Government Itself is Immoral

08/14/2022198 Comments

Hopefully by now you've had a chance to listen to or watch my interview with Keith Knight of Don't Tread on Anyone about his new book, The Voluntaryist Handbook.

Even more hopefully, you've read or ordered your copy of that book. If not, here's another chance: it's available as a free PDF on Odysee or available to purchase HERE.

When you do read the book, you'll see that Knight has chosen to publish an excerpt from my February 29, 2020, newsletter editorial, "5 Important Lessons Absolutely No One Will Learn From Iowa." I'm glad he did include that excerpt in his book, because in some ways I buried the lede—an important and informative rant about the true nature of government and the morality of anarchy—down far enough in that article that most people probably didn't read it. Those who did likely forgot it. And the vast majority of people probably never knew it existed.

So, let's correct that problem today. Here I re-present to you that section of the editorial on "Government Itself is Immoral." Enjoy.

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  1. G. Jingping says:

    I say let’s loudly boycott elections. If we started a “Don’t Vote” movement and had a good non-turn out, imagine how much that would de-legitimize the thugs with fancy titles. Of course, that’s assuming that they wouldn’t just fake the electronic turnout, North Korean style.

    • beaconterraone says:

      Our rulers have some sort of occult purpose to coercing us to “vote.” Look at how pervasive the propaganda is to get us to “register” and then “vote.” Obviously, they do NOT want our opinions or care about what we think, so, what IS the true purpose to get us to play their “elections” game? Our rulers even sow memes among the population to the aim of condemning those of us who refuse to participate: “if you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to an opinion.” Uh, actually, the opposite is true.

      Personally, I believe that they find participation in the game implicit consent for them to do whatever they will. Hence, voting is consent, and, therefore, I cannot and DO NOT consent. “You voted, you lost, now comply.”

      I have been rather vocal in my own social circles about DE-registering to vote for many years. Send the local elections office a clear, assertive letter CANCELING your voter registration. If they ignore you, send it Certified Mail (or equivalent). Of course, some were wise enough to never register in the first place!

      Again, “voting” is CONSENT. If you “vote,” you consent to their system.

      • G. Jingping says:

        VOTING IS CONSENT would make a nice bumper sticker; one that would force people to think more deeply about their voting “habit”. I also like the idea of de-registering to vote, I’m going to look into that, thanks.

        • Duck says:

          G Jingping
          “…VOTING IS CONSENT …”

          It not that I disagree with you totally, there is something to what you say.

          Yet If I do not vote in my local elections and we might get someone who starts laying zoning laws that stop me doing what I’m doing, or they decide to raise property taxes so I end up getting run off my place when I cant pay

          I do not live in an idea world, and think its rather stupid to let people who want to hurt me grab all the levers of power, because that POWER is very real.

          A better idea is to stop thinking you can fight as one man and get some friends and do your best to either take over local politics or AT MINIMUM make the local politicians scared of fking with your interests and getting backlash.

          • beaconterraone says:

            For me, the final straw that broke the proverbial dromedary’s back was a local election for County District Attorney. We all voted, our candidate won, and a lawsuit was filed, resulting in “judges” declaring our votes meaningless. It was then when I de-registered myself, citing that outrage.

            All of my adult life, I’ve seen how local regimes operate. Nowhere near as sophisticated as the big boy thugfests, but corruption aplenty. Whoever has the most money is the typical winner. Bringing pressure / implicit “threat” to bear by a large group of the community is more effective than “voting” for the “right” candidates.

        • Duck says:

          G Jingping
          “…VOTING IS CONSENT …”

          It not that I disagree with you totally, there is something to what you say.

          Yet If I do not vote in my local elections and we might get someone who starts laying zoning laws that stop me doing what I’m doing, or they decide to raise property taxes so I end up getting run off my place

          I do not live in an idea world, and think its rather stupid to let people who want to hurt me grab all the levers of power, because that POWER is very real.

      • sissaly says:

        Voting in a Direct Democracy is consent. We have a Republic which is governed by a Ruler, so your vote in a Republic is submission to your ruler which is against Natural Order.

        Anything against Natural Order does not persist. Its like swimming against the current. This is why we wittness daily the crash and burn of our modern Hybrid Democratic Republics with their corruptible Representative.

        • beaconterraone says:

          The American System is one where the sovereignty of the State is in The People themselves. “Theoretically,” at least. Hence, we have, de jure, no “rulers.” De facto is, of course, otherwise, mostly from “private corporations” or their stooges in government they purchased. Yes, the World Economic Forum is a “private corporation,” and the best poster child against “anarchy” that exists.

          I’m quite amused at your “Natural Order” mantra, apparently completely unaware of biological and sociobiological realities in the animal kingdom. AGAIN, “the Natural Order” prescribes AUTOCRACY – might makes right, fight or kill to take the lead. Humans have the ability to overcome that, and, in several limited instances of human history, we HAVE overcome that, to effect “civilized” systems where the leader is truly one of the People, doing them right.

          I’m sure you disagree on the most fundamental of rights, too. “Libertarians” and fellow travelers “generally” believe “ownership” is the most fundamental right, citing, specifically, “self-ownership.” Of course, my position is directly at odds with that, asserting that freedom of conscience is the most fundamental right. Our positions reveal out motivators. Mine, being a worshiper of God who created the very concept of free will, and, my “voluntarist” opponents, who are primarily focused on their money and material wealth.

          • sissaly says:

            In the true form of a Democratic System the sovereignty of the State resides in The People themselves de jure, no “rulers.”

            We do not have a True Democratic System.

            We have a Hybrid Republic with its corruptible Representative and Bureaucrat. We may Democratically vote on the Representative, but it is the Ruler, the Representative that makes the laws and makes war.

            Then you go on to blame the predation of the Government on the Corporations.

            Yes, Big Corporations and Big Money like Bill Gates, George Soros, they purchase Representatives and Bureaucrats, illuminating the Fatal Flaw of the Republic.

            With out the Representative, Corrupt Individuals and Corporations with lots of money could never purchase the favors of Government in a Direct Democracy.

            Either that, or give Representatives and Bureacrats Real Term Limits. One term and that is it and Abolish campaign donations with tax payer funded campaign money equally distributed between campaigns.

            You seem to equate violent force with Natural Order.

            Natural Order is quite simply a Pressure Modality Mediated Perturbation of the Medium, Pure Potential Aether some mistakenly call God.

            Excellent examples of Natural Order are water flow, gravity.

            Jump off a cliff believing you can fly and you will experience the consequence of Natural Order

            Swim against the current will only exhaust you and most likely kill you if you are in a rip current.

            This is what I mean by Natural Order. The Pressure mediated modality is found quite simply in the Hyperboloid/Torus with the inward flowing and outward flowing pressures. The converging accelerations of the Hyperboloid, the divergent forces and motions of the Torus.

            Each a Conjugate that illuminates Natural Order.

            The consumption of nature is just an aspect of this Natural Order. Humanity is a part of Nature, not seperate.

            Humanity comes together in Civilization because it is mutually beneficial. It is only when One group (government) forces another group to do what it wants that civilization is destroyed.

            No, I do not see Property Rights as the most fundamental right, in order for me to assert my Conscience, I must speak it revealing the most fundamental Right is that of Speech as codified in the constitution.

            I agree 100% with the Constitution, the most important right that all other rights are linked to is the right to speak.

            I disagree, Might does not equate to right. Might is the Impotence of Potential. Might is Force. Might is Motion. These things cannot persist with out great effort and there will always be something or someone who comes along that is stronger and mightier.

            You are free to engage in this behavior, yes, however, it is against Natural Order and there for will not persist as we are seeing with the Crash and Burn of our current crop of Hybrid Democratic Republics with their corruptible REpresentative and Bureaucrat.

            • beaconterraone says:

              No offense, but I’m not into making up new definitions of common terms to fit my ideology.

              • sissaly says:

                Neither am I, so what do you mean by your accusation? What new definitions have I made up?

    • Duck says:

      National POlitics are mostly trash but if you DO NOT pay attention to local politics you are GIVING power to people who hate you and want to use that power to hurt you.

      Voting is not perfect, maybe not even any good, but I’d hesitate to casually throw it away like Huck Finns Pappy

      “….. when they told me there was a State in this country where they’d let that nigger vote, I drawed out. I says I’ll never vote agin….”

      • sissaly says:

        Voting in a Hybrid democratic Republic is all but useless. Voting in a Direct Democracy is much more in harmony with Natural Order.

  2. n4x5 says:

    “What binds us to the state is the belief that there is a different morality for anything that has been sanctified through the political process.” No. What binds us to the state is the lack of another option. It is, in some sense, fallacious to indict on normative grounds something whose existence is simply a fact, without specifying viable alternatives. The capacity to bring superior means of organized coercion to bear is simply an aspect of reality. The existence of disparities in power is a reality, and to fundamentally alter this, an actual means of creating an alternative is required. No amount of appeal to ethics alone is sufficient. Yes, dozens of so-called solutions have been provided, and their sum total is inadequate. Acknowledging this does not necessitate participating in voting.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Do you mean superior force? Like an organization with nuclear weapons for example, that because they have the weapons that can wipe out life that people must obey? Or for example the government in China and how the social credit is used to control the population. How could someone in a totalitarian regime like that, without little means of defense form an autonomous voluntary community? I’ve never lived in China or any country like that, but in the US with a modicum of “liberty.”

      Perhaps people in those countries could withdraw their participation, but how would they eat if the military showed up at their door and destroyed their garden? At that part, there would have to be some type of rebellion.

      But because a population is propagandized by media, does this not show the necessity to use manipulation rather than force and reveal a weakness?

    • Hare says:


      “dozens of so-called solutions have been provided, and their sum total is inadequate.”

      I would ask, what solutions have you provided in your statements, other than big words and confusing statements, a spaghetti salad I have heard it is called.

      “What binds us to the state other than a lack of another option?”

      Have you solutions to provide for us because I am all ears. Many options are out there. Do we jump off the cliff because there is no other option? Rather dismal your perspective is I see.

      It seems you have said a lot without saying anything.

      • sissaly says:

        Yes solutions reveal themselves when one correctly identifies the problem, which today is our form of Government, the Hybrid Democratic Republic with its corruptible Representative Ruler.

        Fortunately, when things are against natural order, they do not persist, its like swimming against the tide.

        Daily we watch the Crash and Burn of our modern Hybrid Republics and in 10 years time, the final embers will snuff out on their own, and we can then create a real Democracy, a Direct Democracy in harmony with Natural Order.

    • Hare says:

      “No amount of appeal to ethics alone is sufficient. ”

      I would ask, what have you tried? Do you have another alternative? What, in your mind, would be sufficient?

      I really am quite interested because all of my approaches have failed so please do share in how you have succeeded.

      • n4x5 says:

        I’m not claiming to offer solutions to alternatives to the existence of government. The burden of proof isn’t on me. What would be sufficient in the context of this discussion would be a demonstration of something that can successfully replace power structures with something non-hierarchical.

        • sissaly says:

          Yes, that structure is a Direct Democracy and let us be clear, the process of Democracy is not Ochlocracy.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      For the NSA people here: Jim Bell’s Assassination Politics would be a good way to reign in their pretend authority. For when those in government fear the people there is liberty, but when the people fear those in government there is tyranny. AP is all over the net. It did get Jim in trouble with the IRS though. They were concerned it might take hold. Fact is, with the new way that bit coin works, they better start thinking about what could come next.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      “If I steal, it is theft. If the state steals, it is taxation. If I kill, it is murder. If the state kills, it is warfare. If I force someone to work for me involuntarily, it is slavery. If the state does it, it is conscription. If I confine someone against their will, it is kidnapping. If the state does it, it is incarceration. Nothing has changed but the label.” There is no such thing as the “state”. It is a fiction that we are led to believe is real. What it is, is a control mechanism for psychopathic control freaks use to “rule” us at our expense. They can’t make it on their own so they use the concept to keep us slaves to their pathocracy. Normal people need to wake up and take control.

    • beaconterraone says:

      The primary purpose of the Second Amendment was to provide for that instrument of force to be available to The People. The Founders also proscribed a standing army, yet, what are the US Armed Forces AND all of the “law enforcement” agencies now extant?

      The first problem: the population must become self-governing again, and that will require morality. They must reject the “solutions” and wares of the Mystery Babylon System (a transnational State that has become a self-perpetuating monster, literally). Yet they will not do so. A large percentage have linked their own existences to that System, relying on its 30 pieces of silver, and therefore refusing to do anything meaningful to improve good governance on the most basic, individual level.

      No solution can be forthcoming until that first problem is tackled.

      • Duck says:


        “…The first problem: the population must become self-governing again, and that will require morality…
        ….No solution can be forthcoming until that first problem is tackled…..”

        THAT is the root of all out ills that almost no one will touch.

        You can not have political freedom with a population of vice addled slug people who think freedom is about having immoral sex or doing drugs…never have and never will.

        Like they had The Emperor Tiberius say in ‘Caligula’ “In my youth I was a general and led men but in my old age am become a swine heard.”

        • beaconterraone says:

          We Christians understand that morality is the root of a healthy society. It’s the reason I cannot support Donald J. Trump except to the extent of his rights as an American. I cannot and will not “vote for the lesser of two evils,” because that is still supporting EVIL.

          Most “libertarians” are of the attitude: “anything goes ‘as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else'” (sic *) and “no one has the right to declare what is right and wrong.” “Libertarians” lost me with their open, undefended borders ideas, along with their inability to explain why a “private corporation” would be “better” than a public corporation (government) coercing us to do things.

          * that sort of think is pure duplicity, since “not hurting anyone else” is always defined in favor of someone doing something outrageous in an allegedly “private” setting. Think sodomy.

      • sissaly says:

        Sorry, that is just a bunch of garbage about the 2nd amendment. Initiate Force is always wrong and this is why the Founders were against Standing Armies for the Federal Government and they were all for States Right to a local, volunteer Militia.

        Go ahead and read it…A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed.

        The entire purpose of the 2nd amendment was because the founders were against Standing Armies.

        Go and do more research, look up Standing Army and 2nd amendment. It was HOTLY debated in the day and it was ALL about NOT having a standing army which is the greatest threat to war.

        “Majorities think in herds, lose their mind in herds and only come to their senses one by one.”

        The Majority as a herd is always wrong.

        The Creator of the Trend is the Majority and only the Majority can change the trend.

        Fortunately, the Majority are more willing to identify the error in their individual thinking when their suffering increases, as it is today.

        In the process of Democracy, a Direct Democracy, with a Qualified Voter voting out of their own self interest in harmony with Natural Order is the best form of Organized Civilization.

        • beaconterraone says:

          For someone who harps on and on about “the Natural Order,” your opposition to “initiation of force” is hilarious. In “the Natural Order,” initiation of force is the norm. Kill or be killed. “Hi, Mr. Lion, I do not give you permission to eat me today.” LOL

          That’s just as delusional as the il-liberal “liberals” who spew about their latest head-sickness.

          An armed People’s militia is NOT a “Standing Army.” And that militia was intended to be all able-bodied males, equipping themselves largely at their own expense.

          As for the Majority, when the population is corrupt, the Majority is ALWAYS wrong, in motivation, in reasoning, in morality. In “the Natural Order,” the Majority follow, unquestioningly, the elite, since they have had demonstrated the physical and/or cognitive superiority of that elite. The “elites” of today, or within most of the “alternative systems,” are actually kakistocracies.

          The Electoral College was established as a last resort defense of good government in the face of the corrupt dominating the moral. It’s no surprise there are so many calls today to abolish it.

          • sissaly says:

            It is interesting to see reality as it is and not as I want it to be.

            For example, when I study the lion and its prey, what is the thing that stands out most? The prey is always sick. Hurt. Dying. Old. Diseased.

            How interesting. There is a pressure meeting a pressure in harmony with Natural Order which is just pressure being mediated through a modality, like the water coming out of your shower head and returning through the drain, each a different pressure, but a conjugate of one thing. The flow of water and its potential.

            A lions got to eat and the herd cannot afford diseased members and it must move. There is a harmony in the lion eating the diseased animals that is Natural Order.

            We find the same principle in man, only civilized. We nurture the cow, keep it healthy and happy and well fed, nurse it and nurture it giving it the best life and at its prime, we humanely kill and butcher the animal, consuming every last bit of it which is honorable.

            “The Majority is a herd that thinks in a herd and loses its mind in herds only as individuals that slowly come to their senses one by one.”

            • Duck says:

              “..The prey is always sick. Hurt. Dying. Old. Diseased…”

              Nope .. the lion is quite happy to eat a baby or healthy animal if it comes across an easy kill

              The lion only eats sick or old or injured animals because they are easier to catch

              It’s kinda like if I were to mug people I would go for old sickly people, or women, rather then big strong guys, even if the big strong guy had more money.

              predators prey on the weak because if they get hurt hunting the predator can die of hunger before it heals…and stone age tribes killed off the mega fauna of north America and new Zealand in horrible wasteful ways… The Moa was killed but only a tiny portion eaten

              • sissaly says:

                It is nothing like mugging people. You do not understand Natural Order.

                Stone Age Tribes did not kill off the mega fauna. Totally absurd. Then you go on to section the Moa off from the rest of humanity.

                LOL You believe many things that are not true. I am not my beliefs, thank the Good.

                In nature, the herd is as strong as its weakest link. The lion is serving its self interest in harmony with the natural order of the herd which does not need weak members.

                I see reality as it is. You see reality as it has been dictated to you by your Government Indoctrination Schooling and you do so with out question.

                Just tell your Self, Self, I am not these beliefs.

                Go ahead, try it. You might be surprised. But I am a simpler girl and I try to see things as they are, simply…Pressure mediated modalities of the loss of potential and its return, easy peasy, like water flowing down hill or gravity.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Sorry for posting a youtube animal video, but I will do so to illustrate an exception that a lion will always kill a baby animal. Some predator animals have adopted a baby of a different species:


                Though there are tendencies in nature, there are also exceptions. I thought this was cute. There are other instances of this too.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Unfortunately, the lion could not provide for the baby so it died. Maybe there is a lesson in that. But I do think that there is a “natural order” that allows a perpetuation or continuation in a balance.

            • Duck says:


              They scarfed them all up in a heneratiyor two…and the Australian aboriginies drove giant lizards to extinction with fire hunting

            • beaconterraone says:

              You said: “It is interesting to see reality as it is and not as I want it to be.”

              I would assert that your erroneous perception of the “Natural Order” (at least as nearly everyone defines it) strongly suggests you ponder your own beliefs, and reflect on them, for any errors.

              The lion’s prey is NOT “always sick.” Often, it’s the slowest or weakest among creatures slow or weak inherently, yes, but not always.

              While most of what you say about herds of humans is generally correct, the idea that “individuals” alone “come to their senses” is not always true. My life experience has demonstrated to me, even when I was not a Christian, that the strong tendency of the “average” individual man (or woman) is to be corrupt, not noble, not selfless. Herds do not just materialize out of thin air, of course, but start with one, two, four, eight, and so on individuals inciting mob behavior, sometimes with fact-based, truthful claims and/or slogans. A single corrupt individual gives rise to hordes of fanatics. “Watch out for the leaven of the Pharisees.”

              • sissaly says:

                A weak member of the herd, a slow member, this is not good for the herd.

                Also, the herds inclination is to stay where the food is. This destroys entire ecosystems.

                The predator keeps the herd clean of sickness and weakness and it also keeps the herd moving so it does not over graze. The lion does not do this with intent, it is only serving its interest in harmony with natural order.

                If that same lion tried that with a human herds natural order, that would be against natural order and it would be dead quick as you can ooops.

                It is good and right to take care of ones self interest. We do this collectively and in collaboration when there is mutual benefit.

                You believe things that are not true. Every action you take, even when you believe it is a selfless act is an act you make out of your own self interest and your beliefs based on that self interest.

                Stop lying to yourself and hiding behind a religion.

                We are an attribute of the Absolute Good you call god. That means we are not created, and the Absolute Good is not some God lording it over everyone.

                It is not necessary with Natural Order. It is not real.

                The Divine is All Alone in the Divines Perfection of which we and all creation is an attribute of.

                Oh really? I suppose you never have seen a mob at work? I have. They only come to their senses very slowly and one by one, not as a whole.

                In fact, usually the individual must leave the mob before their senses return.

                Ochlocracy is not the process of Democracy though.

    • n4x5 says:

      “It is not even a neutral tool that can be used for good or ill, as those who consider themselves pragmatists believe.” Quite a bold statement.
      The word “hero” is associated with strong ethical denotations and connotations, and unless the 9/11 first responders were all nongovernmental personnel and / or were off-duty at the time they performed their acts of heroism (which is not the case), then I think it’s clear that if we accept the quoted statement, we’re forced to conclude that the actions of these government employees were not good, which, I think it’s safe to say, would make them non-heroes. Are we to believe that government apprehension of child molestors and arsonists is universally wrong? I interpret this as a necessary consequence of accepting the quoted statement. Keep in mind that this is a separate question from some on-balance or net good question that weighs the pluses and minuses. There are numerous other comparable cases we could consider, but for purposes of brevity, I’ll avoid going into other examples.

      Difficulty in analyzing various situations occurs because, among other reasons, people tend to casually refer to hypothetical instances in which they subtract the presence of government and presume to know the outcome. Example: “Sure, but without government, X wouldn’t be a problem in the first place” — as if we often or ever have sound knowledge of these alternate realities to illustrate this point. I try to focus on actual empirical evidence, which is still imperfect since it’s usually open to different interpretations of facts, cause and effect.

      A question to ask ourselves: How much of the population needs to believe in anarchy before it becomes workable? (And it may not be a matter of absolute percentage; the answer may depend on which particular people.) How much cultural homogeneity is required? (And does this in turn depend on the size of the human population in question?) Because if the answer is 100% or is very close to it within a given geographic area, then it seems fairly certain that in virtually all cases, failure is guaranteed.

      We can also ask ourselves how far the guilt of government (and nongovernmental de facto power) extends. Are nongovernmental-office-holders like Albert Bourla and Bill Gates acting ethically, insofar as they benefit from their governmental ties? I’d say no. What about other corporate entities, for example, obtaining mineral rights under conditions that we may find ethically objectionable? What about their upper level management? Their mid-level and low-level employees? The dude who empties the trash cans and mops the floors? What about us, since we buy and use products that they have a role in producing?

      • n4x5 says:

        I’m not advocating abandoning all ethical content in all dialogue, but I am a proponent of inserting the idea that guilt isn’t as tightly compartmentalized or avoidable as we might want it to be. I think we virtually all have an appreciation for the abuses that occur with power disparities and would like to minimize these abuses, but that doesn’t provide us with a practical implementation of how to get from an ought to an is reality of power vacuums or flat power distributions with no hierarchy, and the truth is that ethical evaluations are much murkier and more subjective than they’re commonly portrayed as being. It’s a sad and ugly reality, but I don’t think we serve ourselves by denying it. Inflexible insistence on rigid ideologies pretty much always breaks down at some point. Some of these are fairly basic and obvious points, but sometimes they need to be said.

        I don’t believe any successful anarchic movement (and different people may have different conditions for what constitutes “successful”) is on the verge of occurring, but I’m open to being proven wrong. I propose closer analysis of the farmer revolt and the declarations of independence in Europe, keeping in mind that “organic” and “anarchic” are not synonyms.

        • Duck says:

          “…. Because if the answer is 100% or is very close to it within a given geographic area, then it seems fairly certain that in virtually all cases, failure is guaranteed….”

          There has never existed an Anarchy “in the wild” that has not become, or been destroyed and replaced by, a government of some kind.

          Imagining a Utopian community is nice but if it’s never existed in nature chances are the idea is not going to work

          • n4x5 says:

            There are extant human groups that should interest us if we’re trying to better understand how all this works. It’s remarkable how little attention they receive. If we take a look at the Mexican town that threw out its government (and replaced it with another one, evidently) or the stateless peoples of Zomia in southeast Asia, we can ask: how are collective decisions made? Do they escape Michels’s iron law of oligarchy, and do they avoid violation of the nonaggression principle (and whose interpretation of it), and if so, what special circumstances exist, if any, that make a semi-decent approximation of anarchy possible in these specific places or with these specific people? Here we should know that “stateless” and “anarchic” are often not interchangeable; the former, when used by ethnographers, typically applies to societies falling short of a certain size threshold and lacking certain features but doesn’t necessarily mean that no coercion or authoritarian behavior occurs.

            Comment sections on this topic look a lot like microcosms that show how unrealistic these ideas are in practice. If the Corbett Report comment section shows this much heterogeneity in viewpoints on this issue, is it sensible to believe that the general population in a modern civilization will get on board with the idea at a level necessary to make it happen? Not likely, regardless of what ethical value any given person may assign to the morality of it.

      • sissaly says:

        Government is Violent Force and Coercion. Corrupt Corporations and Foundations like Gats and Soros purchase the favors of the Representative and Bureaucrat of the Republic, illuminating this corruption for all to see, it is the Republic with its corruptible Representative and Bureaucrat that is the problem.

        Gates WEF and Corporations are like Bears. Do you blame the Bear for going to a human park area when it is the fool (Career Politician/Bureaucrat) that is feeding these bears, by accepting their money through legal donation for favorable laws and regulations and tax breaks, or agenda’s.

        A Direct Democracy bypasses the corruptibility of the Representative that goes with a Republic.

        • n4x5 says:

          Obviously buying political power is a problem, but I don’t know if it makes sense to pinpoint the republic as an especially fundamental problem, as opposed to the central banks or anything else.

          Someone still has to administer a direct democracy. There are technical management issues of providing an honest reliable means of tallying votes, determining who is eligible to vote and excluding those who aren’t, determining which policies are put to a vote, carrying out the voting results and ensuring that they are adhered to by those entrusted to execute them, determining what obligations are associated with voting, and so on. There’s still the who-watches-the-watchers problem. There’s still the tyranny-of-the-majority problem. There’s still potentially the free rider problem. I’m not necessarily saying that it’s a worse system than the current one(s), but part of my point in all this is to say that we should banish the expectation that there is a system (or a nonsystem, accounting for promoters of spontaneous order) that will be perfect or even good, and again, different people value different principles and outcomes differently. Not everyone subscribes to the same version of the nonaggression principle or the same notions of “coercion” or other such terms. (People generally post hoc rationalize their positions, rather than operating from a core set of tenets that they apply consistently to situations as needed.) This subjectivity is present to some degree even in human populations with quite uniform beliefs and values, and is true to a higher degree in the extremely pluralistic developed societies in which we live. People who push homosexuality on children cannot live amicably with people who consider this to be criminal, and if members of the two groups occupy the same area or live in close proximity, someone’s values will dominate in practice, in any given case if not consistently in every case. There is no value-neutral option satisfactory to all parties involved.

          • sissaly says:

            In 1933 did the Central Banks take the Gold from the Government and the people?

            Or, in 1933 did the Government confiscate the gold from the banks and any fool who brought their gold to the bank?

            When the government used coercion against the central bank to take the gold, what did the government replace the gold with?

            Stop blaming the corporations and banks for the Governments predation. Its like blaming the bear for coming to the park for treats when the real problem is the fool who feeds the bear in a picnic area.

            Right now the Corruptible Representative and Career Bureaucrat are in charge, in a Direct Democracy it would be the People. It is so much more difficult to corrupt a bunch of individuals than it is to corrupt a small group of individuals.

            Currently our Republic form of government is indoctrinating chidlren into homosesuality and transexuality and goodnes only knows what else. So your example is not really a good one and is one that condemns Republics as inefficient at best.

  3. Simon says:

    Just a general comment to say I went in a smaller convenience type shop that is near me yesterday. I had to do a double take, then I realised what was different, the perpex shields were gone! Yes it looked so good exactly like I suddenly remembered how they used to look!

    Man that made me so happy.

  4. wessel says:

    Last election a Dutch activist was on the ballot. He received zero votes. Several voters produced a selfie of themselves with their passport and the activist selected on the ballot. The voters complained but were stonewalled, and then filed a lawsuit and lost. And indeed Dutch law gives judges no role in elections. But the government admitted the tampering, and the judge called it undemocratic.

    Democracy is not ideal, but aren’t all the alternatives worse? Some minor progress in election fairness seems preferable to an autocracy or dictatorship.

    • beaconterraone says:

      Only fools believe that modern “elections” are “fair and honest.” Whether the original Uncle Joe said it or not, does not matter, it’s nonetheless true: “who votes decides nothing; who counts the votes decides everything.”

      We do NOT want “democracy,” nor do we want autocracy, nor do we want “anarchy.” The best system to aim for would be the original American System of limited republican government with the ability of the People to wield credible force against that government should it begin to assume powers it has no authority for, yet again. Government that has VERY limited authorities, with all other authority retained by The People (per the Ninth Amendment of the US Constitution).

      A combination of scoundrels and outright evil men inside government, along with a lazy, ignorant, selfish, and corrupt population has led to the current sick joke of a regime America now has.

      • Steve Smith says:

        “nor do we want autocracy, nor do we want “anarchy”

        I do. You’re welcome to try to change my mind though.

        • Duck says:

          steve smith

          Do you mind if someone starts selling Crack to your kids or grandkids?

          I’m guessing you would NOT like that… so you would want to do something about stopping them…. so, if the crack dealers dont stop I guess you would get some guys and MAKE them stop…? I guess in that case you just created a police force and laws you enforce on others?

          Anarchy has never existed in nature, and never WILL exist for any length of time because its not a natural state.

          Always the power of a small organized group will triumph over a disorganized mass, and always there will be that minority of crackdealing scumbags who require organized force to deal with. The best you can hope for is that most of the population are educated and moral enough that they do not require much state governance

          • Steve Smith says:

            “ Anarchy has never existed in nature”

            Human nature? Or the whole of nature?

            • Duck says:

              Steve Smith

              Sorry I was mushy in wording 🙁
              Since we’re on Government as a topic I’d say HUMAN nature
              I probably should have said something like

              “There has never been a society governed by Anarchy in human history that has lasted for any serious amount of time”


              “Anarchy is not a form of Government that naturally forms itself because it is antithetical to the biological nature of human beings”

              Humans will naturally form families, clans, tribes, ect… the State may be a natural OR UNNATURAL extension of this depending on how its organized and run…but in the real world it gives such advantage that it will always consume or destroy an anarchy at some point.

              People IN an anarchy will always tend to create something like a state for defense or for other reasons

              The CLOSEST thing to an Anarchy that I can think of might have been Iceland when a new settled land was ruled by isolated settlers who did as they please… but even then they had gathering where the community decided questions of justice and such…. even being in a remote place they fell under a monarchy

              You never said what you’d think about those crackdealers BTW ?

              • sissaly says:

                A Direct Democracy is as close to With out a Ruler as we can get.

                The process of Democracy is not Ochlocracy.

                A direct Demomcracy is what we have in healthy Family Units.

              • Steve Smith says:

                Yeah. Thats the trouble with language and words. Hard not to be mushy.

                If the word must be defined as “a form of government “. Then I must find a better one that better reflects my thoughts.
                The way I see it. Anarchy is the way all of nature operates. Certainly the animal kingdom it seems. Even those species that have what might be considered governments.
                The way I understand it. Anarchy simply means “no rulers”. Nothing more or less.
                In the animal kingdom there aren’t rulers. There are sometimes leaders because of strength or cleverness I suppose. And there is the hive mind.
                But to me, the word rulers connotes something human. Something that requires a level of thought that I’m not sure animals possess.
                In my opinion it takes something uniquely human to be ruled. To be ruled means that you are choosing to be ruled. Which implies the idea that the one choosing to be ruled has made a conscious decision to willingly trade their autonomy, liberty and freedom for the option of either fighting for those things or sacrificing their lives for them.

                But on second thought. Maybe I’m full of crap about animals. There are some animals that can’t be held in captivity. Maybe they understand the principles better than some people.

                I know that anarchy could not replace any current government of man. If it tried to it would no longer be anarchy. And I know that the people who currently inhabit the world cannot be controlled without government. I don’t like being controlled and will never voluntarily give my consent to be ruled.
                I am an anarchist. Currently in slavery.

                And it all depends on how old the kid is and whether he got the money he was using to buy the crack legitimately or not. Either way, I would have a much bigger problem with the kid or his guardian than the dealer.

            • sissaly says:

              Excuse me, but Nature does not have a Ruler. Anarchy means with out a Ruler.

              Anarchy exists all through out nature.

              • vadoum says:

                Learn to pronounce
                a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems.

                species accept versions of “authority” in order to maintain functionality or survive as a group or pack or pod or murder: the leader in a V of geese, the silver back, or male lion who defends while actually the bulk of Lion business is matriarchal dominated. Then there are the custodian/guide types who steer large in the behavior department, they certainly dont follow any human authority but do follow natural law.

                anarchy seems to be a suggestion for how to maintain ones willfulness and still be fair; but unless a player is experienced in all the boon & disaster thats possible with both individualism and communal-ism, then the ensuing anarchy is bound to distort into dysfunction.

                I’d say the current misleaders are being as anarchistic as they can imagine, that is with whats left of their imagination. Dominator junkies lose capacity for feeling & creative thought; they will have to serve others for a long time before all but the most base, low buzz, insatiably hungry, fake imitation personas begin to be shed.

                anarchy is everywhere, but it absolutely aint no absolute.

            • Duck says:

              Steve Smith

              “…To be ruled means that you are choosing to be ruled….”

              In a SENSE that is TRUE… you do decide upon the principles that you will live by, you decide what Laws you will follow of break.

              You WILL be ruled by something…be that your own Desires, a Religious or Philosophical principle or whatever… and you will shape your actions around that.

              Example being The 2 Traitors-
              1st JAckson Reffit who handed his FATHER over to the State
              2nd Michael Walker who was a traitor to his STATE but loyal to his Father….BOTH of them can be said to have followed Loyalty AND to have betrayed Loyalty.


              “….Which implies the idea that the one choosing to be ruled has made a conscious decision to willingly trade their autonomy, liberty and freedom for the option of either fighting for those things or sacrificing their lives for them….”

              You do not live like an Orangutan, alone in the wild. HUmans more closely resemble Chimps who have politics, war, and leadership.

              On CRACK dealers “.. all depends on how old the kid is and whether he got the money he was using to buy the crack legitimately or not. Either way, I would have a much bigger problem with the kid or his guardian than the dealer….”

              Your sidestepping the point which is DO YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO MAKE PEOPLE STOP SELLING CRACK TO KIDS (of all ages) IN YOUR AREA???

              a) If you Do not have a right then your probably finished as a community….others will

              b) If you DO have a right then you have invented coercive Government

              A and B are why a no-coercive voluntary system has never and will never exist in nature as more then a transition back into some kind of coercive state (be that tribe, clan, church, whatever)

              • Steve Smith says:


                No. Not unless they are coercing or forcing people to buy from them.

                A better question would be. Do I have a right to make the group who uses the threat of violence to stop stealing from the people who live in the geological area they claim power over.

                “You do not live like an Orangutan, alone in the wild. HUmans more closely resemble Chimps who have politics, war, and leadership.”

                I beg your pardon! Are you calling me a monkey?! ?
                Politics? Talk about mushy words. Monkey gots politics. Next thing you know they’ll be holding elections. I bet they nail the mud-slinging part.
                I think you’re anthropomorphizing a wee bit.

                “If you Do not have a right then your probably finished as a community”

                What community? I’ve lived in this town since’93. I’ve met thousands of people. Today I have a few dozen that I would call acquaintances. Less than a dozen I could call friends. Less than five I could call close. None are nearby neighbors.
                There is no community that I am aware of.

              • cu.h.j says:


                This question requires some actual data such as if crack dealers regularly sell to minors and where this activity usually occurs and who usually buys the crack.

                I’ve lived in a city with crack dealers (not in my current neighborhood) for a long time and I have never observed any exchange between an adult and a minor.

                The most downtrodden people usually do drugs like this, not people who are psychologically healthy. Why would your kids be smoking crack?

                Do kids just randomly go out and buy crack? I just have never heard of this actually happening.

                Opioids on the other hand might be more common, but not usually with kids as far as I know, but I haven’t looked at any demographic data.

                Most of the opioid overdoses I’ve treated in young people in the er were “kids” in their 20s (which are technically adults) and many had some type of trauma, were on the street. Very sad. There were a few overdoses during the scamdemic with fentanyl (contaminated opioids). I don’t know what their home life was like, if this was the first time or what but two of them died. I think one was 23 and the other 27.

                Also, why would someone sell crack in an area where no one was buying it? Drug dealers usually like their customers to come to them and a lot of drugs are acquired online now, so it would be hard for you to know who was selling the crack anyway.

                The choice must come from the individual not to buy the crack. Parents help their kids develop making good choices, occasionally someone makes a bad choice and we all live with those mistakes at some point in time. Not saying everyone will every do drugs like crack, but some people try smoking tobacco and get hooked on that too and die from it. Alcohol too can be very destructive.

              • cu.h.j says:

                I think I understand the gist of what your saying though, like does a person have the right to stop something they consider immoral in their neighborhood to protect vulnerable people who live there.

                Maybe a community based neighborhood watch could be assigned. Decentralized police. I think JC had a video on this issue.

                Like if someone was robbing people in the neighborhood or you saw them harming someone, I think this would allow a bystander to respond with force. Or teaching people to defend themselves. Little grandma might have a nice 357 revolver she could pull out if some person tried to take her purse. My great grandma had one of those.

            • Duck says:

              Steve Smith

              “..There is no community that I am aware of…”

              Then, what do you care about?Why? And, Even if you DO CARE how will you change anything as a single atomized person, helpless before the collective?

              THAT atomization is the best weapon that those who want power have.

              Dont take this as a personal jab, (I am talking in generalities and dont know you personally) BUT people without a community or a family have zero stake in the future. In the long run they do not matter to the outcome.

              Generally their concerns are short range and based upon themselves, and quite rightly since they have only themselves to worry over.

              “…I beg your pardon! Are you calling me a monkey?! ?
              Politics? Talk about mushy words. Monkey gots politics. Next thing you know they’ll be holding elections. I bet they nail the mud-slinging part.
              I think you’re anthropomorphizing a wee bit…..”

              You should read “The Naked Ape”, it puts peoples behavior in perspective. 😉

              You know that monkey politics involve sucking up to the electorate and swing voters before you make your move and eat your opp…uhm…win the election?

              hahaha…I also read in (I think) Freakanomics that when experimenters paid monkeys with Food Tokens for tasks they started trading them for sex.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “Then, what do you care about?Why? And, Even if you DO CARE how will you change anything as a single atomized person, helpless before the collective?

                Duck, I am a spiritual person. This incarnation is not my ultimate destination no matter what happens here. I am a Christian to the best of my knowledge. I thought that you were too.
                I’m pretty surprised that you would wonder about those questions.
                I will answer them specifically if you want but I gotta think that you already know what I would write.

                Am I called to change people or spread the word? Am I here to decide for others what direction their lives should take or should I live a life worthy of emulation and leave the saving to God?

                “ You should read “The Naked Ape”, it puts peoples behavior in perspective”

                I’ve learned a lot of things about myself and even God from observing animal behavior. Mostly that we’re very different. Note that I didn’t say better.
                Unfortunately or fortunately, depending upon one’s outlook. God has placed upon humanity a special responsibility that animals don’t have.
                Animals are much, much too innocent and guileless to be political. They may certainly be blood thirsty, raging, slaughtering creatures at times but they lack malice.
                Besides, they could never be mean enough to be politicians

                “Dont take this as a personal jab, (I am talking in generalities and dont know you personally) BUT people without a community or a family have zero stake in the future. In the long run they do not matter to the outcome.”

                I don’t. Please don’t take this as a personal jab either.
                Upon reading this. I’m left with the distinct impression that you are much more focused upon the world than eternity.
                I used to be much more like that. Perhaps its age but this whole life is becoming more short-range lately.

                Lastly, you mention worry. Its taken me a long time to begin to get control over that worthless affliction.
                I try hard not to worry about anyone. Especially myself.
                But what does worry have to do with caring? Or love? Or grieving with anguish over the choices that people of free will make?

                Worry Less. Pray More.

            • Duck says:

              Steve Smith

              “… Please don’t take this as a personal jab either.
              Upon reading this. I’m left with the distinct impression that you are much more focused upon the world than eternity.
              I used to be much more like that. Perhaps its age but this whole life is becoming more short-range lately….”

              No, I dont take it personally, and TBH you are onto something and I do worry over much of worldly things.

              I would argue, on the other hand, that those who are aware of whats going on should arm themselves firstly with the Armour
              of God and 2ndly with correct Biblical lens to view things like power, government and such.

              Anarchism is not and has never been a Biblical worldview, which sets God alone as King and lays out the lines of legitimate authority that He allows to exist.

              Anarchism is, in the Biblical worldview, rebellion against and rejection of authority outside of the individual person… in a sense its a repetition of Satans Rebellion and the desire of Adam and Eve – at the Fall- to decide Good and Evil themselves.

              The false promise that personal freedom coming from rejection of authority has led us to a point where the weak are preyed upon and the strong do nothing and it will get worse before it gets better

              • Steve Smith says:

                “Anarchism is, in the Biblical worldview, rebellion against and rejection of authority outside of the individual person… in a sense its a repetition of Satans Rebellion and the desire of Adam and Eve – at the Fall- to decide Good and Evil themselves.”

                Thats not what He tells me. That is what some men think God’s position is.

                Everything inside me screams that this government is evil. And thats where the Spirit of God resides.
                Who am I gonna believe?

                “The false promise that personal freedom coming from rejection of authority has led us to a point where the weak are preyed upon and the strong do nothing and it will get worse before it gets better”

                Are you suggesting that the state isn’t the one doing the preying? And yes. Things are going to be horrible I’m afraid. Because no matter how strong you might be. You can’t save anyone who has chosen death.
                I am becoming convinced that the world is entering a transitional period. Some would call it The Tribulation Period. I don’t think anyone knows what God’s plan is exactly. But one things for sure. He has one and a lot of people aren’t going to like it.

                P.S. What the heck does TBH mean?

            • Duck says:

              Steve Smith
              TBH = ‘To Be Honest’

              “…Thats not what He tells me. That is what some men think God’s position is…”

              The Bible is pretty clear about this… I mean, you can look at where God was mad that the people wanted a king but here are some rando verses

              Isaiah 9:6

              Acts 2:30-36 Jesus as KING

              1 Cor 11:3

              1 Timothy 3:4O on authority

              Romans 13 clearly shows that SOME FORM of legal government is intended

              “..Everything inside me screams that this government is evil. And thats where the Spirit of God resides.
              Who am I gonna believe?…”

              THIS government is indeed evil… but not ALL government ,nor the idea of authority , are evil.
              You should believe the Bible… otherwise how would you even know anything about God?

              Again… I dont know you so maybe I misunderstand what you are saying…

              but If your JUST following your own ‘feelings” your could end up like the crazy murder hippy Beghards
     or the 1st Anabaptists and come under the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit…. you would be in danger of the delusion of 2 Thess 2:11

              • Steve Smith says:

                Duck, I assure you that I have read and studied the Bible. I do believe that it contains God’s word. I listened to Through The Bible with J. Vernon McGee. A radio show that went through the Bible in five years examining every verse.
                I’ve attended churches for much of my life and listened to very learned scholars expound and teach. The Bible helped others introduce me to God. But it doesn’t hold or limit God.
                I’m no theological student but I’m pretty sure that I understand clearly what the main takeaways are. Do you?

                Don’t quote a passage. Just tell me in your own words what you think is the most crucial issue to God.
                Think of the two adorable kids on opposing teams both praying earnestly for a victory.
                I’m not trying to test you as much as possibly remind you Who is on first. ?

            • Duck says:


              “..Don’t quote a passage. Just tell me in your own words what you think is the most crucial issue to God…”

              Sorry… but that makes no sense.

              I can quote you what I PERSONALLY think. love to pontificate for far toooo long on that 😉 But why would you like MY opinion over God’s opinion, as given in the Bible?

              Sorry… but without the Bible there is no way to know what God is telling me unless I get ‘direct revelation’- even then I would assume that its a deceiving spirit if it contradicted what the Bible said. TBH even before THAT I’d assume I was having a funny turn from heat stroke:) Lol.

              As to the Greatest Commandment “Love The Lord Thy God” it does not stand alone, for as Jesus says (John 14:15)

              “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments”

              The place to get those commandments is AFAIK the Bible rather then from my own idea, feelings or even secular studies

              • Steve Smith says:

                Quite a lively thread.
                Thanks for the conversation Duck. I have no problem admitting that my relationship with God might be nothing but a delusion that I’ve created over the decades. Perhaps what I’ve interpreted as Devine serendipity so many times was just coincidence. And perhaps that voice I hear through my conscience is nothing but the deluded prattle of a broken psyche. But it has guided me through this life so far and I’ve been either lucky or blessed.
                You could be much closer to understanding the mind of God than I. I’m not qualified to make the determination. But I’m pretty sure that I’ll find out soon enough.

                I give you an A for effort in attempting to change my mind about anarchy.

            • Duck says:

              Steve Smith
              “..Quite a lively thread…”

              Thats the fun part 🙂

              Thanks for the conversation too, and I hope you have a good evening 🙂

              • Hare says:

                Duck, Steve Smith,

                Thank you both for that conversation. An interesting read to be read again.

          • sissaly says:

            Well I live in Reality as it is, and I know that it is against Natural Order to attempt to control others, initiate violent force or engage in coercion, so unless the crack dealers were encroaching on me and my property, the only thing I can do is to Control My Self by teaching my children and grandchildren the dangers of consuming crack.

            If a minority of crack dealing individuals does not engage in violent force nor coercion to sell their product then it would be a violation of Natural Order to force them to stop.

            Your problem is that you believe it is Right to Initiate Violent Force and Engage in coercion against people you disagree with.

            Its people like you who engage in the most evil of behaviors because you believe your evil is good.

            • Duck says:


              “… so unless the crack dealers were encroaching on me and my property, the only thing I can do is to Control My Self by teaching my children and grandchildren the dangers of consuming crack….”

              Then you will go the way of the American Indian or the Quakers who were unable to stop, or allowed, others to come into their area and do things they way the new comers liked….

              “…Your problem is that you believe it is Right to Initiate Violent Force and Engage in coercion against people you disagree with…”

              NO, I do not think that.
              I never said that and you ought to retract that statement

              I have no right to punch you for thinking what you think…. now, if you decide to come and sell my children crack then you are HURTING me and mine.

              If you are “OK” with your loved ones getting into crack then I would personally say that you are a bad person who does not have the natural bonds of love for those people…. but I do not have the right to hurt you just because you think that

        • beaconterraone says:

          You want autocracy OR anarchy OR autocratic anarchy?

      • sissaly says:

        Sorry, you believe things that are just not true.

        The Original American System was Hybrid Democratic Republic. The process of Democracy is of the people, by the people for the people, but what are the People Processing in their Hybrid Republic?

        A Republic has a Representative. It is that Representative that is given the reins of power to make laws and go to war. We may democratically vote on the Representative, but the Representative is the Ruler not the people, as we are wittnessing today.

        The problem with our Government is not the People, it is its form, the Republic with its oh so very corruptible Representative Ruler. Totaly against Natural ORder.

        Thankfully, those things against Natural Order do not Persist and we are wittnessing daily the Crash and Burn of our Modern Hybrid Republics and in 10 years, the final embers will snuff out on their own and we will have the perfect opportunity to create a new form of Government, a Constitutional Direct Democracy.

        The process of Democracy is not Ochlocracy.

        • beaconterraone says:

          I really don’t need your condescension when you yourself are coming at me from a Dunning-Kruger Effect position.

          As I noted elsewhere, “the Natural Order” prescribes autocratic systems of “governance”/leadership. The strongest takes the lead (Alpha), and often has to fight or kill to get there. Participatory government is an uniquely human thing, and stands in stark contrast with the “barbaric” nature of more primitive systems of “the Natural Order.”

          Again, the population itself is IMMORAL, and, as such, no form of government or agovernment (“anarchy”) can function properly with such a “people.” I know there are powerful motivations to avoid addressing morality, since many “libertarians” are “extreme” in their personal lifestyles, and certainly don’t want to be “told” that their lifestyle is “sinful” or otherwise defective and malevolent to society.

          • sissaly says:

            Natural ORder is not about Ruling or Governing. It is a pressure mediation, like water flowing down hill or gravity.

            There are no leaders in Nature. Sorry. The Lion is not king of his pride. The pride comes together out of mutual self interest and the male Lion is accepted by the Pride.

            There have been many male Lions kicked out of their Pride so sorry, you are wrong. There are no kings in nature.

            Nature works as a Direct Democracy not as an Autocracy.

            the Queen Bee does not dictate to the worker bees. She beguiles them with her pheromones.

            The Ant Queen is given special food that nurtures her body into a Queen where she is engorged into the Queens chamber to create endless eggs. Sorry, she is not an Auto crat either.

            • beaconterraone says:

              You said: “There are no leaders in Nature.”

              There is no point to “discussing” any of this with you further.

        • vadoum says:

          dont ya hate it when the oligarish-ochlocric train wrecks? or is nauw zee tyemm 2 echt?

    • sissaly says:

      But we do not have Real Democracies today. We have the illusion of Democracy because we democratically vote on the Representative of the hybrid Democratic Republic.

      Democracy is the Ideal as close to Self Rule as we can get, that is if it is real Democracy, a Direct Democracy and not a Hybrid Republic with their corruptible Representative.

      Indeed, the alternatives are worse as we are seeing with the Crash and Burn of our Hybrid Republics today.

      In 10 years, the final embers of this modern crash and burn will snuff out on their own and we can then easily replace these corruptible Republics with real Democracies, Direct Democracy.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: Corbett’s August 14th article “Government Itself is Immoral”

    That image is a classic:
    Ideas so good they have to be mandatory

    I appreciate Corbett revisiting a past article which syncs with Voluntaryism.
    It is timely.
    Corbett has put out a tremendous body of work which touches on a broad range of concepts.
    Occasional reviews help me to keep ideas and concepts fresh and balanced.

    For example:
    Organic Chemistry – While I once had a pretty good grasp on the subject, I have lost many of the concepts over the past decade because I am not exposed to the subject.

    This is my kind of background music for reading…
    “What Hath God Wrought” (The Media Matrix series title theme) by KODOMOSAN

    Thankyou Mr. Corbett for the link to the soundtrack.

    • Duck says:


      If some form of organization, (which when it gets big enough you call it the state), WAS NOT THE NATURAL STATE of humans then you would see places where people live outside of it.

      The only place where you get close to that is a Bushman level stone age culture- and EVEN THERE there is a hierarchy of power and wealth.

      Even if call scraping by and barely surviving ‘freedom’ the way a Primativist philosopher would then as soon as you have agricultural systems making more food per person you get some for of Tribe with some form of Government.

      The “state” is not mandatory, it is INEVITABLE because that is the way humans organize themselves… we can make it better or worse, bigger or smaller, but we will never be free of it in this world.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:


        Preacher DUCK (who states declaratory authoritarian type statements),
        What did I personally say that prompted you to preach to me about your personal perspectives?

        • Duck says:

          uhh… I’m not sure TBH…. I think I was gonna post that elsewhere and must have clicked the wrong tab before pasting… I think it was ment to go to another post you made but I’d have to rummage thru and see.

          TBH I just read and have zero idea why id have posted that under this…. not even drunk so “Shrugs”

    • cu.h.j says:

      Organic chemistry was my favorite chemistry class in college. Interesting stuff, explained the laws governing organic molecular interactions and the basis for how our bodies act the chemical level. All of the millions of organic chemical reactions taking place in our bodies every day is so amazing. And yet we are so much more than a bag of chemicals!

  6. stfluffy says:

    James please investigate DNRs in all the UK hospitals and so many countries across the world. It would make a fantastic video for you as you do such brilliant broadcasts. This needs to go mainstream and you have a great following. Please James and everyone watch this to the end and see the official documents showing the truth of what is going on.

    God help us all

    • cu.h.j says:

      Just started this, very creepy that a doctor can decide who gets CPR. Is this “socialized medicine” keeping the profits up and provide minimal care for people.

      Not saying the medical system in the US is much better, but no where where I have worked has a doctor been able to decide who gets CPR. In fact most hospitals as far as I know are more aggressive to keep people alive than to allow them to die, which can also be immoral. For example some nursing homes that collect medicare have people in them with no family to visit and provide care that is lacking and when the suffering person comes to the emergency room at the age of 98 or some number like that and they have severe dementia and are bed bound with pressure ulcers and the ER staff must perform heroic measures if they are dying. That to me is wrong.

      I watched the documentary of the nurse who worked in the Covid “ground zero” hospital in NY and that was chilling. She basically said that patients were being intubated and sedated and essentially murdered for the hospital to profit. I’ve never worked in an ICU, but have worked for a while in emergency rooms and I have not every observed a doctor attempt to intubate a patient knowing that it would hurt them or kill them. If a patient said no, that was the end of the discussion. If family said no, end of discussion. Doctors would sometimes try to persuade a little bit by explaining a terminal condition to family but in order to prevent pain and suffering to the patient.

      CPR is very painful and causes trauma like broken ribs and potential damage to the lungs and intubation in the elderly sometimes ends up killing them because they can’t come off the vent or it traumatizes the lungs. So CPR and heroic measures like intubation and vassopressors to keep the heart going don’t always provide a life saving intervention. But people have the right to chose what they want done if they are ever unfortunate enough to require being in a regular hospital.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I know where I have worked in the US, it’s uncommon to give elderly large doses of benzodiazapines or narcotis, only in end of life situations if they are on hospice care or if they have a broken hip or other traumatic injury (small doses of narcotics in the elderly). There was no change in standard procedures where I worked during Covid. And in elderly benzos and narcotics are not good to give together and this is not a standard procedure especially for a person with pneumonia.

        To be fair, I’d have to look at the patient charts in more depth of the cases mentioned. It’s shocking to think that groups of health care providers would be trying to kill their patients. Even among the crazy hypnosis of Covid, I just have never interacted with any health care provider who would do that, not even the brainwashed doctors I work with would attempt to kill a patient in that manner. Maybe suggest bad therapies but to give people narcotics to suppress breathing in a person who could recover is unethical and evil, essentially murder or contributing to death.

        • sissaly says:

          The health care providers are being provided money by the Government to implement certain protocol which is Top down.

          Did you read the Stanley Milgram Experiments Obedience to Authority? This explains how individual good people can do such terrible things collectively.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Yes, I know it happened in the experiment and in times of war and such. The “mass formation” phenomenon.

            It is just shocking that the people who are actually in contact directly with the patient could do that because it goes against standard ethics in medicine and nursing, here in the US anyway.

            I mean if someone has a chance of survival, to give narcotics and benzos is inappropriate and dangerous. Especially if the patient wanted CPR and invasive interventions to prolong their life and had voiced this request. I just don’t see how someone could do that in the context of health care.

            With that said, I have performed CPR and invasive procedures on patients who probably should have been allowed to die and have seen families circumvent a DNR/DNI in order to prolong the life of their family member. To crush a frail elderly persons ribs with CPR and intubate them and see the blood coming from the ET tube and trying to place lines in a frail body has disturbed me. I am sure these procedures are painful. Is this no different? Is this torture?

            Thank goodness that the protocol for resuscitation is limited to 20 minutes if pulse is not regained. I know I would not want to live in a debilitated state with no meaningful quality of life.

            Everyone who comes in to the emergency room without a legal document that declares they are a DNR/DNI or comfort measures only will get full treatment in the absence of this document and if there is no next of kin or decision maker, irrespective of the futility of these interventions.

            Perhaps it is because if we do save their life, maybe there is something positive than can come out of it? Something better than what health care providers were doing in the NHS, where there is no reversal for death. So it is not the same and I can live with myself.

      • Duck says:


        “…Not saying the medical system in the US is much better,…”

        Its better then the UK if you want something done fast and can pay…. on the other hand Dr’s in the USA LOVE to do unnecessary stuff for they pay day I know someone who had a tiny lump in the breast and the Dr sends her in to get it removed and the Surgeon starts trying to convince her to get a double mastectomy!

        Bearing in mind this is an old lady who, even if the lump was cancer, would probably die of old age before it grew big enough to kill her.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I think you’re right about that, especially if you get an unethical doctor. This is why patients must research what is being suggested and get a second opinion for any invasive procedure. Surgical risk increased with age, so as we get older, best to avoid going under the knife.

          Anytime a doctor recommends surgery, always research it and get a second opinion if you have any doubt.

          My grandma was misdiagnosed for a condition and took medicines for years and underwent multiple procedures and finally figured out that he was full of it. She never had the condition and had gone through multiple painful procedures and had been on medicine that damaged her eyes and hair. She should have sued him.

          People put too much trust in doctors and really need to be more knowledgeable of their own health.

    • beaconterraone says:

      I’ve been an opponent of HIPAA since it was first passed. I’ve warned people all along that it has NOTHING to do with individual privacy, and everything to do with a liability shield for both corporation and government, frustrating independent investigations of malfeasance in “health care” small and large.

      It’s easy to illustrate just what crap HIPAA actually is regarding YOUR privacy for YOUR interests: you sit in a medical office, and they call you, loudly, “JOHN SMITH! JOHN SMITH!” Uh, if you were actually concerned about privacy, you’d hand patients an anonymous ticket with an alphanumeric identifier.

      I’m aware of the active euthanasia of folks in US hospitals, not only during COVID-19(84), when it greatly accelerated, but prior, as well. Folks killed are primarily financial liabilities, such as those with Medicare and/or Medicaid. Those with expensive private insurance are kept in-patient as long as possible, for the obvious reason. Oversight has always been pathetic, back into my childhood (my family ran a senior activity & nutrition center, and we had many clients end up in local nursing homes; sometimes WE were their only visitors). Now, it’s far worse, with the typical excuse of “infection control.” I was livid when hospitals and SNFs (skilled nursing facilities) refused even single visitor-advocates during COVID-19(84). Those eyes are the only earthly hope lonely and/or cognitively-incompetent people have for not being done in by the “experts.”

      Investigation of this topic will present massive challenges, here in the US, due to HIPAA, and similar, even more onerous “privacy” schemes in other “developed” countries.

      • sissaly says:

        Better to stay away from doctors and hospitals unless you have major trauma which they are actually really good for.

        Real Health Care is right There (Pointing at mouth)

        Real Healthcare is eating lots of animal fat, animal organs and animal bones, but most people believe as their Insurance Company (controlled by the Government who is invested in the Drug companies) paid doctor tells them about these things, guaranteeing the need for the Disease Maintenance Insurance we call Health Care and all the drugs used to maintain disease.

        FOr a good source of Wise Traditions in Food Farming and Medicine, the Weston A Price leads the pack by leaps and bounds.

        • beaconterraone says:

          Modern “health care” is the product of “private corporations.” Even Obama”care” was the product of “private corporations.”

          You won’t get any arguments from me about corporate allopathy, which includes the services “they are actually really good for.” Especially really good at sending you bills which are four or five months of your salary for, say, a broken leg.

          “Libertarians”/”Anarchists”/”Voluntarists” have yet to explain how these “private corporations” that currently own and operate the State will magically go away without force. Or how they will stay dead without constant armed vigilance.

          And there is, exposed, the fantasy utopia…the ideal, like Communism, is literally impossible. “Everyone cooperating as individuals,” like they are all programmed-moral robots.

          • sissaly says:

            Absurd. People come together in Cultures and Society in Cooperation out of mutual self interest. It is only when one group tries to tell another group what to do with force and coercion that society breaks up.

            Modern Health Care is a product of the Government and the Career Politicians and Bureaucrats looking out for their interest from the stock they hold in the drug companies.

            This is why Republics are the worst form of Government, because of the corruptible Representative and Bureaucrat.

            Corporations do not own the State, They purchase the favor of the Career Politicians and Bureaucrats with legal donation.

            It is the REpresentatives of the Government that pass the laws that favor the Corporation.

            Who took the gold from the Bank in 1933? The Government.

            The Government is the problem, not the corporations which in a free market are confined by peoples choice, as it should be. This efficiency is destroyed when the Government uses its force and coercion in the markets.

            Look at inflation, look at current inflation all due to Government interventions in the free market with lockdowns, mandates and their evil war on oil.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Catte Black wrote a wonderful short read which hits the nail on the head.
    It covers Ukraine and the real “enemy”.
    It is in Corbett’s Recommended Reading

  8. Octium says:

    Burglary Itself is not Immoral. The problem is that people vote for the wrong burglars. They need to vote for the independent burglars instead of the larger gangs.

    Don’t forget we need Burglars, otherwise our homes would become cluttered with old technology like VCRs. Also when you have to work harder to earn more money to replace all the stuff that was stolen from you it boosts the economy!

    So at the next election, don’t forget to vote harder and proudly wear the sticker “I was burgled today!”

  9. Davinna says:

    “If I steal, it is theft. If the state steals, it is taxation. If I kill, it is murder. If the state kills, it is warfare. If I force someone to work for me involuntarily, it is slavery. If the state does it, it is conscription. If I confine someone against their will, it is kidnapping. If the state does it, it is incarceration. Nothing has changed but the label.”

    I never thought about it like this. Those are disturbing double standards. This whole concept of anarchy is new to me. I’ve always considered it too fringe, chaotic, and scary to consider. These days I’m intrigued and want to learn more.

    • beaconterraone says:

      “If you refuse to pay unjust taxes, your property will be confiscated. If you attempt to defend your property, you will be arrested. If you resist arrest, you will be clubbed. If you defend yourself against clubbing, you will be shot dead. These procedures are known as the Rule of Law.”

      Edward Abbey

    • sissaly says:

      There is so much indoctrinated baggage one has to overcome when one uses the word Anarchy.

      If you look up the root word, it means, without a Ruler, or as I like to say, Self Ruler.

      So I use Self Rule rather than Anarchy, it seems to instantly break through the Anarchy wall.

      Not having a Government does not mean not having Courts of Remedy uncorrupted by Executive appointment and Legislative approval of pro government judges for life.

      • Duck says:


        “…Not having a Government does not mean not having Courts of Remedy uncorrupted by Executive appointment and Legislative approval of pro government judges for life…”

        YES, it totally does mean that since when you create a court you have to USE FORCE in order to make those who refuse obey its decisions…

        Bang…you just made a system of INvoluntary coercion, basically “The Government”

        If I were to be totally “Self Ruled” then I would not HAVE TO PAY when a court tells me… I could do whatever I wanted, including murder people whos family might then murder me back. THAT is anarchy, if I can be brought up on murder charges WHEN I DO NOT AGREE TO BE its NOT anarchy, its some form of government

        • sissaly says:

          You believe things about Self Rule that are totally Wacka doodle Dude.

          Here is something sage I have learned,

          “I am not my beliefs”

          Self Rule does not mean murder whoever you want.

          • Duck says:


            “…..You believe things about Self Rule that are totally Wacka doodle Dude….”

            Like what?

            “…“I am not my beliefs…”


            “…Self Rule does not mean murder whoever you want….”

            It DID mean that for Ted Bundy

            • sissaly says:

              And Ted Bundy suffered the consequence of his error behavior because it was against Natural Order.

              We do not need Government. We do need courts of Remedy in a Civilized Society.

              Personally, I believe the one who has broken their word or encroached should pay restitution to the one harmed. However, today, in our totally backwards world, the criminal ends up working for the state and the victim ends up paying the state to house and feed the criminal.

              We can still live in a Self Ruled Society with Courts for Remedy because we do not live in a perfect world and people are going to break their word and encroach and courts are better than just taking matters into your own hands, in a Society and Culture.

              Now if you want to live in the Jungle. Fine. Live with out courts and take matters into your own hands, you most likely will not persist as long as if you are in a Society and Culture.

              • Duck says:

                Nope.. Ted Bundy got caught by the cops and put to death…. Totally killed by Agents Of the State.

              • sissaly says:

                So Teds life ending by the police who were arresting him was not a consequence he suffered?

      • Davinna says:

        Thanks for that perspective. I like it. It’s easier to digest than “without rulers”, although I’m warming up to that one.

      • beaconterraone says:

        “Courts of Remedy” run by whom? “Private corporations”? And why would anyone want to participate in them if “voluntary”?

        • sissaly says:

          Yes, Tort Courts are Courts of Remedy. If you have been harmed by someone, you can sue in a Tort Court.

          Today, we have lawlessness. The Courts have become corrupted with Executive Appointment and Legislative Approval of pro Government Judges for life and so pointing to the courts of today is just not going to work.

          Benjamin Franklin advocated for the Scottish model which has licensed lawyers vote on judges who have terms to keep the corruption down, and it works.

    • Duck says:


      Anarchy is a cute idea that we can all rule ourselves… however, that is obviously not true.

      You just need to look at druggies, the mentally ill, the lazy, the stupid, ect to see that Self Governance is NOT something they are able to do.

      I am leaning more into the ideas of Academic Agent that the nature of humans is to be governed- i would say that its going to be to a MORE or to a LESS extent based on how lazy, stupid, insane, or evil your population happens to be.

      Here is an interview with Acedemic Agent on his Book, who has some pretty good talks on political theories, even if coming back to his YT channel I find he too has succumbed to the hours long LiveSTream craze

      • sissaly says:

        You believe many things that are not true. Self Rule is in harmony with Natural Order, to Rule Others is against the harmony of Natural Order.

        Just because someone is incapable of ruling themselves does not mean that Self Rule is impossible.

        It is only when someone encroaches or breaks their word that matters, not what substances they consume nor even laziness or any other thing you do not like.

      • Davinna says:

        Thanks for sharing that link, Duck. When I click on it, it says, “No episodes found”.

        Did you know that 12 Step programs are anarchist? Their 12 traditions are based on anarchist principles. Here’s an article that discusses it:

        I tried several different 12-step programs to address eating disorders I’d struggled with for most of my life. They didn’t end up helping me, though, because they are really set up for substance abuse and addiction. Eating disorders are sort of another category. Fortunately, I found something else that did help me recover.

        At any rate, I vaguely remember being impressed by but not really looking into how 12-step programs were founded upon and were still run upon an anarchist philosophy. 12-step programs are societies that have thousands (millions?) of members. In my mind, that’s one successful example I can look to for whether or not anarchy might work. Granted, I have a lot to learn about anarchy, and recovery programs are different than a bunch of people trying to co-exist in a geographic location.

        • Duck says:

          Hmn… weird, sorry.
          He is on Youtube Too… this channel reads Acedemic Agents book on his channel too
          Anyway, heres the epp

          Accedemic Agent has a pretty good Youtube channel, and years back had some pretty decent political philosophy video.s…. but appears to have gotten into super long live streams

  10. I have never been a statist, philosophically.
    Because I was aware of James’ summary of governments:

    “If I steal, it is theft. If the state steals, it is taxation. If I kill, it is murder. If the state kills, it is warfare. If I force someone to work for me involuntarily, it is slavery. If the state does it, it is conscription. If I confine someone against their will, it is kidnapping. If the state does it, it is incarceration. Nothing has changed but the label.”

    But the past 2.5 years have been a real eye-opener for me re: government corruption.

    After talking on the phone with my local MP (Conservative) about Trudeau’s tyrannical measures and getting absolutely nowhere (they are basically in agreement with the Liberal policies), learning of Trudeau’s ties to the pharma industry and learning how compromised the medical profession is here I will now never be able to have respect for any government employee or regulated body.

    The problem James faces is one of censorship and almost total media control by TPTB.

    I feel that if he was given a level playing field, ie. the ability to reach millions/hundreds of millions via the MSM and educate them about government immorality, then we would have a chance to see meaningful change in our lifetimes.

    Absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event with the MSM and/or TPTB, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Fawlty Towers says:
      “Absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event with the MSM and/or TPTB, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one.”


      Reminds me of these words…
      “further the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one-absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event- like a new Pearl Harbor”.

      • sissaly says:

        Actually, there is really no need to transform or bring about REvolutionary change.

        As we watch daily our modern Hybrid Democratic Republics with their corruptible Representative and Bureaucrat Crash and Burn, all we need to do is to take care of our Self Interest, that of our Families interests and our communities interest and in 10 years time the final embers will have snuffed out on their own, no revolution necessary, we will be able to easily create a new form of Government that is in harmony with the Natural Order Principles of Self Rule in a Direct Democracy.

      • Reminds me of these words…
        “further the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one-absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event- like a new Pearl Harbor”.

        Yes indeed. I enjoy throwing those words right back at them from time to time
        (in all different sorts of contexts). ?

    • sissaly says:

      The modern Hybrid Democratic Republics are Crashing and Burning. The Majority are awakening. In 10 years time, the final embers will snuff out on their own, and we will have the perfect time to create a new from of Rule, a Self Rule in harmony with Natural Order, a Direct Democracy understanding that the Process of Democracy is not Ochlocracy.

  11. beaconterraone says:

    I am not an anarchist in any sense of the word, though I love to illustrate the difference between power (the ability to do something) and authority (the right to do something) for those not aware, along with emphasizing that mere power may be ignored to the maximum extent possible with no moral or ethical implications.

    Most of what modern governments claim is not “authority,” but sheer power. They have more means to force you to do their will than you do to resist, including deadly force.

    That said, I am not on-board with “government is immoral.” My morality is based on the Way of Jesus Christ, and He made clear, despite the horrors He had to suffer under government instigated by “the Jews” (Bible’s term, not mine), government is merely a tool, an instrument. It can be bad or good. Even Pontius Pilate, the vehicle of Roman authority, dragged his feet on killing Jesus Christ, but acquiesced in the face of personal danger from a potential revolt by “the Jews.”

    Government, in its most basic form, is the nuclear family. All legitimate government is an extension thereof. “No government” is a fantasy, just like Marxist utopia is a fantasy. Anarchy is a theoretical model that would work wonderfully IF people were properly self-governing, including ALWAYS being honest, ALWAYS being just, ALWAYS being fair. No human society, from tribe to nation-state, has ever displayed such. Hence, government is a necessary evil as the Founders of the imperfect American System told us. They also told us the American System is ONLY suited for a moral people. Since the American population is, by and large, hardly a moral people any longer, that is exactly why the American System is now disintegrating.

    • Duck says:

      “……Government, in its most basic form, is the nuclear family.

      All legitimate government is an extension thereof. “No government” is a fantasy, just like Marxist utopia is a fantasy.

      Anarchy is a theoretical model that would work wonderfully IF people were properly self-governing, including ALWAYS being honest, ALWAYS being just, ALWAYS being fair.

      No human society, from tribe to nation-state, has ever displayed such.

      Hence, government is a necessary……”

      You laid it all out perfectly, what people who are in the process of revolution do not understand is that the Break Up of the Nuclear Family, the sexualization of children and Polymorphus Perversity and transhumanism (and ultimatly depopulation and death) are ALL IN LINE with the process started in the the French Revolution and carried on thru Feminism and the 60’s cultural revolution. They are just the next step along the path.

      The only way to get thru what is coming is for people to turn back from at least the last 70 years of cultural progress…ultimately to repent. Most people will not do it because the cancer has grown into them so much they think its their own body

      • sissaly says:

        No. Government root word is to rule the mind. It has nothing to do with family nor the foundational principle of Natural Order which is min selfes regulare, to rule thy self in harmony with Natural Order by Doing all that I agree to do and by Not encroaching on others nor their property.

        Because we do not live in a perfect world and individuals will lie, steal and murder, we need courts of Remedy uncorrupted by petty career bureaucrats and Career Politicians.

        There is no need to engage Revolution except to do nothing but take care of your Self in harmony with natural order.

        The last 70 years has been an exercise in Unnatural Order which cannot persist, it is like swimming against the current and we are watching it crash and burn everyday.

        There is no getting “people” to turn back to any ideal from the past. You cannot force others to change, when you do, you engage evil.

      • beaconterraone says:

        This Scripture has been seen ubiquitously in many circles, but it is absolutely true, and is the ONLY – again, ONLY – way to restore sanity and stability to our society or any society:

        “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

        — 2 Chronicles 7:14

        When someone says, “God bless America,” I almost always ask, “why?” Why should He? What does America do that is even predominately holy? Kill unborn babies for “rights”? Worship money? Attack peoples around the world for power trips and profit? Declare “pride” in filthy perversions?

        A majority of Americans, maybe even a large plurality would be sufficient, must REPENT and offer up to God their sorrow and pleas for healing and justice. Do I see this repentance happening, even lukewarmly? Absolutely not. The defiance, hate, and frothing-at-the-mouth anger at God will continue and get worse. We are now in the mode of what Dostoevsky warned about: “Без бога всё позволено.”

    • sissaly says:

      You suffer from your Government Indoctrinated Schooling. There are no “necessary evils” that is logical fallacy. The Founders were blind to the corruptibility of the Representative. The Founders were wrong in picking a Republic. They should have gone with a Direct Democracy which is in harmony with Self Rule of Natural Order.

      As you can see, Morality is like Fashion and changes with the times and beliefs of the Majority.

      Look at Covid Lockdowns, mask mandates, all mandated medical interventions that have only caused more harm, but it was moral and right because the Government said so.

      Look at how moral it was to attack people who did not mask.
      Look at how moral it was to deny food to people who did not jab in Europe.
      Look at how moral it is to discriminate against people who do not wear masks, jab social distance and lock down.

      Naw. YOu can keep your ever changing morality, I will stick with Ruling My Self in harmony with Natural Order. Doing all that I agree to do and not encroaching on others nor their property, even if they do things or believe things I do not agree with.

      • beaconterraone says:

        You suffer from ASSumptionism and prejudice without evidence.

        “Natural order”?! Show us any animal group that “votes” on decisions. Instead, autocracy is the general rule: for wolves, or lower primates. The strongest member is the leader, often through bloody conflict. The National Socialist system, for example, was based upon the Alpha Wolf concept (Hitler’s first name literally means “noble wolf,” BTW). If you want to be in tune with “Natural Order,” you’ll need to ditch the “libertarianism” and start advocating an autocratic system.

        Yes, I am “educated,” but I am also very educated…via self-directed reading and research. I was the only A+ in “Western Political Thought” at my university, based on a paper documenting just how hypocritical and corrupt “Western democracies” are. I am about as far from “indoctrinated” as anyone of my cohort. I saw through the left/right BS at 17, and wrote that paper in 1995 at 24.

        You’re using Red Herrings to try to make your “points.” That’s dishonest. You will see no disagreement from me on the Fascism (state and “private corporation” fusion) exerted during COVID-19(84). In fact, I was one of the loudest objectors here in our county, using my own birth name, publicly. I made clear that everyone should resist the “vaccines” BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY (open to whatever the reader’s interpretation may be of that, and I meant it in the obvious sense, since “forced”/coerced “vaccination” is assault with a deadly weapon).

        The American System of the Founders which I advocate does not tolerate the Fascism we saw lately, with “mandates” on individuals for decisions which are solidly within the purview of ONLY the individual. See: the Ninth Amendment.

        • sissaly says:

          What Red Herring?

          You should go back and do more research on Wolves. They have come out with new data that shows the Alpha Wolf concept is incorrect, that the pack works in cooperation out of mutual self interest. The pack picks the “leader” and they are not Autocrats, using violent force nor coercion. The “Alpha” demonstrates. The rest mimick. The Alpha is put there by the rest because he or she is the smartest and strongest.

          The Lion in the Pride is kicked out by the pride when they no longer want him there. This has happened in many prides.

          Autocracy is a Fallacy that only humans believe in and I am not my beliefs.

          • beaconterraone says:

            You said: “You should go back and do more research on Wolves. They have come out with new data that shows the Alpha Wolf concept is incorrect…”


            This “research” sounds like the new “research” that claims little kids are trannies at 2, and that men “can become women.”

            Observation of the Natural World > “research” by ideologues

            • sissaly says:

              The Term Alpha, Beta, Gama and other greek numerals were used to identify the family of the pack.

              Most wolf packs simply consist of two parents and their puppies. The group may also include one- to three-year-old offspring that have not yet headed out on their own.

              “The adults are simply in charge because they are the parents of the rest of the pack members. We don’t talk about the alpha male, the alpha female and the beta child in a human family,”

              A great deal of research was done on the wolf’s pack structure in the 1960s and 1970s, but this was mainly on wolves in captivity. For example, Erik Zimen, a Swede, worked with social organization among wolves in captivity.

              These wolves were not necessarily related and were kept in an unnaturally small area.

              In 1970, the book The Wolf: Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species was published, written by David Mech. It was a success. The book helped to popularize the alpha concept, because many people referred to Mech’s work.

              Mech has written on his website that he repeatedly asked the publisher to stop printing the book because much of the information is outdated — including the concept behind the alpha wolf. Nevertheless, the book is still being sold.

              “David Mech, the world’s most profiled wolf researcher, used the terminology alpha animals in his early research. But by the time he realized that this was a mistake, the term had already taken root in the literature. He is now struggling to get this changed,”.

              I see reality as it is, you see reality as YOU want it to be and apparently you like the belief in an Alpha Male.

              • beaconterraone says:

                You said: “I see reality as it is, you see reality as YOU want it to be and apparently you like the belief in an Alpha Male.”

                ROTFLMAO – I really can’t even respond to that!

              • sissaly says:

                Well beaconterraone, you could take a look at the data and decide for yourself. However, you have identified as the Alpha Male concept, objectified it and ignore any new data coming in.

                This is the problem with belief. Fortunately, in reality as it is and not as we want it to be, we are not our beliefs, it just takes some longer to realize it and allow new data in to change their belief.

                I prefer not having a belief, which always means I quite literally know nothing.

                keeps me curious and seeking answers when I know nothing. Try it some time. Its pretty cool

  12. DeepSeekARRR says:

    Hey James have you heard of Interactive Democracy? It’s not government it’s collective management.
    There is an org I’m part of:

    Its small but it has done a lot with some great activists seeking a better way forward.

    I’m not saying it’s better than eventual anarchy but it’s the only way I have found that we can reach the civilian education level required for anarchy to work.

    • sissaly says:

      It sounds like a Direct Democracy which is in harmony with the principles of Self Rule.

      Here is a great sentence from their website…Reducing authoritative powers wielded by officials is an emerging state of social consciousness and a stage of evolution in society.

      Indeed, with the Republics of Modern Times Crashing and Burning (yet again in a cycle of corruption) in ten years, their final embers will snuff out on their own and we will be handed the perfect timing to create a new form of Government in Harmony with Natural Order, a Direct Democracy.

      Lets do it. Now is the time to hash out the details while the corrupt representatives are distracted with trying to grab more power as their base burns to the ground.

  13. sissaly says:

    Indeed. What we are witnessing daily is the Crash and Burn of Modern Hybrid Democratic Republics, with their corruptible Representative and Bureaucrat.

    No need to vote for a savior or to even try to put the fire out. In the end you will only get hurt.

    Better to take care of your self interest in harmony with Natural Order, take care of your family, take care of your community and in 10 years, the final embers will snuff out on their own, giving us the perfect timing to replace these Hybrid Republics with real Democracies, Direct Democracies.

    A Direct Democracy is a Society of Self Rule in Cooperation with Other. This is in harmony with Natural Order.

    • Duck says:

      “… and in 10 years, the final embers will snuff ou…”

      Maybe, but you are assuming that a bunch of the dudes with the old systems uniforms and guns wont be setting up a smaller variation of the old system.

      Thats much more probable then a total collapse, look what happened with Rome- some new bosses came and replaced the old bosses…. an aside is that areas with many Muslims will become defacto Islamic States just because the Muslims will naturally band together to provide law and order as the old system falls.

      You are right that it will fall horribly, but it wont leave a vacuum

      • sissaly says:

        And with in a few years, Romes population consisted of 10,000 people because everyone left to rule themselves.

        It is crashing and burning and nothing can stop it, not even all the dudes with guns and uniforms can stop it.

        I prepare now for the time in 10 years when it will be easy to establish a Direct Democracy, for as you say, the vacuume will be filled one way or another, and I would rather live in a Direct Democracy in harmony with Natural Order.

        • Duck says:


          Rome did have something of a die off but that did not leave people free to rule themselves…the feudal system was a continuation of what the late Roman empire brought in….most people’s lives did not change much at all when barbarians replaced the Roman land lord

          • sissaly says:

            The people submitted to the feudal system out of their own self interest though, and when the black plague of the Dark Ages killed off half the population there was a worker shortage which ended the feudal system and created our modern worker system where the people on the land were paid as hired hands rather than pheasants.

            The people persist no matter what. The people act out of their own self interest always.

            It is time to do away with these Republics and their corruptible Representative and Bureaucrat.

            It is time for Humanity to grow up and evolve and evolve our form of Government into a Direct Democracy which is as close to self rule as we can get in a collective we call Culture and Civilized Society.

            I like Society. I am able to satisfy my self Interests so much easier and more efficiently in a Society rather than as a lone wolf.

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    BALANCE – Voluntaryism and Anarchy

    I want to emphasize practical common sense and grounded balance.

    Start listening to James Corbett at about the 44 minute mark of
    Interview 1725 – James Corbett on Maverick Mindcast – 5/02/2022

    A few EXCERPTS…James Corbett says:
    ”…I want the future of freedom and very many different types of communities operating in different ways…
    …freedom means the freedom to have many many many many different types of community working in different ways sometimes at cross purposes. That means that sometimes there will be conflict. I don’t think there will be a vision of a humanity that looks like humanity in which there will never be conflict…”

    48 mark…
    …if I had the magical switch to flip the world over to anarchy overnight, I absolutely would NOT flip it because I think it would dissolve into the kind of chaos that people associate with anarchy, because we are steeped in this complete system of centralized control. That’s all we’ve ever known….”

  15. By coincidence I just came upon this video at another site.
    It’s right on topic.

    Its message:
    . God over government
    . Prepare for revolution

    The author came up with a very interesting strategy to present their controversial material on YouTube.
    They opted to make a preemptive strike!

    Check out the wording in their right up front disclaimer.
    Very clever. It’s worked now for five months.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I always have enjoyed that inspiring Music Video:
      Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy – God Over Government.
      Disclaimer: The views, information, opinions and/or activities expressed in this video are solely those of the individuals appearing in the video, and do not necessarily reflect or represent those of Hi-Rez LLC, or its producers, officers, agents, and employees. The video is strictly journalism, and all of the content contained in the video are filmed for historical documentation purposes. The video is not meant to promote one side of an idea or another. The video is objectively documenting history, and is only filming individuals in their natural setting. None of the footage has been altered to enforce any particular narrative. Hi-Rez LLC has not verified, and is not responsible for, the accuracy of any information contained within the video. Hi-Rez LLC assumes no liability for any views, information, opinions and/or activities contained within the video.

      Great ending quote in the Video:
      “One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”
      ― Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail

  16. Not sure what to say here really except there is a huge difference in corrupted government and government, just like there’s a huge difference in corrupted elections and elections, just like there’s a huge difference in corrupted legacy mainstream media and mainstream media, just like there’s a huge difference in corrupted private “Federal” Reserve banking and sound money banking, just like there’s a huge difference in legal, sensible immigration and open borders with no legal, sensible immigration and so on. I’ve learned that some of America’s Founders were actually Deists. Now why didn’t we hear that in school? After 20 years of observing people around me, including some of these high profile “truth advocates” I have a pretty good idea why. Regardless of how slavery REALLY went all over the world long ago, or today, Congressman Ron Paul got me started learning some of these basics in 2007 and also pointed out how our US Constitution has never given anyone the authority to police the world or do psyop scams on us and others. It was and still is a revolutionary document for small government and liberty. I recommend all countries adopt a sensible Constitution of their own like ours, if they haven’t already, for small government and liberty, and then ACTUALLY DEFENDING IT. No lip service or bs psyops.

    • sissaly says:

      The Constitution is a wonderful document that limits Government by codefying human rights which we are born with and cannot be taken away.

      The problem is not the Constitution.

      The Problem, the GREAT PROBLEM, is mans form of Government.

      We are in love with the Republic form of Government.

      Granted, we have Hybridized our Republics with the illusions of Democracy because the People vote on the Representative.

      In a real Democracy, a Government of the people, by the people for the people, the People would vote on the laws and war.

      It is the Corruptible Representative of the Hybrid Democratic Republic that votes on the laws and war, not the people.

      It is the Corruptible Representative that Rich Corrupt Corporations (google, amazon, facebook, twitter) and Rich Corrupt Individuals and Groups of Individuals like Gates, Soros, Rockefeller Foundation purchase the favors of both the corruptible representative and Bureaucrat through donation.

      That smoke you smell…it is the Hybridized Republics beginning to Crash and Burn.

      The astronomically high inflation rate is due to Government Lockdowns which have destroyed supply chains for years and years to come.

      This is a symptom of the crash and burn.

      The Governments war on oil which is also contributing to high inflation, is yet another symptom.

      The manipulations of Ukraine and Taiwan are yet other symptoms of the crash and burn.

      As food prices sky rocket in the coming years due to government interference in the free market and the Climate Changing from Warming to Cooling causing crop loss, the Government only guarantees a large Majority of starving, angry and foolish mobs.

      The Governments have aligned themselves with the Corrupt WEF Marxist Agenda to grab more power through Authoritarianism.

      It will fail.

      And, when the final embers snuff out on their own in 10 years, we will then be able to create a new Direct Democracy easily and swiftly, IF the majority of people have corrected the error in their thinking about Democracies and Republics.

  17. taxpayer says:

    Nobody showed up to vote at the election (or, more precisely, referendum) in Brookhaven NY. Apparently there are about 20,000 folks who live in the district. So the Town Board, none of whom bothered to vote, will decide whether to try again.

  18. darrell says:

    Governments as they exist, de facto, are immoral, in most times and in most places, but governments in themselves, de iure, are not immoral. There can be and there have been “good governments,” especially under various Catholic monarchs, a prime example being King St Louis IX of France.

    Without reference to the supernatural order and Divine Revelation, and the reality of what has traditionally been called the “Original Sin” of our first parents, Adam and Eve, which we all inherit upon conception and which Baptism effaces while its effects still remain: death, suffering, darkened intellect, weakened will, concupiscence, the strong tendency to sin – if we leave all that out of consideration, and the reality of supernatural grace to overcome sin and its effects, then sure, it would be easy to conclude that governments are evil and there cannot be good government.

    For those inclined to philosophical study and thinking, as well as theology, see the Summa Theologiae (or “Theologica”) of St Thomas Aquinas, arguably the greatest mind that ever existed.

    On Law, see q. 90-108 here:

    On his specifically political writings, see

    Without reference to the supernatural order (and preternatural, i.e. of angels and demons), trying to address and overcome political and other temporal evils is like a doctor trying to cure a systemic malady in a patient by just cleaning and bandaging the external wounds the internal disease creates.

    • Octium says:

      wouldn’t King St Louis IX of France, being a catholic be bound by the tenth commandment “You shall not steal”? So the moment he raised taxes to pay for the war he would be acting immorally and also against natural law I would have thought.

      • darrell says:

        If by “war” you mean the Crusade to liberate the Holy Land from the Muslims, the question arises whether such an endeavor was a just one. Many lies have been spread about the Crusades, just like everything else. I recommend, e.g., searching “Crusades” at, or more specifically on Louis IX, There’s also a very good book, Seven Lies About Catholic History by Diane Moczar, pretty cheap at Keep in mind, though, that besides the many lies we’ve been inundated with, the real Catholic Church is different from the counterfeit church serving the Globalist NWO agenda since 1958, after many years of infiltration. Long story, but it’s explained at and also

      • Duck says:


        Since under the feudal system the king of France was basically running EITHER A protection racket or a protection SERVICE you could argue the taxes were for services.

        The feudal system was not great to live under but it did at least stop a good deal of random murder and pillage which is why it was able to get buy in from the people a lot of the time

    • Duck says:

      Was he the guy whos the BLM people were trying to take down when they were attacking Confederate statues??

      Weird since he was not a slave owner…but i believe he was famous for having the Talmud burned in France after he was shown what it contained.

      • darrell says:

        I’ve long been a great admirer of Dr E Michael Jones and Culture Wars Magazine, and I’ve read a good number of his books, having learned a great deal from him and the research he has done. For all his greatness, though, he has a few blind spots:

        1. he cannot connect the dots and perceive that what people see as the “Catholic Church” is actually a counterfeit simulacrum and that the real Catholic Church is the small but growing “remnant” maintaining Catholic tradition in all things and rejecting the revolutionary and heretical novelties imposed by antipopes beginning with John XXIII in 1958;

        2. he thinks Freemasonry is a thing of the past;

        3. he thinks the Message of Our Lady of Fatima is a thing of the past, largely because

        4. he apparently refuses to look at the undeniable evidence that the Fatima visionary, Sr Lucia, was “disappeared” (likely in 1958) and replaced by an impostor, as numerous forensic studies have proven. Even a 4 year old could see he was looking at 2 different women. This criminal act of identity theft, possibly the greatest and most egregious in history, allowed the enemy colonizers of the Vatican to hijack the Fatima Message and also create their own “Third Secret of Fatima,” since the real Third Secret revealed the enemy takeover of the papacy and of the Church’s visible structures:;

        Dr Jones does much good but he is what is called a “semi-trad” Catholic, a fence-sitter between Catholic traditional doctrine and practice, and Vatican II Council (1962-65) novelty and heresy.

        • Duck says:

          I am not a catholic so I don’t really have the tools to be too critical of him on thst… He comes across as VERY catholic to an outsider, atleast from his books _the history and social commentary are on the nail I think.

          He is the only person I have read who will call out jewish power in an easy and simple way even as he shows evidence of what he saying.

          • darrell says:

            Many people have become Catholic by reading E Michael Jones’s books and/or listening to his talks and interviews (but like I said, he embraces the more common modern, “ecumenical” version of Catholicism, thinking the NWO Globalist asset Francis, an extreme embarrassment to traditional Catholics, is a real pope). Some are on youtube but a lot of them are censored there and are on other platforms. He’s often called “anti-semitic,” but as Joe Sobran famously said, “An anti-semite used to mean a person who didn’t like Jews. Now it means anyone whom the Jews don’t like.”

            To quote Jones, “I love the Jews, since Jesus commanded us to love our enemies.”

            His most popular book is Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control, also discussed in interviews.

    • John Blaid says:

      Government as an idea and concept is inherently immoral because the concept is creating two sets of people of masters and slaves. The masters that claim rights that nobody else has which is the right to tell people what they can and cannot do with their lives and bodies and the slaves that are forced to obey the arbitrary commands of their masters. We cannot have a “good” government no matter how much we would like to because the position itself which a government creates is inherently immoral. Think of it like the one ring to rule them all in the lord of the rings story, it doesn’t matter what kind of person who attempt to wield the ring, it will corrupt the person because the ring itself is evil just like the ruling position created by the concept of government is inherently evil.

      To put it another way, there is no right way of doing something wrong. The only thing the idea and concept of government can do is to attempt to justify doing something wrong which in truth can never be justified.

      The Hobbit, LOTR and Anarchism

      The Myth of Authority

      • darrell says:

        If there’s a divinely established moral and social order, then even though “all men are created equal,” a political order is right for man. Even Jesus famously said, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

        But if there is no divinely established order to which all are subject, under pain of sin (remember that concept?), then Darwinian “survival of the fittest” makes perfect sense, even socially, and we can just consider ourselves part of “Nature red in tooth and claw.”

        If we ignore or reject the towering figure in the Gospel, we do so at our own peril and dissolution, both personally and socially. Just because there has always been a lot of pseudo-Christianity, it doesn’t mean that in its authentic form it is not the one recipe for the welfare of persons and of society. See what the great Oxford scholar John Henry Newman and the very learned Fr Denis Fahey have to say, in their own profound and eloquent way:

        • sissaly says:

          What is Natural Order?

          Studying Nature, it is looks like it is a conjugate pressure modality mediation of the Divine Pure Perfection Potential, that which you call God.

          Examples of these pressure modalities is like the water coming out of your shower head and its return through the drain.

          The Shower head is a toroidal centrifugal force vector that moves towards the attribute of total impotence, space, and then curves back towards center as the water flows in a centripetal hyperboloid acceleration vector towards increasing Pure potential.

          A simpler way of looking at it is the water that comes up out of a spring and flows to the see, a fine example of pressure mediation.

          Or, even simpler, throw up a pen in the air and watch it return. Pressure mediation.

          Jump off a cliff believing one can fly would be a sin, and the natural consequence of that sin would be falling to ones death or utter brokenness. Natural Order does not care about your beliefs nor your man made laws. The consequence is built into the very core of the cosmos.

          So in the end, Government is just another religion. Go figure.

          • darrell says:

            That may be easy for you to say. I say it’s really not that complicated: God has revealed what we need to know, to believe (certain truths are beyond reason but not opposed to reason: Triune God, i.e. the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, etc.) and to do. Did you read that eloquent and profound chapter from John Henry Newman that I linked? Ever read the Gospels? Could they have ever been just made up? Ever heard the words of a real successor to the apostles? There are only a handful today:
   (includes others by him)

            “God made man in His own image and likeness, and man has been returning the favor ever since.”

            • sissaly says:

              Man and all of manifestation is an attribute of the One, the Good, the Absolute Aether. The likeness of The Absolute is in all of its attributes, from cosmos to molecule. All attributes of the One. Not created, attribute.

              Yes, the bible is written by Man. I have read it, it is total trash. The trinity is a very confused way of saying Aether pure Potential God, its attribute the Dielectric Jesus and its conjugate the Magnetic Holy Spirit.

              The Three are One, the Absolute.

              Notice the body is of no mention. It is not the important part of any of this. We have sinned in embodiement because we have identified with that which we are not. We are not the body. We are the Spirit which comes from the aether as a torque, a dielectric acceleration.

              No need to invoke creator created when the Absolute is All and all is an attribute of the Absolute.


              666 is Greek Numerical Shorthand for Excessio, or Excess. Just think about it. Evil is Excess. Totally.

      • Duck says:

        John blaid
        “…Government as an idea and concept is inherently immoral because the concept is creating two sets of people of masters and slaves….”

        It is not CREATING those sets of people, some people are naturally slavish and demand to be led….if you do not believe that ask yourself what happens when people get scared?

        There is a significant percentage of people who naturally WANT a leader to make their decisions, and that section of the population will always exist because that is their nature.

        That is why there has never existed an Anarchy as anything but a transitional time between forms of government.

        • sissaly says:

          You do not see reality as it is duck, you see reality as YOU WANT IT TO BE.

          Its kind of creepy. You are the kind of guy who would love lording it over the people you claim want it. So GROSS. and UNTRUE.

          People are very good at taking care of their self interest and will do so as easily as possible.

          People do not demand to be led. The follow the easiest path to self satisfaction.

          It is corrupt evil individuals who believe it is their right to rule that manipulate the self interest of others for their own ends.

          In the end, Ruling others is not in harmony with Natural Order, it is in opposition to the order flow.

          Ruling others is like the swimmer caught in a rip current, who believes they can swim against the tide to save themselves.

          We are watching daily the total crash and burn of our modern hybrid democratic Republics. Republics have one fatal flaw that brings them down every time, that is the corruptible Ruler we call the Representative.

          Maybe, in 10 years, when the final embers snuff out on their own, the majority will have corrected their error in thinking about Government that causes so much suffering and we can finaly agree on a real Democracy, a Direct Democracy.

          Oh but you would hate that wouldn’t you? It would be very difficult for you to corrupt the entire voting Majority if it is made up of millions rather than just 550.

          In your twisted corrupt thinking, you would invoke the chaos of the Ochlocracy and assert it over the Process of Democracy.

          But I think that the majority are onto you and your kind. I do. I really do.

          Ah well, as I, Spirit, am not this body I am tuned to, nor am I its experiences, it feelings, its emoting, nor am I its senses and consciousness, I am also not the brains thoughts and beliefs.

    • sissaly says:

      Government is given rights that are wrongs for everyone else, the wrong right to initiate violent force and the wrong right to engage in coercion which should be the legal definition of “violent language”

      Slap religious hog wash on all that, and you still have a wrong masqueraded as a right.

      We are not created by God, we are attributes of God. A difference with a distinction. This means that there is no “original sin” We suffer because we as Spirit have misidentified ourselves as the body we are tuned to. This is our sin. That which is born must die but the spirit continues on.

      It is not for Man to Rule Man. Remember when the Jews begged God for a King? Before that, they ruled themselves and had Judges they went to for remedy in conflict. God warned them not to go with a King.

      Do you think that a Representative or Bureaucrat of the Republic is any different than a King?

  19. OneKnightErrant says:

    I’m guessing most of the CR subscribers have seen George Carlin’s sketch on voting, but for those who missed it, here it is again – – Found it on bitchute avoiding a youtube link. This channel, “yourgovernment101”, has also recently posted two videos worth watching: “Gary Webb: The CIA – the Contras and Crack Cocaine – 1999” as well as “The Panama Deception”.

    Gary Webb also featured on the Corbett Report under the rubric “Requiem for the Suicided” –

    Mae Brussell was probably the premier researcher of conspiracies in her day. Here’s Part 2 of her broadcast on the World Watchers site – – She talks about mind control, the assassinations of John Lennon, Robert Kennedy, and others. Mae mentions a book by Candy Jones (aka, Jessica Arline Wilcox). Jones married Long John Nebel (John Zimmerman) and became a co-host on his radio show, later discovering under hypnosis she had been an MKUltra mind control subject.

    Many of Mae’s radio shows are archived here – – However, they are not titled by subject matter.

    I consider the Shadow Government the dark side of our collective consciousness. From where I’m at, we are experiencing an intense, transformative period in our evolution as spiritual beings with a tremendous potential for awakening. The metamorphic ball is in our court. Deep down, we are all Suzanne Lenglen. We’ve got shots they haven’t even dreamed of.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good post covering an array of topics and with sources.

      I like seeing this form.

    • Octium says:

      If anyone is looking for a good AI project to attempt I’d love to see an AI chatbot generated from the transcriptions of all Mae’s show tapes. It’s a shame she is gone now and that you can’t ask her questions.

      No need for it to be sentient 🙂

      • Duck says:

        I was trying to do minuets for her shows so I could pit them in obsidian notes but I did not get past the first CD… I need to work out text to speech.

        A searchable data base of her work would be better

      • sissaly says:

        I do not believe a chatbot can be an AI. A very sophisticated program yes. but an AI? I dont think so. Prove me wrong, I am not my beliefs.

  20. WonkoTheSane says:

    ‘Government’ Itself IS Immoral… but, Government Itself IS Mind Control.

    To Control the Mind is not a bad thing, but to Control another’s Mind… it is the basis of Wrong.

    Monarchy for me, Anarchy for thee. I, and only I, have the Right to rule my Mind. I am King/Queen of my Mind, and my Actions, and am Responsible only for my Actions. I have no Right to rule another’s Mind. This is the only form of ‘Legitimate Government’. There is only one Moral form of Mind Control: YOUR MIND, NO OTHERS; otherwise, Rights cannot exist.

    As long as you have Control over your own Mind, you are Free (you cannot Free a thing that does not desire Freedom). If you do not see that, you do not have Control over your own Mind, yet. Granted, being Free isn’t the safest of ventures. But, damn is it a treat for the Spirit.

    “It is dangerous to be Right in matters on which the established authorities are Wrong.”

  21. Dalesco says:

    I agree with the general idea of the article and as a matter of fact, I never voted in my life.

    But I’m afraid that debating over what the best political system is – whether that system includes a governing body or not – is like discussing the sex of angels.

    I’ll even add that arguing about ideologies is part of the problem. It’s a distraction and it divides what should be an army of earnest dissidents.

    For now at least, the day we’ll be able to peacefully sit around and decide what system of communal life to adopt is very, very far away indeed.

    Meanwhile, there are more pressing issues.

    • sissaly says:

      Actually, it is now that we should begin to talk about replacement systems as the current Hybrid Democratic Republic is Crashing and Burning.

      Oh, you disagree? Perhaps you have not noticed the symptoms of a Crashing and Burning Republic, like skyrocketing inflation due to Government mandated lockdowns world wide that have destroyed supply chains for years to come during a climate change event as the the world climate changes from warming to cooling creating crop loss and all means of havoc on the food supply?

      Perhaps you have not noticed the Governments war on oil whos byproduct, C02, plant food, has been deemed a climate pollutant by the government as they add to the inflation crisis with their war on oil.

      Or how about the Ukraine and Taiwan manipulations?

      Or how about all that Government Borrowing?

      No? Didn’t notice? Don’t know what I am talking about?

      Well, no matter. It is crashing and burning and in a few years everyone will recognize it and in 10 years, the final embers will have snuffed out, along with all those who believed in the system and those of us left, well we will be able to easily and swifly replace these Republics with their corruptible representatives with real Democracies, Direct Democracies and we, the wise ones, will have hashed out the details in the ensuing years while the fools of the world destroy themselves.

      Yes. Something will fill the void in 10 years. I would have that void filled with a Direct Democracy. NO MORE REPUBLICS

      • Dalesco says:

        “No? Didn’t notice? Don’t know what I am talking about?”
        Relax, you don’t even know me.

        What you’re talking about is, I believe, simply the ongoing act of a play we’re all supposed to be watching. Then, I trust that we, here, are among those who notice there is more going on behind the scenes. This greatly reduces the hypnotic force the actors as well as the drama of that play exert upon us.

        But when you talk about a void afterwards, personally I really don’t see it. What I see is just the next act. Already written – give or take a few variations. Unless, of course, we can create the unexpected.

        But to think that a coming collapse will have people begging for some “wise ones” to step in and provide them with a sounder system… to me that’s just wishful thinking.

        • sissaly says:

          I never spoke of any one stepping in and providing a system. Not at all. No one is going to save the day. There is no saving the Republic. Its going in the trasheap of history with all the other failed Republics.

          I spoke of wise people using the time of the crash and burn to identify the flaws and ensure we do not repeat the same form. Rather go with a Direct Democracy. There are many details to hash out.

          Perhaps we will do that hashing out then, after 2032. It will take time. Maybe we will have it all hashed out by the end of the decade if history is a good judge of past performance.

          It would be better to hash out the details now, for as you say, the corrupted ones will hatch new plots to take control and implement their unimplementable plan of a One World Government and a total Marxist Top down control of everything.

          I mean really, they can dream all they want. They will always fail in this endeavor.

          Let us focus rather on implementing a Direct Democracy.

          The first thing is we need a voting platform. Block Chain Technology would be much wiser utilized as a Voting Platform in a Direct Democracy than as money or a tradable asset.

          And the voter would have to be qualified. We can not have Government Employees, Bureaucrats, Contractors, or recipients of any money or benefit from the Government voting. That would be very foolish.

          Only Tax Payers can be qualified to vote since the Tax Payer is the one who pays for it all.

          That makes sense. Its like a share in a corporation. You buy the share with the tax you pay.

          Also. Laws that are passed that do not have a victim or property damage, must have an expiration after 9 years. If it is a good law. A wise law, it will be voted in again. All man made laws should have expiration dates. Man made laws have no victim no property damage.

          A 50% majority is too low. If the law is wise and good, it will pass by a much larger majority. 60% majority to pass any law and it must have an expiration date.

          It is the void of an ending that arises the birth of the next chapter, a Direct Democracy.

          Perhaps you find comfort in believing that everything happening is scripted by men in some collective, be it government, corporation or Foundation, and they certainly do have their schemes and their machinations. If they are in harmony with natural order they will persist and if they are not, they will fail.

          I do not engage in wishful thinking. I see reality as it is, a pressure mediated modality of an aether perturbation, some love to call god. That pressure is easy to follow, its like flowing with the current in the river of life. I only suffer when I try to swim against that current. Go figure.

          A Direct Democracy. That is what I am aiming for. Now is the time to lay the seeds in the minds of my family friends and community.

          Republics are the worst form of Government because the Representative can be bribed so easily. Not so in a Direct Democracy.

          • Duck says:


            “…Only Tax Payers can be qualified to vote since the Tax Payer is the one who pays for it all….”

            Hey… While I do think your kinda bonkers we agree on something.

            Clearing out people who don’t pay significantly tax from the voter rolls would actually be a great thing…. I know that Ben Franklin asked the question on property dependant voting if the vote lay in the man or in his Ass (or other property) but he could never foresee the number of welfare slaves and their fancier version-government emplyed voters.

            It would also shatter the stupid illusion of democracy which is to hide who actually runs things..and make it easier to find the real culprit in policy….not 1 in 20 men should actually have the franchise…. I think it should be REAl property thought, rather then just financial wealth- business or land or a house is the ticket

            • Duck says:


              Here is the quote on the vote…he was kinda a gross person but no one can argue that Franklin wasnt funny and smart.

              He’d have a good channel on YouTube today ….haha

            • sissaly says:

              We certainly do have an illusion of Democracy and many of its victims support it with great passions.

              This is why we will only see suffering increase from here on out. The majority will only ever correct the error in their thinking with great suffering.

              Tragic but True.

              So I am bonkers but you agree with me. What am I bonkers on so I at least may defend my position as logical and not bonkers.

  22. HyperSimian says:

    Anarchy for all, government for the ones who need to be ruled and wish to rule others. Plain and simple. Anarchy can live side by side with those who want to be governed but just mind your own business. A country of Anarchy is possible but buyable sovereign land is the major problem. A community with resources and obviously money could do it. I have faith someday it will happen and hopefully with my help.

    • sissaly says:

      In reality, we will probably see a break up of the US over the next 10 years. People are already voting with their feet. So we may see those blue states full on communist right beside a red state that would be a Direct Democracy which is as close to Self Rule as we can get in a Civilized Society which organizes collectively out of mutual self interest and benefit.

      IT is only when one group tries to dominate another group that the ties that bind a society together become undone, as we see today with the Left gone Power Crazy.

  23. Duck says:

    “…Anarchy can live side by side with those who want to be governed but just mind your own business…..”

    How would that work?
    The reason no anarchy exists is that those who want governance are a hundred times better organized and will absorb the people in anarchy or exterminate them…they would be very unlikely to allow an anarchy to exist near their geographical area unless they were a super weak state.

    You can only have anarchy when your far away from states that want to steal your stuff

    • HyperSimian says:


      • Duck says:

        Defend what?

        There are ZERO anarchies in existence where people WANT to live.

        There are ZERO anarchies that I know of in history that survived a state pushing in on them.

        There are MANY states and nations of greater or lesser personal freedom.

        IF the people in the anarchy had modern rifles and the people encroaching in them were armed with swords and bows then the anarchy might continue…but in the real world a state almost always has better supply lines and more sophisticated weaponry.

        When the barbarians ( who are also NEVER an anarchy BTW) have better weapons THEY push into the state and BECOME the state (like Gaul becoming Frank’s)

        • HyperSimian says:

          The past is no correlation to the future.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Indeed, just because “it’s always been this way” doesn’t mean it will be so in the future. We can shift people’s perspective.

            I have no more trust in government, especially on the national level. I think no matter who gets in, there’s some agenda being put forward that is not in our best interest.

            Also, being able to defend oneself is a deterrent to tyranny of the state. This is why governments want “gun control.

            The state or government have turned into or perhaps always were the enemy of the people.

            • Duck says:

              “…Indeed, just because “it’s always been this way” doesn’t mean it will be so in the future. We can shift people’s perspective…”

              Well…. That may be true but it does appear that if a state of stable anarchy has NEVER existed then it is not a likely to spontaneously form.

              As to defence via personal weapons you should note that anyone could own any weapon at the time of the American Revolution….however without the action masses being directed by the minds of men like Paine and Washington the British Army there would have been no successful revolution.

              The American Indian has access to plenty of modern weapons- the US Calvary did not have massivly better weapons. They DID have massively better supply lines and organization.

              I can give YOU any guns you like but would you be able to hold your home against the forces of the Government with JUST YOUR FAMILY…?

              • cu.h.j says:

                Americans are better armed than Native Americans and there are many former military who might be open to forming a voluntary society, or parallel society especially if the situation worsens here.

                The state is made up of people who are still confused about it’s purpose. If they can realize that it is, at this point in time stealing from us and attempting to enslave and kill us off, people can rebel against it and form something else.

                Do you think the military wants to kill regular Americans when some of them know that Bill Gates is buying up farmland and that our oil is being depleted?

                What about the vaccine mandates? I think countries all over the world could form voluntary societies from within, but will probably start here.

                However, I think this transition needs to happen slowly as consciousness changes.

            • Duck says:

              You did not answer the real question… If you have unlimited money to buy guns and such can YOU and people YOU KNOW create and hold an autonomy zone if the Government sends cops and troops to stop you???

              Waco and Ruby Ridge kind answer that question.

              That is why the state exists and will always exist… If you fight it you can become THE NEW state but you can’t hold off a state without organization and more people then a Compound of ‘criminals’ anymore then the Soviet Gulag rioters could hold off the Soviet army.

              “…Americans are better armed than Native Americans…”

              Not in comparison to the force facing them.

              A US Cavalry force be the American Indian was MUCH more equally matched then a US citizen force vs the US Army of today.

              But the western citizen of today is a a DISadvantage compared to the India who got most of his own food and water without needing a massive line of trucks on the highway.

              You could not cut off an Indians water or power or banking or food store…it took years of buffalo extermination to destroy his food supply…. You think people will LIVE long in a city if they cut power and water?

              • cu.h.j says:

                In most situations a smaller force with less capacity to defend itself against a larger force will lose. Having said that, this depends strategy and training.

                I mean if you drop a nuke on the place, that’s one thing, but they won’t do that. Too many resources in the US.

                Also, I suspect more people know what’s going on now then in the past…

                You’re hypothesis is based on the assumption of a rapid transition over, where the majority of the population believes in having a state. That is changing here in the US and if food and gas shortages continue, maybe some states would consider cessation. Perhaps this could happen county by county.

                It will need to be a step wise reduction in size, like slowly cutting away a piece of diseased tissue.

                The centralized cancer NWO type technocracy government will fail, it has to, simply because it’s too cumbersome. It’s like trying to oppose the second law of thermodynamics.

            • Duck says:


              Oh I think that there will be a break up just into smaller parts and not into An Anarchy except in a few places for a short time.

              “…. drop a nuke on the place, that’s one thing, but they won’t do that. Too many resources in the US….”

              When pol pots Khamer Rouge emptied the cities and murdered a huge chunk of the population THE PARTY LEADERSHIP was comfortable and happy…your talkinh about people who want depopulation.

              “…Also, I suspect more people know what’s going on now then in the past…”

              That means that we may fragment and have regionalism as a nation, or go over to hard fascism or Communism.

              • cu.h.j says:

                We’ll see how it plays out. The more people who are thinking of the possibility of being responsible for themselves the better. People have outsourced everything to the government to the point of absurdity. Like the banning of vape products in certain cities and other stupid things like that.

                People must learn to decide that actions have consequences and can learn how to be responsible without a law, or a prohibition.

                I am glad to see JC inspire some of the younger generation because I think we need more young people to start changing the way they want to live in the world.

                The future that is being promoted is not something desirable and they can’t enforce it because it’s just untenable to do so. So out of the chaos we will have a chance for something different.

            • Duck says:

              Whatever I say is not really all that important. What will play out will play out

          • Duck says:


            “….The past is no correlation to the future….”

            Maybe, but I have yet to shit gold bricks.

            Maybe one day if I keep hoping it will finally happen..???

            Maybe communism just needs one more try and it wont end in mass graves this time???

            Maybe that abusive husband will stop beating his wife this time?

            Maybe that guy DOES have puppies in his van?

            If the past is NO GUIDE then you can never learn.


            • HyperSimian says:

              Always with hyperbole, It’s not even a conversation with you. You think Anarchy can’t be a dependable community to defend itself. I do. As to my comment of the past is no correlation to the future. A democracy was at one point not even a notion never in place and people made it work. This is the same thing. No one knows the future and basing it only on the past is foolish and short sighted.

              • Duck says:


                I have told you why I think anarchy is a Transitional condition…why do you not explain HOW anarchy can happen now ?
                how can it come about and HOW can it maintain itself against encroachment?

        • “There are ZERO anarchies that I know of in history that survived a state pushing in on them.”

          This poor Amish farmer fell victim to the strong arm tactics of the state recently, who are trying to shut down his anarchist system of selling produce.

          • Duck says:

            Fawlty Towers

            Thats just a less organized group falling under the power of a more organized group, but it does show why no Anarchy can exist for long… its pretty clearly nothing but a power grab to mess with this guy.

            Amish are NOT anarchists, though (like early Icelanders), they are the closest you will see in practice- being ideologically and ethnically homogeneous appears to be prerequisite for such cases, as does economic interdependence of community members and small scaling.

            The Amish are governed by their Church Elders, who (If I recall right) forbid then to read the Bible in anything but High German – thus scripture is pretty opaque to most of them who must be told “the World Of God” by their preachers and Elders.
            EDIT: This appears to vary dependiong on the community

            The Amish have pretty strict rules, which can result in those who flout them being cast out of the community on which they often depend upon for their livelihood….a low tech version of de-banking 🙂 lol

            Its kinda funny that some elders forbid easy reading of the Bible since AFAIK they are the theological descendants of groups that insisted on reading the Bible in their own tongue and often became highly dangerous and violent Radicals thru very sloppy interpretation of the text… they did all kind of weird stuff to bring about gods literal kingdom thru violence.


            • My post wasn’t meant to highlight the suppression of anarchy per se with this Amish farmer, but rather a PMA (a type of anarchy system).

              PMA’s are becoming more and more popular in the U.S., Canada and I suspect around the world. And for good reason.

              They are created to build a wall between governments and small groups who wish to conduct trade, business, or simply create communities sheltered from the tyrannical reach of governments.

              • Duck says:

                sorry… my error.

                It does sound like a good idea to decentralize your supply of food.

          • sissaly says:

            Fawlty Towers, I am a member of Amos farm since 2009. I got my latest order recently delivered.

            Amos is not an Anarchist. He follows his religious convictions. You may label that anarchist, however, Amos rules his life in harmony with Natural Order what he calls Gods Law.

            He will persist, the Federal Agency that attacks him will not. It is crashing and burning. They may harrass him with letters and demands, but in the end, he is not supported by them. He is supported by his club members and the entity has no juristiction in this regard.

            Yes they are trying to create case law. Amos supporters have money and people on their side. Farm to consumer lawyers, lawyers from the Weston A Price Foundation and his own Amish lawyers.

            I am pretty sure the Government has attempted to bite off what it can not keep.

            Rest assured, Amos persists as all things in harmony with natural order naturally do.

            • sissaly thanks for telling me about Amos and your relationship with them.That’s great to hear!

              It sounds like Amos is working as a PMA.

              Just a few questions, if you know the answers. You mentioned the government “has attempted to bite off what it can not keep.”

              Has the government charged any taxes to Amos for the income it received(s) selling its produce?
              Also if it did, how could it possibly know how much to charge?
              They would have to know details of the sales.

              • sissaly says:

                I do not know about taxes, I do know the federal agency is claiming he owes them $300,000 in fines and fees and he is to desist operations.

                We will see what happens. The Beast is wounded and that makes it very dangerous and unpredictable.

  24. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Related to “Government Itself is Immoral”

    From Richard Gage

    It was just brought to our attention that Lijian Zhao, the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, has tweeted a carefully crafted meme concluding that 9/11 was an “Inside Job”. This tweet makes an unusual and incredible bold statement about China’s position on 9/11 – implying that American was behind the 9/11 attacks:

    Big News… Chinese Foreign Minister Tweets “9/11 Inside Job” meme

    Lijian Zhao points out that America needs to better understand itself. He gives examples of what other countries think that America does. Then it shows an image of 9/11 WTC with America stating “What I actually do.”

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