5 Important Lessons Absolutely No One Will Learn From Iowa

02/09/202044 Comments

In case you missed this week's insanity in Iowa (and if you did, good for you!), here is the entire debacle in one ridiculously long run-on sentence:

The Iowa Democratic Party thought it would be a really swell idea to set the tone of the Democratic primary season by using their first-in-the-nation, widely touted, closely watched caucuses as a testing ground for a new election-result reporting app called Shadow, created by a shadowy organization called Acronym, funded by a Silicon Valley billionaire known for online false flag operations in American elections and staffed by old hands of the Obama and Clinton campaigns, and which "glitched" (because of course), leading to "irregularities" in reporting and an overnight delay as the results were manually re-tabulated (giving the internet peanut gallery a chance to marvel at the Iowa Democrats' version of a coin toss) and, eventually, to the declaration (in spite of massive lingering inconsistencies in the data) that, in complete opposition to all polling so far, Pete "#MayorCheat" Buttigieg was in fact the Iowan people's choice for the Democratic presidential nominee . . . at least until they learned basic biographical details about him.

Or, more simply: the Iowa Democratic caucuses was a sh*tshow this year. It's almost enough to make me feel sorry for all those credulous souls who still believe in the holy sacrament of voting.

. . . Almost.

Although no one—not even the most fluoride-addled, election-participating statist—can deny that this past week has been a failure of epic proportions, we should not lose sight of the fact that this fiasco can also be instructive. After all, it teaches us something about the system that purports to rule over the 300 million+ citizens of the United States. And, more importantly, it teaches us something about the political process itself that, one way or another, defines the world that we all live in.

So, allow me to present five important lessons from the Iowa caucuses that (*SIGH*) absolutely no one will learn.

Buckle in, strap on your thinking cap, and get ready to learn. In this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber newsletter, James details the real lessons of the Iowa caucuses fiasco and what it tells us about the nature of politics. Also, stick around for recommended reading, viewing and listening.

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  1. Ragnar says:

    For years I’ve heard you, and others talk about how the process of voting is a sham, that it’s rigged and set up to keep the elites only in power. You’re right of course. I’ve seen it in local and state elections. But, just 3 months ago an obscure, well kind of, journalist got onto a story that, if widely publicized, might break the mind control of “your vote counts”.

    Millie Weaver, yes I know who she works for. Was tipped off that in the November election in Kentucky, 175,000 individuals were added “back” into the voter rolls (as democrats, if you can believe it!) and they all voted in the governors election! Unsurprisingly, the democrat candidate won, he won with around 5,000 votes. Nail biter eh? Anyway, Millie got in contact with this person named Tore who was one that was added to the KY voter rolls. Despite her and her husband living in South Dakota for the past 8 years! Both of them, registered republicans, somehow voted democrat in the KY election.

    Millie reported on this and someone from deep within the voting system in KY must have seen it. They sent Millie, and perhaps Tore a trove of insider information proving that the company who owns and runs the electronic voting machines was involved in election fraud with a foreign tech company to “fix” the elections in systems where that company operates. Not only within the US either. The data included checks, emails and pretty much all that was necessary to blow the plot wide open. Millie and Tore began reporting on this and I assume because of who Millie works for, was able to send copies of this data to EVERY congressman in America as well as to the KY election board and the governor candidate who “lost” the KY election. I’m fairly sure they sent the data to lamestream media organizations.

    Surely someone would have broken this story nationally right? Yea, I know. Crickets…

    Even the unpersoned media giant Millie works for only gave this story minor lip service when it came out. Odd no? Well, if people were made aware of the full scope of this, I feel it would wake some of them up to the fraud and deception that’s been played upon them for Soooo long. Maybe I’m dreaming, who knows?

    So, for the brave, here’s a link to a long video with most of this info…


  2. pay2 says:

    The more that wake up the better. Share this with everyone. Even those who may never read it. When at least 1 person out of every 5 within a community are actively supportive of all others, good things happen. There is a tipping point at about 18% when change will actually begin to happen. Form groups of 5 colleagues who self-educate and do good because they want to do good for their community; they want to be responsible for good things happening. The only person you can change is yourself. James, thank you for being you.

  3. hugo.c says:

    Yes, yes, James. However, one can obtain some pleasure from analysing how the controllers of the system are having to deal with the current imposter (Sanders).

    I cant recall who said it, but paraphrasing: “The crime that Sanders committed which the democratic establishment cannot forgive, is to encourage voters to organise and pressure parliament *after* the election, rather than just voting once every 2 or 4 years.” The reason this is important is highlighted by a recent comment by Noam Chomsky, which I think is reasonably well backed by historical fact. To effect change in the US political system two things are required, a sympathetic administration (as opposed to congress) and a mass popular campaign. The administration can acknowledge the legitimacy of the request, and refrain from quashing it (perhaps not including the covert intelligence wing). This is turn places pressure on the legislative branch to act. Examples: Women’s suffrage, New Deal, Civil Rights.

    This is exactly what Sanders has done; seeking to head the administration and encouraging the continued political pressure. For this reason, if he gets the nomination and the presidency, he will be blocked every step of the way, but with popular support can achieve *some* goals.

    So, yes, I agree that ones most important vote is to participate in activities that empower individuals rather than government institutions, but I think the way in which the US political machines attempt to subvert the Sanders (and Gabbard) campaigns will be interesting and may help some who are yet to realise their disenfrachisement become aware of it.

    Or, to quote a graffiti artist: “Save the pessimism for better times”

  4. generalbottlewasher says:

    Well said James, you could be Elmer Gantry. I just need $235,000 to get into action or nonfiction.

  5. Gary says:

    Hey! That opening paragrapgh was not a true run-on sentence! It has commas in it! I was looking forward to reading a real run-on sentence! You’re worthless, Corbett! LOL /#satire

  6. weilunion says:

    Part one

    “I want the state to perish, not through violence or bloodshed, but by removing the mystical superstition from the minds of the general public that makes them believe that “government” is anything other than a gang of thugs with a fancy title.” (James Corbett)

    I do too, James but it will not happen due to some epiphany, it is a slow process of historical development if it happens at all.

    Best for me to use the Mises Institute for this comment:


    “The founders of Marxism insisted that in the socialist society there would be no State: “Society will banish the whole State machine to a place which will then be the most proper one for it — to the museum of antiquities side by side with the spinning wheel and the bronze-ax.”(cited as 12. Lenin: op.cit., p. 21.)”

    “Not only will the class-conflict no longer occasion the intervention of a police-force, but even isolated individual crimes will disappear, once the want and wretchedness which drove men to steal, murder, etc., is re¬placed by the literally unbounded wealth which socialism offers every man.”

    This is a misreading and misinterpretation of Marx’s thought. Marx understood that the subjective conditions, class consciousness, are created in the struggle for a temporary social formation, socialism. It is not “unbounded wealth” that is the issue, though the wealth now is surely bounded, it is control over the means of reproducing and producing life: control, not simply redistribution but controlf of the entire means of production.

    We clearly see this misinterpretation below:

    “The problems of the enforcement of the decrees of the Socialist production authorities is given one sentence by Engels (italics mine).

    Of course. Marx and Engels were not soothsayers, they did not claim prophetic visions of a new world, they were reasonable men who saw that without an understanding of social class, class struggle, history would repeat itself, as Marx said: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

    They understood that through struggle against oppression comes consciousness of oppression. And with this, come new historical opportunities and tribulations.

  7. weilunion says:

    Part two

    “After asserting that the State must vanish with the capitalist order, he adds: “The authority of government over persons will be replaced with the administration of things and the direction of the processes of production.”(cited as 13 Engels: Anti-Duehring, p. 303.) But things cannot be directed without directing people, and the processes of production are sets of series of acts by people. (italics mine).

    Yes, and that is why libertarian socialism advances Marx’s analysis for the ‘things’ are the means of production.

    Marxism proposes that these ‘means of production” or ‘things” as Mises Institute prefers, be controlled by working people, not a ruling class. Those Amazon workers, through the ownership and development of cooperative work, run Amazon. Not the State. Not multi-billionaire Bezos.

    Se Mondragon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mondragon_Corporation).

    “Even with the founders of Marxism, therefore, the doctrine of the “withering away of the State” is a fiction.”

    This is an example of a disingenuous conclusion based on a faulty understanding of what is being critiqued.

    First, it is necessary to enter into the point of view of another point of view, in this case Marx; and then to accurately depict this point of view for critique. Not to bastardize it. The Mises piece is highly biased in favor of seeing Marx as a redistributor of wealth, this is not his theory. The issue is who owns the means of production.

    Socialism is a word that is barely threadbare. And it is understandable. The Cold War propaganda.

    Both the Soviets wanted to use the term (USSR as propaganda) and the US (as propaganda) and thus most do not understand the theory of socialism or historical materialism as a method.

    One cannot disagree with that one does not understand, as this critique of Mises testifies to.

    Capitalism as a stage of global historical development has to go if there is any chance for people to develop class consciousness. And if people have no class consciousness they accept the class rule and the State, the big fear of those who misunderstand Marx, along with neoliberals; this then rules their mind for they accept inequality and hierarchical, authoritarian thinking as inevitable.

    It is so obvious now where in our history, the ruling elite, through their transnational banks and corporations own virtually everything.

    Your write or quote, James: “We vote every day, not in some meaningless election, but in who we choose to associate with, what we choose to spend our money on, what we choose to invest our time and energy doing. This is the essence of freedom.”

    If one has to work for a living and has no democracy at work, then there will be no freedom in his or her lives. What do you say to those who work two jobs, three, have families, debt, political bankruptcy, crime and the like? Do you tell them: Do your own thing!!

    As Marx saliently noted: “We all make choices but we do not all choose the circumstances we make them in.”

    It is time to wake up to the fact that only an organized mass of people can change history. Capitalism has outlived its history and can only bring more war and misery.

    Only an organized, class conscious opposition to class rule have any real affect on history.

    Time to opt in, not look to opt out.

    • wylie1 says:

      1. Marxism(Socialism-Communism) is a system of government.
      2. Capitalism is an ECONOMIC system; despite, not all but a couple ignorant dictionary definitions which mistakenly include a type of govt.
      3. Capitalism, the ability of people to trade among themselves as they see fit, without the interference of govt, would occur naturally, even if there was no govt at all.
      4. Marxism and every other [ism] besides Capitalism, has to be forced upon the people or they have to be fooled into voting for it by lying to them. Fully admitted to by Saul Alinsky in his book Rules For Radicals, Hillary’s and Obama’s playbook, which instructs to lie, lie, lie, and lie some more because the people would never go for it if you told them the truth.
      5. Marx and Engels were evil or truly clueless about human nature. What else would you consider someone to be who would set up a govt that would rob people of their incentive to excel and get filled with administrators who absolutely WOULD protect producers (who paid them) from competition, which could save everyone including govt, lotsa dough?
      In Marx’s view, competition is inefficient and wasteful, having resources spent on dueling efforts.
      6. Therefore Marx sneers at choice. In the real world, the more choices, the better and more efficient things become.

      7. Govt is what allows, provides the ability, for corruption to occur. It matters not the type of govt.

      Corruption is not limited to Capitalism, it is MUCH worse in Marxism, it is inherent, hand in glove, due to the nature of people. But not in YOUR ideal Marxism? Ideal Capitalism doesn’t have corruption either but they have to work at it constantly to attain their corrupt advantage. They do so because it pays. With Marxism, the bureaucrats have little to no consequences of being corrupt so nepotism, cronyism, and the payola kickbacks automatically come into being. Big product producing group gets govt blessing due to payola; the new better method upstart gets its permit denied. That can happen with a corrupt govt overlay on top of Capitalism but there are ways to attack or go around it. Not so much with Marxism, since ALL the chain of command benefit from the same corruption.

      • wylie1 says:

        8. In many instances the majority of people Do Not Vote. If even less people vote, what will change? Zero. So I agree, getting INTO the game is essential to change it. However, seeing to it govt dismantlers are nominated and supported is what will provide the most free and fair system. Those only wanting the barest of minimum necessary to keep the roads and bridges in good repair, the water running, etc. Which means No Federal Govt needed at all.
        9. What about the poor? GoFundMe charity X, Y, Z. Put your money where your mouth is Ms/r bleeding heart.

      • weilunion says:

        1. Marxism(Socialism-Communism) is a system of government.

        Marxism is a theory, it is not a form of government. It is a theory based on a critique of capitalism.

        2. Capitalism is an ECONOMIC system; despite, not all but a couple ignorant dictionary definitions which mistakenly include a type of govt.

        Lexicon definitions don’t work. The concepts of socialism ommunism and marxism are so transfigured, and of course through propaganda this happened, that yes, one has to define terms.

        Capitalism is an economic system, as was slavery and feudalism. Slavery, feudalism (and slave societies such as Greece, Rome and Egypt) were class societies where slave master was the relationship. Feudalism was an economic and social system,class system, where peasants replaced slaves as the primary economic relationship, a bit better but still classist, and capitalism is an economic system whereby class exists, but now the relationship is wage slavery, worker, versus capitalist

        3. Capitalism, the ability of people to trade among themselves as they see fit, without the interference of govt, would occur naturally, even if there was no govt at all.

        No, not at all. Capitaln, Thatcher any of the neo liberalissm relies on government for maintaining its ability to profit.

        The government, under capitalism, is the most active, setting up trades, treaties, barriers, what one can sell, how it has to be packaged and the list goes on. Capitalism is not an economic system that hates government, it loves government! Look at Reagan, Thatcheretc. and what did they do first.

        Reregulate in the interest oflarge multinational corporations, using the government, and giving out tax breaks and lucratic contracts.

        As to ocurring naturally, no all human activities in tandem with the earth, be they under slavery, fedualism or modern wage slavery are planned economies. Corporations plan them in their suites and ten use their coin operated politicians to put them into practice.

        This myth of naturalism, natural law or economics is just that, it is myth.

        4. Marxism and every other [ism] besides Capitalism, has to be forced upon the people or they have to be fooled into voting for it by lying to them.

        Yes, this is true. first of all,let us be clear the USSR, which is the bogeymen used in arguments against anti capitalism is irrational and fallacious. The USSR was a statecapitalist society, not socialist. This means the State, the apparatus of government was used for the accumulation of profit for a few.

        Fully admitted to by Saul Alinsky in his book Rules For Radicals, Hillary’s and Obama’s playbook, which instructs to lie, lie, lie, and lie some more because the people would never go for it if you told them the truth.

        All governments, corporations and politicians lie. That is because they have to say things to the wage laborers that is different than what they say to the rulign class which they represent. This is one reason capitalism is unethical and why there is no democracy only the illusion

        [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. -JC]

        • weilunion says:

          Corruption is not limited to Capitalism, it is MUCH worse in Marxism,

          Let us be clear: Marxism is a theoreticalposition not a way of life. This confusion is understandable due to the ruling elite control of the tools of propaganda

          it is inherent, hand in glove, due to the nature of people.

          What is human nature? Please give me examples and define it clearly and accurately.

          Where do we get our human nature?

          But not in YOUR ideal Marxism?

          The question does not make sense Marxism is not a place, it is a theory of the development of capitalism. There is no such thing as ideal capitalism. It is a class society whereone class, the capitalist with the help of its government,exploits the other class, working people.

          All systems have corruption but there is no greater corruption than to base human life on a system, called capitalism, that puts profits for a few before the needs of the many. This is bascially unethical. And all history has been the fight between ruling and working classes.

          Ideal Capitalism doesn’t have corruption either but they have to work at it constantly to attain their corrupt advantage. They do so because it pays. With Marxism, the bureaucrats

          Again, Marxism is a theory, But if you wanted to say Socialism, then what you are now doing is saying socialism is a system where the State or government rules and this is not what Marx said, not what Marxists and Socialist strive for, it is a fallacy. The more than 100 years of propaganda against the USSR and China, has left many with the muddled and incorrect idea socialism means big government. It doesn’t.

          have little to no consequences of being corrupt so nepotism, cronyism, and the payola kickbacks automatically come into being.

          Capitalism works only buy payola. This is how the system works. Look around you,not at the ideas in your head, look at facts on the ground.

          There has never been a successsful socialist society

          Big product producing group gets govt blessing due to payola;

          Yes, like Big Pharma’s relationship to the government. This is neoliberalism and is a stage of capitalism.

          the new better method upstart gets its permit denied. That can happen with a corrupt govt overlay on top of Capitalism but there are ways to attack or go around it. Not so much with Marxism, since ALL the chain of command benefit from the same corruption.

          Can happen anywhere, anytime. To stop corruption, the society must be one that is based on human right principles and a system where worker-coops replace transnational corporations like Amazon,say.

          Until the economic system changes, until it is no longer one thathas 1 percent who control as much as 90 percent, and the work is done by workers who own the means of production, then capitalism will continue to fail and life get worse.

  8. thezarbi says:

    James, very succinctly, you are 100 percent correct.

  9. Ethan Hunter says:

    Indeed, we vote with our wallets.

    And as Clinton had up in his office, “It’s the economy…stupid!”

    What we invest our money, time, and energy in has enormous outcomes.

    I can’t help but think of the travesty of the Gillette “toxic masculinity” ad campaign that ended up costing them billions of dollars because of its inappropriate invoking of identity politics and finger-wagging fourth-wave feminism that left a horrible taste in a lot of men’s mouths (I vowed personally not to buy another Gillette product again!…Long live Dollar Shave Club!)

    For a compleat nauseating experience of such a commercial…watch this…

    And after watching…look at this…I rest my case!

    We vote with our monetary, energetic, and attention wallets!!

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Ya gotta love Corbett’s writing style, especially when he describes politics. (e.g. “it is every bit as pathetic as fully grown adults believing in professional wrestling.”

    Politics has become a circus of clowns.
    At least in the days of David Brinkley and Walter Cronkite, it was more of an elephant and donkey show.

    #4. Government Itself is Immoral
    #5. There is Only One Vote That Matters
    was the perfect wrap-up.
    And with Anarchapulco 2020 coming this week, this article is icing on the cake.

    “This is James Corbett of CorbettReport.com with The Last Word on Voting
    (10 minutes)

    “And that’s the way it is – Sunday February 9th, 2020”

    (Cronkite is known for his departing catchphrase, “And that’s the way it is,” followed by the date of the broadcast.)

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Coronavirus (nCoV)

    On January 30th’s “Interview 1511 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato”, I made comments about the Coronavirus, “Crisis” and “Fear Porn”, and Viruses.

    I don’t want to downplay the fact that people can get sick and die from viral infections. This Coronavirus might be a real doozy.

    However, I have been watching some of the videos coming out of China.
    It is actually “the authorities” who have me very concerned. (e.g. people being steel-welded inside their apartments or dragged off to containment center rooms and field beds.)
    Zero Hedge sometimes has articles with a variety of videos.

    Derrick Broze takes a look at the unfolding Coronavirus pandemic, discusses the evidence the virus is manufactured, the Event 201 simulation, and the resulting censorship and quarantines.
    Derrick points out some of the government goals/agendas with this pandemic.
    Feb 4, 2020
    (24 minutes) – https://youtu.be/dag0lhB7WtQ
    Show notes under video.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Derrick mentions this guy…

      Dr. Francis Boyle Creator Of BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon.
      Dr Boyle is also very familiar with Professor Graeme MacQueen who has published scientific papers which demonstrate that the U.S. government was involved with the anthrax attacks shortly after 9/11/2001.
      (38 minute interview)
      “Francis Boyle: Wuhan Coronavirus is an Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon”

      • Nick Weech says:

        Hi all
        I wanted to copy this and save it and I noticed that it’s a much smaller file than I expected (17.9MB).

        You tube has done something to change these postings on their platform so that they can’t be downloaded and saved by ordinary folks:As James has suggested that we do…

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Hi Nick,
          Very interesting.

          Perhaps it is because Google is in bed with the very corrupt WHO (World Health Organization) and is suppressing non-official information…just like China.

          Here is a link to an Associated Press article about their relationship.

          “China Uncensored” YouTube Channel has a great video on WHO corruption, which I will post on the “Open Thread – Coronavirus COVID-19 section”.

          I believe that all YouTube videos which mention the word “coronavirus” are demonetized.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Imperial College London – Professor Neil Ferguson works on the analytics and predictions surrounding the spread of the coronavirus.
      Despite his poker face demeanor in this interview, the forward projections of the virus pandemic certainly make it look like there could be a strong impact on markets.
      (Personally, I don’t think they are being straight with us in the U.S. I think the U.S. is withholding information about the spread.)
      (10 minute interview) https://youtu.be/ALQTdCYGISw

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Chris Martenson has been pumping out Coronavirus videos almost daily. While I may not share his alarmist perspective, he does offer some good updates.
      Here is Feb 9th Sunday’s update:

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I’m hungry.
      Gonna fix me a bowl of bat soup.

      • candlelight says:

        That’s bat shit crazy, HRS.

        I was once called over to someone’s house to nab a bat that was hanging (upside down) in their house. I brought it outside and dumped it on the ground, and I’m hovering over it thinking the thing must be dead – then all of a sudden, it opened its eyes and spread its wings – I nearly had a heart attack! Then I watched as it gracefully flew away, tree height, into a nearby graveyard, believe it or not. It looked straight out of a 1930’s Bella Lagosi movie. Amazing as it was funny.
        By the way, thank goodness it was much smaller than the one in the soup bowl!….Bon appetit!

    • Octium says:

      It’s hard to separate truth from fiction.

      I’m sure George Orwell was wrong about the “boot stamping on a human face – forever”

      From the way that China has handled the Coronavirus it’s clear that if a truly deadly virus came along they would self destruct.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Chinese Doctor gives the lowdown of his experiences

      Dr Peng Zhiyong is one of the Doctors in China working on the front lines at a hospital.
      This article, snagged from the Zero Hedge feed, has some relevant information about the virus and how it affects people.

      Reporter’s Notebook: Life and death in a Wuhan coronavirus ICU

      EXCERPTS (much more info in article)
      …A lot of viruses will die off on their own after a certain amount of time. We call these self-limited diseases.

      I’ve observed that the breakout period of the novel coronavirus tends to be three weeks, from the onset of symptoms to developing difficulties breathing. Basically going from mild to severe symptoms takes about a week. There are all sorts of mild symptoms: feebleness, shortness of breath, some people have fevers, some don’t. Based on studies of our 138 cases, the most common symptoms in the first stage are fever (98.6 per cent of cases), feebleness (69.6 per cent), cough (59.4 per cent), muscle pains (34.8 per cent), difficulties breathing (31.2%), while less common symptoms include headaches, dizziness, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting.

      But some patients who enter the second week will suddenly get worse. At this stage, people should go to the hospital. The elderly with underlying conditions may develop complications; some may need machine-assisted respiration. When the body’s other organs start to fail, that’s when it becomes severe, while those with strong immune systems see their symptoms decrease in severity at this stage and gradually recover. So the second week is what determines whether the illness becomes critical.

      The third week determines whether critical illness leads to death. Some in critical condition who receive treatment can raise their level of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, and see an improvement in their immune systems, and have been brought back, so to speak. But those whose lymphocyte numbers continue to decline, those whose immune systems are destroyed in the end, experience multiple organ failure and die.

      For most, the illness is over in two weeks, whereas for those for whom the illness becomes severe, if they can survive three weeks, they’re good. Those that can’t will die in three weeks…

      …this disease is highly contagious, but the mortality rate is low. Those that progressed into the life-threatening stage often occurred in the elderly already with chronic diseases….

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        In the above article, Dr Peng gives us some of the treatment options depending upon what is happening.

        Dealing with inflammation is worth noting.

        But I found this excerpt especially relevant…
        ” For serious and life-threatening cases, our main approach is to provide oxygen, high-volume oxygen. At first noninvasive machine-pumped oxygen, followed by intubated oxygen if conditions worsen. For life-threatening cases, we use Ecmo (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, or pumping the patient’s blood through an artificial lung machine). In four cases, we applied Ecmo to rescue patients from the verge of death.”

        See my comment about Ozone Blood Therapy in conjunction with Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy can directly help to arrest a virus, including Ebola and HIV. Cost might be $300.
        I have seen some amazing results from this modality.

        • zyxzevn says:

          Would be fun if Ozone therapy would help against Corona disease.

          I think that we are missing out on very good solutions, because
          the corporations want to make as much money as possible.

          • geisha says:

            Dr Rowen cured the 5 of 5 Ebola patients he treated with ozone therapy. When he asked the WHO if ozone therapy should be used at a larger scale he was told ‘no, since they (WHO) would otherwise lose its donations’.

            He also writes now that he is certain that ozone therapy would cure coronavirus infections but nobody (governments, health services) seems to listen to him.

            From other health specialists I keep hearing the same message: Use vitamin C, D, A, selenium, zinc, and magnesium.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Homey, welcome back on the case. The Dr. Peng sounds like he is describing altitude sickness. Playing golf this summer at 9675ft.i had all those symptoms after 15 holes.
          I cannot help but pass on a tip that helped me . 4%Hydrochloric acid actovator and 24.4% sodium chlorite 5% Sodium chloride 71% distilled water MMS. 1 drop each . then add 8oz.disstilled water. Makes fresh di-chloral oxide. Instantly relieved my altitude sickness, cold (rhino..) shield. Its the extra oxygen im thinking. Thanking Jim Humble and Bishop Gennon at MMS.
          Also the pioneer of frequency medicine, in his own words Raymond Royal Rife. Traditional medicine, allipathic, Rockefeller medicine never offers a non $ patented cure. As you well know. I can’t imagine the discipline you would possess looking at thousands and thousands of slides.

          Thanks to Josh Parker at Health Harmonics in Eugene, Or. For the Dr. Rife info.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Well Homey you can tell im no chemist, the compound I was describing above should be chloral- dioxide.
            Here is a documentary on the Rife coordenative resonance technology.


          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Some years back, I strongly looked into the MMS. I decided that I would pass.

            Thanks so much for the anecdote about MMS. Glad to hear that it helped. That is a high altitude, and so I track with you about the oxygen level. Personal anecdotes on this kind of stuff are important to me in assessing alternative health remedies.

            The Raymond Rife info is so cool. Years ago I researched and researched it.

            About 3 decades ago, I went to an “Alternative Health Convention Event” in Dallas. I listened to Hulga Clark speak. She is the author of “The Cure for All Cancers”, a book which focuses on getting rid of parasites in the body. Her movement promotes a “Zapper” which seems to somewhat utilize that Rife technology. For the era, the event was fascinating. A variety of different (what is now old school) electronic machines and lamps were on display or available for a free “test”.

  12. 4TLeser says:

    right on the nose …super,James

    btw what is your take on Propertarianism?


    Voluntarism and Propertarianism merging???

  13. zyxzevn says:

    A successful company where all employees have ownership
    and equal rights.
    Managers are employed. Pay depends on capabilities.

    The Spanish Collective Mondragón


    I see it as a good replacement for the corporations that
    have more of a dictatorship structure.

    I think it needs people that work together well.
    It probably helps when they have a similar culture or hobbies.

  14. Medhead says:

    When it comes to Voluntaryist ideas people generally reject them on the basis of practicality and due to a lack of a historical record for Voluntaryist societies. I can convince others on the moral argument but it always devolves into the state becoming a necessary evil as society would not be able to function without a state. Also many argue that we currently need to the state due to pressing issues such as stopping the culture and demographic replacement by mass immigration. Are there any books or other sources which can answer these questions?

    • wylie1 says:

      Govt is what causes and enables horde migration. Voluntary local and distant Militias similar to the Michigan Militia along with independent volunteers could have and would have stopped the hordes had not the govt prevented them. Many were there trying to assist the Border Patrol with sightings, since they were prohibited from arresting or shooting. If Trump didn’t arrange funding for the wall… parts and likely the rest would have been built anyway; just taken longer. Parts were privately built anyway to speed things up.

      Now the only problem is how will we escape when the UN comes to mow us all down with their equipment they have already dispersed around the country, waiting for The Right Time/Event? You can find photos and videos of such along with the acres of plastic caskets ready and waiting. Center for Disease Control (CDC) I think, arranged for those years ago. If I recall what I heard correctly.

      You know Medved was a liberal Democrat in the past and still bleeds that way at times?

  15. Oscar says:

    Great article James, and great points!

    Still, for anyone interested in who the Democratic nominee might be: I know this sounds unbelievable but what I read from some circles who supposedly are behind the scenes is that the Deep State candidate that will be pushed is none other than Hillary Clinton.

    I know voting is pointless, sure, but the vileness of a second round of Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton is almost to much to bare. My god:

    If you follow Martin Armstrong, like I do, you know he has a pretty good track record in forecasting (apart from his blog, watch the movie ‘The Forecaster’), and this is not an one-off article.

  16. Ukdavec says:

    Investing In Climate Change

    Goldman Sachs dig into climate change. On the heels of a climate-focused World Economic Forum in Davos, the unveiling of Europe’s new Green Deal, and increased attention on climate change by the world’s largest asset managers and banks, climate change is undoubtedly Top of Mind


  17. geisha says:

    It is hard to awaken from our ‘puppet’ stage. I did so year ago after I finally looked into what people called ‘chemtrails’. I watched, read, observed and finally came to realize that this wasn’t a conspiracy theory but the climate engineering reality that has been going on for decades above us commoners’ heads. I was shocked to realize this. Even more shocked by the hard facts presented on the GeoengineeringWatch.org site. Although I was relieved to find some explanations and to find that I wasn’t imagining things. I was depressed for months.

    After that, I became more skeptical about everything. I already had been skeptical about the ‘health’ care system but then I also looked at politics in a new way. That’s how I ran into sites like this. It is scary how much one doesn’t know, be it from the present or past.

    I see my DH still glued to the TV machine and social media, rooting for his blue team. All R-s are bad (incl. libertarians), all D-s are good. Simple stuff; and he tested 175 IQ and isn’t dumb otherwise. But he is convinced like hell about this. And although he eventually had to admit to the existence of ‘climate engineering’ he ignores it, its implications (‘to hell with the general populations, they don’t need to know, we rule’), and its consequences. Same with GMOs, vaccines and the problems with ingredients and testing. He knows but simply ignores it all.

    I am not sure if awaking is what even most smart people want to do. It’s easier to cling to a cookie cutter version of life and entrench oneself in it instead of facing raw realities that can sometimes become almost overwhelming (at least for me).

    I hoped to read about the Republican interference in the Iowa caucus where the bad R-s called so much into the Iowa democratic party HQ that the incoming calls reporting district votes couldn’t be received. That’s how my DH explained the problem to me; and he is convinced because he heard it in his echo chamber. When I was still watching politics on TV to know what is causing the increasing polarity in the US, I switched between MSNBC and Fox. It was eye opening. There were complete opposites reported on either channel on any event. I tried to show my DH so he at least understood his fellow country wo/men better; he never even watched anything but MSNBC and of course his selection of social media.

    How in the world can this end if people put their heads back into the cozy dark wet baskets they have chosen to feel comfortable in? The same is true with friends and family, they listen (more or less politely) to any problematic issue I relate to them (climate engineering, vaccines, EMFs/5G, banks-politics-industry, military-industrial complex,…), shrug it off and keep on with what they were doing. Hope is on it’s way? Where did it go?

  18. wylie1 says:

    Clearly James, Larken, et al goal is NOT to get rid of govt. They just want things to stay the same so they will have job security. Although I don’t believe that, it is odd that they promote the exact opposite or wrong method to accomplish what they claim to want: Voluntaryism.

    If elections don’t matter and votes don’t count, how did the odds on favorite, the media darling, the designated heir apparent, the CFR darling, the deep state sweetheart, …how did Hillary lose, even with all the spying and vote cheating the Demos did?

    How did BREXIT happen, something that the powers that be were certainly against? By voting.

    If govt can be grown, corrupted, and power consolidated by voting for those the powers that be put in front of us. The opposite is also true.

    • wylie1 says:

      The problem is, allowing the rulers to nominate minions. And allowing their other minions to count the votes. YOU Voluntaryists must gather together to nominate and support multitudes of govt dismantlers for office from all parties, in numbers, so no matter who the fools vote for someone who wants to cut govt as much as they can, will get in. At the same time you will have to promote Charities via GoFundMe.com or similar to combat all the bleeding hearts.

      If you walk around an old barn talking about how you don’t like it and would prefer it if it wasn’t there, what will happen? You will kill the nice grass around the barn. If you walk inside the barn and start pulling off boards and planks until the frame is left and then figure out how to dismantle that without damaging yourself and the curious cattle and sheep, then you are actually making progress towards your goal.

      Start at the county level, in some locale where a lot of you Voluntaryists live, so you have a good shot, and expand from there. Expecting instant success and quitting when you don’t get that, and blaming something other than yourselves is only typical of those that prefer to do nothing.

      The world is crammed full of do nothings. Be different. Brexit didn’t happen overnight. Nigel Farage was working at Brexit for over 25 years, if I recall correctly.

      • wylie1 says:

        Saying statistically your vote doesn’t matter, is what? It is PROPAGANDA! Designed to make you think something that is not true.

        For instance, if all so called conservatives said “Hey, James and Larken have a point, statistically my vote doesn’t count …and they didn’t vote. Then Hillary would have won the election and we would be having the ill effects of exporting jobs, all the pay to play donations to the Clinton Foundation manifesting its corruption in every corner of WaDC; and a whole lot more of same. More taxation to support more govt everything.

        More govt = less freedom. My reward for not voting. Brilliant, just what we need (cough cough). Regardless if Trump is not ideal.

        If less people vote, will things change? Have things changed any time a lot less people voted?

        The only way to GET RID of GOVT is to gather together to nominate, support, and vote for those who will dismantle govt.

        That is if Voluntaryists are actually serious. In my experience, people will say most anything to AVOID having to lift a finger to actually do something.

        Is informing people doing something? Certainly. Is misguiding people into doing nothing, getting what you claim to want? No. Just giving people justification to do what they prefer, which is nothing.

        Solution in a nutshell: Educate Harder, Nominate Harder, and then vote. Snarking about Voting Harder just helps the powers that be.

        You cannot win if you aren’t in the game. RIG THE GAME IN YOUR FAVOR so to speak, by doing. — If you are complaining that the game is rigged.

        Or do nothing and keep complaining. That is the real choice.

  19. albus says:

    The abolition of the state is not a solution because it is the reinstitution of government under the law of non-governance, or in other words, to say ‘there shall be no government’ is itself a form of governance, and a state must exist to enforce this decree.

    It is not about government or no government, monarchy or democracy, socialism or capitalism, for since each of these are a choice of a person, all are valid regardless of which is better or worse, good or evil, free or not free. In other words, even if I choose to be self-governed, I will not forbid others from being governed by any state, no matter how oppressive.

    To abstain from voting is not, in itself, enough to deligitimatize the current system of government, for every day we are willfully governed by nature of the money we use, the license we carry, the registered car we drive, the social security card we use for employment, and the plot of land we live upon. I, or anyone could choose to forsake these things to be autonomous, but the cost is enormous and the burden, great. So great, in fact and so weak are we that we reach out to others to garner their consent and support, but this alone is enough to pervert a true will to power that is only manifest in the spirit of a Man. We are all boys and no sum of boys makes a Man, but only makes a state that decrees in its jealousy that no boys shall be Men, for if a Man arose its false and perverse power would be laid bare.

  20. simpson says:

    While I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say (sentimentally if not intellectually), is it not the case that all aggregations of power, at whatever level, occur because the “hobbits” want the “elves” to look after them? And having surrendered their autonomy to the “state”, the problem is, not to abolish the state, but to rein it in? Maybe voting is crap, but if we have to coalesce (into families, communities, tribes, nation states) how do we best manage the resulting polis?

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