Globalist Summits: Open Thread

06/12/2018113 Comments

I’m sure you’ve all read the latest about the Korean summit, and I’m sure you saw the fireworks at the G7. Heck, maybe you even gleaned something from Bilderberg this year or actually looked into the Shanghai Cooperation Summit. If so, then great! You’ve come to the right place.

Unfortunately I’m attending to some family commitments today so I’m unable to post my own research and information about these summits at the moment, but let’s use this comment space as an open thread for Corbett Report members to post any links/updates/information they have about the globalist conference season and any specific details that have emerged so far.


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  1. bas ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

    Truthstream media has an interesting breakdown of the competing summits. Bilderberg, a NATO meeting of defense ministers, the G7, the Shanghai Cooperation Summit, the Kim-Trump meeting, it is all happening at the same time… Perhaps there is something broiling in the darkest corridors of the deep state intelligence world?

    1. manbearpig ( User Karma: 16 ) says:

      Could only listen to your Truthstream media video with half an ear during a distracted lunch break, but

      what came to mind with “the post-truth world” ending was…

      what patrick wood said in…I think… Mr Corbett’s “What is sustainable development?” documentary

      something like “What do you do once you’ve bled money for all it’s worth? What comes next? What becomes the most valuable commodity?”

      and he, as I recall, surmised within the context of debt for nature swaps etc. that it was control of all the natural resources…

      but what if the most important commodity was, in fact,

      The Truth?

      our minds as the final frontier… which is why ‘they’ had to destroy all those monuments and all that archeological evidence in the name of bringing freedom and democracy to the middle east…

      to control the truth of the past, present and future…?

      like genocidal dictators who wipe out all the intellectuals, scientists and scholars first before bringing the masses to their knees…

      with the geneological tree branches being cut as well…

      how to trace the past…?


      1. bas ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

        I really need to reed Wood’s book. The interviews I saw him on where certainly eye openers, he really can explain it very well, and I assume that’s because he has a lot of knowledge and bagage. Didn’t he also say in that interview that if you don’t know the enemy, you certainly don’t know how to fight it? That really tells you everything, doesn’t it? I agree, their wall is crumbling; that’s why they are acting so nervous about ‘fake news’ at Facebook, Bilderberg, in governments,… They are attempting to maintain their monopoly on this most important currency. They’ll fail. Things are changing.

      2. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

        I think that whole monument destruction has gone away over here in the states. I know it never made any real progress in the deep south. Just those yankified southern states. Of course, it could be going on every day and I’ve just not heard of it. That video is worth watching again. I personally think war has been averted, but that is my personal opinion. JimBob who has lots of personal opinions and if you stick around he’ll tell you all of them.

    2. fisherking ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

      One thing we can count on is that they will let us know. We may not know the depth of the plan but the experts of theirs will be on News Programs promoting and selling their agenda in short order.

      One very good place to go if you want to know what the elitists want you to think is BBC’s Beyond 100 Days. Every expert or guest is a member of one think tank or globalist institute telling you how to think on every topic.

      Make sure to pinch yourself if you find you are agreeing with anything they say, however.

      1. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        …where are the folks asking why we’re watching the BBC or any television at all in the first place?

        There’s no need to insist those think tanks be dismantled.

        Whiners will exclaim: “Oh they’re just too powerful. There’s nothing we can do!!!

        Buy flip phones (no internet) and throw the television out the window.

        Oh my word!!! Did I just say that?!!! Yes I did, and it’s the ONLY way out.

        Propaganda is nothing without it’s audience.

        1. bas ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

          I think it is a matter of your intention. If you want to enjoy life as a conscious but free human being an show the world that life outside of ‘their’ control is far better, go for it. Showing the difference is already a major contribution to a brighter future. However, if one wants to analyse what’s going on and wrap our heads around what the master at Bilderberg and elsewhere are planning, like – I assume – many followers of the Corbett Report, then I think Fisherking’s suggestion is a very good one. I’m gonna keep an eye on it.

          1. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

            bas, why can’t we do both? We can keep up with events here, and we can also show our lives to the world as well. Not saying I’ve done this, just saying all of us can. JimBob who ain’t afraid to throw on an extra slopping of taters on his plate.

        2. fisherking ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

          It is for those of us who choose to know what they wish to do and keep up with developments without depending on others to tell us what is said.
          Just something for those of us who can’t withdraw from the world and live our lives without interference from governments or others need to know.

          Part of that old Know your enemy and your self thing.

          If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.
          – Sun Tzu

  2. shanbos ( User Karma: 3 ) says:

    I think what James ask for was “to post any links/updates/information they have about the globalist conference season and any specific details that have emerged so far” as opposed to the 4 year old’s having a fight in the sandbox!

    1. pearl ( User Karma: 12 ) says:

      Shanbos, I missed your comment earlier. Your point is taken. However, the very thing James was hoping for was likely frustrated when the first person, one who rarely comments if ever, ventured forth with her take on things and was promptly castigated by prince charming. His beating her was for her own good, you see, for there’s no time to waste, desperate times and all. Your sandbox analogy isn’t far off, but I believe we’re witnessing a more serious and stifling, life-sucking threat who reminds me of another classic imp:

      Tonight’s story on The Twilight Zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. This, as you may recognize, is a map of the United States, and there’s a little town there called Peaksville. On a given morning not too long ago, the rest of the world disappeared and Peaksville was left all alone. Its inhabitants were never sure whether the world was destroyed and only Peaksville left untouched or whether the village had somehow been taken away. They were, on the other hand, sure of one thing: the cause. A monster had arrived in the village. Just by using his mind, he took away the automobiles, the electricity, the machines—because they displeased him—and he moved an entire community back into the dark ages—just by using his mind. Now I’d like to introduce you to some of the people in Peaksville, Ohio. This is Mr. Fremont. It’s in his farmhouse that the monster resides. This is Mrs. Fremont. And this is Aunt Amy, who probably had more control over the monster in the beginning than almost anyone. But one day she forgot. She began to sing aloud. Now, the monster doesn’t like singing, so his mind snapped at her, turned her into the smiling, vacant thing you’re looking at now. She sings no more. And you’ll note that the people in Peaksville, Ohio have to smile. They have to think happy thoughts and say happy things because, once displeased, the monster can wish them into a cornfield or change them into a grotesque, walking horror. This particular monster can read minds, you see. He knows every thought, he can feel every emotion. Oh yes, I did forget something, didn’t I? I forgot to introduce you to the monster. This is the monster. His name is Anthony Fremont. He’s six years old, with a cute little-boy face and blue, guileless eyes. But when those eyes look at you, you’d better start thinking happy thoughts, because the mind behind them is absolutely in charge. This is the Twilight Zone.’s_a_Good_Life_(The_Twilight_Zone)

    2. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      The “open source intelligence” contributions James is expecting here (as you pointed out) will not emerge. Journalistic pursuit of such “information” is a pavlovian fools game.

      That being said; Do you really need to salivate over the possibility of a whispered soundbite from within the halls of Bilderberg to understand what’s being done to mankind?

      If so, I would suggest you insert your own fork now.

      1. Duck ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

        “….Journalistic pursuit of such “information” is a pavlovian fools game….”
        while its true that information that is never acted upon is useless its equally true that not having the correct information makes any action you might take useless.

        1. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

          I’ll tell you why, because we’ve seen enough.

          What action do you propose knowing what you know about the Elite?…or do you need more “information”?

          1. Duck ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

            If a dude gets you in a choke hold you had better know what to do because IF YOU DO THE WRONG THING you will hurt yourself worse then if he was just trying to choke you out.
            Please note that out of every four Klansman one is prob working for the Government and he’ll be the guy calling for violence (a field the people running things have a huge advantage)
            Also just runnng around and pretending that the government is ‘Jared The Goblin King’ and “has no power over me” is also going to end badly.
            If people dont like the way things are (I think most actualy think they do like it) then they can use a ton of tools to change things… they can stop funding the system with their purchases, they can vote and take political action, they can ‘build community’ and strong family and make real world friends and they can make themselves the kind of people that dont NEED the government – which is,after all, just a reflection of the people it rules over.
            Roman Emperor Tiberius said in that horrible (and all true….) Caligula movie “in my youth I was a General but in my old age have become a swine-heard”
            If you have seen enough that what do you think you should do?

  3. Lance ( User Karma: 3 ) says:

    I can’t help but be interested by the sudden appearance of the Vatican, although ‘unofficially’, at Bilderberg 2018. The same man who attended Davos last year.

    My interest is piqued by the fact that the Vatican keeps popping up as a central power player. Most recently in the testimony of Ronald Bernard at the ITNJ.

    I am not shocked by the fact that the Vatican is seen as a kingpin. It has a 1600 year history (as a minimum) and has been the ‘elite’ for all that time. Its power and wealth must be vast at this point. Moreso than the Rothschilds & Rockerfellers combined. I just find it interesting that its name *always* pops up when the very darkest of subjects are mentioned e.g. paedophilia, organ harvesting, slavery, people-trafficking etc

    1. Duck ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

      Interesting info but I am not sure ho much MONEY the Vatican actually has vs the bankers.
      I watched a doc on the Mortara case where it was reported that the Pope in question still refused to return a Jewish boy taken in the Papal States and brought up as Catholic even after the Rothschilde bankers pressured him using the fact that the papacy as ‘up to its ears’ in debt to them as leverage. That was about 120 years ago I think so they have had time to get out of debt

  4. pearl ( User Karma: 12 ) says:

    It’s Showtime in North Korea by Jon Rappoport


    As I wrote some months ago, for Trump the business of America is business, period. Let’s make a deal. You may like it, you may hate it, but there it is. That’s how he’s always rolled.

    Environmental problems, pollution, earthquakes from fracking? Minor issues. Just keep building. The investors make piles of money. Tourists show up. The local backwater culture never saw anything like it? They’ll adapt. They’ll get used to it. Call it democracy, monarchy, dictatorship, socialism, who cares? There’s cash on the table.

    The new North Korea may eventually look like a hundred versions of Dubai side by side. War and sanctions are the threats; business is the solution.

    Trump has that viewpoint. Jobs will come, projects will climb upwards and sideways. Does it feel like a new era of capitalism or crazy gloss and shine? Depends on who you are. Are you nestled in the top tier of profiteers, or are you making beds and delivering meals in brand new hotels? Are you a janitor three floors below ground level making your daily rounds, or are you booking a suite thirty floors up in the air?

    Kim understands the whole game, because he has China as a model. Repressive rule from above, along with active zones of volcanic capital investment and massive production of goods.

    1. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

      Pearl, Truthstream Media just uploaded this one on the Bilderberg Meeting. I think they’re pretty right on, but I remain more optimistic than them. At any rate, I live near huge tracts of woods which are part of a wireless blackout zone. Near the Okefenokee Swamp on the Ga/Fl line. Some 80% of the medicinal herbs you look up grow in this area. But, I don’t think their cities are going to work. While they do note this “populism” idea isn’t given much attention, I would say that people are not having a populist uprising anyway. I think people want their national cultural identities to remain in place. Nationalism is the obvious target, but I’m betting a strong anarchial presence will determine how things really roll out. Free trade zones are perfect harbors for smugglers and the like. Sorry for the rambling, but this is Friday and I’m stoned. Anyway, here’s the link:

      JimBob who thinks things are rolling out just right, even though it’s not by the rollers intent.

      P.S. Couldn’t help but add this thought that came into my mind while watching this video. The Net itself is the AI they are looking for. Our data will be used to formulate the perfect supply chain to keep us happily imprisoned until we are no longer useful. And when you watch the E-Estonia video part, do you feel an urge to join it?

    2. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

      Pearl, don’t you just love his posts? I just watched this video by Black Pigeon on Trump. I think it dovetails nicely with Jon’s article as to providing an understanding of who Trump really is. The best news is that, even though his goals are not necessarily the same as mine; I can work with it. Plus, the progressives are dying. Being exposed as the lunatic fringe. By the way, did you also see the body language video on Sessions? I’m betting there’s a lot of info coming out in child/adult trafficking. I’m just wondering how many of the big fishies are getting in that net. Anyway, here’s the Black Pigeon link:

      JimBob who thinks we may have to re-think this whole Trump guy. One must have an accurate knowledge of one’s opponent. We don’t; we have assumptions based upon past opponents. That’s not the same.

  5. Lance ( User Karma: 3 ) says:

    I know I’m probably just getting senile with my advancing years, but I find this new format very hard to follow. I swear I’m reading responses before the original comment.

    Also, is “Karma” such a good thing for this site ala Reddit?

    Lance, who thinks being a forum warrior is less use than a mole with sunglasses.

    1. mkey ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

      I had previously made a script which “fixed” the comments section, at least from my convoluted point of view, so that all posts are sorted chronologically. Now I have updated this script, some of these updates had broken it and it needed to be extended, and here’s how a part of this thread looks like with it active.

      I kind of gave this latest update a whitewash, maybe a tad to strong. Every post links to its “parent” post (if there is any) so that the post hierarchy is maintained to some extent and post width has been maximized as to make reading easier. I made this mostly because I read most of the comments made on this site and with the threaded view that can be quite difficult.

      There was a planned addition to this script which would feature a button to allow you get a threaded view for a specific post but life side tracked me, as years go by I learn to make more with less.

      Either way, if anyone’s interested I’ll share this for free of course, most major browsers have a plugin (greasemonkey, violent monkey, temper monkey and maybe some more monkeys, I’m not sure) which will allow you to install this script and use it to change the way content is displayed locally, so no harm no foul to anyone. It can easily be disabled or uninstalled at any time.

    2. pearl ( User Karma: 12 ) says:

      You and me both, Lance. I’m experiencing a sort of vertigo as well. I was also wondering, what will happen if I press one of these arrows? Will I get shocked, a tasty pellet roll out, or be cursed/smiled on by the gods above?

      1. Duck ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

        You dont get shocked…you get a “Thanks for voting” E-sticker. Lol
        You are right about it being hard to read the comments with them being out of order.

        1. pearl ( User Karma: 12 ) says:

          Never thought I’d come to Corbett’s to “vote harder”. This is a tune I refuse to dance to: haven’t pushed one arrow yet nor will I.

          1. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

            Well, I just voted you up anyway Miss Pearl! Came here this morning and all I had in my inbox was the troll flaming in it. Luckily, those individuals are just deleted when I see their name, but the whole thread being nothing but their stupid trolling? I’m gonna like this voting thing. But, since I won’t read theirs, I won’t be voting on them. I guess I’ll be stuck with mostly upvoting. JimBob who might get all Chicago on you and vote you up again if you ain’t careful.

            1. pearl ( User Karma: 12 ) says:

              Dude! This dopamine high is totally bodacious!

              Seriously though. There is one event where I’m tempted by the like button, and that’s when a conversation is pretty much done, but I feel if I don’t say something, then it might be interpreted as a snub (which I don’t want to do). I’d like to offer that acknowledgment without stringing on the dialog where the other thoughtful person likewise feels compelled to acknowledge, and so it goes on and until one of us finally drops off, and the remaining one is left wondering what he/she said to offend (I’m kidding). Other than that, nope.

    3. mkey ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

      This hasn’t been implemented well. I’m not sure what’s the end goal here, but I hope James, or someone on his behalf, is going to tweak this. There is much to be said about chronology of posts being made.

      I’m assuming all new posts are sorted according to karma while replies are sorted from newest to oldest, which is counter intuitive.

    4. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


      I remember when youtube started with this nonsense, comment format years ago in order that conversations could no longer flow, hence a consensus could never be reached.

      …as you point out; “I swear I’m reading responses before the original comment”

      You are.

      Conversation threads will not flow seamlessly here anymore because of Mr. Corbett’s “Karma” hatchet job with this site. It’s now just a garbled mess of displaced replies in relation to original ideas with zero sense of timeline and (of course) James’ clique at the top no matter what time they post.

      What a fucking chaotic shame. You’ve blown it here Corbett.

      This site is now officially a reversal of priorities, with business interests now clearly set before it’s supposed goals.

      1. scpat ( User Karma: 2 ) says:


        Look at you. You’re all upset because now we can take those hatchets and use them on you. You probably don’t realize this because you are new to commenting on this forum, but there was never a need for this type of system until you showed up. Your job here is clearly to create division, distraction, and frustration among the good members of the Corbett Report. But you will fail.

        1. mkey ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

          Lets not rile up the villagers just yet. There is absolutely no indication to the reasoning behind this change. It may have well all been a cock up during the wordpress update. Like pearl said it, “voting” has not really been a thing on this site and I’m still hoping it won’t become a thing in any near future.

          1. scpat ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

            Whether or not trolls are the reason for this, it has never been necessary until recently. It is also a feature I’m sure James could remove if he chose to. In my opinion voting is not a bad thing when it comes to a comment section. It serves the useful purpose of being able to promote productive conversations and draw attention away from irrelevant and counterproductive ones. The other option would be to leave it alone and let certain trolls wreck havoc in the comment section.

            1. mkey ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

              In my opinion voting is not the proper way to handle this issue. A better way would be to have an option to block a certain user (as a user preference, of course, not a site wide setting) with whose input you don’t agree all to often so you decide a better option would be not to be notified of their posts nor have them show to you. However, this also gets rather ugly when you have to decide what to do with posts which have been made in reply to “offending users'” posts.

              When you really consider it, it’s quite a blessing not too many people post in these comments sections. Also, I don’t believe in technological solutions to societal issues. In this instance, if you see someone posting stuff in a “troll” fashion, your best bet is to just ignore it. Because otherwise, a relatively minor hindrance can become a major pain in the ass for most normal posting folk… TSA anyone?

            2. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

              I rather like the upvoting. A lot of times I see a comment I like, and would like to acknowledge it, but don’t feel like commenting. Also, a lot of people are too shy to comment and this allows them input. The little trolls will just fade away as usual once they figure out nobody likes them. JimBob who does wonder why clicking on the comment section link no longer brings him straight to the comment he was linking to but to the top of the page and then he has to wade through flame wars to get to it. But no real complaints.

              1. pearl ( User Karma: 12 ) says:

                A lot of times I see a comment I like, and would like to acknowledge it, but don’t feel like commenting.

                Also, a lot of people are too shy to comment and this allows them input.

                Okay, make that three reasons I’m tempted by a like button. But that’s it! (Aah, the sweet feel of compromise by degrees)

              2. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

                Actually, I am sure I did NOT hit the right link. I was hitting the bottom one sending me to the page, rather than the comment. Too many choices! It’s like voting or something! JimBob who really is a simple person. Especially on anything more modern than the wheel.

    5. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      It seems Mr. Corbett has associated popularity (.i.e. “likes”) with Karma, and is elevating posts with accumulated “likes” to the top of the page.

      The concept here is; Be liked, and rise to the top of the page!!!

      Good Grief. Offering folks incentives to be liked has nothing to do with the concept of Karma.

      “James Corbett is not on facebook!”…but he’s morphing his site into the same format.

      1. scpat ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

        It’s to deal with clowns like you, Gaskight. You will be downvoted to oblivion because of the useless, hateful, garbage that you spew out.

        1. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

          …how often do you fools complain about facebook/twitter censorship and then bang a 180 when it suits you?

          Check your mirror for the real clown after that pathetic comment.

  6. mkey ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

    Switzerland is set to vote on a radical ‘sovereign money’ plan: Here’s what you need to know

    Supporters of the initiative, known as the “Vollgeld” or the Sovereign Money Initiative (SMI), say approving the measure would make the financial system safer by preventing bankers from recklessly lending and putting people’s savings at risk — again.

    That’s because the change would make it much harder for commercial banks to extend credit, effectively creating cash. Instead, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) would become the monopoly provider of Swiss francs.

    However, opinion polls indicate SMI will not receive enough votes to pass. Around two-thirds of the Swiss electorate is expected to vote against the plan, which SNB Governor Thomas Jordan has described as a “dangerous cocktail.”

    The SNB is opposed to the measure, despite supporters of the campaign arguing the central bank should be allowed to re-assume its constitutional role.

    Yet, SNB chief Thomas Jordan says the Vollgeld scheme — which has not been tried elsewhere — would constitute a leap into the unknown.

    “This vote is very complex … Which means it is also very dangerous because many people do not fully grasp all of its consequences,” Jean-Charles Rochet, professor of banking at the University of Geneva, told CNBC in a phone interview.

    “In a world where experts are not listened to, it seems counterproductive to have a political vote on an economic issue,” Rochet said.

    1. manbearpig ( User Karma: 16 ) says:

      Interesting info. Hadn’t taken ample notice of this post. So The Sovereign Money Initiative was finally rejected by 76%…

  7. arnieus ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if this gaggle of would be world rulers would lead a cooperative effort to contain the massive radiation being dumped into the Pacific ocean from Fukushima. No they just want another war which will undoubtedly destroy more reactors and poison the whole planet. War is unthinkable as Putin said “please stop thinking about it.”

    1. Duck ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

      The world rulers wont do anything that is not in their own interests… if they dont do whats in OUR interest thats often a reflection of how weak and unimportant we have allowed ourselves to become.
      Back in cave man days the psycopaths WE needed to do the dumb dangerous stuff also needed US in order to survive. Modern psycopaths often no longer need their ‘tribe’ and thus dont need to do anything for its benefit.

      1. ad ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        hi duck,

        you said: “Modern psycopaths often no longer need their ‘tribe’ and thus dont need to do anything for its benefit.”

        i do not believe that. i think the essence of psychopatic succes is exactly what they do for the benefit of their tribe, but in a psychological sense.

        my little theory says that many people with a moral conscience, which psychopaths lack of course, are very much afraid for the accompanying responsibility for the logically required moral actions. this may be caused perhaps by a lack of self-esteem or whatever psychological term would be appropriate.

        this condition may be connected to stanley milham’s f-scale score or any measurement that talks about authoritarian tendencies.

        in order to escape responsibility stress, this whole agonizing responsibility complex may be handed over in one single throw to someone else, someone who’s waiting for you to beg him to do just that, a psychopath of course, who is not even able to appreciate the gift.

        the deal made does not only establish a symbiotic relationship between a psychopath and an essentially moral man, who becomes the psychopaths clone, it even causes the possibility of a whole hierarchy of evil by daisychaining others to the clone and so on and give evil a channel to spread over a wide territory.

        a whole tribe send their moral sense up the hierarchy until it dissipates through the chimney, the psychopath on top.
        somehow a whole tribe morphes into a kind of super psychopath.

        you may wonder if the psychopath himself would be aware of the source of his power. he may just consider his tribe members ‘stupid’ and himself ‘superior’.

        well, i must stop here, it’s just a little theory and there is a lot more to say about it. i would love reactions.

  8. Octium ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

    Surprisingly good political cartoon from a Mainstream Newspaper today (Which I can’t link to because the online version it is behind a paywall and copyright etc)

    Trump to Secret Service Man: “Guard This Historic Signed Denuclearisation Pledge By North Korea with you life” (Hands agent piece of paper)

    Secret Service Man to Trump: “I’ll put it with the rest Mr President…”

    …about what I think of it too!

  9. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

    With regards to the Globalist Summits…

    if I was one of the Globalist Elites.

    I would make sure the agenda would include Mind Control, and under that subject would be propaganda in all its forms especially the one that delivers the….

    Main Objective = Stop People from Organizing unless it helps the Globalist Elites.

    So.. Creating the obvious Main Stream Media, is first on the list…

    but I would also create an underground websites, that brings awaken people in one place, and get them to engage with part of the truth, and then make sure they participate and get their voices heard by each other to relive frustration, and ensure that “THEY NEVER ORGANIZE” by ensuring that words like leadership and organize are treated as agreeing with Globalist elites.

    This off course is just me thinking out loud and responding to my Gut feel that seldom fails, and I am really hoping it does proves to be wrong this time.

    any thoughts? (am i toooo crazy???)

    1. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

      VOA, I think you’re right on that, but I don’t think it will work for them. We are simply too decentralized for them to find that magic nail which they can pound into the wood. This is less a revolution, than it is a doing. People are doing those things like seed sharing, gray/black markets, sustainable agriculture, and the list is very long. They are creating community and networks. The more they do this, the more they will learn they have power. We cannot win our freedom through the tactics and strategies that only serve those that would rule us. Decentralization has been a strategy that is bringing the centralists to their knees. I’m just up for upping the ante. JimBob who always carries a couple of aces up his sleeve just in case.

      1. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

        Hello again I Shot Santa,

        I would like to take our conversation further…, especially since i have noticed that you did not take part in the latest social experiment by our James Corbertt.

        So, us.. humans.. by design and evolution seems to gravitate towards communities (or groups or tribes), which always develops leadership naturally.

        for example, James Corbertt is the de facto leader of this community if he likes it or not. and the best place to see this is.. He got a large section of this community playing a game not much different than “pokemon go” (peace = war) etc etc… an exercise in double speak. (i myself don’t understand why it is interesting or worth wasting brain cycles on, but i have noticed you are missing also)

        So, the point i want to make, and this social experiment clearly shows it, you require leadership to point people towards a common goal, even when the majority don’t really agree or are interested in this goal.

        The 80/20 rule works brilliantly here. 10% of population want to lead or select a leader, and another 10% are really against any form of leadership and will resist it. and a large majority of 80% will follow who ever picks up the bagpipe.

        which explain that famous US marines saying, which i discovered that exists in many cultures…

        Lead.. Follow… or get out of the effen way.

        1. Duck ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

          Voice of Arabi
          o, us.. humans.. by design and evolution seems to gravitate towards communities (or groups or tribes), which always develops leadership naturally….”
          We are currently in an unusual state socially in the west… the idea of the individual has grown out of all proportion because we are now insulated from the instant death or suffering humans used to suffer when expelled from the group. This would be a good thing (yay more freedom…) but it has become bad because its tinged with the narcissism that has been killing western culture since at least the 50’s or 60’s (prob way further back)
          The idea that facts and reality are bendable to simple human will is a mental illness you see at its worst in far-left politics but its really everywhere – even creeping into the sciences.
          The inability of people to form MUCH real resistance to the bad things ‘they all know about’ is because the mechanism of people bonding with friends family and neighbours IN THE REAL WORLD is broken.
          One person will never be able to beat a group of people… beating a bunch of warriors who were unable to coordinate their greater numbers is how the romans won an empire. #
          Thats why globalism has done so well taking over the world so far.. look how bad it had to get for regular people before they had to pretend to care and offer populist candidates

          1. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

            Hello Duck,

            I agree with your statements above 100%. You are on to something big, and I think we should develop this further.

            Thanks for great point view.

        2. Lance ( User Karma: 3 ) says:

          I find this a fascinating subject.

          A pyramid is a very strong structure. The ones in Central America have withstood centuries of earthquakes.

          Is a pyramid hierarchy of power unnatural for humans? Is it just a construct stemming from the wishes of the people at the top? Do the few who care at the top work towards this hierarchy whilst the majority of the people at the bottom (the 80%) are guided along because they just don’t care? Is this hierarchy a result of the univeral law “As above, so below”?

          1. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

            Hello Lance,

            Thanks for your comments. and I too find this fascinating…

            Associating leadership with power is misleading, and it is akin to associating nuclear energy to the Hiroshima (was that nuclear bomb or not?? – i don’t know)

            Leadership is a natural part of groups and communities, and does not always lead to powergrap.

            Many communities around the world have leadership in communities that are actually the servants of that community.

            in my community, the ago-old saying goes, the leader of the tribe is their servant. (i.e. you will not become a leader unless you are helping the tribe.. i.e. the power resides with the people of the tribe, and only while you are serving them can you continue to lead.)

            “The Man” turned that around, and made leadership evil. Now to be lead is = servitude. In a way.. it is what the man does… Double speak.

            Now a days, almost everyone hates leadership and leaders, but without leaders and leadership, we would not be here playing with keyboards today.

            1. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

              Hello Duck

              You make a good point, and I too believe people who develop “Cult of personality” maybe doing it to fill in a void (need) they have in their system, and may not be aware they are doing it.

              I agree with you. James Corbett never set himself up as a leader, let alone a “Cult Personality”. I actually think he is allergic to leadership and leaders. I would love to be a fly on the wall when James and his mates decide to go for a night out. 🙂 (he will not lead, and he will refuse to follow, and he is certainly not going to get out of the way.. that’s just not cricket)

            2. Duck ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

              Hi… Your right Comments system is messed up right now.
              As to “Cult of personality” maybe its like parents… kids are programed t trust their parents because kids who DIDNT used to drink the bad water or eat the berries their folks said were bad.
              Hmans NEED to trust that the person telling them whats what is smart and knows what to do. No onw wants to follow a person who shows that they have no idea what to do.
              Thats the reason some women go for men who are utter dooshbags or even psychopaths because such people exude the aura of self confidence we WANT in a leader.
              Mr Corbett clearly NEVER set himself up as a ‘cult leader’ and if people idolize him its just their own human nature.
              my 2nd post this thread (i think)

            3. Duck ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

              I saw an explanation one time for that… the idea was that back in the day the leaders/alpha/silverback/whatever job was to take care of danger and in return he got 1st choice on food and breeding partners. sounded plausible
              Thru ancient greece to WW1 and even 2 the folks leading were expected to fight in war- rich people could buy better weapons and WANTED to gain kudos with fighting.
              I guess (??) it was the vietnam war (??) when rich people started excusing themselves while sending the (now conscripted-a pretty new idea) poor. The people they traditionally tried to KEEP AWAY asmuch as possible from weapons
              Iraq 2 was run by people who had mainly avoided combat… People dont mind being ruled by bad people (if they are effective) but they hate being ruled by stupid cowardly greedy people.

              1. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

                Hello I Shot Santa,

                That was very interesting point, and actually does add to getting closer to understanding this better.

                People seem to be OK with understanding much less (I mean the basics), and feel confident going forward without understanding how we came here…

                which reminds me of when i first was introduced to MBA programs, and graduates of MBA programs. They are actually trained on the same concept as the book you mention in your comment below/above.

                In my culture.. the age-old saying goes…

                He who does not have past (or understand the basics), has no future.

              2. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

                Hola VOA, if you don’t mind me butting in, I’d like to offer an opinion on when that shift may have started in earnest. In business, there is that little book called “Think and Grow Rich”. It’s actually a very good book; but it has a few problems and traps. In it however, Mr. Hill proposes that people NOT start at the bottom, but as high as is possible for them. While this makes sense in terms of faster rise in power, it also means the leader doesn’t understand the lower positions. In other words, people who didn’t really know the business, began running the business. This book was, and remains, very influential in many circles. This is why it’s so important to train your own employees and to promote from within. If you are an employer, that is. JimBob who ain’t no employer because then he’d have to do all that payroll, fica, and other crap.

              3. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

                Hello again Duck (this is second reply)

                I also have to add that now a days (and maybe we had this from day one), some people seem to fall for a syndrome called “Cult of personality”, when they start worshiping who ever assumes the rule of a leader (even when they claim and protest they are not).

                For example, some members of Corbertt Report will not accept any kind of criticism directed towards James Corbertt (i am looking at you manbearpig), as if he can do no wrong, when for the last few days, the comments section of the Corbertt report website is all screwed up and broken, and he did not even volunteer an explanation or an apology.

                So, whenever they start following someone, they start worshiping that person, and never hold them responsible.

                In the old days of tribes, leaders are held accountable on a daily basis, and that is why it is a hard work and people took that role unwillingly.

                That said, I guess people who start worshiping the “dear” leader are also the cause for that leader to abuse all powers…

                again.. it is a circle thing…

              4. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

                Hello Duck,

                I think you are right. In the days of hunter gatherer, (when might is right – rule of jungle) the Alpha/Silverback etc provided protection for access to resources…

                But, i think after we developed thinking abilities, Muscle was no longer the dominant, and it became just another resource to control by the tribe leaders.

                Leaders in a tribe or a community is usually the person or people who can provide the bridging within the community and with other communities.

                So, they (tribal leaders) became the “sensible” collective effort of a tribe.

                Until one day.. something flipped (I am sure it is Human Nature part that we don’t understand still), and someone decided.. I can use all this power and get more without having to work for it..

                and all of a sudden… we are back to “rule of jungle”. it is like a complete “circle of life” 🙂

            4. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

              Hello VOA! I really liked your definition of leader. You are so right, it is the mark of a true leader. So many of our definitions have changed; and that makes a tremendous difference. For example; to amass great wealth is neither good nor bad. But it is what you valued that caused the creation of that money that can be deemed good or bad. Did you amass it because you created something which society valued so much they threw their money at you in order to have what you created? If yes; then it is good. Or did you make that money because making the money was the goal? That is the path to hell. JimBob who knows you’d better where some thick soles if you wanna go skipping down that road.

        3. mik ( User Karma: 3 ) says:

          So, we have a leader who don’t want to lead. To which group James belong?

          “….you require leadership to point people towards a common goal, even when the majority don’t really agree or are interested in this goal.”

          Are coercion or manipulation a good way to achieve goal?
          You have good intentions, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Certainly I don’t mean this literally.

          I’m not completely against leaders. Army unit needs a leader in full meaning of the word, otherwise is not an army.
          Online community doesn’t need a leader, because it is in virtual world.

          A neighborhood doesn’t need a leader, although informal leaders will probably appear, but it is not necessary to give them formal authority and we shouldn’t.

          I would certainly want to have a formal leader of a group building a house.
          What I want to say is, it all depends on circumstances.

          1. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

            Hello Mik,

            Thanks for your input, and that’s precisely what I mean by making the word leadership (dirty), as if “leadership” means Globalist Elite.

            James although claims not to want to lead, but for the last two days he lead many people (willingly) to go and play with online dictionaries achieving absolutely nothing new!

            We need (and have) leadership in everything we do. Teacher leads the class.. Master builder leads in building a house… pencil maker leads in bringing all the parts together to make a pencil.. etc etc..

            Leadership is part of our DNA, from the times when we were small groups and communities..

            Allow me to repeat….

            in my opinion, “leadership” is like “technology”. in the wrong hands it can be deadly. in the right hands, it is a must have and makes the difference between winners and losers. (as demonstrated by all the empires that came and gone!)

            1. mik ( User Karma: 3 ) says:

              I don’t think leadership is dirty. I tried to point you out that verb lead doesn’t (shouldn’t) mean the same thing in various circumstances.

              Regarding comparing leadership and technology it’s true they can be good or bad, but most important and usually forgotten, they can be good and bad at the same time.

              DNA and history…well, yes to some extent, but how to incorporate free will here? We are not just genes, we learn. We have ability to change, to adapt, it is palpable right now, unfortunately to the wrong direction.

              So, I don’t believe in interpolating future from history.

              “….(as demonstrated by all the empires that came and gone)”
              I don’t know for you but I certainly don’t want to be involved in empire business, even if an empire of ultimate good would be possible.

              I’ve seen your previous comments, you would like to have a movement.
              Why you are not applying history here? You would see that all movements in recent history had been planted, subverted, beheaded, co-opted, whatever, but at the end not successful. By all movements I mean the ones that could bring a meaningful change.

              1. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

                Hello I Shot Santa,

                I enjoyed our discussion. and i have to admit, I agree with you when you say

                “Showing people that speaking up gets results will change things nicely. ”

                However, more and more (even in USA), speaking up gets you a boot in the face…

                I think we are beyond speaking up in majority of the world, and especially in my area, were speaking up will get you raped (and not in the fun way!)

                Still.. I enjoyed the interaction, and I look forward to another discussion.

              2. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

                Hola VOA! If you look to yourself for leadership, you don’t have to vet your leaders. I’m basing my thoughts on an earlier podcast in which some dead white guy was being discussed. It went something along the lines of when people realize they don’t need the state, it will just fall apart. By being your own leader; by inspiring others that an individual can have an effect; you are committing a revolutionary act. Just as the earlier example given in which the writer said he raised up his hand about the scented garbage bags. He then discovered that it bothered a lot of others, but they just hadn’t spoken up. And the bags are gone. How many of our oppression are there because we just don’t say anything? Showing people that speaking up gets results will change things nicely. We don’t need no movement, no revolution, no blood. Just people recognizing their own individual power. The state will just fall away when that happens. JimBob who don’t think it needs to fall off everyone, just a certain amount.

              3. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

                Hey I Shot Santa,

                I normally prefer not to scare people, but as I have good IT background i know the following for sure. (100%)

                This notion of having no form is pure BS. As the people who need to know (i.e. “The Man”), has access to each person accessing this and other (alternative news) sites, and know their location, which type of device they are using (even the screen resolution they are using), and what other websites they are accessing, and if they need to, they can tunnel in, and find out the content of your drives.

                So, this false (No Form) is to give us false sense of security.

                Using analytical tools… our form (including yours) is very visible to the level of detail of when you go to sleep and for how long!.

                I am just saying.

              4. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

                Hola VOA! I’ve enjoyed this as well. I just saw this other video, from a channel I’ve never seen before. It’s about our FBI and the IG report and all that. But it’s very good. It asks the right questions. And it’s but one site. And the web is but one venue. And it can’t be beat. Anyway, here’s this link. I found it very interesting:


                JimBob who ain’t vouching for anything in it, but he likes the guy’s attitude and that he’s just one guy out of many.

              5. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

                Hello I Shot Santa,

                when you say “I saw the form of that spring when they were gunned down in Bahrain”

                It is partly true. Bahrain is a very small island, and it is very hard to keep information secret. However, the people on the street had form, but the leaders who directed them behind the scenes had “No Form”. and it was by design. The people directing the movement in Bahrain were MI6 working on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, when the plan was to turn the Arab world to the Muslim Brotherhood rule (as part of the “The Man” big plan), which failed miserably as Bahrain was 60% shia’a and hate Muslim Brotherhood. So, they started shooting people as the revolution was taking the wrong direction. (my question is.. Don’t they have local people working for them to tell them this is expected to happen??)

                The same is true for other Arab Springs (Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, etc etc.. even Ukraine!) There was no leaders for those revolutions, but we are discovering today that CIA/MI6 were the leaders..

                The reason this is done is.. So, we can not vet the true leaders and evaluate them by using today’s latest technology. Today, you can go into the past far enough to know if someone is genuine or pretend ?

                They could get away with appointing puppets in the 50’s and 60’s and no one would know they are puppets.. Today, puppets would be revealed in an hour using simple things like “search engines”

                So, having “No Form” could be useful for us as a method of protection (and there are many other methods of protection), but having “No Form” is more useful for the CIA/MI6 so they can work in the shadows.

                We need to know our leaders and vet them on a daily basis, for our own survival.

              6. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

                VOA, I saw the form of that spring when they were gunned down in Bahrain. That is the danger of a movement. It is a large group that can be targeted. That which is formless cannot be targeted. JimBob who also notes that in the US, those peace marches had guns on the side-lines. Thugs love pacifists.

              7. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

                Hello I Shot Santa,

                You say “That which has no form cannot be attacked”…

                Off course, that’s an age-old saying and by definition, i like it.. however…

                in my part of the world, we just got out of 5 Arab Springs, which all had “No Form”, so not to be attacked, and just now we are beginning to wake up to the fact that CIA/MI6 via Otpor was the reason why it had “No Form”.

                That said.. I agree you will have to be underground until such date you are strong enough (in numbers) not to be instantly destroyed.

              8. mik ( User Karma: 3 ) says:


                “How do we know this site is not another venue to keep us from organizing??”

                I’m sure James’ massage is connect with people (organize?) on local level. With meaningful goals that are within reach. Change has to happened in the Real World. Any step, even the smallest, away from the System is good.

                I don’t deny people are pack animals inclined towards being lead. That is how we are wired, but we also have prefrontal cortex that is able to rewire us. With prefrontal cortex we achieved our “supremacy” on the world.

                A lot of the need to be lead is also indoctrination, could say learned helplessness. Look at media, at how we are thought about history. They emphasize leaders beyond their real merits. Indoctrination.

                How much is the need vs. indoctrination in the desire to be lead?

                Human nature is not an obstacle towards a better world. How it is manifested depends on circumstances. It certainly is abused by “The Man”.

                ““The Man” wants you to avoid organizing in political manner…”

                Me too. I want to have as little as possible with their system.
                Just came to my mind: maybe you are not into anarchism.

              9. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

                VOA, as far as this site being a forum by which people do not seek a leader to follow, I think that James would agree with that statement. After all, he is actively searching for solutions by which we can lead ourselves. All the problems in the world began when we started following others, rather than leading ourselves. Cooperation is great, but outside of specific tasks, I lost my interest in following others.

                VOA, I’m just going to have to disagree with you on movements. That which has no form cannot be attacked. JimBob who says “Be like Moonshine. It’s got a kick.”

              10. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

                Hello Mik,

                Thanks for your reply…

                If i was living in a more open country. I would have started a movement 40 years ago. (but 40 years ago, I was just another brainwashed young man working very hard for “The Man”, and thinking i was doing good for mankind!)

                I certainly would have started a movement 10 years ago (that’s when i truly woke up), but if i did, i would be dead by now.

                and you are correct.. Almost every movement started has somehow failed or got twisted, and that’s mainly due “Human Nature” as we fail to understand it, and that’s my second focus.

                allow me to give you an example. When i say things are in our DNA (like gravitating towards leadership), i really mean it is in our needs and it is what makes us human (a bit like basic instincts).

                That’s why majority of movements fail. For Example, Religion will not allow sex for certain people, and then they are surprised when priest start molesting children. All of us (myself included) will start doing the things we would deem wrong the minute we face our basic instinct. (i probably would kill if i was hungry enough!)

                That’s why more than 80% seek some form of leadership.. if not political, then in sport, or music or cat videos.

                “The Man” wants you to avoid organizing in political manner, and focus on Sports, Entertainment, etc etc leadership.

                My question is.. How do we know this site is not another venue to keep us from organizing??

            2. manbearpig ( User Karma: 16 ) says:

              “James although claims not to want to lead…lead many people (willingly) to go and play with online dictionaries…”


              are you sure??

              1. manbearpig ( User Karma: 16 ) says:

                VoiceOfArabi said:

                “James although claims not to want to lead…lead many people (willingly) to go and play with online dictionaries…”


                manbearpig said:

                “are you sure??”

                (who said what unclear in a former post)

      2. VoiceOfArabi ( User Karma: 8 ) says:

        Hello I Shot Santa,

        I hear what you are saying, and it does sound sane and logical, but i think it is very good strategy for a different battle.

        What I mean is, even decentralization requires leadership & organizing to make it happen these days, and for the following reason.

        In the early days of man, seed sharing, black markets, sustainable agriculture, etc came naturally in the small communities we lived in, and was the logical thing to do, plus it had no push back from anyone.

        Today, the whole (majority) population is hijacked by “The Man” until they reach the age of 50, and then, only very few wake up as a result of all the propaganda and BS stories that makes up life today.

        I guess what I am saying is. the current strategy that we are following only works if it has no opposition. Instead, we have the largest destroyers of this strategy in all of history, and that’s why it will always be stagnant.

        My late father used to say.. “a 1000 builders cannot win against a single saboteur”

        in my opinion, “leadership” is like “technology”. in the wrong hands it can be deadly. in the right hands, it is a must have and makes the difference between winners and losers. (as demonstrated by all the empires that came and gone!)

        1. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

          Wow. Read this whole thread before I sat down to write. Pretty amazing stuff. You’re right that I didn’t partake in the social experiment; I’m not even sure what it means that I heard laurel in the “official” thing. I don’t really see it as a waste of time though. I actually do a lot of mental exercises like this. I will try and do silly things to help spark a creative urge. So, I would not say it is useless. I’ve just got a bit on my plate at the moment.
          I disagree with having us all form together though. That creates a target and a choke point. Imagine a thousand saboteurs; none having any real knowledge of what the other is doing. That is the power of decentralization. We are on the verge of having the ability to create our own society. All the tools are out there. I’m sticking with all of us doing one act of defiance a day. Nothing much. Something that helps someone else. Something that builds community. For that is what anarchy really is. At least to me. I say sticking, but I just came up with it. JimBob who ain’t afraid to stretch the truth when it suits him.

  10. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    …there’s a word for someone who would actually click one of those little blue “Karma” arrows in EITHER direction…

    How about you let us see who’s clicking those “thumbs up” arrows for the Karma Kids at the top of the page huh James?

    …I didn’t think so

  11. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Awwwwww “Mik” thinks I’m a government troll.

    …is there many subject matter I’ve presented here to suggest such a thing “Mik”?

    Goodnight “Mik”

    1. mkey ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

      Your disposition relates to “truth” you provide in similar fashion as Icke’s reptiles side story relates to his 9/11 “truth.” You can realize one but not the other?

      1. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        …you’re the one ringing my mailbox off the hook…you tell me…

        Am I spouting fantastical nonsense as Ike does? Where does your comparison begin?

  12. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The United States has military bases in around 150 countries, some of which are not officially classed as American bases and some are not formally acknowledged by the US. The number of bases in total exceeds 1,000 worldwide, many of them are located (permanently) in the Middle East.

    Post 911 casualties are estimated between 3 & 4 million (and counting) in the Middle East. A Holocaust.

    The gaza strip is a genocidal hell hole courtesy of Israel, and it’s sickening new acquisition of Jerusalem as its Capital.

    ….and (yet again) we’ve got another Corbett listener with selective amnesia claiming; “Trump is working towards removing the US from so many entanglements”…as if Trump calls the shots. How much of what Corbett says is retained or even absorbed at all by his listeners here?

    In closing the “listener” exclaimes: “JimBob who thinks things are going on just dandy as far as he’s concerned”

    Congratulations JimBob. You’re not on the wrong end of the gun.

    I honestly do not know what this board is learning at all. It’s quite a bizarre dichotomy between the material presented, and the subsequent commentary.

    1. amber ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      I’ve seldom found comment sections to be indicative of much, certainly not with this small of a dataset. I’d imagine most lurk or just absorb the content and go about their lives, personally I would have been quite content to peruse and be on my way. But I was torn you see, you spoke of bizarre dichotomies then proceeded to lump the whole of the board into one – based predominantly on 2 people. I’d like to interject, and speak to a couple points as well.

      The information you reference is great, and hats off to you for at least taking the time to do what you felt was your part to not let Love Bombers run amok in what is likely one of the higher concentrations of peaceful people in town. In a more dramatized sense, one could even look to this website as a sanctuary of sorts, and the sentiment of your defense of that is applaudable.

      However if you understand the value of peaceful interaction, think about the irony of your kissed with a lie than slapped with the truth analogy. Delivery is profoundly important ESPECIALLY if your goal is to have a positive impact on the person you’re talking to. Why would you want to do that you ask?

      Think about how rare it is to even have a conversation about these ideas, let alone someone who is familiar with James’ work, and even further actively posts! Instead of ending each post that contained useful information in it with a snide comment that repelled, why not take the opportunity to honestly find out what brought the person to the site and fan that flame from there? If you’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge from this huge archive of work, seems to me you would be in a far better position to guide someone who may still be working through it themselves. Now you have 2 engaged parties that can explore and be in a better position to spread the message of voluntarism over aggression.

      Now think about the reality of what happened in these exchanges instead. Due solely to your delivery, their activity here will likely drop because of the toxic nature of the exchange, and you yourself are soured from the experience as evidenced by the increasing disdain in your comments shows. Now both of you are LESS likely to return, certainly to take part in the discussions.

      Understanding is always going to be harder than reacting, and you’ve come so far from the information and research side of things. I implore you to put forth just a little more effort to bring those ideas full circle by consciously finding ways to share them, not shriek them.

      1. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


        I agree with your assessment of comment sections in general, and as you say, you would have just perused, and been on your way “but you were torn”

        I’m not here to wear kid gloves and make friends.

        You claimed my delivery prompted your post. Think about that.

        The hour of the time is getting late.

        In Orwell’s 1984 we find society’s vocabulary being diminished to the point where they can’t even articulate what they’re feeling/thinking/seeing, and therefore, are in no position to reverse their situation. Now look at all the abbreviations and icons used by the kids, the ridiculously low “education” standards, and combine that with wide spread pot use.

        We’re in lot’s of trouble Amber, and the dumbing down is planned as sure as I’m sitting here.

  13. mkey ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

    Trump, Kim Jong Un meet in Singapore: What happened at the historic summit?

    If you can stomach this drivel, it may be worth something. What I got from it is that Hannity is apparently a Trump supporter. Also, I gout a chuckle out of it when Hannity went on to continue his banter and said “the average salary for a family in North Korea” and one of the goons in the studio says, kind of softly, “2000 dollars.” I think he immediately regretted it, lol. Nobody called him out for it, of course. Pathetic.

    1. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

      I just read the article. The sending of the bodies back is a big deal. Peace is coming there. That’ll make us safer and wealthier. That’ll make Russia and China feel better. Personally, I think Trump is working towards removing the US from so many entanglements. I think we’ll be out of the Middle East (as much as we can be, but we do have our proxy Israel there) and Iran will be sending their oil to China, which means they won’t have to defend Syria. I’m guessing China is giving Syria to the Russian pipeline deal in exchange. But there is a lot going on. There is definitely a shifting in the power structure. JimBob who thinks things are going on just dandy as far as he’s concerned.

      1. mkey ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

        If Trump pulls out it’s going to do so only because it fits the bigger picture, which may include an eastward shift in policy and the game of “who’s who” in geopolitics.

        1. Duck ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

          Trump is very much about Israel. If he were to pull back from the Middle East it would prob be because some other interest bloc had forced him into it.
          I could be wrong but I dont think his posturing in the east is anything like as serious or weighty as recognizing Jerusalem as a capital city

          1. mkey ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

            Yes, my comment was geared toward such a possible scenario. If Trump does start to pull out, that would be a strong signal the US empire is on its way out.

      2. Duck ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

        It is unlikely that Trump is working to remove any entanglements other then ones that the US is no longer able to sustain.
        N Korea is not really a major security issue…none at all to the actual US itself.
        Korea as a peninsula is (as I understand it) a good port for attacking Japan but how relevant that wold be in a war with China in the age of rockets I cant say and thats more long term ‘domino theory’ with China rolling down towards Japan.
        Its unlikely that we ill leave the mid east willingly WHILE ABLE TO SUSTAIN A POSITION THERE since Trump and the legislature are still very much in the pockets of the Israeli lobby which would be unhappy were Israels many enemies not limited and weakened by US power.

  14. ashley ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    well, here we are, one day after net neutrality is officially dead in the US, and I type in the corbett report web address and it takes a full 10 minutes to load after multiple tries. this may be a fluke, but it has never happened before. I immediately checked the corbett steemit account to be sure I had a second avenue of access, which loaded normally.

    anyway,US extradites former Pres of Panama to face illegal wiretapping and embezzlement charges:

    Trump interview after the reality TV summit:

    Van Susteren: “But he’s starved them. He’s been brutal to them. He still loves his people?”

    Trump: “Look, he’s doing what he’s seen done, if you look at it. But, I really have to go by today and by yesterday and by a couple of weeks ago because that’s really when this whole thing started. Again, without the rhetoric and without the sanctions — the sanctions were very important — the sanctions are going to remain on until such time as we see, you know, this is going to happen. And we pretty much see that now but the sanctions will remain on until we really start dismantling or dismantle the nuclear weapons.”

    God, help us.

    1. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      The super-powers have more nukes than you could shake a stick at Ashley dear.

      North Korea could be annihilated in an hour, so you just keep up your nonsensical war/fear mongering, and those of us who are sane will keep calling you out.

      What have you been living in a paper bag for the last 18 years?

      1. Lance ( User Karma: 3 ) says:

        “….shhhh… hush now fear monger.”
        “What have you been living in a paper bag for the last 18 years?”

        Gaslight, in my experience slapping anyone is only useful in relatively extreme situations where you’re trying to shock them from an emotional fixation. In all other situations it simply distracts from what I’m trying to say – making it a poor way of communicating an idea.

        As an example:
        “Banks create money from thin air and then charge interest on it”
        “Oy, bitchface, if you knew anything and stopped being a new age, SJW, meme-generation fuckwit for a second, you’d know that banks create money from thin air and then charge interest on it”

        The former *may” elicit further enquiry from listener and *may* allow one more person to see a foundational fraud of our culture. The latter will just make them think about what a dick you are being.

        I don’t mean this as a snide way of being rude to you. I mean it quite sincerely. Your comment is being lost behind the ‘slap’. And there is a multitude of effective ways to communicate between a ‘slap’ and a ‘kiss’.

        1. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

          Gee thanks…but nowhere near accurate a portrayal of my presentation.

          I wonder why nobody engages as much with the popular “Karma Kids” on the block here?

          Perhaps it’s because folks who strive to be popular are dull/uninteresting.

          Watch as James institutes everything he claims to hate about facebook in an effort to promote the insipid.

          Engineered “Karma” indeed

          I’ll stay here at the bottom of the page thank you.

      2. ashley ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        so the fact that the super-powers have more nukes than NK and can deploy them and destroy NK at any moment (how many nukes does it take to destroy the world, again?), should make us not fear, dread, and worry that an incomprehensible fool is at the helm, making a cheap, absurd reality tv show mockery of the grave existential threat of nuclear annihilation we’ve all been living under for decades?

        Gaslight, indeed.

        1. pearl ( User Karma: 12 ) says:

          Just gotta say that I feel so much better knowing Gaslight is here to protect us with “applesauce” for brains from contemplating anything apart from his sanctioned thought priorities.

          Come now, Ashley, drink his kool-aid and get with the program.

          1. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

            Pearl and Ashley are having trouble with a simple concept as follows:

            Berate those who ACTUALLY DROP BOMBS WHICH KILL PEOPLE.

            Hint: Those would be the same folks telling you to be afraid of those who ARE NOT DROPPING BOMBS WHICH KILL PEOPLE.


            Keep your eye on the ball kids.

              1. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 89 ) says:

                mik, not all trolls are government sponsored. There is an amazing variety of ignorance and stupidity on the internet. Governments don’t need to have a very large on-line presence to encourage a troll fest. There are a considerable number of people who are more than happy to muddle up a conversation for no other reason than they are pathetic creatures. JimBob who don’t think much of such critters.

              2. pearl ( User Karma: 12 ) says:

                Hey there mik. See, that’s the thing. My naiveté doubted the existence of trolls; I gave them no thought beyond my children’s worn out copy of “Billy Goats Gruff”. But now I see and am daily amazed by this presumptuous a**hole.

                This troll instance is quite annoying and aggressive. They changed tactics. We have fights between trolls also.

                Unfortunately, they have some success. Many people reduced their contributions, some valuable contributors appear very rarely.

                I believe you’re right. So Corbett Report actually does has a real, live aggressive troll stomping and shitting about with no other purpose but to intimidate and discourage anyone with an independent thought!

                Your insight and interaction is much appreciated, mik. Thanks.

              3. mik ( User Karma: 3 ) says:


                “….not a single one has called on James to censor you, …”

                I did.
                Btw, he is the third (forth) troll I’ve pinned and he stays away from me.

                Troll shit-holes like him should be banned.
                At the same time I’m aware this is my emotional response and banning is not a solution. Another virtual instantiation of the same person will appear, 1$ is not a barrier (for government). Unfortunately trolls are part of internet.

                This troll instance is quite annoying and aggressive. They changed tactics. We have fights between trolls also.

                Unfortunately, they have some success. Many people reduced their contributions, some valuable contributors appear very rarely.

                You need a good stomach to stay in this swamp.

              4. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


                1) You’re of the false impression that change is fomented by visiting a forum like this and making as many “friends” as possible. Someone you’ve never met or made eye contact with is not a “friend”.

                2) Allan Watt is not my “source”. The dynamic here is that we share the same sources, .i.e; we read the same authors, and interpret real history as it relates to current day events correctly.

                3) If you believe my delivery negates veritas, then you’d obviously prefer to kissed with a lie, than slapped with the truth. That’s a problem for most in this “new age”.

                “Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

                ― Frederick Douglass

              5. pearl ( User Karma: 12 ) says:

                Others have tried. Repeatedly. I’m going to say it as plainly as possible in hopes it gets through: your tone is so thoroughly acerbic and condescending, you couldn’t give away cool, pure water in hell. You even sign off your mean-spirited comments with “peace”. But given all that, not a single one has called on James to censor you, nor would I. But at the same time, I despise bullies, and how you talked down to Ashley makes me sick. Doesn’t matter how much “truth” you claim to know, how much you’ve got figured out, how smart you are, you’ve lost most of the people here due to your twisted method. If I were Alan Watt or any other of your sources, I’d pay you to never speak on my behalf because your delivery actually repels.

        2. Gaslight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

          ….shhhh… hush now fear monger.

          Were you all wound up over “weapons of mass destruction” too?

          Good grief! How many times will you people be suckered by the same con?

          “Fool me once…..”

          I’m sure you know the rest. The only terrorist bombs flying are out of the west Pumpkin. Go spread your war & fear somewhere else.

          1. manbearpig ( User Karma: 16 ) says:

            “Moral of the story: Just be an authentic human being. And really listen to people when you engage. And just do what you can do.”

            according to your conscience.

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