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10/21/202018 Comments

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We've seen how the EU produced the dumbest propaganda video ever, but did you know they also produced the dumbest propaganda comic book ever? Well, they did! Join James for today's edition of #PropagandaWatch and read along as we thrill and chill to an exciting story of time traveling pandemic survivors and learn how the EU (and big pharma) teamed up to save the world from a deadly (fictional) virus.

The Dumbest Propaganda Video Ever

More Plandemic Foreknowledge

Infected comic book

China's first bio-safety level 4 lab put into operation

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  1. Libertydan says:

    If I would have seen this EU Comic in 2006, there is a good chance that I would have called it “Bat Shit Crazy”. Yet now we have a Corona Virus that came from Bats circulating the world. Perhaps this is a bad example of Correlation not identifying the cause of, or having any foreknowledge of, future events, but I think we have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
    In Revelation, the Bible speaks of the “Mark of the Beast” and “The Last Seven Plagues”. Perhaps, the writer of the Book of Revelation had some foreknowledge of how the World (or World as we know it) was going to end.
    On the other hand, Technocrats and other power mad control freaks could be using what was written in the Bible to forward their personal agenda. Either way, it looks like things have been foretold.
    With the creation of Bio-weapons (most coming from a dozen or so labs in the U.S.) I would think it highly probable that they would leak out from time to time.
    Can you imagine the back fire if the comic would have mad this a U.S. lab?

  2. james.w says:

    Covid vaccine volunteer dies: A Rio de Janeiro man who was participating in the Oxford University trials of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine has died of complications from Covid-19, Brazil’s health authorities have announced.
    Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria, ANVISA), said on Wednesday that it was informed of the death on October 19, along with a recommendation that the study be continued.

    Brazilian media did not identify the deceased by name, saying only that he was 28 years old and either a doctor or a medical student.

  3. mkey says:

    A few things my limited brain can not fathom.

    Initially it takes a scratch for the first infected to get infected, but lo and behold in just a few hours/days the virus starts shooting from the eyes. Seems coherent and fact checked.

    2111. How deadly is this virus if it takes 90 years to decimate world’s population?

    • flammable says:

      Or better yet. How contagious is this virus if it still hasn’t gone through the world population in 10 months? Previously we were told H1N1 took weeks of inaction to spread throughout the world. And this Sars-Cov2 is more contagious than H1N1. Bill Gates kept hammering in December and January that there is a point where it will be too late so we have to lock down now. We already past the deadline by the tune 2 months of no lockdown measures. Surely the virus has already spread as much as it can.

      • mkey says:

        It didn’t spread all over the place because measures were extremely efficient. However, because people do not abide by the rules and are a bunch of paltry assholes, we need a lot stricter measures. Capeesh? It’s double think, get on with the program, man.

  4. tzanne says:

    One of UN Agenda 21’s goals is to create wilderness zones where human occupation is prohibited. Formerly human occupied areas are to be returned to the wild where only animals (and if you read the fine print, “sustainable” resource extraction) are permitted. High density living areas will be created along transit lines and travel will be limited only to permitted zones. This seems to fit well with the notion that contact with wild animals is a bio-threat that could cause a pandemic as well as the inference that human animals are not good for nature. How well the stated cause of covid 19 and the travel restrictions we live with now dove tail.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    At the “Infected comic book” link of the EU publications, I searched “comics”.
    A variety of things came up.
    As I fast-speeded through “The Big Bonfire”…I kind of liked the story and Organic Farm and homemade tint to it.

    What ‘manerks me’ is that there are all these governmental agencies all over the place, from the EU to you name it down to local levels.
    They really do not produce anything of value in themselves.
    That is an massive labor pool of bureaucratic structure designed to tell others how they should live their lives, while they leach off the production of those to whom they dictate.

    • geisha says:

      I agree completely. THEY are essential? How? To fulfill their power and $ lust I guess. And WE pay them for THAT?

      (Sorry all those CAPS but sometimes I am getting SO excited).

    • vancil says:

      I agree as well. The value that these organizations produce is that which keeps them in the place to determine what is and what is not valuable. Since when did we start letting others define what’s valuable?

  6. geisha says:

    You may already know that the CDC has it’s own pandemic comic book available for the sheep (or cows) in their flock (or herd):

    Zombie Pandemic –

  7. robert.t says:

    Are they so thick that they think we need conditioning that’s so specific? Or do they think we’re so thick? If so, they must be thick to think us that thick.

    Sure we’re fairly thick, but, I mean, Event 201 and Infected…Is there no subtlety at all with these people?

    And what’s with running the Novichok hoax just down the road from Porton Down (Level 4 lab!)? Would it really be so hard to transport the hazmat gear and other props to a site not related to the UK’s own nasties cook-shop? I dunno, I dunno…

    To any globsters who are monitoring this site or are having it monitored…

    You are malevolent, you are maniacal, you are self-loathing misanthropes. And that’s fine. We need an Ahuriman, a Sekhmet, a Lucifer here and there. For balance. We need our Bond villains. All good…

    But why do you have to be so cheesy? Hasn’t anybody told you that you are just too CHEESY.

    • mkey says:

      I think satan holds a penchant for the obvious. These guys probably high five themselves when they realize that the gullible public is ready to roll with their outrageous propaganda. Additionally, incest and lack of market competition probably took their toll making the chosen people not the brightest light bulb in the basement.

  8. victoria says:

    wow… comic masterpiss!! how to express my appreciation, my sincerest sentiments, ahhh…

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