How Monsanto Silences Dissent (Update!)

08/27/201611 Comments

Monsanto is one of the most hated companies on the planet.

...Unless you ask FORTUNE Magazine, that is. In that case, it's apparently one of the world's most admired companies. But if you actually ask real human beings then it ranks right behind BP and Bank of America as the third most hated company in the world.

Strange, then, that Monsanto's reputation in the scientific literature is so squeaky clean. Apparently it's just a bunch of science-hating neanderthals who dislike Monsanto's products and all of those squeaky clean couldn't-tell-a-lie, couldn't-hurt-a-fly scientists know better.

Of course, as readers of this column will know, this seeming conundrum isn't so strange after all. Scientists aren't angels and the things they study (as well as the results they get) are all too often influenced by who's paying for their research. And in the case of the peer-reviewed GMO safety literature, it isn't hard to tie a lot of it back to the biotech companies themselves, Monsanto foremost among them.

If any more proof of this insidious influence were needed, it just arrived. A set of emails obtained under a freedom of information request has exposed the types of tricks that Monsanto does to keep "problematic" studies out of the literature.

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  1. alan.k says:

    The sine qua non of science is absolute honesty – the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, without exception.
    When science becomes corrupt it has ceased being science – it has become anti-science.
    That is more than sad. It is a sign of doom for the civilization which fostered it, and whose prospects for a viable future depend on it.
    Homo sapiens? What a joke!

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Thanks for all the cool “RECOMMENDED” links!

  3. totemynote says:

    A company being hated makes sense to me

    But a company being “admired”? A rather subjective designation I would say

  4. totemynote says:

    Dark History of Monsanto

    GMO labeling and consumer advocacy links (for those in the US)…
    5 Things To Know About the ‘DARK Act’
    GMO Transparency in the Real World
    …from the site…

  5. phreedomphile says:

    Excellent piece on Monsanto as a case study of the cult of Scientism.

    Unfortunately, no matter how unpopular MonSatan is at the moment, the entire evil control freak business of genetic engineering is beginning to shape shift and metastasize around the globe largely due to the fairly recent advancement of precision genetic engineering, such as CRISPR/cas9. Not only does this technology make GE easier, faster, and more cost efficient, but it’s likely some of the most serious unintended consequences of the old GMO technology will be greatly mitigated, therefore, long term problems will become more insidious.

    A couple of links for anyone interested. First one is a 2014 Wired Magazine article explaining how Monsanto has been retooling itself to create new crops through a high tech version of hybridization. This is the shape shifting aspect of Monsanto selling non GMO produce through subsidiaries.

    Second is an MIT Technology Review article from last year reporting DuPont predicting “CRISPR plants will be on dinner plates in five years”.

    “DuPont says it is already growing corn and wheat plants edited with CRISPR in greenhouses and that field trials will start next spring.”

    We can expect not only DuPont, Monsanto, Syngenta, and Dow to become extremely active in this field but also countless other research and corporate organizations around the world. BTW, China is in the process of buying Syngenta (a Monsanto collaborator) and China has been boldly experimenting with genetic engineering (with questionable bioethics) on a broad range of organisms to include domestic pets and farm animals. Russian scientists are also aggressively pursuing precision genetic engineering research.

    Note the new US “DARK” Act exempts GMO labeling of food engineered using the new technology and also provides a big loophole for existing GMOs.

  6. phreedomphile says:

    Additional note: I saw the diagram in the first link in a 2012 local magazine article by Joel Dyer titled Monsanto’s Point of No Return. It illustrates the big chemical giants’ increasingly centralized ownership of seed companies, particularly Monsanto.

    Monsanto’s Point of No Return:

  7. Ziinon says:

    Thank you so much, James Corbett! Millions against Monsanto!

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — Monsanto Stock Price —

    Notice the crash in Monsanto stock price around late May 2015.

    (Monsanto stock price started a recovery a year later based entirely on hype about a merger or acquisition. In the Financial Wall Street news reports, companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, and other GMO Agricultural pesticide companies are hurting, looking to consolidate resources.)

    May 2015
    ~~Dr Oz stirred up controversy about the GMOs. The Press went wild.
    ~~Then also in May, the Producer and Director, Del Bigtree of “The Doctors” lined up Jeffrey Smith vs a Monsanto lady. She got owned by Jeffrey Smith.
    See the show.
    (10 minutes)

    The result… informed people voted with their dollars and Monsanto stock crashed.

    — Del Bigtree —
    Del Bigtree (“The Doctors” Producer) is a remarkable man who is helping to lead the charge with VAXXED!!
    Links –
    His marketing skill is superb and inspires grass roots activism which is showcased by the VAXXED movement.

    We can vote with dollars. “Target” is hurting financially because people are boycotting them due to their genderless restroom change over. Target is scurrying to recapture its customers.

    Sprouts is like a small Whole Foods offering vitamins, healthy and organic foods.

    – Autism Speaks –
    Sprouts Farmers Market has a deception on its support for AUTISM.
    A fraud.
    Sprouts will collect donations for Autism, but “Autism Speaks” is the organization which receives the funds.

    “Autism Speaks” is a fraud.
    “Autism Speaks” refuses to mention vaccines as a possible link to Autism.

    “Autism Speaks” was founded by Bob Wright. Bob Wright was once the CEO of NBC for years and also GE.

    — more on Sprouts Farmers Market – Apollo —
    Sprouts was bought out by a huge investment firm, Apollo. Apollo has money invested in all types of companies (such as Twinkies, AMC, GNC, etc.)

    Apollo took Sprouts public to the stock market with an IPO. Some reporters estimate that Apollo PROFITED overnight to the tune of 3/4 billion dollars with the IPO.

    The founder of Apollo has a PERSONAL art collection worth close to a billion.

    – Ratting out on a local level –
    Of course, some individuals do blow the whistle on a few of the inappropriate actions of Sprouts, Apollo, and “Autism Speaks”.
    For example, the Plano, Texas Sprouts Farmers Market had a huge problem with rats a few years back. The rat piss odor was so bad that the Regional Manager (Manager over all the Texas area Sprouts stores) moved his office out of the Plano store, but refused to handle the rats. Literally, the rats were so bad that occasionally one would fall on a worker, be crawling on the produce, eating into packages of food. Hundreds of rats. Because the Regional Manager refused to help the store Manager extinguish the rat problem, an employee finally called The Plano Health Department which threatened an immediate shutdown of the Plano Sprouts. As the Regional Manager voiced a tirade to all the employees about the situation, a rat could be seen on the overhead beam. A guy in a Hazmat suit tore out the wall of the old Regional Manager’s office to find more than 50 live baby rats.

    Ratting out the rats for the rats(Apollo, Sprouts Farmers Market, Autism Speaks).

    People tend to like a good rat story.

  9. Moxa4 says:

    Thanks for the interesting article and the links from all of you.
    We still have to continue raising the attention and we wont get tired.
    As Jeffrey Smith in “Seads Of Death” explains: “We have the situation were the evidence is there, but it’s not being payed attention to.” (

  10. ktrammel says:

    Perhaps soon the public will realize science is no different, as an institution, than the Church, and that it too has its pedophile equivalents. The children are the public.

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