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greekdramaby James Corbett
July 7, 2015

There is a drama of epic proportions unfolding in Greece right now. It's surely not a comedy, but will it end in tragedy? Stay tuned.

The story so far:

The Greek people defied the majority of the world's expectations on Sunday by voting "no" to the Eurozone's bailout proposals. What does this mean? No one knows yet, and don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. The word on the street is that the options on the negotiating table at this point are:

a) Back to square one looking for a new bailout deal with bigger and better structural reforms than ever before!

b) The Greek government could start a "parallel currency" by issuing either promissory notes to key creditors or a kind of 'lesser euro' within the Eurozone itself.

c) Greece could officially declare bankruptcy and be ejected from the Euro.

The first option is just plain silly; the very inability to hammer out such a deal is precisely why we're here, after all.

The second option would open a Pandora's box of unanswered questions that could very well dismantle the Eurozone from the inside out as other economically challenged, bailout-prone "peripheral" countries try to get in on the promissory note act.

That pretty much leaves option three, right? Well, not if the Greeks have their way. Just last week the Greek government threatened to take the Eurozone to court if they tried to force a Grexit, so suddenly option three isn't looking like such a foregone conclusion.

And let's not forget that all three of those options are only rumors anyway.

greece_woma_3366167bWhat we do know: Soros-promoting Syriza Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis—he of a questionable history—just resigned and is being replaced by Oxford-educated Euclid Tsakalotos. The Greek banks are going to remain closed until at least Wednesday, and ATM withdrawal limits of 60 euros a day might have to be tightened as the central bank starts to run out of physical cash. No one but no one is so much as peeping a breath about the parliamentary report on illegal, illegitimate, odious debt as a starting point for negotiations.

So here we are. Tragedy? Farce? Bleak tale with a light at the end of the tunnel? It's too early to know. But get your popcorn ready, because no matter how it plays out, this tale is one that will be well worth watching.

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  1. Corbett says:

    Hey guys, I know the Greek drama is very much a moving target at the moment, so I’d appreciate your help in keeping these comments up to date with links and analyses while I’m away. Conversely if you think the Greek story is just a distraction, let us know what you think we’re being distracted from.

    • Peace Seeker says:

      We are being distracted by the China Meltdown the bubble bursting on the Chinese Economy, What happens when they come to collect their money from trading partners? Stay tuned for the real drama. That is where the fireworks will be starting.

      • archives2001 says:

        I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT !!!
        China’s the 8 Trillion dollar gorilla
        in the room, James!

      • Ukdavec says:

        I also agree regarding China from an economic perspective. The Greek scenario has more of a Geopolitical dynamic IMHO.

        The following link is a very interesting recent interview with a China expert – If you get a spare 38 minutes watch this for a perspective on the economic dynamics regarding China – note there are adverts but you can choose to ignore these.

        • nosoapradio says:

          Ukdavec, this is an interesting interview… somehow troubling as it serves up on a silver platter most of the major opinions held by many on this site… in an almost troubling way… and then I looked at the “about us” section of Simon Hunt’s own website… which is also visually startling… and would seem to either severely confirm or discredit his analysis… depending on how you look at it…

          Then there’s this:

          “Simon Hunt began his career in Central Africa as PA to the chairman of Rhodesian Selection Trust, one of the two large copper companies in what was then called Northern Rhodesia. He then joined Anglo American Corporation of South Africa following which he helped start up CIDEC, a new copper producer organisation where he conducted end-use studies for Europe.”

          This guy is an interesting path to explore…

          Anyhow, thanks for the link!

        • Ukdavec says:

          Simon Hunt – putting a picture of yourself and George Bush on a website could bring personal judgement into question 🙂

          Simon Hunt CV can be found here.

        • archives2001 says:

          Agreed: If I were Simon Hunt, I’d remove that pic of him and George Bush.
          OTOH, there are probably a lot of uber elite oil folks who
          go along with anything/anyone with an oil/commodities background.
          Hunt…Hmm that name sounds strangely familiar from the 70s/80s.
          A distant relative?
          I found it extremely fascinating that a copper king like him
          is warning of a coming copper implosion.

        • nosoapradio says:

          Hi again Ukdavec! Simon Hunt certainly does turn out to be a provocative fellow:

          In his:


          he wrote the following:

          “The real question is how does the global financial system get from today to a world of price

          What might appear madness to most people is that there is an elite group which
          is influential in shaping global political and economic policy. The Centre for Research on
          Globalisation, an independent research and media organisation based in Montreal, has traced
          the influence of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. From this report, it is
          interesting to note how frequently events follow what was discussed at these meetings.”

          He includes a quote by Claudio Borio, head of the monetary and economic department of the BIS:

          “Maybe it is time to change course. Maybe it is time to recognise the need to address
          underlying weaknesses head-on, to stop postponing adjustments to an ever elusive better
          day, to stop calling for illusory monetary policy fixes for what are deeper balance sheet and
          structural problems. This would mean incurring some costs in the short run, but the
          alternative would risk creating much bigger costs further down the road.” Claudio Bruno, BIS (I think he meant Borio and not Bruno)

          Following this quote Hunt continues:

          “Changing course without a deep crisis is politically difficult if not impossible. The shenanigans
          in Washington are proof to that sentiment.

          It is the BIS which is the ultimate master of the
          financial universe since its shareholders include 55 central banks which in turn are owned by
          the big banks in some countries (e.g. the USA).

          Our take is that asset bubbles will be blown up over the coming 12-15 months to levels that
          they will burst of their own accord or by design. A crisis will follow as the financial system

          It is during the crisis that a new global financial structure will be introduced by the BIS.

          Well sorry for the coming repeat posts. I thought with no links the comment would come up immediately.

        • nosoapradio says:

          In this link he speaks about Bilderberg, the Trilateral commission and the BIS:

        • archives2001 says:

          Sounds like an UEA (Uber Elite Adviser) to me!
          (Of course that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attn!)
          Problem is, it’s difficult to discern the 10 % bs from
          the 90% supposed ‘facts’.

        • Ukdavec says:

          More on China – this time from Grant Williams – the guy who interviewed Simon Hunt on the previous link I provided.

          10 minutes but worthwhile

        • nosoapradio says:

          Interesting article on purpose of Goldman Sachs’ investments in China:

          “…Despite these obvious fault lines, Goldman Sachs has remained steadfastly bullish. But what Goldman Sachs isn’t volunteering to investors is that the company holds stakes itself in Chinese companies which it has yet to unload. Mark Schwartz, Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia Pacific, also sits on the Board of Directors of a registered lobbyist, the U.S.-China Business Council, which is trying to ram through a Bilateral Investment Treaty with China.

          This past February, Goldman sponsored a big conference in New York City to push the treaty and has devoted part of its web site to laudatory videos from the conference. According to Bloomberg Business, Goldman sponsored a similar conference last July in Beijing where Goldman Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein and other execs met with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

          What is less known to the general public is that Goldman Sachs has taken significant stakes in a dizzying array of Chinese companies, buying up pieces of everything from poultry farms to a meat-processing company, a drug maker, cement company, banks, insurance company, and even an online gaming and entertainment company…”

    • ivan says:

      Not much of a political analysis, but good to listen to.
      “Reconnecting to the Strength We Have: Interview with Maria Scordialos” (Charles Eisenstein)

    • archives2001 says:

      It appears the IMF/Fed Reserve/BRICS master plan is to bring chaos to the entire global financial system in order to set up a parallel currency to the Dollar in October if not before.
      (Ordo ab Chao and Problem ~ Reaction ~ Solution)
      IMF & BRICS in collusion:
      Exec Director of IMF, Paulo Nogueira Batista, VP of BRICS. The chess board depicts them as opponents but in closer examination, they’re allied to transition from the old order to a new global (SDR?) order.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Hi again Ukdavec! Simon Hunt certainly does turn out to be a provocative fellow:

        In his:


        he wrote the following:

        “The real question is how does the global financial system get from today to a world of price

        What might appear madness to most people is that there is an elite group which
        is influential in shaping global political and economic policy. The Centre for Research on
        Globalisation, an independent research and media organisation based in Montreal, has traced
        the influence of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. From this report, it is
        interesting to note how frequently events follow what was discussed at these meetings.”

        He includes a quote by Claudio Borio, head of the monetary and economic department of the BIS:

        “Maybe it is time to change course. Maybe it is time to recognise the need to address
        underlying weaknesses head-on, to stop postponing adjustments to an ever elusive better
        day, to stop calling for illusory monetary policy fixes for what are deeper balance sheet and
        structural problems. This would mean incurring some costs in the short run, but the
        alternative would risk creating much bigger costs further down the road.” Claudio Bruno, BIS (I think he meant Borio and not Bruno)

        Following this quote Hunt continues:

        “Changing course without a deep crisis is politically difficult if not impossible. The shenanigans
        in Washington are proof to that sentiment.

        It is the BIS which is the ultimate master of the
        financial universe since its shareholders include 55 central banks which in turn are owned by
        the big banks in some countries (e.g. the USA).

        Our take is that asset bubbles will be blown up over the coming 12-15 months to levels that
        they will burst of their own accord or by design. A crisis will follow as the financial system

        It is during the crisis that a new global financial structure will be introduced by the

        As history relates the immediate aftermath will be a year or two of deflation but then
        followed by years of sustainable but lower global growth.”

        On June 28th 2015 the Telegraph reports:

        “The world is defenceless against the next financial crisis, warns BIS
        Monetary policymakers have run out of room to fight the next crisis with interest rates unable to go lower, the BIS warns…

        …The BIS said that the current turmoil in Greece typified the kind of “toxic mix” of private and public debt being used as a solution to economic problems, rather than making the proper commitment “to badly needed” structural reforms…”

        Structural reforms… structural reforms…. where have I heard that before…

        Oh Yea! In Andrew Gavin Marshall’s article that Broc West linked: “Between Berlin and a Hard Place: Greece and the German Strategy to Dominate Europe”

        “Germany’s political strategy was to allow the debt crisis to spread, creating the pressure required to force eurozone nations to accept German demands of restructuring their economies in return for financial aid from the EU.”

        OOOPs! posted in the wrong place!!!! eeeeek!

      • nosoapradio says:

        IMF & BRICS collusion very interesting indeed archives2001!

        Yes, chaos to the global financial system leaving a slight advantage to China would seem to be the plan to ultimately set up a new financial structure…

    • jeff_schutz says:

      Here is a great letter to Greece and the world regarding the present opportunity to move away from the central banking ponzi scheme frome Michael Tallenger of Ubuntu party. His is an utopian vision of the future for Earth humans.

      • Trudy-Alan says:

        Thank you for posting that letter. As included in its step 3, I believe a source of Free Energy is totally key to any positive change. Utopian vision true, but you do get what you really want.

  2. hankblackgraphics says:

    I have nothing to say, other than forwarding this message I just saw today.

    Greece, just a thought to wipe out your national debt
    by Walter Burien – CAFR1

    Greece has been in the news for the last several months per defaulting on their National Debt which is about 200 Billion Dollars in total.

    Here’s a thought; Well, the large institutional traders (primarily banks) have been using the Greece scenario as an excuse to manipulate the world Stock Index and Interest Rate Markets.

    Over the last 20-days they have easily generated value ten-times the total Greek National Debt utilizing Greece’s name and circumstances to do so.

    Here is a 30-year US Bond chart showing 1-week you can expand to show 2-months and here is a DOW chart. You will notice over the last 20-days big gaps up and down.

    Well, for several of those gaps, the institutional accounts utilized the name of Greece as the excuse to manipulate and roll the markets. In doing so they generated tens of billions of profits on each occasion. Now in consideration of the world markets in total, these institutional accounts easily pulled off as mentioned earlier at least ten-times the entire Greek National Debt in doing so.

    So, my message to the people of Greece is: Maybe you should investigate and confirm what institutional accounts were moving in tandem utilizing your country’s name, Greece, and manipulating your circumstance for their own profit, and then you could go to the World Court with that evidence to get a seizure and confiscation court order whereby each has a proportional amount of equity seized / forfeited from the profits they made using your name and then your National Debt is gone. Gone in one move and at one stroke of the pen.

    Now Greece, don’t feel guilty if you do this. Just remember a “proportional” seizure from each of these manipulating institutional accounts would only amount to 10% or less of the profits they made utilizing your name and circumstances.

    They in turn will keep 90% of the wealth the stole from everyone else and your National Debt will be gone. Back to life as usual in Greece. Sounds like a winner to me.. Just a thought if you cared to make it happen.

    Would make a nice precedence with the World Court for justice don’t you think?

    Please forward this to every person you know who is in Greece or is Greek and ask them to do the same.

    Communicated to you and truly Yours,

    Walter J. Burien, Jr. CTA (Commodity Trading Adviser) 1978 – 1992
    P. O. Box 2112
    Saint Johns, AZ 85936

    Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona


    This Email is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. Section #2510-2521 and is legally privileged. The information contained in this Email is intended only for use of the individual or entity named above. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or the employee, or personally KNOWN TO THE RECIPIENT agent responsible to deliver it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication, and you are not the intended recipient I sent to, notify me immediately or please be advised that if you do not notify me immediately, you shall be subject to fine, imprisonment, and civil sanctions.

    To update your information regarding getting email posts from Walter Burien – CAFR1, please use the following link:

    • archives2001 says:

      Thnx Hank for submitting Walter’s article. GREAT idea but…

      I just emailed him asking him about the chances of getting any
      positive results from the World Court.
      If they’re anything like the Warren Commission or 9/11 Committee…

      • hankblackgraphics says:

        I’m not holding my breath. I just thought the CAFR king deserves to be heard and remembered.

        Also in FYI department…

        PS Greg Palast reminds us that the Germans work much fewer hours than anybody in the EU (who have jobs)

        • archives2001 says:

          Take a look at this, Hank:
          HUGE cyber attack going on rite now:

        • archives2001:

          I’ve seen that link before and forgot it. Thanks for posting that since now I will bookmark it.

          Query: How do we know this is accurate? Based on viewing this for about 5 minutes, it appears almost all cyber attacks are coming from China to the U.S. However, on the list of origins of attacks, US is listed as number 2. This is strange considering the visuals rarely show attacks coming from the U.S. However, we do know the U.S. engages in extensive cyber attacks.

          How can we make sense of this?

  3. candideschmyles says:

    Yasso Fili sto Fili mou,

    Good idea to leave this open like this while you are away James. Not that I have much to add at the moment. Everything is so up in the air. I should have been listening to what Max Keiser is saying about it, but times demands and all that. He is a good source though, he gets good inside angles on many aspects of global finance.

    Wish you and your family a lovely holiday…

  4. Al Saleh says:

    The Greek people are fighting the same oppression as any people in the world. The bankers are hammering Greece now, tomorrow they might be hammering another country. So while you prepare your popcorn to watch the Greek drama, other people might be preparing their popcorn to watch your own drama.

    Do you know the feeling of a highly educated Greek with 20 years experience who can’t support his family, and saves his own meal to feed his children? I claim to know this feeling, because as a Syrian, I saw my father in that position in 1980s, and I saw myself in that same position in 2010s.

    People’s lives are being crushed in Greece, as in Syria. This is not a tragic drama, this is real mass murder. No body on this site will enjoy watching it. I hope some people will do something about it:

  5. Broc West says:

    Highly recommended article here from Andrew Gavin Marshall.

    Between Berlin and a Hard Place: Greece and the German Strategy to Dominate Europe –

    • nosoapradio says:

      Concerning Broc’s linked article about how Germany is wielding the Troika not to solve “the crisis” but to destroy EU member state sovereignty…

      It’s interesting the article opens with critical remarks concerning “European leaders (towards debt-laden Greece in February of 2010)” made by Timothy Geithner who besides his classic claims to fame as telegenic footman for banking interests is also a high-profile player on the Sino-American collaboration scene:

      So Geithner’s supposed to represent American interests in European debt crisis management… he seems to practice the “criticize, criticize, criticize” version of the “deny, deny, deny” method of spin while bailing out banks and working with Mr. Schauble at the German Finance Ministry…

      Well, from here it still appears to be an engineered build up of China and controlled demolition of Europe with now a great pretext for China to pick up Greek debt…while promising to leave them in the Eurozone and EU…?

      Though it’ll probably take time as they’ve gotta keep up appearences of spontaneous, unsynchronized events and antagonism…

      • nosoapradio says:

        If I’ve understood correctly, Europe is doing exactly what Geithner did: bailing out banks…?

      • nosoapradio says:

        It could get interesting if Greece and FYROM get chummy as they seem to agree on a number of subjects, most notably concerning Russia. (Turkstream and ending sanctions on Russia) They could also work out the long-standing and prohibitive Macedonian name issue but what would be the implications now that Macedonia has tasted and witnessed the fruits of Western democracy in the form of attempted color revolutions, coup d’états and austerity?

        The following link also describes an interesting scenario:

        Third Balkan War in the making: Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians and Macedonians to unite against the “Greater Albania”?

        Could this be a way of marrying a desire for war, the destruction of the euro along with the EU and the rise of the East?

        perhaps even transforming into a proxy war between Iran and Israel??? eeeeeeek!

        • nosoapradio says:

          What powder keg role could Transnistria play in igniting the Balkans through Moldava especially if neighboring Bulgaria allies with Greece, Macedonia and Serbia against some U.S. financed “Greater Albania” campaign?

          Here’s a highly speculative article from June 13th that explores and extrapolates on the Greater Albanian strategy in the Balkans corner of the Grand 3D chessboard:

          and another June 6th article about the drums beating on Transnistria’s borders:

        • nosoapradio says:

          As I await Mr Corbett’s approval of my links (which may take a while as he’s on a highly deserved vacation) the following is my text without the accompanying links:

          What powder keg role could Transnistria play in igniting the Balkans through Moldava especially if neighboring Bulgaria allies with Greece, Macedonia and Serbia against some U.S. financed “Greater Albania” campaign?

 on Greater albania

  6. sandy steel says:

    Thinking about the root causes of the Greek’s Debt Crisis, and a root and branch solution too, also with an UK perspective, I’d say that their debt crisis is principally due to the institutional corruption of our Western ‘Democratic’ Party Politicians, which ‘enemies within’ are really ‘for maximisation of shareholders’ profits’ corporate quislings.

    Here is a link to an 8min ad hoc interview I gave to Mark Ceylon on how the UK’s Elections are comprehensively cartel defrauded by the UK’s national corporate party politicians in their own favour: “Systemic Fraud In All Elections/Selections”: 8mins.

    I also think that the re-assertion of ready access to Jury Trial, Common Law Jurisdiction for both defendants and complainants, which law is both democratic and anarchic as is possible, also which is essentially, a collective tribal law, is an answer to the criminal, corporate run globalised governments of today.

    See the British Constitution Group’s website and I think its commendable effort in the Jury Trial Common Law direction, with it’s recent holding of 3 Grand Juries in order publically lawfully to indict the UK GOV with regard to Pederasty Rings which that GOV has controlled – although I regard controlled elite pederasty rings as a side show:

    I intend and recommend to use Jury Trial, Common Law; (and see how to hold Grand Jury’s yourself, via the BCG’s website), in order generally to dismantle the criminal corporatism within government and beyond, including those dynasties in their off-shore tax havens who are behind such corporations, being their largest shareholders.

    I also hope the BCG will not become yet another controlled opposition and it will itself hold Grand Juries on more matters than just party political associated, pederasts rings. Sorry if this projected root and branch lawful solution seems too UK centric a resolution, for the Greeks, but I think everywhere needs its own Jury Trial Common Law, tribal justice system reasserted in order to reel in any criminal hierarchies; so as here in the UK, so too perhaps both in Greece and elsewhere – I hope that makes some sense?

    Sandy Steel


    • candideschmyles says:

      Gawd if it were that simple. The oligarchs and banksters sorted that all out with control of msm and the mortgage for the working class. How many are willing to put their credit rating at risk? Even getting sympathy for such an idea would be antipathy to the masses grinning inanely at some sitcom sat comfy in their identical boxes. Not that I don’t wish it so. But unless you are in a cash based small business avoiding tax is near impossible anyway. Even then the screwtiny (sic) is now near Orwellian, why I have given up on my small business and now work for a corporate monolith.

  7. leoniedoyle4 says:

    The ‘crisis’ in Greece is a deliberate strategy by the central banksters. Countries have defaulted before without any of this media frenzy. Greece is being taught a lesson by the banks – your government does NOT run the country, the banks do. Your government will obey and implement the policies the banks determine. If they don’t then the money supply will be cut off until your people cannot suffer any longer and rise up against the gov.

    • phreedomphile says:

      That’s spot on, leoniedoyle4. The overriding message is the banks are in charge.

      Two U.S. mainstream media memes I’ve observed are:

      1.) Paternalism. The Central Banks are working responsibly to protect all of us and the rest of global economy is reasonably safe from contagion because international banking and finance has built secure firewalls.

      2.) As goes Greece, so goes the rest of the debt-laden world (editorial headline). We are all in the same boat. That is, in the long run, adjustments and sacrifices will have to be made – or else we will eventually devolve into exhibit A (Greece).

      How many semi-awake folks will forget or have already forgotten their impressions of or what they learned about central banking following the bailouts?

      All the more reason James’ Century of Enslavement documentary needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

  8. leoniedoyle4 says:

    The banks are using this deliberately incited revolt in Greece to make the European Union aware of the need for an international financial court who would deal with country defaults and bankruptcies. Robert Shapiro (ex bill Clinton commerce advisor and IMF salesman) is the main visible driver behind this push for an international court.

    What is truly frightening about this court being placed under UN jurisdiction is that it gives the US president the right to invade defaulting countries indefinitely without the need for consent by congress. A single person can then bully the entire world on the behalf of the banks.

    Now I ask you, how easy is it to corrupt, blackmail or threaten a single person? Very easy especially when they have already proved their allegiance. Both Hilary and Jeb meet this criteria.

  9. brassbits says:

    I have been enjoying the alternative commentary from Ken at:

    He has been updating several times a day and provides interesting incite into this Greek drama that the MSM doesn’t cover. In particular, the conflict of interest of the Executive Director of the IMF, Paulo Nogueira Batista, being recently made Vice President of the BRICS alliance. As the 2D chess board dictates, these are competitive bodies, but as we know from the 3D chess board, they are working together to transition from the old financial order of the West, to the new financial order of the East (but ultimately globally).

    The fact that Tsipras went to meet with the BRICS guys in June (it was only mentioned in the MSM as him visiting Gazprom), such an obvious conflict of interest should have been made much more of by the MSM, but then we know why this wasn’t. Anyway, an outlet that did report on it was:

    I found Redefining God from a reference James made on his ‘How to Fake an Alien Invasion’ video.

    Sorry if you have already covered this James.

    • I believe you’ve put your finger on a very important point. The individuals that we point out, their networks, dual loyalties, and associations, is almost as important as the dictum of ‘follow the money.’ In this case, one can only wonder what the dual loyalties serve. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s probably the BIS in the Tower of Basel who is jockeying itself into position as the ‘hero’ after the chaos in a moment of ‘I told you so.’

  10. LiquidEyes says:

    The Greeks should take any money they have left and move to Liberland.

  11. b4ruiser says:

    With no real solution even possible, it appears that the end is here as the gargantuan global debt bubble has topped out. World central banks have fostered, created, and allowed to manifest a malignant threat to every human being on this planet by inflating a financial debt bubble which is the greatest threat to human life bar none. The debt obligations of not just Greece, but every developed nation on the planet can never be paid back nor can the debt be “forgiven.” The entire malignant system demands that ever increasing amounts of debt constantly be borrowed into existence in larger and greater amounts. Without the ability to continually borrow, you have a crisis like we are witnessing in Greece right now. The issue here is contagion. With the root cause of the problem being debt, and the perpetual demanding of more debt which must be added to fuel the monster, world central banks are powerless to stop a global catastrophe. The world is now staring into an economic abyss unlike anything ever seen in history, and a global economic meltdown truly epic in scale. Please check out this video by Greg Mannarino.

  12. How much do you suppose the current Greek destabilization is engineered, as much as it is a result of failed socialist policies? To the extent it is being destabilized, would it be to keep Russia away from having a transit for their pipeline? In other words, geopolitically, if I were a western Neocon hawk, playing 2D chess, I already got what I wanted in Ukraine – destabilization – and I will do the same in Greece to destroy the next potential avenue of Russian gas. Of course, much remains to be seen.

  13. archives2001 says:

    Algorithm of Consciousness:
    Excellent comments!
    About that cyber attack link I sent, most of the attacks do appear to be coming from China and going to St Louis, the headquarters of the N Y
    Stock Exchange! The second largest # are coming to Seattle of all places! Microsoft? Amazon? ???.
    Here’s a new article about Greece that I just got from Ellen Brown:

  14. sandy steel says:

    Hi all, and James,

    here once again, is the link to an 8min ad hoc interview that I gave to Mark Ceylon explaining how the UK’s Elections are comprehensively cartel defrauded by the mainstream national political parties’ in their own candidates favour: “Systemic Fraud In All Elections/Selections”: 8mins. The connection with the Greek Debt Crisis is that I think that the National Party Politicians’ Cartel Election Frauds of all of the ‘entry gate’ Local Elections is critical to these politicians then being able to applying their national and global corporate cartel strangle-hold on the UK economy and society, and I expect it is somewhat similar in other western countries including Greece.

    I wonder if anyone will be so kind as to follow the link and respond, with a yea, or a nay with regard to my thesis?

    Sandy Steel


    • candideschmyles says:

      I did watch it first time and was not surprised by the conclusions inferred. As a Scot I know precisely how carefully managed election “results” have become. The Statistical anomalies in vote counts by area in Scotland’s independence vote can only be explained by large numbers of votes being missing in key metropolitan areas, but not all. It seems UK election fixing is now the norm after the extremely unlikely sizeable majority won by the Tories in the recent general election. Something nobody was predicting because it couldn’t happen, but did.
      Save the public actually pull themselves away from EastEnders and celebrity prancing we are all destined to Romanesque slavery to an elite. As the current level of protest is like a fly trying to out-strong and elephant I feel all we can do is sit back and enjoy our misery.

      • sandy steel says:

        Thanks V much for watching my link about the UK Local and General Elections being continually and comprehensively cartel defrauded by the mainstream, national party politicians in their own favour.

        As a result I’ve withheld Council Tax for over two years, and each year when they summons me, I now require trial by ‘Jury Trial Common Law Jurisdiction’, which right they’ve so far covertly denied to me.

        I’m next summonsed for the 28th July by the Cheltenham Magistrates at 11.50am. Again I’ll try to obtain a Jury Trial via pre case disclosure. Failing that try again in court – and try to get the media to focus.

        The point is to get the population and the media to see that the Bench Justices are covertly denying me and many others our right under Section 39 of Magna Carta 1215, to Jury Trial in a Court of Record – then get the people and media publically wondering why?

        So then their looking at my own and others bench justice supressed evidence of the UK’s mainstream party politicians’ comprehensive cartel fraud of the UKs Local & General Elections. So I’m a man with a simple UK: political, justice and faith reform plan.


        Ps. About the Scots Indi Referendum:- I heard allegations of ‘yes’ ballot papers not being counted, but didn’t find hard evidence of sizable such rigging, did you? Albeit, if they hadn’t rigged it sizably so, I’d be surprised, as I now know they’re a crime cartel.

    • archives2001 says:

      THANK YOU very much Sandy for sharing this.
      I listened attentively and left this comment:
      Spot on Sandy…Absolutely! But ‘We the People’ still have the power to change things. If enough of us wake up in time. So far tho, George Carlin sez it better than anyone:

      • sandy steel says:

        Hi, thanks for your double puff about my UK Cartel Election Fraud System interview with Mark Celon,(I enjoyed yr George Carlin link).

        May I refer you to my reply to candideschmyles;(see above), where I explain what I’m doing in the UK Law Courts about UK Election Fraud?




        • archives2001 says:

          Thnx Sandy, saw it.
          I keep wondering if a coming global implosion in Sept is going
          to be a catalyst for a fundamental change, whether or not it
          will be caused by the UEs (uber elites).

  15. k-dh says:

    From my viewpoint – the greek strategy confirmed this in a way – it is important to concretize and operationalize the riscs + results + outcome-aspects, the possible wins and so on – that is why I came to the result, estimating the different geo-political and strategical as economical factors, that the original privatisation-logic or plan was (somehow) set up to fail.

    Mainly caused by the interest in crushing
    Europe-Russia and Greece as the Eurozone as
    reasons to change surroundings for TTIP to make most
    win for US-Giants – who do not make profit in the same way …
    and so on ….

    My thoughts here

    Second video to be scanned + checked
    in argument on

    And my final-thoughts to spiritual-faultlines of the
    old-house-of-Europe-factors on

    As I found these things (later on after I published my content) confirmed either in
    content of german-system-critics – well known like Ken Jebsen, Willy Wimmer and so on – who yesterday
    forecasted and judged as solution-discussed a bit more urgent
    and concrete and from the status of negotiations today – I found confirmed,
    what I thought – Merkel was bluffing and even more, her plan was set up to fail
    and end the Euro, which is indeed still goal and a devil-trap-dilemma – as
    the Euro normally is not good in it´s concentration-tendency and so on.

    Ending it would be – together with other factors – very

    Greetings from Germany.

  16. nosoapradio says:

    On a wholly different subject I’ve just heard about and am quite intrigued by how the concept of “Global Community” is being developed through the concept of the sustainable “FABLAB” which was spawned at MIT. It seems to be similar to Mr Corbett’s “Open source community” concept with 3D printers, P2P economy etc.

    I”ve just recently learned that there are many official FABLABS in my area of France and “HackLabs” and indeed FABLABS have sprouted up all over the world…

    Here’s a video about the FABLAB concept:

    I wonder how it might be connected to Agenda 21…

    • nosoapradio says:

      Now looping back to Serbia a “Brief for GSDR 2015” confirms the World Bank’s enthousiasm for FabLabs:

      Fabrication laboratories – fab labs – tools for sustainable development
      Ivana Gadjanski, Belgrade Metropolitan University, Center for Bioengineering – BioIRC and Fab Initiative NGO

      Fablab concept/approach based on the ideas of
      collaboration, decentralization, participation and
      democratization (Gershenfeld, 2008)

      has been recognized by the World bank (WorldBank, 2014)
      as a very efficient way for:

      • supporting STEM (science, tech, engineering,
      math) education
      • commercialization of research at higher
      education institutions
      • evolution of smart cities & waste management
      • local industry development and

      An article in the Technological section of the Guardian called

      “Tooling up: Civic visions, FabLabs and Grassroots activism”

      gives an intersting perspective on the subject as well.

      Are highly regulated FabLabs the Trojan Horse to be sent into genuinely spontaneous grassroots cooperative communities to ensure complete Technocratic control of them?

      Will the New World Order be in the form of a Smart city lovingly built in a FabLab?

    • Anytime I hear the phrase “sustainable development” my skepticism sunglasses come on. This term came out of the 1992 Rio earth summit, spearheaded by dubious characters like Maurice Strong, and part of the UN Agenda 21 initiative (itself a spawn of Rockefeller). Personally, I’d be very wary of anyone that tries to sell me anything with the word “sustainable” in it because that’s what the whole Smart Grid transhumanist technocracy utopia is all about.

  17. nosoapradio says:

    Last Sunday we were all waiting for the Greek referendum results and to see how China’s markets would fare on the following Monday.

    This Sunday we’re waiting to see how the Iranian nuclear “negotiations” will turn out tomorrow, Monday.

    But it doesn’t look good with negotiations being once again extended until tomorrow (Monday July 13th); According to Reuters:

    “”Now, they have excessive demands,” he (Zarif) said of the major powers’ negotiating position.

    …A senior Iranian official speaking on condition of anonymity said the United States and the other powers were shifting their positions and backtracking on an April 2 interim agreement that was meant to lay the ground for a final deal…”Suddenly everyone has their own red lines. Britain has its red line, the U.S. has its red line, France, Germany,” the official said.”

    While “Westerners” express the situation in the following terms:

    “…“The alternative to a deal would surely mean some kind of military strikes on Iran’s nuclear plant,” said Engel (a NY democrat), who has given the Obama administration room to negotiate but has also been skeptical of the negotiations and a strong supporter of Israel… It’s not just accepting the deal or nothing,” Engel said at the hearing. “There are things we’re going to have to come to grips with, and I believe one of them is bombing the nuclear reactor.”…”

    • The so-called negotiations with Iran were never meant to be successful from the start. There are too many clandestine interests buried deep within the corridors of power that serve masters whose interest is not to have a deal. It would be bad for war. If it’s bad for war, it’s bad for business. Can’t have that.

      • archives2001 says:

        Spot on AofC, U’v got that one nailed !!!!

        • Precisely, and this way, the spineless plastic faced Kerry and his counterparts in “the West” can fall back and cover themselves and say, “Well, we tried the diplomatic route, but it failed. See? You all whined about how we rushed to judgment in Iraq without due process, well, we tried in Iran for years, but it didn’t work, so I guess now we’re going to bomb them.” All too easy, as Israel and the Saudis sit there salivating. In fact, if anything, these ‘negotiations’ are all that much more sinister, because in “the West” their failure will be all blamed on Iran, that they jettisoned talks, they were clearly not serious. Thus, it provides the perfect pretext to drop bombs because now “they have something to hide.”

      • nosoapradio says:

        Well, AoC, Tony Cartalucci would seem to agree with you:

        Warning: Nuclear Deal With Iran Prelude to War, Not “Breakthrough”

        By Tony Cartalucci

    • nosoapradio says:

      Well there I go again falling for the binary mentality: A sigh of relief that Iran has supposedly reached a deal with the so-called “P5+1” hopefully hushing the would-be nuclear plant bombers…

      So now the elite (through Putin?) can start capitalizing on Iranian oil building up the East even further as double-mandate Trojan horse Obama sprouts victory laurels before being wheeled out with honors…

      The looming spectre of war to make me applaud the obscurely manoeuvering globalists deus ex machina…

      I bet even Israel’s creators are jubilating…

  18. I suppose one way of looking at this from a 2D point of view is that NATO fears a “Grexit” because Greece would fall to the Russian orbit. However, does this seem that simple? Is that all there is to it? And if NATO does fear a Grexit, surely it must see that Germany is prepared to tell Greece to leave. If NATO were truly afraid, I don’t think Germany would tell Greece to leave that confidently. Perhaps this suggests a green light by the more shadowy sinister interests.

    Another idea may be that the Greek crisis is precisely allowed to precipitate to the point of a Grexit to create and foster a precise level of destabilization in Greece (which we have not yet seen) to prevent Russia from building the pipeline via Turkey. Under this situation, since the “West” has already effectively created a failed state in Ukraine, Greece would be the next sacrificial lamb (even if it means exiting the Euro) to prevent Russia’s advance. Greece would not only be not viable economically, but politically it would be chaos as well. I don’t necessarily think this is at play, but worth a thought.

    Of course, this may also be setting the stage to dissolve the dollar or other currencies and introduce the SDR to prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again by having a single currency. This seems silly since that’s what the Euro is on a smaller scale and clearly it didn’t prevent economic instability.

    Then you have the BIS pointing out how no one is prepared for the next crisis and “fair warning” so they can be the heroes out of the ashes that will conveniently present the solutions when turds hit the fan.

    If the Greek default and EU exit is setting the stage for an even bigger economic crash (see China) what is the likelihood the world will plunge into an even deeper depression? And if so, what is the likelihood certain interests will use this opportunity to launch a new world war?

    • archives2001 says:

      There is a very high likelihood of the global implosion occurring in Sept from the 500 day ‘crisis warning’ given by the French Foreign Minister and Kerry on May 13, 2014, which would come due in mid Sept.
      Also the 7 year numerology warning given by Christine LaGarde.
      Sev other religious and secular leaders are making similar
      cautionary statements for dates beginning with 9/11-16, 9/23-25, (Pope
      speaks to Congress and UN), Sept 28th, and Oct 20th when China may
      be admitted into the ‘SDR Club’.
      A planned or unplanned crash could well be the necessary catalyst to
      initiate a major war or wars!

  19. der says:

    Looking from a broader view, I see that Greece has failed where Iceland succeeded: 1. the Icelanders demanded that their gov reps kick out the banksters and declare the “debt” illegal. 2.The gov resisted, so the people got rid of them, and installed a more sympathetic one to do the clean sweep.

    The Greeks voted to default to the fraudulent debt. First step. The gov did not follow through. That was the point where the Greek people should have taken to the streets, thrown the bums out and installed some reps with courage and clarity of vision for the future of Greece.

    Now they are trapped. Well done, IMF. Another one bites the dust, and $billions have been “made” for a select few.

    It could be that Iceland was successful in ousting the robber banksters because they hadn’t joined the EU. Once a country has given in to that behemoth the doors are closed to independent action. Sad for Greece.

  20. candideschmyles says:

    Why was I surprised at the total and spineless capitulation of Greece today?

  21. candideschmyles says:

    Since there are many apparent partisan loyalties within Syriza you could argue just about anyone’s influence in this whole tragedy. However this is not what is perplexing and confusing to me. The deal announced yesterday amounts to a total capitulation of what had appeared an entrenched position given the sanction of the public vote. It makes no sense unless you want to foment a full scale peoples revolution on the streets of Athens. I cannot help but feel, despite the learned wisdom and high quality links above, I am missing something entirely in this whole affair.
    What I can say is that I hear enough of the bullshit demonization of ordinary Greeks on the BBC and msm in general, to find its echoes here is disheartening.

  22. nosoapradio says:

    Well, couldn’t it be that, in accordance with an agenda of building up the East and impoverishing the West, Tsipras is merely biding his time, sitting out the Chinese stock market bubble crisis and the BRICS summit, waiting for an offer he can’t refuse, either from the AIIB or The New Development Bank?

    And the meantime Europe just keeps getting poorer essentially dishing out euros to the ECB and other banks…?

    • nosoapradio says:

      And this: Varoufakis evokes the “Eurogroup” in an interview with Harry Lambert of the New Statesman

      • nosoapradio says:

        In a July 6th article in Zerohedge written by Tyler Durden that indicates that Varoufakis may well have been the one to craft the referendum the finance minister explains why he left
        and then a July 7th article in Zerohedge written by Tyler Durden explains that Tsipras proposed the referendum intending to lose it:

        “The Greek referendum landslide “No” vote came and went and just hours after its passage claimed its first head, which was – perhaps somewhat surprisingly – that of the Greek finance minister himself, Yanis Varoufakis,

        who many say orchestrated the referendum…

        …Soon after the announcement of the referendum results, I was made aware of a certain preference by some Eurogroup participants, and assorted ‘partners’, for my… ‘absence’ from its meetings; an idea that the Prime Minister judged to be potentially helpful to him in reaching an agreement. For this reason I am leaving the Ministry of Finance today.”

        The Greferendum Shocker: Tsipras “Intended To Lose” And Is Now “Trapped By His Success”

        Could Varoufakis have led Tsipras to endorse the idea of a referendum knowing that the overwhelming “No” would ultimately be disastrous for the Prime Minister who neither wanted a Grexit nor was in a position to negotiate with Europe’s aparatchiks? The finance minister then fled under poorly plausible pretexts of being undesired at the EU’s negotiating tables and making it look as if Tsipras asked him to go for better negotiating leverage??? Tsipras unwitting controlled left-wing opposition?

        Fellow Corbett report subscribers: Please excuse my excessive outpouring of comments…being mostly unable to participate in these debates under normal circumstances I’ve seized the opportunity of a short professional break and of this extremely dynamic political moment to offset accumulated frustration of longstanding non-participation by an excessive presence on the board. Have no fear, I should be back to work tomorrow… Thank-you.

    • nosoapradio says:

      From a January 29th, 2015 article that resembles the Wayne Madsen article Mr Corbett linked to above:

      “The inclusion of Varoufakis in the Syriza cabinet makes one wonder whether Greece is being set up for total economic collapse under a false flag Soros-controlled finance minister followed by Ferguson-style social unrest, paving the way for a bankster-controlled military dictatorship in the familiar dialetic of radical right follows radical left.”

      • Al Saleh says:

        It is sometimes awful to read the “social engineering” articles. here is an example:

        Varoufakis says on his official blog that he was banned from the EuroGroup meetings, which resulted in his resignation. he criticized the eurogroup saying: “So what we have is a non-existent group that has the greatest power to determine the lives of Europeans. It’s not answerable to anyone, given it doesn’t exist in law; no minutes are kept; and it’s confidential. So no citizen ever knows what is said within. … These are decisions of almost life and death, and no member has to answer to anybody.”

        Varoufakis said he would cut his hand before he would sign the treaty offered by this EuroGroup, and he left the ministry without signing it. Then Tsipras signed the same treaty soon after Varoufakis left. Varoufakis criticized the treaty again and said he will challenge it in the parliament.

        Now some writers want us to believe that Varoufakis was the trojan horse, and Tsipras was controlled by Varoufakis. So when Tsipras was finally freed from his controller, he made the good thing to Greece.

        I find that so awful, but not so strange. I have seen the same type of awful social engineering about my country, Syria.

  23. sandy steel says:

    I’ve read through what you’ve all said above, and you’re busting with analysis about: corporate globalism, and the not so New World Order who run it, but I don’t think any of you have said what you are doing in order to contend the NWO other than analysis of it – that’s not right.

    In addition you’re ALL operating anonymously – are you ALL too scared in your own countries to say who you are on here? Im scared in the UK but I’ve taken the view in the UK at least, to “come out” entirely, and in addition I’m withholding UK Local Tax, and as a defendant then requiring Jury Trial.

    I know many of you on here may not be living in a system where the Jury Trial is paramount in law, but for those of you on here who are – perhaps less talk, and more walk? Come on you Yanks, Brits, Canadians, Aussies, NZs, Indians, Norwegians & etc – start withholding Tax then using your Jury Trial, Common Law Jurisdiction as it should be used, both to defend yourselves against these NWO, fraudsters, extorters and traitors, also to indict them via holding Grand Juries; as Jury Trial Common Law Jurisdiction is THE LAW in all our lands.

    This link is to an ad hoc provisional indictment that I’ve made of the UK’s Mainstream Party Politicians for their comprehensive cartel frauds of the UK’s Elections (its an 8 minute video): ; (I was sent to a Special School aged 7 for not being able to read and disnt complete secondary school, but I still will in due course put together a full grand jury indictment against the UK’s mainstream Party Politicians, and my rather weaby, uncool website is at: and it’s titled The Fraud State

    Are you all going either just to go on analysing your politicians institional crimes, or set too and start at least trying lawfully repossessing your countrymen’s’ lands by withholding Tax from them – on the principle of “No Taxation without Lawful Representation” and indicting them – they are the people supporting national and global corporatism and the NWO and they are also cartel defrauding their own elections

    Any ‘have a go’ Brits interested, contact me directly at or on 01285-850590 or the address below and the rest of you who want to ‘have a go’ figure out at least which countries you all come from, and start to support each-other to withhold taxes in countries where Jury Trial is paramount, also indict your own mainstream party politicians for their cartel election frauds et al.

    What’s stopping you? It’s lawful – willingly paying tax to them is criminal with what you all know about them! The personal as well as the collective is the political.

    big kiss

    Sandy Steel


    • archives2001 says:

      You’ve got BALLS Sandy…Big brass balls!
      IMO, the Global Implosion goes off in Sept..
      Oct at the latest.
      Don’t about u rite now but I’m extremely busy
      trying to get my sh^t together and figuring
      out what to do. If the sh^t doesn’t hit the
      fan by Oct 31st, I’m gonna relax a little and
      figure out best ways to get proactive here in
      the US of AmeriKa.
      If an economic collapse as bad as 1929 or worse,
      does occur, it could actually be the best thing to
      get people to wake up.
      OTOH, it could have the opposite effect as this
      clip hints at.

      • BennyB says:

        Thanks for posting the link for that video. I think it’s the best of it’s kind I’ve watched. Let’s just hope enough people have become roused from their slumber that we can see about reining in some of the false narratives that allow history to continue to repeat itself. We don’t have any control of when and what fashion the rug gets pulled out from under our feet but it is within our control to be mindful and act prudently in the way we respond to crisis.

  24. nosoapradio says:

    As it happened – Yanis Varoufakis’ intervention during the 27th June 2015 Eurogroup Meeting

    “Colleagues, the referendum solution is optimal for all…

    …Fully aware of how weighty our decision is, we feel obliged to put the institutions’ proposal to the people of Greece. We shall endeavour to spell out to them fully what a Yes to the Institutions’ Proposal means, to do the same regarding a No vote, and then let them decide. For our part we shall accept the people’s verdict and will do whatever it takes to implement it – one way or another.

    Some worry that a Yes vote would be a vote of no confidence in our government (as we shall be recommending a No vote), in which case we cannot promise to the Eurogroup that we shall be in a position to sign and implement the agreement with the institutions. This is not so. We are committed democrats. If the people gives us a clear instruction to sign up on the institutions’ proposals, we shall do whatever it takes to do so – even if it means a reconfigured government…

    First, the question was formulated by the Cabinet and has just been passed through Parliament – and it is “Do you accept the institutions’ proposal as it was presented to us on 25th June in the Eurogroup?” This is the only pertinent question. If we had accepted that proposal two days ago, we would have had a deal. The Greek government is now asking the electorate to answer the question you put it to me Jeroen – especially when you said, and I quote, “you can consider this, if you wish, a take or leave it proposal”. Well, this is how we took it and we are now honouring the institutions and the Greek people by asking the latter to deliver a clear answer on the institutions’ proposal…”

    This man is a game theory specialist…Valve economics…He has deeply studied how people make decisions…

  25. nosoapradio says:

    Recent boycott Germany twitter campaign:

    Would Andrew Gavin Marshall approve?

  26. nosoapradio says:

    On a perception management level through this Greek crisis:

    I think we may be witnessing a controlled demolition of “the Eurozone” and the image of Western free market economics and a build-up of sympathy for socialism and the East through a false Right-wing/left-wing capitalism versus socialism staged conflict where capitalism is being falsely represented by voracious, usurious banks and socialism by the horrendously victimized Greeks, the PIGS players in general and the common citizen.

    With a huge disgusted rejection for anything neo-liberal there will be a big push for “socialistic values and mechanisms” (which incidentally require an intimate knowledge of participating citizens to function)and instead we’ll be getting global Technocracy which, in its early stages, will seem to resemble socialism.

    Interesting how history is repeating itself in this proposed boycott on Germany… It would be bizarre if the underlying forces for this one were the same as those that called for the first one prior to the Second world war…

    • archives2001 says:

      “capitalism is being falsely represented by voracious, usurious banks”

      FALSELY, nsr?
      Let’s face it, there are at least two types of ‘capitalism’.
      Entrepreneurial C and Corporatist Globalist monopolist C. which
      in a single word could be termed FASCISM in Mussolini terms.

      If u’r talking about EC, then yes, I agree.
      The other…Sorry but you’re paddling down ‘De Nial River’.

    • candideschmyles says:

      One of my many thoughts on this whole affair is that the Germans are indeed repositioning with economic aggression, but its hard to support. The rest of the big players show no sign of trying to really rein Germany in.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Well, golly gosh candideschmyles; What a strange “freudian slip” made by the BIS… most provocative indeed….

      As for my own little finds:

      Stathis Kouvelakis teaches philosophy at King’s College in London. He is a member of the national leadership of Syriza, and a leader of the Left Platform.

      Kouvelakis may be a teacher at Kings College London, and you may have to read between the lines, this is nonetheless, if not the most objective, it is the most complete, nuanced, informative and interesting interview on the Greek question I’ve seen yet:

      Key Points

      -The government was overtaken by the referendum’s momentum.
      -The ideology of left-Europeanism was crippling.
      -Remaining unprepared for Grexit was deliberate.
      -The government has two main camps.
      -The “No” campaign was driven by class.
      -After the vote, Tsipras revived a discredited opposition.
      -The Left Platform plans to stay and fight to reclaim Syriza.
      -Syriza’s leadership want to purge the party.
      -The new agreement is the worst yet.
      -It’s unknown what resistance will follow.
      -Syriza’s left made some errors.
      -working within the party wasn’t a mistake

      “…So we have to stress the continuity of the line of Tsipras. This is also the reason I think the word “betrayal” is inappropriate if we are to understand what is happening…”

  27. Ukdavec says:

    More opinions regarding Varoufakis and Greece by F William Engdahl

  28. candideschmyles says:

    It’s looks like Varoufakis is maneuvering to ride the wave of public anger at Syriza’s betrayal of the OXI vote. He is doing his utmost to take credit for calling the vote in the first place, which is at odds with other cabinet commentaries which suggest he had only a bit part. His New Statesman interview seeks to make sure he is the natural path to take to uphold the wishes of the Greek electorate should the Syriza position become untenable, which it surely is. If he does form some sort of party then this charade will continue while the machinery of the systematic theft of all Greek state assets is put irrevocably in place. The politic is just a diversion.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Actually, I quite agree with you Candideschmyles except I think Varoufakis really did suggest the referendum knowing it was political suicide for a guy who only ever wanted a better European deal for the Greeks. Tsipras never, ever wanted out (according to the Kouvelakis interview) and made no plans at all for a Grexit. When he came to power, his people did not want a Grexit.

      However, the referendum was very advantageous for a finance minister looking for popularity points working to advance the globalist agenda. Hence, the theatrical resignation whereas ostensibly he’d attained the “No” vote he’d petitioned for… (game theory at work?)

      In fact recently, largely thanks to the “Jacobinmag” interview, I’ve come to see in Mr Varoufakis, the qualities of a very excellent gatekeeper. Namely:

      -Hyperbole: “I’d rather cut off my arm than sign a bad deal”…
      -Bad timing: Working out a Grexit deal including IOUs and seizing the Greek bank but Way Too Late (just to cover his populist image as friend of the people- in the spirit of “this is what I’d planned but Camrade Tsipras didn’t want to…” (gleaned from the interview)
      -Bad advice (in the Chomskian tradition of voting for the lesser evil) proposing a referendum to a man for whom it was political suicide (the article suggested that Varoufakis may’ve had the idea of the referendum).

      But then again, I’d misjudged the likes of Ms Sibel Edmonds some while back as well…

      • candideschmyles says:

        Perhaps he did instigate the vote but I still think his resignation to be a distancing exercise necessary to facilitate him taking a leadership role in whatever group succeeds Syriza as the “peoples” party. As such he a Trojan horse or a man of genuine principles, dependent on whether you believe him a protégé of Soros or not. Though my above comment errs to the former I am by no means certain and hope with all my heart that his own words are sincere. The natural default position of anyone studying contemporary global politics has to be something akin to “Abandon Hope All Yee Who Enter”, but in some sense I cling to the child-like naivety he says what he means and he means what he says. I am still not convinced he is a tool of the Grand Hegemony. Though perhaps I should be.

        We have this tendency in this kind of niche forum to lump everything together as though the ” globalist conspiracy” is some kind of perfectly concieved, designed and executed whole. A single entity that productively succeeds in creating a totalitarian superstate. It clearly is not. However big and powerful an individual can get he/she is not alone. We still live in a world of mediaeval feudalism and not a globalist superstate. The lords and barons of our contemporary assemblies of vassal states hold their allegiances along pretty much the same geographical boundaries that they have for centuries. And they plot, plan and manoeuvre with and against each other just as they always did. Such a system is mathematically chaotic, unpredictable, volatile and unfortunately persistent. This real life Game of Thrones is our reality and in this real life episode we see the power of the Iron Bank. Its pathological need to balance its accounts is its only concern. It matters not that the loans were a contrived systematic fraud concieved and executed by themselves, the loans must be repaid.

        • nosoapradio says:

          This (Greek) guy doesn’t seem to think Varoukis “says what he means, and means what he says”…

          “Soon after the “no” result became official, Varoufakis tweeted that Greece’s place is firmly within the Eurozone, adding that he would not permit the alternative, a “parallel currency,” to be instituted. No word, of course, about the true alternative which has always been on the table: a return to a national currency. Varoufakis then described the “no” vote as a “majestic, big YES to a democratic, rational Europe,” Tsipras then followed this up with a similar tweet of his own, stating that the voters of Greece responded to the true question at hand in the referendum by stating that they want a Europe “of solidarity and democracy.”

          Just one day later though, Varoufakis did what he does best: grabbed the headlines, announcing (via Twitter) that he was resigning as finance minister. The timing, while seemingly peculiar to some, couldn’t be better: Varoufakis is exiting the government as a hero, a “leftist” and “anti-austerity” darling who surely has a bright future to look forward to on the lecture circuit, as an author and analyst, and perhaps even with a corner office waiting for him somewhere in Washington or Brussels.”

        • There are various wings in the oligarchy no doubt. For example, one can see the factions like the Soros types who support the ‘Left’ and the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson who support the ‘Right.’ Then you have even more dynastic families like the Rockefellers whose family transcends the left-right paradigm.

          Factions do fight and have bouts of disagreement over how the power and controls should be implemented. I think that is the point that matters when we talk about a ‘global conspiracy.’ We cannot deny there is a patent drive towards globalization and “global governance.” The evidence for this is overwhelming. As far as “who will rule” – well, it could very well be a conglomerate of oligarchs from various parts of the globe whose interests all align on this one aspect – to rule and subjugate the masses under their financial fiefdoms. The key focus on these oligarchs is that their disagreements are not that there should be this power to discipline and punish their populations. Rather, their disagreements center around cosmetic differences of application of the control grid to reach these elusive goals of earthly utopias.

          I tend to believe that there is a rather spiritual and/or occultic element to all this, as this is what likely works at the highest echelons of power that truly believe in some bizarre things from numerology to sex magic and ritual type stuff. I should add that it’s irrelevant what you and I believe, i.e., that there is no such thing as magic, it’s all gobbledygook. These people likely believe in some warped stuff. We often call these “illuminati” or “satantic” but such simplistic descriptions are merely that – simplistic conclusions from our vantage point as we are not inside these inner circles of secret orders, societies and clubs. For all we know, the child abuse/molestation/pedophilia rings go far higher, deeper and darker in the power pyramid than we realize, and they are likely part of some sick sex magic rituals that these psychopaths believe in.

          Take a look at something like Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.” what is the esoteric symbolism and imagery in that film but a play on Marie de Rothschild’s masquerade parties with the Sassoons? What about all the films and movies preceding 911 that showed the towers struck by planes in very bizarre examples of synchronicity? I know we can dismiss these as mere coincidence, but I believe films and movies are a gateway of conditioning people about things to come as revealed by these people. It is a form of what magic initiates call “revelation of the method” in which glimpses of the project at work are slightly revealed to the initiates, or the adept. The profane will look at it and see it as just another random image unable to connect the dots.

        • archives2001 says:

          Excellent comment Candid!
          Kubrick definitely knew much about the UE (uber Elites)…
          Perhaps TOO much. (He did die before his film was finished.)
          Personally I believe in the Scripture (Ephes 6:12), that states:
          “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness …”

  29. Bart Houkes says:

    This morning I watched Naomi Klein’s documentary The Shock Doctrine. I’ve watched it a couple of years ago, but the Greek tragedy and other recent developments made me want to watch it again. It is just striking to see how the politics of crisis, real or perceived, is used time and time again. How the public is constantly being led from one shock to another and is left completely confused. How the public accepts increasingly absurd regulations, with even more absurd justifications.

    I believe this Greek tragedy is an orchestrated crisis, designed as a stepping stone or a test case for the introduction of the Global Shock.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Funny, I too was talking about Naomi Klein during a class yesterday and about her book No Logo, then the conversation tipped into the Shock Doctrine and we also lightly explored Europe and the Greek Tragedy from that perspective…

      I also agree with you that this is an orchestrated crisis for the global shock and I may be lumping everything together but I see today’s world as being infinitely closer to a globalist superstate than one of fractured mediaeval feudalism.

      And to extend the Game of Thrones analogy I’d say look out for the “Many-faced God” assassins who might be likened to the infamous many-faced bankers of the Money Trust hiding behind the many faces of health, environmental, historical, media, cultural, Financial, political, globalist and anti-globalist, governmental and non-governmental organisations…

      On another note it was sort of heart-wrenching to listen to the old Bob Chapman interviews…

      • archives2001 says:

        Bart and nsr:
        Great points!!! I really love Naomi awa Nomi: Brilliant gals and really know their stuff.
        We’re undoubtedly far down the road toward a NWO, whatever that
        will eventually turn out to be.
        Two points you can definitely take to the bank:
        “ordo ab chao”
        I take it u’r both familiar with Carroll Quigley’s ‘Tragedy and Hope’

      • The banking cartel’s tentacles extend very far and wide, to the darkest and deepest corners of the world. It’s like a cancer that destroys everything it touches. That which does not sustain its own growth is expendable refuse.

  30. candideschmyles says:

    OK maybe I am wrong or that at least there is a more unitary purpose amongst those in the hegemony. But I think there are divisions that need to be understood. Though the roots of using conflict as a distraction are lost in the mists of time the current paradigm was born when the Rothschild’s saw the profit and power of funding war in Europe and by funding all armies guaranteed the investment.

    Moving on a little as James fine “Century of Enslavement” encapsulates we saw the push for the same absolutist power over the economy of the US with a usurpation of economic sovereignty in the bank owned federal reserve. Now I am willing to be corrected but my best fit based on the sum of learning on it is the dynastic baton holders of this same group that are behind Friedman and Kissinger, Bush and Blair, The IMF, World Bank, BIS, the Trilateral Commission, Bechtel, BAE Systems, the bulk of the Heroin and Cocaine problem and much more. They run a big portfolio, there is no denying that. But they are constantly running into what I will call loyalty issues. For example the tenure of FDR, JFK and to a lesser extent Carter were not part of the plan and not conducive to the aims of the bankers. It is true they destroyed entirely all the social progress initiated by FDR over successive governments they did control however it demonstrates that victories can be won and we need to be able to recognise the champions.

    The key players of Rockefeller protoge Kissinger’s generation are near ready to go meet their makers. It is those individuals that have done the planning and execution of most the dirty deeds we discuss here. From Vietnam to the war on terror they did it all. But now this group enters terminal old age there is a vacuum opening up. At this point I intended to posit candidates likely to emerge as more humane successors but the reality is I’m not sure of any. However I do get a feeling there is a growing antipathy in the German camp and it is positioning to to reassert itself more independent from Wall Street than has been the case since WW2. The euromark has far more likelihood of supplanting the dollar than any BRICS contrived currency. And it maybe the battleground for the first skirmish is Greece. I can’t pinpoint why I think this however which may mean is all I have been doing here is doing what I apparently do best, talking shit.

    • archives2001 says:

      You make a LOT of sense here, Candid; U are certainly living up to your name.
      No doubt there is much discord amongst the globalist UEs (Uber Elites) as u meticulously point out.
      OTOH, I’ve found there are certain ‘morals’ and principles they do have in common if u’r familiar with the writings of Carroll Quigley, Manly Hall, Helena Blavatsky, and Albert Pike.

      1. Believe it or not, they have a ‘moral’ obligation to disclose their plans.
      2. They believe and adhere to: “ordo ab chao” awa the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem~Reaction~Solution.
      3. They all believe that we MUST eventually have a new order that will involve one government in control of a global system: They
      absolutely believe that we will self destruct and destroy ourselves
      along with the Planet if this is not accomplished.
      Most go along with the ten principles stated on the Georgia Guidestones. How and when this is accomplished is open for debate and controversy.

      About proteges of Soros, Kissinger, Brzezinski,Ted Turner, I’m certain there are many such as Ray Kurzweil, Musk, Gates, and other movers and shakers behind Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.
      Most all believe in transhumanism/singularity as a fait de accompli:
      This is already far more advanced than most are aware of.

      If u’r not familiar with the concept of cell-bots and bio bots, this is a whole universe that u won’t find much overt info on and for good reason ~ Research in it is extremely secretive because of the
      competitive nature but many of the bots, machines, structures, etc of the future will be composed of individual ‘cells’ just as our present natural bodies are composed of individual cells. Singularity/transhumanism will implement these into the coming uber humans.
      Of course, this means a great percentage of the population will not
      be employable and will be seen as ‘useless eaters’ so about 90 percent of the world’s population will eventually have to be culled, ‘weeded’, ‘processed’ and/or sterilized.

  31. candideschmyles says:


    Seems in that forum debate on 99getsmart opinion is as divided as it is in my own head. When a man speaks publicly in the way Varoufakis has he is putting his integrity on the line. If he is full of shit then he will soon be an effective exile from Greece for life.

    • nosoapradio says:

      From what I’ve observed Candideschmyles, nothing ever happens to those who are full of it. The really big bullsh^$ters? Too Big to Fail. Business as usual. He’ll find consolation at his Greek island resort.

  32. vumxmx says:

    Eurozone Dystopia – Groupthink and Denial on a Grand Scale

    William Mitchell

    Eurozone Dystopia traces the origin of the Eurozone and shows how the historical Franco-German rivalry combined with the growing dominance of neo-liberal economic thinking to create a monetary system that was deeply flawed and destined to fail. It argues that the political class in Europe is trapped in a destructive groupthink which prevents it from seeing their own policy failures. Millions are unemployed as a result and the member states are caught in a cycle of persistent stagnation and rising social instability.

    Chapter 1:


    Euro exit will not be enough for Greece

    Beyond metaphor … comes total nonsense, German style

  33. archives2001 says:

    nsr…have u watched the cyber activity on norsecorp lately?
    Seems to be picking up!!!
    I have this gnawing feeling the next physical war could stem from something like this… We may not even make it to Sept.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Hey Archives2001!

      I thought your Jade Helm link was very interesting: I’m not very apocalyptic (my naivete showing again) so the global warming part left me a little perplex but I thought the AI aspect was super plausible!

      “They’re at the stage of teaching computers to see, supposedly according to Fei Fei Li
      Fascinating Ted Talk
      I’m completely unfamiliar with the Norse link and I know nothing about the cyber attacks: do you think the rise in activity is linked to Jade Helm?

      PCR is a strange rather histrionic character who’s said some intersting stuff in the past but who lately (last year or two) does not speak to me.

      Never heard of Rickards! Have to look into that.

      Thank you for your replies, Take care and be well, I have to run and jump into the hamster wheel now…

      • archives2001 says:

        That site is extremely mesmerizing but I haven’t witnessed any increased activity since Jade Helm 15 began.
        It’s been that crazy ever since someone put me onto it 2 or 3 wks ago.
        Keep an eye on it and I’ll do the same. St Louis appears to be the major brunt of the global activity which is very surprising. There must be much more going on there besides the NY Stock Market!!!
        Do research James Rickards and tell me what u think. Bill Still and Ellen Brown seem divided on just who he is and where his TRUE allegiance lies. Paul Craig Roberts included.
        Many of these ‘gurus’ talk a wonderful patriotic line but truth be known, secretly they believe we’ll eventually HAVE to have some type of new global govt or we’ll destroy ourselves and the planet as well.
        Carroll Quigley’s writings are to be taken very very seriously: I’d predict that as the 21st century historians look back, he will be knighted as one of the top 50 movers and shakers of the 20th Century.

  34. candideschmyles says:

    I think that I have failed to make myself clear above as it was not that clear to start with in my own head. This lumping together of every element linked to the NWO, all the plots, individuals and organisations, all the black ops, controlled narrative and dark purpose we uncover is sort of thrown together as though it was one single entity making decisions. It simply cannot be that way in my opinion. I do think the vast majority of individuals we implicate understand the the perspective we spin on things and complain little because it is a rule if you want to sit at particular tables. But just because you have been adept enough at business to make billions, like Gates or Soros, does not mean you are comfortable with the ideas and actions of the people who’s table you sit at. And I feel that lumping everyone together means we are missing nuance vital to understanding what’s going on and who the real Sicko’s are. For example;

    The triad of Kissinger loyal republicans, Saudi monarchy and what amounts to Netenyahus private special ops squad were responsible for 9/11 and probably 7/7 and Madrid too. The evidence for this is overwhelming now. But I don’t think for a moment Gates or Soros were ever asked to approve such a plan implicitly nor explicitly. Sure they know the truth, better than we do, but they are not suicidal and don’t want to see their families murdered. They keep silent and they are allowed to exist and do business within the rules. The elite New York based bankers with the irrelevant and distracting Zionist Jew domination are the real problem. It is they who are the real evil.

    What sets the likes of Gates and Soros apart is their philanthropy. Now everybody is thinking “wtf!!”. Their philanthropic endeavours are smoke screens for eugenics programmes or colour revolutions right? Well I have looked at such accusations in some depth over the years and my own internal jury returns that great verdict of Scot’s law, Not Proven for Soros and Not Guilty for Gates, as individuals. Gates is a man who lives in constant fear of the assassin in my opinion and his Gates Foundation is not a sinister eugenics programme but an attempt to lift life expectancy and social welfare predominantly in Africa.

    Soros is definitely more ambiguous but his contribution to the education of 100’s of 1000’s of individuals from the most disadvantaged communities of Eastern Europe and South Africa is manifest fact. You can spin it as having political purpose or you can spin it as a win win in which Soros uses philanthropy as an investment creating whole new markets. The innovations and spin offs from funding many thousands of scientists are all the motivation any businessman with foresight should need. There is a palpable anti-science flavour on this forum so I know such a view is going to stick in some throats. Yet additionally Soros is on record on multiple occasions and with his open wallet speaking out against the Bush administration. He is also on record saying he sympathises with anti-Israeli views and is disgusted that the Jewish lobby so blatantly continues to use antisemitism to stifle a critical dialogue. That is so off the script of the NWO narrative its hard to reconcile him playing their tune. Additionally looking at his “breaking the Bank of England”, the French Utilities acquisitions and his other clever extractions of capital from under the noses of the NWO bankers he is constantly under investigation but always, except a trivial spanking in France, able to demonstrate in open court he worked within their system. I think the NWO cadre of bankers loath him but respected his ambition. He remains a curiosity and the jury is always open to a retrial.

    If Soros is funding players in this Greek tragedy then his track record would suggest he is after a cut of what other bankers will be stealing anyway. Of course that doesn’t make it alright but I feel it important information and of value to a factual interpretation of events. If Soros is supporting the narrative of Varoufakis then he is in opposition to the German bankers who I think work to see Greece ejected from the euro but not before the privatisation of all state assets. The New York banking elites may have dictated policy to large extent as to what the we do in Europe but I suspect there is some dissent amongst primarily German elites who feel it a good time to reassert their place after a century of defeats. And this is why this Greek mess is so confusing. Again I could well be talking shit.

  35. nosoapradio says:

    Actually, this AI technology would seem to be compatible with the “Smart cities” evoked in the FabLab links…

    • In a bit of a detour from the Greek tragedy (is it a tragicomedy at this point?), your post made me remember this article in Business Insider that gives a window into the coming “Smart City” as the “transformation” (what Patrick Wood called the technocracy’s favorite word) that is taking place in New York and Chicago:

      I recommend reading it as it details the various projects. The whole thing is made to be presented and marketed as so great, wonderful and how can you not want it? Unlike the fairy tale where the witch feeds Hansel to fatten him up, but who was outwitted by Hansel eventually, most of the deluded hipsters, Taco Tuesday crowd, and the liberal lefties who spout the “sustainable development” clap trap, are not that bright to see this. Of course, now we are moving to not just a “sustainable” community, but a “quantified community.” This is word for word what technocracy is about and it’s hard to imagine it’s so blatantly presented. We are truly nothing more than cogs in a machine, cannon fodder and quantifiable refuse for these people. Sort of reminds me of the scientific management system of Taylorism as proposed by Frederick Winslow Taylor.

      • And just to elaborate on that further, although I’m not a subscriber so I can’t see the contents of the article, it may be worth purchasing a physical copy just to read what’s inside the latest CFR Journal “Foreign Affairs” for July/August. You can view the subject headlines of the theme and it is very much related to this growing “Robotification” of our world. How convenient and timely.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Awesome business insider link, thanks AoC!

        It sort of reminds me of this old video (that you’ve probably already seen at least once): a sort of Skinner carrot utopia as the iron fist in a technocratic velvet glove?? Anyhow, you get the idea:

        • nosoapradio says:

          From Fab Labs to Fab Cities

          “…Host city Barcelona seems to be making huge and concerted leaps toward becoming a fab city. Vicente Guallart, the Chief Architect of Barcelona talked about a city where there would be one fab lab in every neighborhood. Where digital fabrication would be taught in schools as part of a student’s general curriculum

          and all houses and buildings would be connected to the internet.

          and all houses and buildings would be connected to the internet.

          and all houses and buildings would be connected to the internet.

          Xavier Trias, the mayor of Barcelona, lead the closing ceremony with mayors from other participating major cities. During the event, fab lab godfather Gershenfeld noted that fab cities are easy. More difficult is creating self-sufficient cities. So he challenged Mayor Trias to lead Barcelona in becoming the world’s first self-sufficient city. Trias accepted by initiating a 40-year countdown clock, on a web domain made specifically for the event. The clock is ticking.”

        • archives2001 says:

          It’s certainly gonna be a ‘Brave New World’ isn’t it?…NLOL!
          What a prescient dude Geo Carlin was:

    • archives2001 says:

      If there’s a link video for the Spanish cites, let us know.

  36. candideschmyles says:

    Molecular switches and transistors made using only a handful of atoms, motors constructed from a few more have been designed and built for years now and they grow ever more sophisticated. There is no putting that genie back in the bottle. However it is biological warfare using genetic markers I would predict as the biggest threat and the most likely method of mass extermination. However I don’t see the existential threat at the moment. The machine is still dependent on slaves and not on cutting edge science.

    • archives2001 says:

      “The machine is still dependent on slaves and not on cutting edge science.”
      Again, I think u’r spot on there Candid.
      otoh, we really don’t have a clue as to what is going on in the deep underbelly of the ‘Machine’, as you term it.
      For example, google/youtube ‘cell-bots’ and ‘bio-bots’.
      Not much cutting edge recent stuff on either of those to any degree.
      (This is very fascinating by itself!)
      It’s my take the REAL future around the corner will be heavily
      immersed in these: Machines, structures,(food?),(institutions?), and MILITARY…created out of these individual cells, just as natural living organisms.
      Add transhumanism/singularity to the mix…Voila!

  37. nosoapradio says:

    Extracts from another really excellent analysis of the Greek Tragedy:

    Was Greece Set Up To Fail?
    Posted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer at 12:59 July 18, 2015

    “…One Daniel Neun wrote on Twitter, in German, translation mine, that:

    “Greece’s 2009 deficit was retroactively manipulated upward through a collaboration of the EU, IMF, PASOK, Eurostat (EU statistics bureau) and Elstat (Greek statistics bureau). That is the only reason why interest rates on Greek sovereign bonds skyrocketed in the markets, which in turn made Greek debt levels skyrocket…

    The political and media narrative has consistently been that Greece “unexpectedly” and “all of a sudden” in late 2009, when a new government came in, was “found out” to have much higher debt levels than “previously thought”. And then had to appeal for a massive bailout. Obviously, Neun’s version is quite different. His doesn’t look like just another wild assumption, since he names a few sources, among which this from Kathimerini dated January 22, 2013:

    Greece’s Statistics Chief Faces Charges Over Claims Of Inflated 2009 Deficit Figure

    The head of Greece’s statistics service, Andreas Georgiou, and two board members at the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) are to face felony charges regarding the alleged manipulation of the country’s deficit figure in 2009.

    Testifying before a Parliamentary Investigation Committee on examining and clarifying the conditions under which Greece entered its bailout programs and the accompanying Memorandums, Logothetis called ELSTAT president Andreas Georgiou a “Eurostat pawn” that had converted the statistics service into a “one-man show.” He also accused Georgiou of bending the rules and “using tricks” to bump up the deficit’s size.

    A view from the ground was provided earlier today by my friend Dimitri Galanis in Athens when I asked him about this:

    “Let me help you a bit: September 2008 Wall Street crashes. For a whole year the whole planet is furious against TBTF banks and filthy rich bank CEOs. A year later – 2009 – the Deus ex machina – Georges Papandreou, then the newly elected Greek PM, “discovers” all of a sudden that Greek debt was bigger than everybody “imagined”…”

    Here’s a short timeline. In October 2009, Papandreou becomes the new PM. Shortly thereafter, he “discovers” with the help of Elstat head Andreas Georgiou that the real Greek deficit is not the less than 5% the previous government had predicted, but more than 15%. Within months, salaries and pensions or cut or frozen and taxes are raised. That apparently doesn’t achieve the intended goals, so Papandreou asks for a bailout.

    It therefore doesn’t look at all unlikely that Greece was saddled with an artificially raised deficit, and that the intention behind that, all along, was to get the Troika ‘inside’ for the long run. So the country could be stripped of all its assets.

    The bailouts needed to be as big as they were to 1) successfully make the international banks ‘whole’ that had lent as much as they had into the Greek economy, 2) get the IMF involved, 3) and absolve the notorious -and cooperative- domestic oligarchy from any pain. And make all the usual suspects a lot more money in the process.””

    PS: It’s hard to understand that Varoufakis advised or occupied a seat in the 2 governments who resorted to bail outs and yet had no hand in it…

  38. Oscar40 says:

    Those who propagate the NWO seem to use the Greek crisis as an excuse to form a United States of Europe:

  39. Oscar40 says:

    Creditors to Tsipras: “There is no point in holding elections” in bailed out countries:

    Also interesting is that this article also explains the reason why German finance minister Schauble said that the markets will force the eurozone into a political union. Well, the NWO seems to be out in full force with regard to the Greek crisis, don’t they?

    • nosoapradio says:

      Yes, Oscar40, these articles seem to correspond to what Andrew Gavin Marshall was saying a short while back in an article linked here by Broc West:

      Bank loans as typical form of Neocolonialism:

      “Financially melt down diverse pieces into standardized homogenous molten liquid and pour this synthetic alloy into desired mould bearing appellation “United”.
      Allow it to harden.”

  40. hill176 says:

    Mr. Corbett has been unusually quite these last couple of weeks, anyone know why?

  41. Corbett says:

    Thank you to everyone who has been contributing to this lively and active discussion. I am back home in Japan now and will be posting new material again shortly. Thanks for your patience during my holiday.

    • BennyB says:

      Welcome back James. Good to hear from you and hope all is well =]

      I tried posting a message earlier today, regarding an article Ahmed Nafeez published at his website where he was trying to prop up his defense of his recent Bin Laden raid story by citing an article you wrote in 2011, apparently taking issue with your phrasing that there was pretty much an “informed consensus” that Bin Laden was likely long dead by the time of the raid. I’m posting this message without the links or the comment I posted at BFP (where someone informed me of the matter) because I’m thinking maybe that’s why the comments (I tried twice) didn’t show up. Perhaps they’re pending (although I didn’t see anything of the sort). Let me know if you want me to try to post the info again. For now, I’ll just see if this actually posts… Okay, good it worked. I’ll try posting another message with the links.

        • BennyB says:

          The reply I posted at BFP in response to another member who brought the article to my attention. They said Nafeez appears to have closed the comments. The first two seemed like people were taking a crack at his faulty logic. Anyway, here’s my two cents (it might look a little harsh at first glance, but if you look at Nafeez’s article you ought to be able to understand why I’m annoyed)

          What a douche bag. It seems like he’s trying to cover his ass for catching flack over relying on similar logic to Hersh on the Bin Laden raid by picking at something James said, as if James was implying that an “informed consensus” means that Nafeez’s account falls outside of that ‘consensus’, but James said this way before Nafeez posted his article. Nafeez’s article is well cited and thorough, but only in a way which is marginally better than Hersh’s story. It’s as if he’s saying that, because he has more accounts documenting alleged deaths and/or accounts stating that Bin Laden was actually still was alive that this means that it’s more probable that Bin Laden was still alive when the raid happened. I don’t think think any of the accounts are of much value, but if Nafeez wants props for doing the legwork chasing after bullshit leads, by all means, give him a round of applause and an ‘A’ for effort. James cites less sources in the article Nafeez was criticizing, but he focuses mainly on Bin Laden’s declining health and puts that in the context of the videos that document this followed by subsequent videos where Bin Laden appears to look younger and healthier (it must’ve been the “Just For Men”). James doesn’t try to state when Bin Laden actually died, just that it seems more than likely that, at the bare minimum, the idea that he was still alive by the time the raid happened seems pretty far fetched.

          I particularly appreciate the fact that James avoids getting into petty squabbles with other figures in the alt-media. Perhaps he’s commented on Nafeez’s work at some point, but I highly doubt it. What a coward… His Bin Laden story stunk, but instead of making a cautious effort to clear the air, he just walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

          James, sorry to flood your inbox (so to speak) with something of this nature, but I feel you ought and other members here ought to be brought up to speed if you weren’t already aware of it. Also, sorry for the language, usually I don’t go there, but that was my immediate reaction.

        • BennyB says:

          Oye… the last paragraph isn’t particularly clear. I’m referring to Nafeez as being a coward etc, not James. Okay, that’s more than enough from me…

        • BennyB says:

          @Chatte, thanks for the info. I guess my response was unnecessarily harsh. I didn’t realize that Nafeez was “responding” to your post (which is well presented by the way =), so it just seemed like he was citing James’ work, as if it was emblematic of what’s wrong with other accounts which are critical of his story, even though James never came out to challenge Nafeez’s story himself (at least not to my knowledge). It just seemed like a cheap shot and beyond that, as I indicated in my comment, I think he’s trying to prop up his account using the same sort of faulty logic that he’s criticizing James for. Essentially stating that, because there are so many different contradictory accounts, it’s not reasonable to say that one can make a claim conclusively, yet he’s saying that because he thinks he’s done “the most comprehensive, careful and properly documented account to date”, he’s in a position where he can put down other accounts such as James’ for not being as professional.

          In all fairness though, it appears Nafeez felt that he needed to defend his position, so I guess I can understand why he might have come off the way he did. Regardless, it seems like I overreacted in a way which was unnecessarily “tribalistic”, to use your phrasing, so I appreciate your feedback.

        • john says:

          Yeah, that was me over at BFP, and my argument is that I do think Nafeez made some very reasonable points, in particular about how the Pakistani press might not be entirely disinterested in the matter of OBL’s death if in fact the ISI was hiding him. So the reports out of Pakistan about his death could be considered suspect on that basis: fair enough.

          But I have two problems, one general and one personal.

          1) Nafeez completely neglects to deal with the mysterious lack of signs of Bin Laden’s continued existence after December 2001. Absence of evidence may not be evidence of absence, but the fact that the CIA acknowledges that its communications intercepts ended then, and that’s when the totally fake videos started appearing, and that no convincingly real ones came out to compete with them, and that it’s completely ridiculous that we had no body and no evidence and lots of lies after the alleged assassination — these things can’t just be ignored in any serious account of the raid. Nafeez ignores them almost entirely, ergo his account can’t be considered completely serious.

          2) He utterly mischaracterizes James’ piece on the “9 Deaths”, making it sound like his use of the phrase “informed consensus” was an attempt to group disparate contradictory accounts into a coherent whole, when if you actually read it, it’s more than clear that James was specifically referring there to death-by-kidney-failure — moreover he shared Nafeez’s bemused skepticism over all the conflicting death reports. That’s kind of why he titled his piece the way he did — duh?! So Nafeez either didn’t read carefully, or he willfully misrepresented James’ argument, and either way there’s no excuse for that kind of behavior for anyone aspiring to be called a serious journalist. It’s shameful and petty behavior unbecoming a scholar. Nafeez absolutely owes James an apology.

          • Corbett says:

            Thanks for this. Yes, Ahmed has completely mischaracterized the piece. The explicit point of the article is contained in this passage, which Ahmed conveniently omits: “Some might charge that none of the previous reports had any credibility, but as it is now emerging that Osama’s body was buried at sea less than 12 hours after his death with no opportunity for any independent corroboration of his identity, the same question of credibility has to be leveled at this latest charge.”

            I was even more straightforward in my RT appearance on the subject ( “It is not my contention that Osama Bin Laden definitively has been dead for some time, but his death has been announced a number of times at any rate. I don’t see why we should take this pronouncement any more seriously than any of the previous pronouncements, especially considering the complete and utter lack of evidence that has so far been produced to show that Osama Bin Laden or anyone resembling that description was actually killed yesterday.”

            Ahmed’s treatment of my article is sloppy at best and a deliberate misrepresentation at worst.

        • archives2001 says:

          James et al:
          The real truth is, years ago, Hitler sent one of his retired U Boats over and brought Osama back to Argentina where he’s sharing
          his bunker with him.

          • Corbett says:

            Was that before or after Obama single-handedly strangled the Loch Ness Monster and then ejected it into space before telling anyone about it in accordance with lake monster burial etiquette?

        • archives2001 says:

          Not sure but I’m pretty certain it was after Al Gore came
          up with the Internet.

        • BennyB says:

          Thanks again, John for doing a better job articulating more broadly some of the reasons why the nature of the way Nafeez’s citation of James’ article came off as misleading and slanderous to me (even if I overreacted).

          … Now, for the last time: Bin Laden was captured with a stash of bootleg DVDs of “Dancing with the Stars”, then fed to a lion. This has been been verified by several anonymous top ranking intelligence officials. =p

        • archives2001 says:

          I heard that from Paris Hilton too so it’s gotta be true!

  42. Have you guys been following this? Zerohedge has a piece titled: “China’s Record Dumping Of US Treasuries Leaves Goldman Speechless”

    Curiously, the rationale postulated is that “while there has been latent speculation over the years that China will dump US treasuries voluntarily because it wants to (as punishment or some other reason), suddenly China is forced to liquidate US Treasury paper even though it does not want to, merely to fund a capital outflow unlike anything it has seen in history.”

  43. Here’s an interesting article from Bloomberg posing the question if Putin sold out Greece. It even manages to reference “conspiracy theorists” and expressly mentions Zero Hedge. Made me chuckle.

  44. lincolnlea says:

    Does anyone know when James will be back? Seems like a long time – I’m just assuming he’s OK. ?

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