The Crisis of Science (is worse than you think)

07/30/201634 Comments

You may have heard of "the crisis of science" recently. The idea that there is something massively wrong with the way science is being conducted these days is not a fringe anti-science idea anymore. It's being discussed in lamestream milquetoast publications like The Washington Post, The Economist and The Times Higher Education Supplement, and even mainstream science publications like Scientific American, Nature and

So what is the problem? And how bad is it, really? And what does it mean for an increasingly tech-dependent society that something is rotten in the state of science? Let's take a look at the problems facing modern science and what is at the root of it all.

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  1. whateverittakes2 says:

    Given the state of American society today, the massive fraud that has characterized the Democratic presidential campaign, etc., should we expect anything different? The PTB lie to us all the time… the mainstream media lies to us all the time. Overtly and covertly. How do you stick morally upstanding figures in this blighted landscape of power-driven egotism, lies and distortion?

    You can legislate into being any number of safeguards, but it’s people who make science… When scientists operate in an “anything goes” environment, to be upstanding, honest, fair-minded is to be stupid.

    Until we evolve into a society that’s driven by moral concerns — something almost impossible to imagine at this low point in our national evolution, our science will be less than mediocre and our reputation as a top-notch scientific nation will not convince anyone.

    How about 9/11? How come so few of our world-renowned scientists came forth to say: “My scientific background and training tells me that there’s something very fishy going on here….”

    Nobody has the guts to say it. So what are we going to do about that?


    • gm says:

      Because some scientists make fools of themselves and a mockery of science doesn’t mean others of us have to. Being “upstanding, honest and fair” is always intelligent. Maintaining integrity and morality in the face of insanity is always appropriate. As a scientist, I will always maintain the highest standards I know. Always. No matter what. As for the current “crazy random” culture, the whole civilization is crumbling. Something must replace it. Can you guess what that will be if we do not act, or if we act silly in the face of silliness? There are signs of hope, intelligence, morality and even wisdom in the midst of this chaos. Every heart longs for Absolute Happiness. It is here, now. It is only a matter of practicing it. Google the essay by Adi Da called, Reality-Humanity. It’s from the book, Not-Two Is Peace. That bit of wisdom should inspire you.

  2. Mishelle says:

    Wow, your recommended reading on Liberty is Love just inspired a series of blog ideas! Thanks! Libertarians should agree polyamory is awesome because jealousy is a social construct?! ROFL!

  3. Moxa4 says:

    It starts early. Students are conditioned to seek their Credit Points. In Europe this is called the European Credit Transfer Systems. The implementation started between 2000 – 2006. Of course there are some organisational advantages that came with this system. And since then it is – theoretically – possible for students to subscribe to everey European university because all of them have the same system. But in my opinion students before were in a way more driven by content than by credit points.

    @james: Nice laptop by the way. I’m glad you didn’t edit it out;-D

  4. peter64 says:

    I thought I’de add this to the list of open source science initiatives cause it’s one I’ve been following. Open source live replication of cold fusion based experiments and fully crowd funded. It seems to have stalled as of late but you never know where it might end up or who it might inspire.

  5. Terraset says:

    I do a lot of research into things that are largely considered paranormal. With a goal to develop legitimate, useable, and practical “abilities.” Partly to develop a treatment for my eyes but mostly because I want to see just how far I can push myself. I can say from experience that if you want to see just how hypocritical, dogmatic, and outright stupid followers of mainstream “science” can be then just try wondering aloud about things like magic, ghosts, reincarnation, psychic phenomena, adaptive mutation and the like in front of them.

    Through little more than my own hard work and a decent amount of time I’ve managed to develop skills that “should” be impossible. I’ve learned how to induce and “game master” shared dreams and do so for my girlfriend on request. I’ve learned how to “poltergeist” which is remote viewing plus the ability to, at least partially, physically interact with the environment you are viewing. And through it I’ve unearthed a bunch of new questions, especially about how time works, due to various common quirks experienced in experiments.

    One of the most intriguing phenomenons I call “The Kruger Effect” which is the apparent ability for things encountered during spirit projection to be, under certain conditions, able to affect your physical body seemingly by affecting the spirit body. I.e you get cut up there, you get the same cut down here at the same time. Wanna take a wild guess at how it got its name?

    I’m currently at work increasing the reliability of current skills as well as attempting to modify poltergeisting into a skill that can be used for direct telekinesis and the like. I hope to one day be able to develop this to such a degree that I can do on the spot in-your-face demonstrations as well as teach others how to do it as well. All things that make the average follower of the Church of Scientism’s head explode at the “irrationality” and sheer “craziness” of it.

    Yet I couldn’t be more proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish so far. I didn’t need a research grant. I didn’t need a lab with lots of fancy equipment (although I sometimes wish I had one). I didn’t need to waste thousands of dollars on a worthless piece of paper that makes dumb people think I’m smart. I just had questions and sought out to find the answers. I made mistakes along the way, I’ve uncovered more questions than answers, and have had a lot of fun doing it.

    • peter64 says:

      Hey Terraset,
      Fascinating. I’ve dabbled with some things in the past about 10 years ago and I had such shocking success that it really pulled me out of my reality for a little while. I will say I think the path it sounds like you’ve taken really isn’t going to ever easily be reconciliable or compatible with popular reality. The reductionist scientific dogma so often preached isn’t going to be very open with it. Also I’de be very surprised if you are ever able to significantly successfully demonstrate your abilities to a diehard skeptic (in their eyes) based on how I perceive consciousness to effect experiments. I’ve always viewed it kinda like the opposite of placebo effect. First you’de need to negate any negative effect they may be projecting to external reality, then you also need to get through any denial which means you need to demonstrate the effect in a way that they won’t simply block it out internally.
      It’s why I’ve always reflected on the expression “manufacturing consent” (never read the book) with such curiosity. I think it probably has a much deeper meaning in relation to the control of the individual creative ability of peoples consciousness on the shared societal reality at both energetic/paranormal and psychological/scientific levels. Would be curious to hear more about the types things you’ve tried experimented with.

      • Terraset says:

        Your placebo effect analogy and observation is very true which is why I train in a way to develop things that make it irrelevant. I know even if I stood there in front of them holding a crackling ball of lightning they’d still find some way in their religious little brains to believe it was all fake. But that wouldn’t change the fact that I was capable of generating a crackling ball of lightning in my hand and they weren’t.

        If you make it about them then they have all the power, make it about the training, the skill, the knowledge, and the results instead and that’s what you will get.

  6. jconlon says:

    Eisenhower’s Farewell Address not only warned of the Military Industrial Complex he also warned of the corruption of education, technology and science by politics or vise-versa:

    “…the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct
    of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity.
    The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present —
    and is gravely to be regarded.
    Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that
    public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

  7. ccuthbert2001 says:

    Wanted to make three disparate comments.

    This publish or perish has reached down to the undergraduate level. To have a chance at being accepted at a prestigious university hard science phd program, you need to have done “research” and to be listed on at least one paper. This is ridiculous.

    The fraud scandals in biology started with the guy at Sloan Kettering who painted black patches on white mice saying these were skin grafts. The level of fraud in cancer research has got to be off the charts high, including the approval of deadly chemotherapies that only Mengele would wish on his worst enemies. How corrupt can you get?

    When in my 20s, i worked for one of the first bio-tech start-ups. A phds there was fudging data. Her two technicians realized it and the rumors went around among all us techs, so we started quitting. You see, for a tech to tell management that a phd was fudging… Well, let’s just say they never would have believed a lowly tech with only a bachelor’s degree could understand enough of the science to comment on a genius phd. *eye roll* Years later, one of the phds from that same company met a friend of mine. This phd related the story of the fraud saying that it went unnoticed for so long because the techs weren’t smart enough to recognize it. I laughed and laughed and set my friend straight. Anyway, there was too much pressure to make that project work due to all the vc money. I’m sure that’s still true today. The biotech industry is full of idiotic complicated Rube Goldberg-like projects for curing thoroughly curable conditions if only modern medicine weren’t so corrupt. These drug/therapies are completely unnecessary, harmful and a terrible burden on patients and the economy. But there’s money in them thar hills.

  8. VoiceOfArabi says:

    I am not an anthropologist…. but i have noticed something very important that may explain “the crisis of science”.

    I am well traveled person, and have seen many countries. One thing i have noticed is, how the citizens (or subjects in some countries) will always fashion themselves on their leaders.

    so, a country where the leader is bearded guy, you will find a large majority of bearded guys… a country where the leader is into Muslim brotherhood, you will find a large majority of Muslim brotherhood guys (real or pretend).

    a very good example is Lebanon… the leader of Hezbollah is known to be a straight shooter, so is his followers, and even his enemy (Israel) believe every word he comes up with…

    Same country, Lebanon… Saad Hariri is the ex prime minister, who is known for partying and corruption, and you will find the majority of his followers are more or less the same…

    So, basically, i don’t think this is “the crisis of science”. I think it is more crisis of leadership in countries that lead in science today. another term you can use here is Broken Windows theory.

  9. n.riva1989 says:

    James, one of the crisis in science is undoubtedly the field of physics. Physics has no longer been about studying the physical world. It has become a world of absurd mathematical calculations. These give us ridiculous notions like Dark Matter and Dark Energy all while being expressed as actual physical things. This is also true of Black Holes and Neutron Stars. My concern is that the scientific community, especially ones that deal with complex mathematics, which attempt to tell us our reality; have become the new priest class, and anyone who questions their authority is deemed insane.
    Case in point is the Electric Universe theory (EU). I hope other Corbett Report members have taken an interest in this incredible theory. James have you heard of, or researched the EU? Whether you subscribe to the theory or not, it’s remarkable to see a complete blackout in the mainstream scientific community. (They recently had that loser Michael Shermer, the pseudo septic, at their convention. He’s sceptical of this theory lol) With the common attacks of: crank or cook for anyone who dares question Einstein’s completely false theory of gravity. (Equation is correct doesn’t mean his description of gravity matches reality) This is a perfectly plausible theory that makes much more sense then a four dimension “space fabric”. Where “time”, something that is only a human concept, is magically, or should I say mathematically turned into a physical dimension. If anyone is interested in the EU theory I suggest checking out the Thunderbolts Project. The most important part of physics are supposed to be the reproducible experiments. These are rare to find in physics these days, however, the EU theory provides awealth of experimental data and historical evidence to back up its claims. This theory isn’t new, it just been swept under the rug. Anyone interested in physics should educated themselves with this theory and see where it leads you! Go look at plasma discharges produced in the lab, then go look at rock art taken from all over the world, and then tell me the EU theory should not be in the mainstream discourse!

    • danmanultra says:

      I am happy to see someone else recognize that “time” is not an actual thing but just a human concept. A useful one to be sure, but not an actual plane or dimension of reality.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — Journalism & Science — (a common denominator mentioned in video below)

    POWERFUL speech by Del Bigtree of the Movie VAXXED
    (2 or 3 minutes)

    VAXXED is a great documentary!
    Members of our North Texas Truth group are helping to have theatre showings in the Dallas area.

    At the current rate, by 2030, 50% of the infants in the US will have Autism.
    This is a crisis.

  11. Not This Little Frog says:

    Great Topic and well covered James. Julian Charles of had an extremely worthwhile and interesting interview with Dr Tim Ball in June 2014 entitled:” Peer Review – Quality Control or Gatekeeping?” that ties in well with this issue. Keep up the great work James! Trust all is well with the family esp. the newest member!!

  12. Ragnar says:

    I lost faith in science, and the all knowing scientists quite a while ago. These pop starts, the celebrity scientists like Neal DeGrass Tyson have sold their souls, as well as their integrity, for fame and notoriety. It’s sadly funny when they get on their high horse and pontificate on subjects many know to be fake.

    Although a change in the funding structure would help matters. I think so long as politicians can “buy” conclusions, we won’t ever make any real progress.

  13. Mohawk Man says:

    I believe the first thing that needs to be done is to define what a “scientist” is. The word scientist is bantered about with great abandon as if it were a defined term. Bill Nye, the purported and self identified “scientist” is a Mechanical Engineering graduate who went on to work at Boeing……………… an actor doing propaganda films for the firm. “99.7 of scientists agree that climate change is occurring” Really? I don’t need a degree in physics to understand that the climate has and will continue to “change” as it has for millennia and will continue to do so whether there are human beings on this earth or not. It doesn’t require me to hear a non-practicing Mechanical Engineering major working as an actor to tell me that. But he had a tv show! And?

    Are these scientists Micro-Biologists or an Ph’Ds in Organic Chemistry? Astronomers with a Specialty in Sun Spot activity and thus can speak to the effects of sun spot activity on the climate of our earth. What are the specialties of these so called experts? It is very relevant. Some clown who has an unused degree and worked as an actor and is now a shill for the statists and increased taxes……..We should listen to this ass? I think not.

    James has it right. Science has been bastardized, raped, pillaged and plundered. It always comes down to the funding mechanism and corruption has become to real output of these studies. This also speaks to corruption in finance, economics and many other subjects. Nearly all. The Foundations are major payers in this fraud as well as the usual statist suspects. The lawsuit Mark Styn has against Michael Mann fraud and his “hockey stick graph” is fascinating and the lying these men having been awarded a Nobel Prize for Climate. 5 min video-Styn-

    In terms of the now eerily standard of verification is that of Consensus. Consensus is bullshit in that real thought requires solitude and the ability to develop these theories independent of the meddling of cocktail party chasing charlatans who nod in agreement with their funders and the sought and pre-determined answer. Nikolai Kopernick (Copernicus) developed the theory that the earth revolves around the sun and not visa versa. This was an revolutionary idea and some would claim him a heretic for such musings based on his data and observations. He stood by his theory based on observed data and almost paid with his life. Galileo of the round earth school was much ridiculed for his theory based on observed data. Consensus? Hardly.

    Leonardo da Vinci spoke out of school quite often and delivered to mankind some of the genius of this world. Nikolai Tesla was of the same ilk which proved to be his undoing. With friends like Westinghouse and Edison who needs enemies? His name is now used as a symbol of fraud in a world of very wealthy frauds. Poor bastard.

    The Science is NEVER settled. That is the basis of scientific thought. To punish others with threats of prosecution and imprisonment if you have divergent views is quite unsettling yet it is indeed occurring. When the DOJ is prosecuting “Climate Change Deniers” you have now left science in the ash heap of the fascists dust-bin history and has entered the realm of FORCED consensus. Absurd, to put it mildly.

    p.s.–James, thanks for the idea that we can do it on our own. I am proud to announce that as of tomorrow I will be unveiling The Korbet’ Report. A beautiful, young, dark haired, slightly olive skinned French woman I know who has been very blessed by nature and has an aversion to the wearing of braziers and speaks with a beautiful French accent. Bridget Korbet’ will be reproducing your videos and writings and she will narrate the videos and read your slightly changed writings on video in a low cut blouse (cause the lights are hot in the studio). Thanks for the idea! (theme song in Yiddish)—50 Yen a month–or week–depends how she does. (or 500–hey, you ain’t seen her yet-you’ll be glad to pay)
    If I were a rich man,
    Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.
    All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.
    If I were a wealthy man.

    Peace to All–Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  14. Mohawk Man says:

    The newly discovered James Corbett in his younger days documenting that “Hey dude, you’re getting a Dell!”

    This is where it all started James. Lets be honest. “Dude, James is getting a Dell (and moving to Japan-don’t tell his mom) !!!” -The Garage Tape-

    The Mohawk

  15. mik says:

    This is a commentary of video “Equality of Opportunity vs Equality of Outcome” from recommended viewing.

    Sargon of Akkad makes pretty good case against article
    ‘The case against equality of opportunity’ written by Dylan Matthews.

    However, both authors missed to address very important issue when they came to Megan Ellison case.(10:30)

    Dylan proposed a solution but got “scared” of it and revoke it, while Sargon didn’t see the issue at all.

    But there is a problem of “born billionaires” that should be addressed in my opinion. Concept of equal opportunity of deficient without addressing this issue.

    Megan Ellison is not billionaire because of her own merits. When she was 20 yo she got into film production business, with her daddy’s money of course. By 25 yo daddy gives her some extra wealth. She was lucky with “birth lottery”. If she was born somewhere in Africa she could be dead many many times by her 20ies.

    Equality of opportunity doesn’t mean much when Starting Position is fundamentally different. With time, inheritance makes difference in Starting Positions even bigger.

    • Terraset says:

      The entire point of “equality of outcome” arguments is to address that very point. But in reality all it is is lazy people whining that they don’t have as much as other people. They then attempt to justify means of stealing from others by proxy to make things “fair” for “everyone”.

      Hence the ridiculous, authoritarian, juvenile antics of the Social Justice movement and all it’s derivatives such as Feminism and Black Lives Matter. The topic Sargon focuses his efforts on exposing for what it is.

      If someone really cares about the fairness of the world what they would be doing is working towards developing various means of empowering individuals so that peoples starting positions would even out. Thus achieving equality of opportunity. Because after that, if everyone has all the same tools as everyone else, the only determinator of success is their own hard work and will to succeed.

      • mik says:

        I’m absolutely sure you don’t really know what poverty is, otherwise you wouldn’t waffle about lazy people. You know, there are countries in this world where people would very like to work, but there is no work and they don’t have fucking money nor property to start something on their own.

        You probably didn’t get that I’m ok with equality of opportunity but I expose the problem of Starting Position.
        Also, I don’t think there has to be equality of outcome, but the difference now is far to big.

        Billionaire by birth has completely the opposite Starting position than the poor person. Both can get the same tools. Billionaire can be a lazy scumbag and he can live well, while the poor one have to work hard maybe just to survive.

        Instead of writing how you despise Social justice and Feminism (I’m not a proponent of either), tell me something about The Staring Position. The one I’m talking about.

        • Terraset says:

          At the end of the day disparities in starting position are simply a matter of “too bad, so sad, that’s reality, deal with it.” it isn’t worth contemplating beyond that.

          For example, I have X-Linked Retinitus Pigmentosa, a genetic disorder that I was born with that there is no treatment or cure for that has made me legally blind and soon to be totally and completely blind. That was my starting position.

          Instead of bitching about how unfair it is for this to have happened to me like a commoner I’ve instead focused my efforts into attempting to develop my own remedies and cure. Because I’m not dumb enough to wait around for some scientist somewhere to maybe get a grant, maybe find a solution, and maybe choose to let me have it.

          It is my life, my rules, and my responsibility. I cannot control other people and make them do things just because I’d like them to. Thus it is a waste of time thinking about.

          My girlfriend who was made homeless when she was a teen and spent almost half her life on the streets agrees with me. She is a fervent believer in hard work. She has all the same opportunities as any random billinaire. Despite being made homeless she taught herself how to draw and now is at a professional skill level and has begun taking commission work.

          We are both pretty intimately familiar with the reality of poverty and starting with “nothing”.

          If there’s no jobs then make your own.

          if there’s no property then make your own.

          If the system is broken then make your own.

          No one is obligated to even notice your existence let alone care about it.

          All it takes is a desire to improve your own life because if you really cared you wouldn’t see waffling about how some people are born rich and others aren’t as an acceptable course of action compared to the altenatives.

          • mik says:

            Thanks for answer. I have a need to say much more about your answer, but will stay focused on three things.

            “….“too bad, so sad, that’s reality, deal with it.” it isn’t worth contemplating beyond that”.

            Really? Why didn’t you apply the same logic on ‘equality of opportunity’? We don’t have it, that is reality, why bother? If we extend this logic we might find why bother with anything at all, it’s just reality? We might come to conclusion that Ignorance is Strength.
            Of course, neither you nor me could agree with the latter conclusion.

            If you anyway decide to go down the rabbit hole named Starting position or enormous rich-poor disparity, then you might end up contemplating about private property. Taboo for most people, libertarians also. You might find that “Private Property is Theft!”—->>>>>

            “If there’s no jobs then make your own.if there’s no property then make your own.”
            Sounds ok, but can work in developed countries to some extent, where trickle-down-economy provides some opportunities. But in case of Africa those claims are pure demagogy, rubbish.

            “No one is obligated to even notice your existence let alone care about it.”

            Yes, no one is obliged.

            Maybe I’m overstretching, but I see here also an extremely devastating belief that we can’t expect anything from anyone, so and we should act accordingly. Consequence of this belief is atomized society, or like M.Thatcher said: There is no such a thing as society. TPTB are delighted.

            Once I read about a study of poverty. They found out that poverty itself (lack of resources) is not the most devastating for poor people. The hardest for poor people is feeling of being abandoned, feeling that nobody care about them.

            Their strong emotions tell us something very important:
            We are wired that we expect others will help us!!!!

            • Terraset says:

              You know, I was kinda hoping that if I left this a few days someone else would have pointed out the grossly hypocritical weapons grade facepalmium in your reply. But alas I wasn’t that lucky, so let’s begin with the one that I’m almost amazed you didn’t edit out or retract.

              “[“No one is obligated to even notice your existence let alone care about it.”]

              Yes, no one is obliged.”

              So you understand that no one is obligated to care about you…

              “They found out that poverty itself (lack of resources) is not the most devastating for poor people. The hardest for poor people is [[[feeling of being abandoned, feeling that nobody care about them.]]]

              Their strong emotions tell us something very important:
              We are wired that we expect others will help us!!!!”

              …but thought for whatever reason that feelings are a valid argument? Are you actually serious? If anything their emotions teach us why these losers are poor. I also love how you do the standard commoner special pleading of “oh it’s not actually their choice, they’re just born that way.”

              Since you thought it was a decent argument here I wonder how many things you tell yourself are just out of your control and that you shouldn’t even bother trying at in your own life?

              But hey if it is true and some people are just wired that way like robots I guess they’re just sub-humans on the low end of the evolutionary scale who will soon be extinct due to being “wired” in a way that conflicts with reality. Unable to compete with species more adaptable than them.

              Because hey, I’m clearly not part of this “we” you spoke of. I’m sitting here with an incurable genetic disorder and my solution to that is to try developing literal magic. An art explicitly forbidden with a punishment of death in the two most popular and violent religions in the world. Considered so crazy in the eyes of atheists and mainstream science as to consider the mere idea of it as shun worthy at best and part of a mental disorder worthy of institutionalisation at worst. While also knowing that I may not succeed and yet continue to do it anyways. Help is the last thing I am expecting from people. Because if I fail it’s too bad, so sad for me.

              Logic that I in fact do apply to equality of opportunity as well as everything else. Probably because it’s actually true. I mean seriously go find me an objective reason for anything? Go ahead I dare you. Because spoiler alert, there isn’t one. But hey if the truth is enough to make you go all nihilistic and just give up on everything because some external entity isn’t telling you what to do and how to feel then go right ahead and have fun with that.

              Private property is theft? More like private property doesn’t even exist. You can only own what you can control. If some dude steals your wallet then it ain’t yours anymore is it? Doesn’t matter how much you scream and cry.

              “[…] trickle-down-economy provides some opportunities. But in case of Africa those claims are pure demagogy, rubbish. “

              Wow, well someone might want to CC the Sumerians on that because all they seemed to need was mud. I mean Thatcher was right, there is no society, all there is are individual people making their individual choices. Literally next second all Americans could decide to stop paying their taxes and reject all tax laws. There nothing physically stopping them from making that choice. But they don’t. And if those choices are simply to follow other people because they’re too lazy and pathetic to care about themselves then guess what? A tiny group of people will appear to have control over a large group of people. Is it really the tiny group’s fault if the large group suffers from willingly choosing to follow orders out of a narcissistic belief that the tiny group should care about them more than themselves?

              • mik says:

                You are making jokes about ‘Property is theft’ and you haven’t been at the link I gave. Of course, you know about everything, so why …
                Initially, Property was a crux of the matter when I started on this thread.

                “Yes, no one is obliged”
                I tried to be sarcastic. I have a problem to understand usage of verb ‘oblige’ in your sentence “No one is obligated to even notice your existence…”. In fact, your sentence is absurd. The last thing most people want is not to be noticed at all.

                “…that feelings are a valid argument.”
                I was talking How The Things Are.

                “…wired that way like robots I guess they’re just sub-humans on the low end of the evolutionary scale who will soon be extinct due to being “wired” in a way that conflicts with reality.”
                “If anything their emotions teach us why these losers are poor.”

                Ufff….Looks like you are proponent of social-Darwinism, who is also talking about sub-humans. What do you think about Ubermensch and Purge idea?
                You can read what I meant with ‘wired’ in ‘Goleman: Social intelligence’.
                You also mentioned Reality. There are different kinds of reality. You can say mass and gravity are reality, but sociopolitical system is quite a lot made up reality.
                Also, should we people adjust to the system, or should we adjust system to our needs?

                In your writing there is a total lack of compassion, empathy. Looks to me like acquired psychopathic behavior, very common this days.
                Have you tries the one James proposed recently—>>>

                “….Sumerians on that because all they seemed to need was mud.”
                LOL, yes, sure. You really understand…everything.

                “And if those choices are simply to follow other people because they’re too lazy and pathetic to care about themselves then guess what?”

                Yes, people are always guilty. Those a the top are never guilty.

            • Terraset says:

              Since I can’t reply to your newest one.

              I’ll give you a pass because I guess english isn’t your first language. Fine.

              I will make this as simple as possible then. Highlighting important terms and concepts.

              The only thing that matters in the world is what a person is CAPABLE of doing. Any argument that attempts to appeal to anything other than what is PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE is invalid. For example, any mentions or consideration of how a person feels or the compassion between two or more individuals is irrelevant. In the same way getting angry at an alarm clock is irrelevant because emotions can’t turn off the alarm clock.

              If a person understands this basic concept they are less likely to fall prey to deception. For example, someone I once knew who came from South Africa once witnessed their friend get murdered in front of them. There was a person in the street who appeared to be injured and calling for help. The friend decided they would be compassionate and attempt to help. It turned out to be a trap, the peson was only acting injured and a gang of people jumped out from the bushes and murdered them to take their money.

              There is a very good reason why Human religions including statism and the Social Justice movement have always been designed to appeal so heavily to peoples emotions. Emotional people are stupid people, and stupid people are easy to manipulate. Much like how the person in South Africa was manipulated by the gang they were murdered by.

              Even animals understand this. Wolves and coyotes will fake a limp to entice dogs and other animals to approach them or think they’re not a threat only to be ripped apart by the rest of the pack that was waiting in the shadows.

              Intelligent people, or “psychopaths” if you prefer, understand emotions don’t matter. Only the laws of physics do. That is why they rule the world and compassionate people don’t.

              Now to bring this back to your question about the starting position and equality of opportunity. It doesn’t matter what position people start at because regardless of how you, me, them, or anyone else feels, that’s the position they started at. Some people will start better off than others and some will start off worse. If people spend their time and energy complaining that things aren’t fair and being angry or sad that other people are not helping them instead of trying to improve their life then it is their own fault that they are bad off.

              • mik says:

                Please, don’t teach (patronize) me about emotions, because you obviously don’t know what you are talking about –>> “Emotional people are stupid people…”.

                I haven’t used emotions as an argument you are suggesting.
                Looks like emotions are some kind of trigger to you. I strongly recommend you ‘Goleman: Social intelligence’.

                “Any argument that attempts to appeal to anything other than what is PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE is invalid.”

                Really? So according to you, someone who is scared of height could be sent working on skyscraper construction. Scared, that’s not physical, it’s just emotion, even more, it’s baseless emotion.
                Usually employers are not stupid. Someone scared of height is useless on high construction works. You see, I just made valid argument that includes emotions.

                “Intelligent people, or “psychopaths” if you prefer…That is why they rule the world and compassionate people don’t.”.
                I haven’t been using psychopath word. I use this word very carefully, only when someone shows clearly many signs of this diagnose.
                About ruling the world…Do you really think, that explanation can be that simple?

                Finally, how are you explaining that millions of people are dying from starvation on this World every year?
                Have they been lazy? Stupid? They spent too much time thinking of equality of outcome?

  16. Mohawk Man says:

    James, wanted to comment on your link in “Irish jail 3 top bankers for 2008 crash”. Someone very prominent from the list is missing. Peter Sutherland. Are you familiar with this man? G. Sachs chairman,Tri-Lat commission, Bilderberg’s, Head of BP, among others. Head “Migrant Official” for Ireland. His history has been scrubbed as a “jewish patron” from the jewish museum although his name still appears as a “jewish patron”.

    There is and has been an attack on white, primarily Christian nations through the mass immigration and has accelerated of late by many times. The proponents are well known, The Feinsteins, Boxer’s and Schumer’s along with their co-conspirators ala Paul Ryan, Luis Guitierez, B. Soetero, among many others. This is war. “By way of deception, we shall make war”. It’s past time to address this issue and to start naming names and taking action. The hornets nests of Islam being tossed into these same nations are also open about these same proponents including the Pope.

    The Mohawk

  17. Just got around to reading this article. Very well done, on this topic that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. It’s one of the central religious tenets of our society: scientists are pure saints engaged in a quest for knowledge. This distorts society and politics in so many ways. Government funds science for the same reason the Pharaohs funded the temples – to control the intellectuals.

    I’ll be sharing this everywhere I can, we really have to start knocking down this false god of scientism.

  18. alan.k says:

    Yes 1: “The base of this chain is the money”; the chain being the corruption of science.
    Yes 2: “large corporations and politically-motivated government agencies are paying for the types of science that they want”. [And financially starving to death any attempts to do the types of science they don’t want.]
    Yes 3: “the answer to this problem is decentralization.”
    1. Money is of course a tool and – like many tools – can also be used as a weapon.
    Essentially, money boils down to: the power to command others to provide goods or services. Got it? Power to command! If you have the money, you can find people to do anything you want. Lord Acton’s truism applies: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”
    What a mighty tool and monstrous weapon money is.
    No wonder the controllers of money will never allow ordinary people to have more income than they need to survive. Otherwise ordinary people might choose to accumulate such magically storable power and use it against the money controllers.
    2. Corporations, governments, and government agencies are convenient fronts which allow the money racketeers to hide anonymously behind and to bear ultimate responsibility for what those fronts do at the command of the racketeers. The fictive personhood of corporations is plainly for the super rich persons in control, and against ordinary people and the common good now and in perpetuity. The same applies for laws which grant limited liability to shareholders. Governments are effectively slaves of the super rich money racketeers.
    3. Decentralization could be the answer if – and only if – the institution of money as we have known it – is brought to an end – and the extraordinary private wealth and power accumulated by means of money – surrendered to serve the common good. Needless to say, the money racketeers would not take kindly to such a course of action.
    After a century or more of public education and exposure from helpless infancy onwards to electronic and other media which literally attacks, exploits, and seduces people without conscience, ordinary people would seem to be unfit to wage effective opposition to the super powerful and super organized and disciplined money racketeers.
    There is no easy or safe way out of this mess.

  19. vumxmx says:

    Science has become corporatized, which means it is subject to the profit motive. Money-business has corrupted everything. AS Blake put it, “commerce has settled on every branch.” For example, in medicine look at the cancer industry, and in general the horrible pharmaceutical industry which almost absolutely determines all modern medicine and corrupts the medical schools.

    But there is also the corruption of scientism and ideology generally. For example, you can’t dispute Darwinism. To do so is akin to attacking the Church during the time of the Inquisition. As if Darwinism is “science” in any meaningful sense of the term, or as if noting the pseudo-science of Darwinism ipso facto identifies you as a fundamentalist. In fact, Darwinism is a “religion.” See for example “Darwin on Trial” by Phillip E. Johnson, or “The Last Superstition” by Edward Feser, or on the other hand, the hopelessly mediocre pseudo-intellectuality of a Richard Dawkins, or worse, of a Daniel Dennet, ideologues if ever there were any.

    Then there is the imposture of psychology, another pseudo-science. Like sociology, anthropology, and evolutionism, it is riddled with ideological biases. People infected by it don’t even believe in objective truth any longer. It’s pathetic. Stupid ideologies, demagoguery, advertising and “marketing,” propaganda, rampant sentimentalism, psychologism and existentialism, and of course lots of money, have ruined culture.

  20. Mielia says:

    “Can we imagine a world of peer-to-peer science? Crowdfunded science? Open science?”
    I definitely have to think of Boyan Slat here again, how they started out (crowd-funded) with the Ocean Cleanup and this years “Boyan Slat unveils The Ocean Cleanup Interceptor”
    Definitely my favourite best good news of this year.
    Ah, just seen: Apparently he was at Toe Rogan 6 days ago. Congratulations!

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