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In this edition of "Questions For Corbett" James fields your queries on the importance of drills, the Pentagon's missing trillions, Prescott Bush and the Union Banking Corporation, government-run human experiments and much more.

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  1. kris weston says:

    ive heard various seemingly unconnected people on the world stage mention the phrase ‘New World Order’ and you often speak of it on your program as though the existence of this thing, whatever it is, is proven. i hear people all over the internet refer to it as fact. so – what is the NWO ? is it a policy or a group ? And what is your proof that it exists and/or is working to achieve a goal rather than just greedy people working individually to achieve more money ? im aware of the georgia guidestones and various people with huge amounts of money trying to effect world affairs in some sort of global way, but the implication seems to be, people are working *together to achieve this order. What is the proof that people are working together to achieve some sort of presumably detrimental actions, rather than just a buzz phrase used by politicians and rich people that is meaningless?

  2. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    This is an interesting question that I think people like G. Edward Griffin have written entire books about (The Creature from Jekyll Island) so I don’t know if I can nail it in a comment thread!

    The term “New World Order” has been buzzing around in official documents for some time – like this one

    Wikipedia notes that the document ‘was “endorsed” by a number of non governmental organizations and United Nations specialized agencies.’

    There is also an intriguing advertisement from the New York Times, April 15, 1994, pA9 mentioned in The Creature from Jekyll Island which read:

    “1944, Bretton Woods: The IMF and the World Bank
    1945, San Francisco: The United Nations
    1994, Marrakech: The World Trade Organization
    History knows where it is going…The World Trade Organization,
    the third pillar of the New World Order, along with the United
    Nations and the International Monetary Fund.”

    The ad was placed by the government of Morocco.

    So I guess it depends on what for you would constitute proof of a “New World Order, organized type conspiracy” . I think the reason alternative media sites like this one exist, is because there is a lot of evidence that something is afoot, but as so much of what governs world affairs happens in secrecy (like the Bildeberg meetings), some detective work is required to tie the ends together. In other words, no one has officially provided a definition for the term “New World Order”.

    In the documents I referred to above. Some people looking at the documents would like to read nothing more than a voluntary, benign collaboration among people and nations within the term, others see something a little more planned(sinister) with a predetermined intentional outcome, using techniques like the Hegelian Dialectic to forcefully bring them about. Reading the first document I referenced above in light of H.G. Wells “New World Order” of 1940, makes the second sort of person even more uncomfortable.

    Unlike many theories that suffer from confirmation bias and are easily taken apart when reading contrarian viewpoints, the idea of an overarching intentional momentum towards a “New World Order seems to become harder and harder to debunk, as one’s understanding of world affairs and international players increases.

    But at the end of the day, one either believes that there is a 3D chess game afoot (as James calls it) or just a 2D game with the players simply doing their best with what falls into their lap before their next move.

    If someone else has more info, I would appreciate your input into the discussion!

    All the best.

  3. kris weston says:

    thanks for your reply. i come on this site because i like james intelligent analysis of events, im *not onboard with the whole 9/11 and NWO obsession that everyone seems to have. i believe 9/11 is an interesting piece of history and thats where it should end. i personally think its completely deluded and ridiculous to think anyone will ever be prosecuted for it, and tbh i dont like america anyway so i dont care that much. i also disagree on chomsky and im yet to be convinced about the whole ‘gatekeeper’ assignment hes been given here. i like disagreeing with people tho 🙂 i like intelligent debate. when you look at human beings and their greed, i find it too far fetched to believe that many of these psychopath families/elites from all over the world can work together. if you look at the infighting and politics that any extended family usually suffers from and extend that to many families all over the world, i just find it too far fetched to believe they are all working in the nice happy new world order idea together, and even if there is a core of people that want to create a one world government, i also find it too far-fetched to believe they could ever achieve that. what seriously ? you think that they could persuade/force all the countries of the world to give up their sovereignty ? if the EU is their start-up project theyre not doing very well!

    the fact that people mention the phrase is no proof of anything really other than idiot politicians repeating buzz words they dont even know the meaning of. the fact that its in the declaration of independence is even more reason that politicians should repeat it like robots. over 80% of the politicians in my country dont even know how money is created.

    i dont agree that its down to whether one believes there is a ‘3d’ or ‘2d’ chess game either – whatever that is supposed to mean. it is far more complicated than a set of two choices. there are so many players, of course there are nefarious activities going down everywhere, with different factions fighting for their causes, but the idea that it is all organised by a central institution seems to go against the chaos i have observed in my life.

    jekyll island was where they signed the gold standard thing that seems to be referenced in kubricks shining if i remember correctly, im aware of the book, havent read it. its the tying in of disparate elements to prove this grand idea i have a problem with i suppose.

  4. kris weston says:

    one other logical thought, something is not true because someone can not debunk it. the onus should be on the unproven fact to be proven. disparate elements all proclaiming their desire for more money and control doesnt prove a conspiracy between them. ‘sharks swim in parallel lines not because there in a conspiracy but because they all smell the blood in the water and are racing to get to its source first’

  5. devinrice says:

    Since you mentioned that the Bushes supported the crackdown on Tiannemen Square in ’89, I wonder if I can get your take on what really happened that night when the massacre allegedly took place.

  6. broodi says:

    Dear James, do you by any chance have updates about additional sessions in Groningen? Please let us know, thank you!

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