How Do We Prosecute 9/11? - Questions For Corbett #009

09/14/20130 Comments

In this edition of the ongoing Questions For Corbett podcast series, James answers your questions on Syria, anarchy, gold reserves, Noam Chomsky, prosecuting 9/11 criminals and more.

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Questions For Corbett from jjsmith3s

Al-Nusra Commits to al-Qaida

Rand Paul Pimps the Al Qaeda Legend

Karzai accuses U.S. and Taliban of conspiring to keep troops in Afghanistan

Interview 739 – Christoph Germann on the Afghan “Withdrawal”

Karzai: CIA promises to continue cash payments

Episode 244 – Secret Weapons Technology

Krugman calls for space aliens to fix U S economy

Question For Corbett from redbuffoon

Corbett Report Radio 020 – On Liberty

David Boaz quote (and others)

China’s Great Uprooting: Moving 250 Million Into Cities

Soros China Must Be Part Of The New World Order

henry kissinger talking about new world order and china

Rockefeller eulogizes Mao and his great social experiment

Question for James Corbett - Authenticity in Alternative Media

SATIRE: Top NSA and DOJ Officials Have Fled the U.S.

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

Antony Sutton - Wall Street & Bolshevik Revolution

U.S. Gold Reserves, They Would Not Lie to Us, Right?

Fishing ban reinstated off #Fukushima coast

Chomsky Lies About JFK

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Dissent 1/2

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Dissent 2/2

Contact the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War and urge them to proceed with a 9/11 war crimes tribunal

Bush Cancels Visit to Switzerland - Threat of Prosecution

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