.”

    By the end of it, I almost feel like he’s a closet Corbetteer! Highly recommended. One hour, and 10 min in, Paul gushes, “We should have gotten a couple more hours! This is a great interview!” (Paul actually struggles to get a word in edgewise, which is a very good thing. Kennedy is a powerhouse.)

    • lovetodust says:

      Yes, let me add to that. I could go on and on about how much I have learned from listening to RFK Jr in various interviews. I have joined Childrens Health Defense. They are on fire. They just filed suit against California State College for mandating vaccines for staff, faculty and students.

      Today they filed suit against Zuckerburg and facebook. The press conference is Wednesday – can’t remember what time but go on childrens health defense web site.

      They have a terrific lawyer there named Mary Holland. I’ve heard her in interviews also.

      Here is a list of fascinating interviews about vaccine injury, big pharma with no liability and god how they lie, and the upcoming battle. I wish I could link but still don’t know how and it’s too late at night to try and figure out:

      RFK Jr and Polly Tommey – nine one hour episodes called “TRUTH”
      RFK Jr and Dr. Theresa Deisher – she explains in detail the aborted fetus’s used in vaccinations. Not for the faint of heart. RFK was even taken aback.
      RFK Jr and Patrick Bet David – not the Dershowitz episode. Patrick interviews RFK early on in the pandemic. AlSO TALKS ABOUT JFK AND RFK ASSASSINATIONS.

      Mary Holland and Catherine Austin Fitts – great interview from Solari Report
      Mary Holland and Dr. Stanton Hom – great interview about medical freedom, vaccines, and the upcoming battle. Lots about Mary’s background.

      Both Polly Tommey (who’s been at the forefront for over 20 years) and Mary Holland are mother’s of vaccine injured sons.

      VAXXED and VAXXED II – produced by Polly Tommey and Del Bigtree.
      I recommend these movies to everyone who is on the fence about vaccines. They at least get you thinking. They can be rented online.

      Both RFK Jr and Mary Holland have pledged to “die with their boots on” over this issue. So there is hope!

      • Fact Checker says:

        On their current suits: I don’t believe they have filed against either the University of California or Cal State Univ. systems just yet. They have pledged to sue UC on account of their mandate, which has zero exemptions of any sort, and they are presently gathering plaintiffs to name. (For any UC student or employee, there is a widget on the site

        where you can sign up to be named as a plaintiff and make sure you will benefit from any favorable relief they obtain.

        As for Cal State U., that system also issued a mandate of sorts, but I think CHD is on the fence about filing suit because the CSU mandate entails religious and personal-belief exemptions, so it isn’t as brutal as UC’s.

        (Remember, the UC chieftain who issued their order is the grotesque Janet Napalitano, who moved into the UC gig directly from her Dept. of Homeland Security secretariat under GWBush (aka Chimpbot 3000). She’s neuticles-deep in Nighny Leven.)

  25. kfel says:

    We need to get the word out that the spread of COVID was *caused* by a vaccine – the flu vaccine, to be exact. No country with available data that has flu vaccination rates below 50% has high COVID mortality rates. PERIOD. Taking the flu vaccine makes you more vulnerable AND a super spreader, potentially even affecting the non-vaccinated. Vaccinating kids makes them biological weapons.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Yep. It’s a stepping stone process.
      They put a nearly-inert tag in the (voluntary) 2019 flu shot, which would get identified as “novel corona” by PCR. Call that a “pandemic.”
      Then design a 2020 flu shot to either contain a more virulent pathogen, or to work as a “binary weapon” with the agent from the 2019 shot. Increase “uptake” with some mandates, and general intensified marketing playing off the “pandemic.” Now, with overall depressed immune systems in the populace, due to lockdown and immune-suppressive shots, watch the 2020 shot-bug spread.
      Call that “The Second Wave.” Now the public is fully mollified for a mandatory “pandemic shot.”
      This shot is mRNA: it synthesizes a new and deadlier pathogen directly, and since your own cells have been hijacked to synthesize it, the body does not recognize it as foreign, but instead as a friendly native, and the immune system ignores it. The new “bio-reactor” shot-recipient is not only completely defenseless against this new pathogen, but is a super spreader. Now the population truly goes into recession…

  26. dadandan says:

    Hi James and whoever codes his webpage for him! I know you’d rather we not watch your content on YouTube, and believe me I’d rather not give them the traffic either! But can you please add some resize functionality to the vids embedded on your site like fullscreen or stretch to window (like the cinema mode on gootube)?


  27. Tsuyoshi says:

    I just came across this COVID-19 Update by the WHO. It says, “The world is overloaded with COVID-19 misinformation. Before you share a post or an article, CHECK trusted sources like WHO & national health authorities.”

  28. Arby says:

    I had a horrible argument with my doctor (which made me sick) about covid 1984. One of the things he said to me – because he doesn’t think, he parrots – is that those who I’m listening to are profiting from their propaganda. James put it perfectly. Let’s use the scales to see who profits more from their respective positions.

  29. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Related to #PropagandaWatch

    “Sensus Fidelium” YouTube Channel
    Steve Cunningham interviews James Corbett
    Published on June 28, 2020
    Resistance Podcast 80: COVID Fear, Propaganda, Bill Gates, & Riots with James Corbett
    (40 minutes)

  30. Arby says:

    Re the guide: It strikes me as a guide on how to lose an argument with a vaccine denier or someone who isn’t totally in agreement with the Gates’s-funded crowd.

  31. Silver Lining says:

    Hi, newby here, from northern Canada. Looking forward to conversations with you all.

    This might be slightly off topic, but my burning question right now is, what is it exactly that makes some people willing to question authorities and look beyond the official narrative, and others not at all. I’m surrounded by people who insist that they’ll obey all government directives, even the weird and harmful covid lockdowns, because… well just because the government says so, and they’re the experts.

    A while back James had a video related to this topic, it was good, but it seems that one piece of the puzzle has not yet been named. Yes, mainstream media plays a huge role in manufacturing compliance, but that’s not the only factor, or even the main factor, in my opinion. I think it starts from a personal stance, and from having gone through some eye-opening events in one’s life. Your thoughts?

    • Steve Smith says:

      Here’s one person’s thoughts.

      “If You Struggle With Authority, Science Says Blame Your Brain“

      “If you hate being told what to do, and that’s why you decided to become an entrepreneur — or that’s why you aspire to launch your own venture — brain science may have an explanation for your aversion to authority.

      Some people are predisposed to “control aversion” given their neurological structure, according to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience. The control averse don’t like it when others hold sway over their decisions and actions and feel strongly inclined to rebel. This tendency is linked to strong brain connectivity between the parietal lobule and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, two regions “commonly associated with attention reorientation and cognitive control,” the study’s co-authors note.”

      The “scholarly” psychology articles on the subject mostly seem to suggest that people like us are sick and had childhood traumas that screwed up our heads..

    • padraig says:

      howdy silver! it’s just the way it is! hehe.
      before the fact checkers leap in, the experiment didn’t happen. settle

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Silver Lining,
      Thanks for being here!

    • Steve Smith says:

      Freedom vs Force – The Individual and the State

      “ Ciphers are individuals lacking in moral autonomy, deficient in critical thinking and incapable of acting with courage. The cipher is too afraid or incompetent to think for himself, and so, he submissively regurgitates slogans heard in the media and robotically obeys orders from the political class. These dehumanized non-entities are molded by years of indoctrination in state-schools, decades of propaganda from media and popular culture, and constant exposure to numbing and dumbing distractions. The cipher is the man or woman whose spirit has been broken and who is the easy prey of the power-hungry amongst the political class.”

  32. holmesmd2 says:

    Why Me Worry? Why Guess? Part II

    So, who’s the DECIDER in all this? To paraphrase George II, Only ONE guy:

    “(ii) is determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to be a necessary countermeasure to protect public health.”

    Brazen….Breathtaking. (pun intended).

    So….Why until 2024?

    “Section XII of the Declaration extends the effective period for different means of distribution of Covered Countermeasures through October 1, 2024.”

    AND: “The Secretary must identify, for each Covered Countermeasure, the period or periods during which liability immunity is in effect, designated by dates, milestones, or other description of events, including factors specified in the PREP Act.”

    There’s so much more….but does take some time and a little attention span. So…don’t believe me, James or the Man Behind The Tree….read it yourself, Thee!

    Here’s the whole of this ONE among THOUSANDS of EUSs (Emergency Use Authorizations):


    The Secretary is issuing this Declaration pursuant to section 319F-3 of the Public Health Service Act to provide liability immunity for activities related to medical countermeasures against COVID-19.”

    If you want to do your own research..they even provided their own number…imagine that! “Contact: HHS Press Office

    Better yet…call the man himself (or his assistant?):

    “Robert P. Kadlec, MD, MTM&H, MS, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, Office of the Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20201; Telephone: 202-205-2882.”

    Let us know if you find anything useful :).

  33. biek says:

    The document. About how to deal with vocal vaccine deniers has resonances with Scientology policies on public area control.

    Scientology was sweeping the boards with usenet debates on alt.religion.scientology with saying that the critics were criminals / sick people / didn’t know what they were talking about etc. pretending to be aloof and to hold the moral high ground.

    Then what happened was people contributed well researched papers, such as checking the volcano list that Hubbard said people were blown up at (74 million years ago), and proving by close reference to published geological surveys that the volcanoes did not exist then.

    That put the Rondroid spokesmen into a tizzy and they got drawn into dialogue and went unstable.

    Then the cult tried to shut down alt.religion.scientology (they had set it up themselves) as it was an uncontrolled forum where people were thinking for themselves.

    The moral of the tale : if in practising your “public area control” you cannot control the debate, don’t participate.

    The outcome of this 1990s debate by the way was that Scientology changed the volcano list. Strictly speaking changing the list was a technical degrade, but whose arguing ?

    They also use loaded language such as “suppressive person” – a bit like today’s “conspiracy theorist”.

    Looking at cult mind control and their use of brainwashing technology was good training for myself. I can apply Lifton’s Criteria to check for brainwashing in action in the wider world. Lifton defined 8 criteria to check for brainwashing, if all 8 criteria applied, then “brainwashing” was an applicable word.


  34. Miss Terious says:

    James was incisive and utterly hilarious in this great little presentation. It does help to understand the enemy in every possible way.

    As for me, I’m done talking. It’s over. The crazy people have gone too far. If my “government” sought me out for peace negotiations (ludicrous, I know, but stay with me) without any change in their position from the way it is today, I would reject those negotiations and strengthen my fortifications. I would fight them to the death if they attack me. I’m not interested. There is no possibility of negotiation.

    I have now left mainstream society to the maximum extent that is possible in my situation. Where interaction is still necessary it is minimised. I live in an isolated forest. I have a pure mountain stream. I’m growing my own food as fast as I can, it’s amazing what I’ve accomplished in just a couple of months. I’m in the process of putting all of my assets onto trustless decentralised blockchains. It all helps. If circumstances require it, I’m ready to flee my country by any means.

    Trustless value exchange, ie. cryptocurrency, is the main tool of our freedom. Everyone should be using it wherever possible. Every cent you put into crypto is another cent that is taken away from THEM. With crypto, society can function on a voluntary basis. There is no need for any institutions and self-declared “authorities”. If everyone put all their assets into crypto today, the “government” would collapse of its own weight by tomorrow.

    The vax argument. Two human beings, each in their own state of consciousness, are using words to try to convince the other of the truth of an illusion. Nobody has any obligation to try to change another human being. They are the way they are. Truth is what is needed. I’m not talking about a conceptual truth. I’m just talking about TRUTH, period. There is a state of consciousness in which it can be perceived that the argument itself does not exist. The argument is not real. It is not what the situation is about. Only the truth is real. The base layer of the real world is metaphysical. It takes desire, effort, solitude, self-honesty, deep investigation of the nature of the Self to know this.

    Most people do not possess the capacity. They exist in a state of robotic, identified egoic consciousness. In that state, they do all sorts of crazy, stupid, nasty things. Sometimes dastardly things.

    Compassion is the best response to their situation. “They know not what they do”. Let go of the need to change them. Then one day a situation may arise and by grace alone you will find courage, and powerful, convincing words will flow out of you in a way that cannot be denied. I have experienced this.

  35. debra.b says:

    I didn’t see this hearing when it occurred in Connecticut back in February 2020. Today I came across an Instagram post of the video of testimony by a pediatrician. I don’t see anywhere so far that they’ve passed the bill. The last I saw was an article from end of May that they were still debating it. Anyway, what this pediatrician says many of you likely will already know. But I didn’t, so I’m sharing.

    This is a link to it on Gootube (28:04)

    Description from the Instagram post:

    “DR. Larry Palevsky’s Testimony in opposition of H.B.5044 in CT

    CT Public health committee public hearing on hb5044 the removal of the religious exemption to v@cc1nation for public school attendance. The testimonies went on for 22 hours here is only 28 minutes of it. I urge you to listen.
    Eye opening statements by DR. Larry Palevsky! v@cc1ne and medical mandates in general will be one of the biggest topics of our time, are you willing to pay attention or get left behind? Where there is risk there must be choice!“

  36. debra.b says:

    Also, there is this shortened 3 min version where he explains the type of aluminum used in vaccines as containing nano particles that effect the brain.

    Sorry Fakebook link here. Gootube above. Pick your poison. No pun….okay, some pun intended.

    P.S. the bill did narrowly pass the Public Health Committee despite this testimony. So, I don’t know how much Hope I have for it not being passed.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That 3 minute clip ALONE should give any parent pause as to vaccines.

      • debra.b says:

        Right? Geez! And, I’d not thought about Alzheimer’s in relation to vaccines. But, when I think of the epidemic proportions Alzheimer’s has reached it makes sense.

        • lovetodust says:

          Oh, debra, if you read the insert (which of course we are never given when we get vaccines) that comes with the vaccines, which the pharmaceutical companies are mandated to give you so that you can’t sue them – unless the injury you suffer is not on the insert list!

          Have you listened to Bobby Kennedy Jr yet? He gives the history of when all the auto-immune/autism/allergies exploded – after 1986. In 1986 congress passed a bill giving pretty much carte blanche to pharmaceutical companies. They cannot be sued anymore! The companies went to congress saying they were losing too much money in lawsuits and would have to stop making vaccines. They admitted to congress that they could not prevent all deaths from vaccines.

          So congress passed that bill. If you feel you have been injured by a vaccine – you cannot sue the company. You can bring your grievance to the Vaccine Court. IF the court finds for you you will get paid up to, but not more than, $250,000. And do you know where that $250,000 comes from? The taxpayers of the United States of America. It comes from a government fund. NOT the pharma companies. And do you know who represents the Government/pharma companies if you even get to vaccine court? Lawyers from the Department of Justice!!

          Search the Del Bigtree show from 2018 with Jenny McCarthy, JBHandly, Bobby Kennedy and Rolf Hazelhurst. It’s jawdropping.

          And people just do not have a clue.

          • debra.b says:

            Hi lovetodust,
            Yep. I learned about all of that from RFK Jr. He’s the one who really gave me an understanding of all of the vaccine related information.

            I am so heart sick. I’m going through emotional periods where I feel I’m seriously gonna just drop. I mean, I literally cannot stay on my feet. My physical and emotional health feels like a time bomb ticking away. I’m taking breaks from all of this as much as I can. At the same time, if I’m not doing anything I can’t take that either. Talk about a double edged sword!

            I saw your reply below as well. If there is anything that has me hanging from a very thin emotional thread it’s what they are doing to the children. I mean heart sick doesn’t even cover it. I don’t have words for it. I have taken breaks to just listen to music and a couple comedians. Don’t have any old issues of Cosmo Lol. But, I’m trying to shield myself from the insanity. Trying to laugh and cry. Just get it all out. Because holding it back, the emotions, is not good for anyone. It’s extremely difficult to know we’ve barely begun with all of this. The worst is yet to come. And, it frightens me to no end. Maybe I’m not supposed to feel fear because that’s letting them win or whatever. But, personally I don’t feel there’s any way for me not to feel that emotion. It’s natural in my opinion.

            Well, as you can see here I’ve been prone to outbursts lately, so I’ll shut up now. 🙂

            • lovetodust says:

              Hi again debra

              I feel ya – as they say.

              I was talking to a good friend yesterday – someone I’ve known for many years and who feels exactly as we do – about the conundrum of wanting to just stop reading or watching any of this info anymore, but yet needing to know what’s going on.

              The way I look at it today is that the awful situation exists. That’s a fact. Whether I face it or stick my head in the sand – the situation will still exist. For today I feel that I need to keep abreast of what is happening. I do that, as you know, through Corbett, Catherine Fitts, RFK Jr, Offguardian among others. Right now I am not working so I have the time to read a lot, and watch a lot, and absorb, observe, discern, detect and learn. It has also prompted my what used to be called “putting pen to paper” so I guess that is a good thing.

              My friend expressed how lonely she felt because she, like a lot of us, has lost friends and relationships because of her stance, particularly around face masks. I told her that I combat that in my own life but reading and writing on the comment sections of the sites that I visit. At least I get a connection each day with others that feel the same, and I get to express my own anxieties, or solutions. Also, people on the comment sections of the sites I visit are incredibly intelligent, and so varied in age, gender, life-style, politics, location, outlook. Where else do you get that kind of cross-section.

              I also go for a run, or a walk, do errands, call friends, watch a show, read a book.

              And I consciously try NOT to project into the future. I do believe in a power greater than us all so I connect with that when I get worried about children and what they are up against or what the future holds. I also have to connect with that when I see kids in face masks and just want to cry. Not my business. Whether I like it or not, people are afraid and afraid for their children. I guess.

              I know you have some medical issues which probably take a lot of energy and focus to deal with – I hope you can keep the stress level to a minimum. Because those b#stards are sure not worth letting your health suffer!

              Hang in there, and thanks for your posts, and your reply.

            • lizzie says:

              Hey Debra B. It’s easy to be blue when the world is so gray. It takes every coping skill I have to stay bright, especially when it comes to what’s happening with kids. I wast to make posters saying simply ‘how can we do this to our children’ with a picture of a sad looking youngster in a mask.
              We are trying and there’s a beauty in that, it’s uncomfortable and tiring but I hope you can access some calm in this stormy teacup.
              My very good kind friend shared his music with me today and I wept like crazy because I finally felt my real feelings, something has been stealing them for far too long.

              • lovetodust says:

                Lizzie and debra

                I just read today where the state of Massachusetts is mandating flu vaccines for every student (including infant child care) from 6 months old through college age by Dec 31, 2020!! A flu vaccine! So, um, what happens when the warp speed covid vaccine happens? Can we give 6 month old babies both vaccines, on top of the other ones they already get?????

                I was very excited to hear that we will be having a protest against this mandate next Saturday August 29 at MA state house. I have to start making my sign.

                I’m glad because that is the day that Berlin and Ottowa are staging protests. And maybe some other cities?

                Any other Corbett members in the Northeast? Join us!

            • debra.b says:

              lovetodust and Lizzie,
              Thank you much for your kind words and encouragement. I am needing a break for a bit. I’m really not feeling well, physically, that is. But, I wanted to quickly reply to you both. I will be back after I’m rested. Thanks so much again. 🙂

              P.S. Lizzie, great music from your friend. I’ve just begun to listen. It will be helpful. I really find music to be most helpful to healing and peace of mind. And, yes a good and real cry. I need that too.

              • lizzie says:

                Did you ever try Paida Lajin, I do like it especially the stretch.
                Take care Debra 😘

  37. debra.b says:

    Connecticut Education Association Recommends School Opening Delayed, HVAC Systems Upgraded, Remote Learning Expanded

    Tuesday, 18 August 2020

    The Connecticut Education Association (CEA) announced yesterday that they have updated their “Safe Learning Plan” for reopening schools across the state to “protect Connecticut’s students, teachers, staff and their families in the 2020-2021 school year”.

    Among their recommendations are delaying the start of the school year for two weeks or until mid-September, expanding remote learning, and upgrading HVAC systems.

    In addition, they recommend implementing a comprehensive, school-centered contact tracing program “to help mitigate any exposures to the virus, and for any in-class learning, providing COVID-19 testing for all students and adults as soon as practicable, with results in 24 hours or less”. Read the complete list of recommendations here.

    CEA President Jeff Leake said, “The primary consideration to any school reopening plan must be the safety, health, and wellbeing of students, teachers, and their families. The state must revise school reopening plans to protect our school communities, especially in light of new reports confirming that children can readily transmit COVID-19 and may be drivers of the pandemic. Remote learning is still the safest option. Any return to the classroom requires additional precautions, including strict social distancing and access to COVID-19 testing, that are not currently included in the state plan.”

    This is me, not the article: So far only New Haven, CT is going fully remote until November. And, this remote vs opening debate is happening everywhere in the US as far as I can see. With certain school districts going fully remote and some still pushing a “hybrid model” Boy, that smacks of transhumanism! Makes me sick.

    • lovetodust says:

      Chidren as drivers of the pandemic!!!!

      Jesus take me now.

      hvac systems upgraded! Are they wearing masks, too?


      I don’t know why I’m reacting so strongly because once I saw toddlers and children wearing masks I knew all hope was lost.

      debra I think you should take a break from reading all this stuff. Go find an old Cosmopolitan magazine and do the How Sexy Are You test.

      At least you’ll get a laugh out of that insanity.

  38. Libertydan says:

    Sweden has only one COVID death for August so far. Michigan, with nearly the same population, had 9 in the last day.
    Sweden simply postponed large events. They now have it under control with little, to no, economic set backs.
    Michigan allowed a Witless Female (Governor) to totally fuck up the economy, and make hundreds of Authoritarian Orders that actually made the virus spread. The worst is yet to come in Michigan and the U.S.. But then, that is likely where the evil players planned to focus this Pandemic. The Word Bankers already own/control the United States Inc. Monetary System and it’s Military. They just needed an event such as this to make slaves of the masses.
    Note Apple Inc is now the first $2 Trillion dollar company. Microsoft is doing very well as a result of of the Pandemic as well.
    Who Benefits!!!!!
    Ya, it’s about Fascist corporations taking over the World, eh!

  39. KillDozer888 says:

    New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination – Antonietta Gatti

    She found burnt industrial waste in all of the vaccines except one, which was the safe one? The veterinarian one.

    It’s short and easy to read, share it.

    • Fact Checker says:

      This seems to require a bunch of credentials input to access?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You are right…this is “easy on the brain muscles” to read.

      The “Introduction” alone should alarm any parent looking at vaccinating their children.

      Interesting contaminants… Lead, Tungsten, stainless steel, Titanium, chromium, silicon, iron, copper, Manganese, gold, silver, nickel, etc. Too many to list.

  40. Amar says:


    Is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK) a fraud?

    If you have a moment please view the brief clip were RFK states:

    “I want to say it emphatically, I am pro vaccine, I have been fiercely pro vaccine. I believe that we ought to have policies that encourage full vaccination for all Americans.”


    Source: Shiva Ayyadurai:

    Amar Deva

    • lovetodust says:


      I cannot speak for James but since I have brought up Bobby Kennedy Jr recently on the Corbett comment board I will ask:

      What exactly do you mean by “a fraud”?

      Robert Kennedy Jr did not deceive anyone when he supported Hillary Clinton, whether Hillary Clinton had ties to Monsanto or not. Bobby Kennedy sued Monsanto successfully, very successfully – apart from his affiliation with Hillary Clinton. I don’t see deception.

      Robert Kennedy Jr. has not said that he does not, or did not, know Jeffrey Epstein. I don’t see deception.

      Robert Kennedy Jr did not deceive anyone by supporting his nephew, Joe Kennedy III in his run for Senator of Massachusetts (WHICH BY THE WAY IS WHAT SHIVA AYYADURAI IS RUNNING FOR ALSO. COINCIDENCE?)

      As for the quote above regarding his stance on vaccines – he, again, is not deceiving anyone. Bobby Kennedy states in all of us interviews that he is NOT ANTI – VACCINE. He wants vaccines TESTED BEFORE USE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Which they are not as it stands now. He would welcome safe, effective, tested and approved vaccines. And he stands behind the many many families who have been harmed by vaccine injury.

      If you are interested in fraud, Amar, I suggest you start reading about Pharmaceutical companies and vaccines. Two organizations who have extensive studies and info are Dr Sherri Tenpenny at and The Children’s Health Defense at

      Then perhaps watch the movies VAXXED and VAXXED II available to rent online.

      I am the same age as Robert Kennedy Jr., so I grew up alongside the Kennedy Clan. I do not put them on pedestals. I have been watching all of Bobby Kennedy’s videos since April when he started to speak out about Fauci, Gates, et al. I think he is very committed, as are others he works with, on the subject of vaccines. He is very smart and experienced. I suggest you watch some of the numerous interviews that are available online and learn how he became involved in the vaccine movement.

      I find over these past 5 months that I am less interested in someones politics and personal life than I used to be. I am interested now on where they stand against tyranny and totalitarianism and what they are doing about it.

      I think Bobby Kennedy and The Children’s Health Defense mean business.

      • Steve Smith says:

        “I find over these past 5 months that I am less interested in someones politics and personal life than I used to be. I am interested now on where they stand against tyranny and totalitarianism and what they are doing about it.”

        Love the way you said that and totally agree.

        I have been learning so much more about vaccines recently because of the work of people like Robert Kennedy, Judy Mikovitz and even a pediatrician named Larry Palevsky. I don’t know what their political leanings are and I don’t really care. I am interested in truth and they seem to be also. So in this we are on the same team.

        • lovetodust says:

          Steve Smith –

          Yes, I have watched Dr. Palevsky, also. Do you watch his “Critical Thinking” episodes every week with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. Very informative.

          Dr. Tenpenny has been studying, writing and speaking about vaccinations for over 20 years. Now, SHE is really anti-vaccination. She does not believe we need them at all. But she works with Del Bigtree and Bobby Kennedy. She does not insist that she is right, just that that is her belief.

          The funny thing, for me, is that she is an ardent Trump supporter and pretty out there with her Christian beliefs. But interestingly, not in a threatening way to me.

          I really like listening to her because she seems very down to earth, has reams of citings and studies and is very committed.

          She and Del Bigtree and Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Judy Mikovitz have been interviewing non-stop since March. Mary Holland from Children’s Defense Fund is also a very smart, committed, down to earth lawyer who I have heard speak twice.

          Like you, I feel like I (I would bold that “I” if I could) could give an interview on the risks of vaccinations I have learned so much.

          I check in with the Tenpenny and Catherine Austin Fitts twitters each day (I don’t have a twitter account and don’t want one, but they are good sources of videos and interviews that I might not see otherwise). And Corbett, Offguardian and Children’s Health Defense daily.

          • Steve Smith says:

            “Do you watch his “Critical Thinking” episodes every week with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. Very informative.“

            Thanks Lovetodust. No I haven’t. But I will look for that. For some reason Dr. Tenpenny has slipped under my radar. I will correct that.
            Perhaps its because I have been avoiding youtube as much as possible lately.

            The more I learn about vaccines, the more I am against them. Even for my animals. I have been around dogs my entire life and I know for a fact that there we never had the problems with chronic ear and skin infections that we see today. I am not alone in believing that vaccines are part of the problem. Even many veterinarians won’t vaccinate their own dogs anymore.

            • lovetodust says:

              Steve Smith, you may be able to go right to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s website and get the “Critical Thinking” interviews.

              She has a couple of websites including I’m sure they will pop up somewhere in there. I try to go right to people’s websites but if I have to use youtube I do.

              Also, check out Tenpenny’s interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. It’s great. You can probably find that on Catherine’s Solari Report.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Amar, to cut a person’s remarks with a “but” on his lips and use that clip to draw a conclusion about the whole remark is clearly disingenuous.
      You should know better than to fall for that.

    • CreativeLife says:

      Amar, Hello Amar

      I have read the replies to your post and normally would not respond here. There is a very important understanding of psychological importance I have discovered and wish to share in order that you will be encouraged to continue your individual journey.

      Do not feel badly. You are not the first individual here to be openly berated for expressing your legitimate concerns or questioning the almighty seductive celebrity cast of the pro-vaccine campaign train and sensationalizing side shows. Oh boy, now we have Mikki Willis. I should put up his disgusting 9/11 acts, what a sleaze. Makes me sick just to think of it. They love to use their holly wood magik acts and old boy models, in the bread and circus acts. It’s so obvious to those who’ve been around awhile. The stage hands are rolling in the dough with their books, patents, holly wood movies, public service announcements, play date debates, and continuing Covid cesspools.

      Here’s a great straight up 5 minutes of Truth on Covid19 Reminds me of James wonderful 9/11 short

      There is a wonderful book by Gustave Le Bon called The Crowd and below a video that will provide some love balm wrapped in wisdom for you, you need it when you run the gauntlet the Crowd thrashes you with.

      Truth Stream Media has done a very interesting video that opens up parts of this latest JC report.

      The Isolated Individual and the Crowd Beast (Crowd Psychology)

      It is a very important insight into the Psychological Crowd, given the material James has presented this week. There is great info to glean from. Crowd/Herd
      We work a dairy farm and a dear friend raises sheep. Interesting in real life.

      James did a very interesting target diagram of the divisions and labels, that could be seen in many different ways. There are very intuitive hidden individuals producing great works, that know better than to engage the Crowd Beast. Their mission is the continuance of an ancient battle for truth.

      • CreativeLife says:

        Amar, cont’d from above Hello again Amar

        No flashy sets, no 24 hr news cycle, well educated, deeply loving of children and family, adoring of nature and creation; entirely devoted to giving life, love and hope.
        In contrast, the Priests of the controlled opposition are evangelizing the flock with deception to try and gain trust and faith in their Big Pharma Church. Part of which they call medicine. It is a Death Cult practicing Due Harm Medicine on Creation and they ride the safe and effective beast as if it was more than an illusion. People who have eyes to see, and ears to hear are laughing at the show of childish stupidity. The problem is the gullible will be drawn in and children will suffer or worse die because of their lazy reliance on entertainment and celebrity seduction.

        Really, I doubt that a well trained lieyer from Harvard who says he takes his flu shot every year, has vaccinated his 6 or 7 kids on the full schedule since birth, and drops the ball with Monsanto is genuine, rich maybe. Are you confused yet? If his name was Hitler instead of Kennedy what would you think then? Harvard is a billion$ Hedge Fund. Check that out. It’s all a racket, and was infiltrated right from the start. There really is nothing to be confused about unless you have had an intelligence bypass.

        See Patrick Wood’s latest Agenda Analysis.
        Humans 2.0: GMO Vaccinations and Transhumanism

        Iatrogenic medicine, by way of MD’s is the leading cause of death and they are deeply programmed by the cult.

        Scientism is the lack of proper observation of cause and effect as well as the biased hypothesis where the end result is the known factor before the beginning. The conclusion has been partly written before the hypothesis.
        Reflexive reasoning is actually the formulation of premeditated outcomes. There is so much more, as the layers of lies and deception are so intertwined and diabolically hidden, that key elements would reveal. All of the resources for research development and testing are held within the boundaries of the cult and protected willfully by the government.

  41. lionkiller says:

    Hi James

    Off topic I know, but are you aware of the amazing work of Alison Hawver McDowell?

    She blogs at

    She is a font of knowledge on the blockchain and the sinister uses it will be put to, EdTech from cradle to grave, biometric IDs, Social Impact Bonds and a lot else.

    She is an amazing researcher. A real tour de force and about 3 years ahead of the curve.

    I would love you to do an interview with her.

    • Fact Checker says:

      McDowell picks up precisely where Corbett leaves off in his “Who Is Bill Gates” magnum opus.
      Corbett correctly concludes that Gates is constructing a Population Control Grid, but he doesn’t go into what the Grid will look like, or how it will function.
      That’s where McDowell comes in: her research depicts in excruciating detail exactly what life will be like for the Bio-Slaves of the Very Near Future. Humans will be microscopically surveilled and manipulated to every intimate thought and behavior, brainwashed to blank-slate status and then programmed from the bottom up by their AI EdTech “teachers.” Then they will earn “credit” for their biometrically-assigned blockchain “accounts” by making “right decisions” in a hellish matrix of “choices” designed by the Technopolistic Managers of the “Internet of Humans.”
      Where MCDOWELL leaves off is: what is the agenda to which the Bio-Slaves will be forcibly working?

    • lovetodust says:

      lionkiller, I have suggested the same thing to James in an email to him

      She is great to listen to. I watched the three part interview recently. Very easy to understand, even though the information is mind-boggling.

  42. Steve Smith says:

    Vaccine truth is approaching critical mass. It must be spreading exponentially. Right?

    The Bill Gates Agenda

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That is a nice clip with excerpts from the films.
      If folks haven’t seen “Plandemic 2”, it is a must see.

      “Plandemic 2 – InDoctorNation”
      A variety of sources to watch the documentary

      I already have some flyers made to put out tomorrow which promote the film and also Corbett’s website. I am using as a simple website for the film.
      I had planned to do the flyers today (Thursday), but had to fix the printer and also needed to get some work done.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        ISE Media founder and award-winning investigative journalist Ben Swann interviews “Plandemic” creator Mikki Willis for a candid discussion about Mikki’s latest film, “InDoctorNation”.

        (Find out about how they scrubbed the internet.)

      • lovetodust says:

        I just finished watching it HRS. Yep, another doc to suggest to people when you get the “crazy conspiracy theorist” look.

        I think the clips he showed of Bill Gates (which I have seen on James and other sites) were just so damning. Especially the ones where Gates is being questioned about Microsoft monopoly. Good Lord!!

        You just want to scream “Yes, folks, this is the guy whose hands you’re putting your lives,and the lives of your children, into.”

        And the clips of him and Melinda. It’s just really spooky.

        Well, let’s see if it gets some serious mainstream attention.

  43. padraig says:

    this chat needs a widget brock. i hate to compare….. the tragedy and hope used to have a current chat. where ideas were exchanged. yet the ridiculous (brother of reedonkulus)could be lefT behind. or explored. as the observer could decide.

  44. alexandre says:

    I’ve been banging my head with the idea that this is all fake, there is no virus or, if there is a virus, it doesn’t cause disease. Why? – I asked myself. Why am I so absolutely convinced? Today I watched again two AIDS documentaries and there it was. As Corbett would say, I exhort you guys to watch them. This is an exact copy of the AIDS fraud. Even with the same characters, including Faucci and Mullins! I mean, how idiotically brain-dead are we to fall for this again? HIV came from a monkey; corona from a bat. It was global and “millions will die”. Then it was condoms; now it’s face masks. They used Mullin’s PCR test; they’re using PCR tests now. HIV/AIDS never went away, as this will never go away. They never isolated HIV; they never isolated Corona. It’s a replica, a copy, a clone of the AIDS event – the only difference, maybe, being that Billy is now the Capo. So please watch them and focus on this fundamental a priori thing, how it works, how they never proved anything, how it’s the same gang etc, download them quickly and show them to everybody. Who needs Event201 when you have this? And maybe try to see the importance of understanding that the virus – its existence or it being the cause of disease – was never proven. This is the current tabu even for corbeteers and conspiracy circles. Everybody can get eugenics and everything else, but that the virus is fake or it doesn’t cause disease seems to be too much, even for Corbett himself. By the way Jon Rappoport has a new text talking exactly about that –

    I know it seems obvious, but just watch them (again if already saw them). It’s just ridiculous.

    The docs:
    AIDS INC –
    The Emperor’s New Virus –

    • robert.t says:

      I hear ya.

      No need for hydroxy-I-forget-the-rest, no need for herd immunity, no need for Swedish models, no need for natural therapies, no need for alternative anything…no need!

      Because it’s a big fat FAKE.

      What is real is the murder of my neighbour’s stepfather who was taken off dialysis and allowed to die. Just so an all-but-empty hospital could be made emptier. (The hospital did admit him for his death. You have to guess what he died “with” as opposed to “of” or “from”.)

      Yep. I hear ya, Alexandre. From the spreadeagled “corpses” in the streets to the outsize furry bat over the soup bowl…it has never looked anything but a clumsy, juvenile stunt. It succeeds because the whole media zone is flooded, just as recommended at Event 201. Without “flooding the zone” they couldn’t fool a starving pigeon with this tripe.

      • alexandre says:

        Thanks for that. I was waiting for a big boooo from everyone. F…d up story about the neighbor’s stepfather. That’s the worst part; that something so stupid, and such a replica of another stupidity, actually causes so much sorrow. I always knew “the end is near”, but I was hoping for a solar flare, some ecatombe, volcanoes, Planet X, laser battles in the sky, something more dramatic, but this? Sigh…

    • mkey says:

      Not to forget that both supposed diseases have a wide array of supposed symptoms. Covid is still lagging behind AIDS in that regard, but we probably just need to give it some time to mature properly.

  45. CreativeLife says:

    Wonderful to see you here. I’m seldom around much but saw your name. Here’s a wonderful clip for you;

    Here’s a great straight up 5 minutes of Truth on Covid19 It’s much like James 9/11 shortie.

    And a wonderful understanding from a wonderful person:

    SCIENTISM: The Cult of Vaccines ~ Amandha Vollmer, BSc, Nature Doctor

    Also, she has many works under her other sites and is from Canada, hidden away with profound truth. I will add her latest, from today and you will see her other websites. Have a wonderful truth meal and savour the dessert of peace.

    Today she has profound information about the insanity of the psychological operation we are under. I will leave the clip below.



    It just may be your time to heal and grow and become the individual you were meant to be. FLY IN THE FREEDOM OF TRUTH outside of the Fear Family. They are all sick narcissists always needing to be fed by supply. Do not let yourself be mined for to supply and ride their insanity trends. They are creating waves of psychological distress and laughing back at their victims. Oh, right because they care and we are all in this together. Fakeology at it’s best.
    Screw ’em. Grab a few Buckminster Fuller quotes.

    “A problem adequately stated is a problem well on its way to being solved”.

    You will find a wonderful store of truth, connecting through AMANDHA VOLLMER.
    No celebrity status, just beautiful wisdom wrapped in tranquility and spoken with sincere brilliant revelation.

    Bombshell Evidence that COVID RNA Base Pairs are Identical to Chromosome 8 Human DNA

    The real work is being done quietly and with love for one another. True healing of the entire being. Release yourself from the Crowds, live again.

    Many blessings to you and yours.

  46. Jeremy says:

    “We have all been observing how drastically our governments can limit our freedoms during this COVID-19 crisis, and I have concerns about the responses to it. Henry David Thoreau stated a phrase that captures my sentiment: “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

    This letter is my attempt to strike at the root of evil behind this COVID-19 crisis.

    ….The FDA has completely captured the major pharmaceutical and medical companies which are run by Jim Taggart-like people. And now these pharmaceutical companies are using the power of the FDA to exterminate competition. Government controls have consequences, and the medical industry is infested with government controls!

    Imagine the massive swarms of James Taggarts, Orren Boyles, Wesley Mouches, Dr. Stadlers. and Dr. Ferrises, that every day populate the halls, offices and buildings of the FDA and the pharmaceutical and medical companies they control. Imagine all the freshly arriving Peter Keatings from college, who never questioned the validity of the knowledge they were taught, filling the ranks at these institutions as order-takers for these thugs…”

    Sounding the Alarm on the COVID-19 Crisis: An Open Letter

  47. Jeremy says:

    The power of philosophy is enormous. It is the invisible power that determines the destiny of nations and the fate of the world. It has guided mankind’s historical past and will set its future. Philosophical power takes the form of a ubiquitous matrix. It is the matrix that has captured your mind even as you read these words. It holds your mind when you go to school, walk the dog, or pay your taxes. It controls you in ways you cannot possibly imagine. Wars are being waged in this realm at this very moment in silence.

    In the invisible battles of philosophy, weapons more deadly than the most powerful nuclear bombs are employed. There are winners and losers. There are those who stand on the field of battle when the smoke clears, and those who lie dead.

    Sounding the Alarm on the COVID-19 Crisis: An Open Letter

  48. rrandor says:

    It would be interesting to create a document explaining how to undermine or counter the arguments of anyone using these approaches!!

  49. Fawlty Towers says:

    More great news for the VVD’s (vocal vaccine deniers)!

    A month or two ago I wrote here about a possible surge in cross border
    migration from the U.S. to Canada as a result of Alberta’s declaration that they won’t be mandating Covid vaccines.

    Well today, while listening to the latest Canadian Covid fear porn on the radio I learned that the Canadian government won’t be mandating the Covid vaccine if/when it arrives. 🙂

    They did announce however that they are making commitments for more than 170 million vaccine doses with several drug companies.

  50. LastHumanist says:

    Polio and the DDT link.
    The general decline of diseases even before “vaccinations”.
    MMR shots and autism.

    There is too much here to dismiss.

    I was not opposed to what I now consider a scam at best and a eugenics program at worst before I had done my research on the topic.

    People should look into this and come to their own conclusions.

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