Google "Hillary Clinton rape"

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Every sexual assault victim deserves to be heard and believed, sayeth Hillary Clinton. Except for those who accuse her husband of rape, of course. Or the 12 year old rape victim who she said was asking for it. Or the victims of her hubby's pedophile pal. Or...or...or...Just search for "Hillary Clinton rape" (and "Bill Clinton rape" while you're at it).

"Every surivor has right to be believed" tweets Hillary

Woman to Hillary: You Say Rape Accusers Should Be Believed, What About Your Husband’s?

Google "Bill Clinton rape"

Juanita Broaddrick on Hillary's cover up of Bill's rape

The Hillary Tapes

The Hillary Clinton Tapes (video)

‘Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell,’ Rape Victim Says

The VIP Pedophile friends of Mega-Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Porkins Policy Radio episode 36 Ed Opperman on Jeffery Epstein case

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  1. bubromer says:

    Dear Corbett, thanks for that and I will share this with a pro-Hillary friend of mine, a woman who has undergone sexual abuse and is nescient as to the true nature of this reptilian woman.

    Moreover, although your video covers some ground, a gruelling portrayal of H. and B. Clinton is effected in the notorious book by Cathy O’Brien, a Project Monarch/MK Ultra victim, The Trance-Formation of America.

    The book concerns ritualised child abuse among satanists/illuminati enmeshed with the US and world establishments, and Cathy O’Brien herself performed ‘favours’ for such luminaries as Gerald Ford, George Bush senior, Dick Cheney and, of course, the Clintons.

    I urge you to check it out and if you have, and have reservations regarding the book, would be curious to hear them. Another similar account is that by Brice Taylor “Thank You for the Memories” where entertainer Bob Hope is shown to be of the Jimmy Saville ilk.

  2. BennyB says:

    Great piece James. I’d think that it would be challenging to raise the degree to which I despise the Clintons, but I hadn’t heard about the twelve year old’s rape case. The recording of her laughing about the defendant’s guilt is truly sickening (nevermind taking the case to begin with). Hillary doesn’t give a damn about sexual abuse and you’re totally on the mark about not letting this slide and using it as an opportunity to expose her for what she is. Way to seize on the moment to be proactive with this podcast. She’s trying to score points here and it’s time to see that her past conduct comes to life and blows up in her face. Thanks and keep up the great work! =]

  3. turley2u says:

    A review of “The Clinton’s War on Women”

  4. croutonscarf says:

    Slander! Hillary Clinton is a wonderful, wonderful woman. What a ‘progressive’ crusader for human rights and equality! Anyone who doesn’t like her is a misogynist. Salon and huffpost told me so. Benghazi is just a buzzword of misogynist, right-wing extremists, it’s not like there was a massive arms transfer to Al-Qaeda forces going on that Hillary was involved in as Secretary of State, and which Chris Stevens and others were trying to block. Hillary is a peace loving woman. Those who claim that she’s basically a neo-con warhawk ( who commited many war crimes as Secretary of State and helped implement State Department policies of funding Al-Qaeda in Iraq / Al-Nusra Front ) are way off the mark. What a leader in the anti-war movement she is, she and Bill are old hippies right? They just love peace, and are tireless crusaders for social justice. Remember when she was the chief political architect of the U.S. destabilization/ bombing/ invasion of Libya, which killed tens of thousands, and threw the country into chaos which endures to this day? And now she laughs/cackles about it in interviews. But hey, her anti-war voting record speaks for itself… oh wait, she voted in favour of the Iraq War…. Well, she is a strong voice for women… except for all the ones her and Bill personally abuse and murder… and except for when she supports women being murdered in Libya, Iraq and Syria, and takes millions from her pals in the oligarchal leadership of Saudi Arabia, people who personally hold large harems of hundreds of kidnapped women, and run a counrty where women can be stoned to death for the crime of being raped… But hey, it’s not like she had a bunch of FALN terrorists who murdered dozens of people in bombings pardoned as a personal favour to a political ally… oh wait she did that too. And it’s not like she’s a pathological liar ( who lied enough times during the Benghazi hearings to go to jail for perjury )… okay, perhaps she is, but sometimes she just doesn’t know what the meaning of the word is is, and her parents really did name her after Sir Edmund Hillary, knowing that 6 years after she was born he would climb Mount Everest and become famous. Come on people, stop bashing her! Well, it’s not like she’s the first war criminal to ever run for run for president…. how’s that for a compimentary thing to say about her?

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